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  1. The concept of astroturfing is fascinating and horrific. Its obviously very effective. Always nice to see a troll farm going wrong, though, but what a fucking state we're in that the Prime Minister needs fake social media accounts posting messages of support.
  2. Could be age, and the fact he's been doing it for many years doesn't help. Cod liver oil is a good shout, thanks. He's very resistant to change and rarely listens to me. I've bought him a belt and some arch support insoles (they sorted my shitty knees out) and had them sent to his door and he still won't try them.
  3. My brother's in his 40's and has had to take a lot of time off work due to sore joints in the last few months. He's been to the doctor, but can't go to the hospital for x-rays because of Coronavirus, so can't confirm if its arthritis, but he thinks it is. Is there any readily available medication he can take to help? He can't have ibuprofen as it doesn't agree with him. Unfortunately his job requires a lot of lifting so he can't really switch roles. Any advice appreciated!
  4. If you've got kids in the 5-8 range and you want to watch something with them, (or you're a big Dr Seuss mark), Green Eggs and Ham on Netflix is brilliant. Caught a bit as eldest was watching of her own accord so started watching it from the beginning in the evenings. Tons of fun.
  5. They should award Liverpool's champions league spot to Palace to make up for Palace getting screwed out of a European spot in 1991
  6. @DCWI remember X Cars. Strangely, my dad was ok with us watching it, considering he made us turn off certain episodes of TNG. Have you watched the one with the stinger yet?
  7. Was it Glass Smash that joined in December a few years back, and was such an instant success, they were hotshotted to dolt of the year?
  8. Went to check Mark Kerr's wikipedia and there's a link to a book about CM/FM ("Football manager stole my life"), you can read a few pages here before google tells you you've had enough and should get back to work: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=LAa6BAAAQBAJ&pg=PA107&lpg=PA107&dq=willie+howie+championship+manager&source=bl&ots=9TfxEUNtx0&sig=isg2NYPKzpH3SsBCy0-Le0I_X5U&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi3-9Lm2IreAhWLKcAKHaXPBM44ChDoATAAegQIBRAB#v=onepage&q=Mark kerr&f=false
  9. One or two of the devs were Everton fans, I think. @SuperBacon - sounds like you're emulating the John Bostock path
  10. How do I turn off Alan Shearer whilst still watching the game? Edit: stadium atmosphere. I know, I know, but you're watching Arsenal
  11. Ideally we should be looking for a club legend with managerial experience in the Premier league, so I'd like to see Remi Garde. Otherwise Glenn Helder.
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