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  1. I wonder whether we might get a McGregor fight before he faces Khabib again? In terms of booking, it will draw a good number, it would help sell the rematch and (to a small extent) protect McGregor when he inevitably loses and goes 0-2. If he faces someone else in between, and puts in a good performance, it would likely boost the buys for the rematch as well as keeping some interest in him post-Khabib. There's the obvious risk of him losing if he does fight beforehand, but I think there's more upside for both UFC and McGregor of doing it than the risk on the downside.
  2. I wondered about something similar, especially with the strike after the bell - takes himself out in debatable circumstances, leaves the door open for a rematch, either on a later PPV or headlining one of the smaller shows - another payday.
  3. Doesnโ€™t look like itโ€™s been mentioned, but watching the 238 prelims and they had an ad break after the first fight, which had a BT advert saying UFC 239 is on their box office channel, rather than one of the normal ones ๐Ÿ˜ž
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