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  1. hallicks

    If you could appear on any game show...

    He was on millionaire in 2006, then still working as a supply teacher. It's on youtube if you're that bothered.
  2. hallicks


    12.88m voted labour in 2017, up 9.6% from 2 years previously under Ed Miliband. Here's an interesting poll-tracking graph from the wikipedia article on that GE: When an election is called, news outlets are bound by law to give equal coverage to the main parties...and look what happened. They'll have to do the same if another one is called next year, and Labour have been around 37-41% for the last 6 months, way up from May 2017. I don't doubt that the personal attacks on Corbyn will reach fever pitch if there is another GE soon, but he's made it is this far. Part of the whole media narrative is to drum a self-fulfilling prophecy into people's heads that "Corbyn can't win!" We'll see.
  3. hallicks


    Regarding Brexit, they are, though time is short. Regarding "plans" generally, check out the 2017 manifesto. A clear alternative to neo-liberal economics, national investment fund, national education service, more police, renationalising trains, water etc. None of that's changed, it just doesn't get mentioned in the press. The shambles is the blairite bit of the PLP that have tried to shaft Corbyn at every turn. They're getting weeded out, slowly.
  4. hallicks


    The government was defeated in parliament three times in a single day last week. Labour are playing the long game here, which is frustrating for remainers. I don't think they have any option. They can't do anything (beyond what they're currently doing) until they're in a position to force a GE or even a 2nd ref, which they've said they'd support if a GE wasn't on the table. Something has to give because May's not getting any concessions from the EU, so whatever she does, there will be group within the tories or DUP that will vote it down. Either we drift along until no deal, or shit goes down in Parliament.
  5. I've seen a fair bit of UC as my wife went through a stage of binging it. I thought when it tried to be funny, it was almost always lame, but some of the in between dialogue was quite funny. I found it more funny when I was listening to it but couldn't see it due to badly positioned chores.
  6. No, democratic socialist or whatever. Its the non-union Mexican equivalent and left of anything that's been in power in my lifetime.
  7. I need to get voting Labour out of my system before I grow up and realise that socialism doesn't work
  8. hallicks


    As mentioned earlier, the people's champion Anna Soubry was on that bandwagon and then said shed vote with the government if a vote was brought. So I don't think he's actually got the numbers.
  9. hallicks


    Anna Soubry telling him to call it... And then saying she'd vote against it.
  10. hallicks


    Maybe we could appoint Guus Hiddink as interim Prime Minister to see us through the negotiation period? We probably won't win anything but we probably won't get relegated either.
  11. hallicks

    Dave Meltzer

    I do love a bit of Da Meltz. As @The Rattmentioned, his piece on Larry Matysik was really good, even from the perspective of knowing next to nothing about the St Louis territory, Sam Muchnik etc. The observer is good value for one of my commutes in the week and WOR is about the only pod I listen to of any variety these days. Yes he's a bit weird, yes he could do with proof reading the observer a bit more, but he does get a disproportionate amount of shit for reporting the newz~. Not sure where this Russo love comes from, he's such an obvious and massive shitarse.
  12. hallicks

    Dave Meltzer

    Any excuse to post this:
  13. hallicks

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

  14. hallicks

    The Shit Hill You Will Die On