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  1. If you don't understand why taking pot shots at Diane Abbott has nothing in common with run of the mill politician bashing, your world view needs some improvements.
  2. Fuck, I hadn't even thought of that. It's so much a part of life from that era, I can barely think of an adequate way to describe it. I don't want to get into the cliche of remembering all the old favourite signings, thank you very much Viktor Leonenko.
  3. Recently finished "the long road to a small, angry planet" by Becky Chambers. Some good, honest scifi, and an interesting future where humans don't have a key role in the general machinations of what happens generally, as they were forced to leave Earth due to humanity's self-destructive nature. I'm onto the 2nd one now, "a closed and common orbit", same universe but not really a linear sequel. Very good so far, whereas the other one took me a while to warm up to.
  4. hallicks


    Thanks @BomberPat, excellent stuff as always. The portrayal of Corbyn as anti-semite is so ingrained in the narrative now, this kind of dispassionate dialogue is what's needed to build bridges and weed out the problem. The problem is, you have an extremely hostile, right-wing media and incumbent government, who have no interest in dialogue (or any genuine concern about the welfare of Jews) and simply use the AS narrative as a stick to bash Corbyn with. I'm not saying he doesn't have questions to answer, but you know that 99% of the people yelling AS really don't give a shit, they just want Corbyn gone.
  5. hallicks


    You miss the choice of neoliberalism lite or neoliberalism classic. What a wonderful political spectrum that was. Please do cite examples of the man himself's antisemitism, thanks.
  6. "A league of their own: European Road trip." I only ever saw adverts, but I knew.
  7. I love TV Cream's review of it, and this about the ending:
  8. hallicks


    So, Labour wins the Peterborough by-election, by 600-odd votes. Farage is still claiming it as a win, despite it being a leave constituency. I'm glad they didn't actually win, the fallout would have been unbearable.
  9. Much as I'd love it to be true, Sid Vicious (not that one) being from Tunbridge Wells is stretching it. He lived there for a few years as a teenager. Does that qualify? At least David Gower was born there.
  10. That's the one! Thanks both
  11. We need to put some kind of bolt/deadbolt on our front door, since our two year old has worked out how to take the chain off and take the lock off the latch. It's set against a lifted frame (like a small skirting board, I'm sure it has a technical name), so a conventional bolt won't do, the latching section would have to be lifted to fit on/around the frame. Does this have a technical name? None of my amazon searches seem to understand what I mean. Understandably.
  12. @scratchdj - reminds me of this: There was another blooper show hosted by Angus Deayton, I think it was sometime between 99-01. TVs naughtiest blunders or something like that. It had a newsreader called (I think) Stuart Norble having his face turned purple by some wayward vfx/key effect, followed by a clip of him obviously being aware of the problem and flubbing his lines so he says "shitting" instead of "shipping". I had it on a VHS for years, along with some secretly recorded shots of free to air boobs.
  13. There's non-disparagement clauses you can put in, I thought they were doing them as standard after del rio stuck the boot in when he left the first time. I don't know how enforceable they are mind, also a lot of what he was saying was just his version of events. Plus as an "independent contractor", I'm not sure how you can enforce something beyond the length of the contract.
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