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  1. Hello, yes! Liverpool, but that's all the info just in case the DHSS are reading this
  2. Fozzy are a novelty band who'd be doing pubs in Bolton if it wasn't for Jericho up front. Utter, utter swill. Proper community college web label shite.
  3. make it 200 light tubes and if Tremont specifically goes after Cody's tattoo wth them then yeah get it done
  4. I asked La Parka how much masks might be and he sent a gif from the show New Girl
  5. i'd have gone with the longer version just on the off chance he got confused and went WHERES ME FOCKIN BELT
  6. Be interesting to know if this ginger prick still stands behind his 'A POLITICAL' clobber
  7. Would love to have seen any wrestler giving it the big 'un taking part in the first 4 UFC's with the undercard nutters
  8. I liked Watchmen but it's got vibes similar to the Psycho remake, it's interesting but comes across too much like one of those animated comics in places. I really want to give that full Meatloaf Tune length version with the Black Freighter scenes though because it's been ages
  9. That Sucker Punch thing he did has to be up there as one of the worst films i've sat through, up there with that House Of Wax remake. Utter, utter gubbins. How likely is it that a shit film everybody hated is going to be better now there's more of it? like doing Dunston Checks In Redux
  10. "full carry down and a blankets a tenner love"
  11. You can see more Owen Hart footage than you ever could, you can watch him doing moonsaults and rope bounces directly on your shitty telephone waiting for a bus, on the Network, probably on NJPW World too? He's everywhere. People love him, people remember him. Basically every time he comes up it's with fondness At this point with all the information available to them on the foundations website, after this, the Jericho podcast, the podcast a few months ago that interviewed Korderas, fans who are still as hyper critical as they ever were want to chant you deserve it at Bruce and a 300 quid Chalkline jacket, nothing else. People seem to think unless there's a constant stream of trinkets or a fucking speech then nobodys arsed and there isnt some sort of weird finality to everything. Bret comes across similar sometimes in interviews, but i've got an endless amount of respect for him for handling this on top of everything else without going full Billy Jack Haynes or whatever. WWE's the only game in town, certainly in Bret's career. You can understand why he'd want them to handle a retrospective or doc or anything else. Oje put it best at the end talking about them wanting to engrave his name on a worthless silver plate. What are any of us after here? What is the point? Martha lives in a house with a keyring that his employers suspended him 80 feet in the air with stuffed into a box full of 20 year old police reports, ephemera and notes. Her old life, her husbands death is just a space on a shelf and people really want fucking Elite deluxe figures with 25 points of articulation and a DLC pack.
  12. That Al Snow video still annoys the fuck out of me every time. If he'd have made that a gimmick he'd have been huge.
  13. ideally they'd have broken in, killed Vince, then switched to 80s All Japan or Saturday Night for the remainder of the show
  14. That's what being a mental, evil old cunt does, you live til 105 but your looks go at 19
  15. Boston Blackie of Reslo and other Euro stuff as The Rock. Fairly certain I saw him outside Rhyl town hall the day of a show outside of his car talking to a few people in full Rock casual gear with the shorts, button up and sunglasses. Mentioned this a million times on here, but it must be the same show he later got on the mic and called someone soft lad.
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