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  1. Sewall Highway, Wyken Pippen end. Also, I know I’m biased, but I think Frank has done a bang up job bringing boxing back and setting a pace for other broadcasters to keep up with. People forget, but broadcasters in this country haven’t always shown boxing the love it deserves, so the sport can’t afford to go missing. That said, I accept last nights show was shit. It just was. Mark Chamberlain was great, a real highlight of the night. He’s a real performance. Flashy getting beat so soon after Bilal Ali doesn’t reflect well on the lions in the camp, but I suspect the empty ve
  2. If you want to hear the lilting tones of a true Coventrian, you should check out the post fight interviews on the officially Queensberry Promotions YouTube and/or other social media pages. What a gorgeous voice.
  3. Trump's strategy seems to be completely delegitimise every institution of a democratic election. I'm rifling through the "American Elections: Wicked Game" podcast series at the minute and whilst there are some parallels between Trump and a few of his predecessors, I don't think America has ever been anywhere close to this level of authoritarianism or this near to the collapse of their democracy. I used to get really annoyed by 'Trump derangement syndrome'... but those people had a point, this is fucking nuts.
  4. Khongsong is in all sorts of bother. He lay flat on his back, rolled out the ring on to a stretcher and whistled past me on his way to the back of an ambulance. Absolutely horrifying shot that somehow was underserved by the TV cameras. Just didn't do the shot justice. Josh said afterwards that he felt the fellas ribs turn to mush. Had a chat with Terrance McCormack, and he reckons Josh is one of, if not the hardest body punchers he's ever worked with. Thought it was a good night. Thought Charlie showed his class against a decent fighter, despite there being a huge size diff
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