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  1. Gah. Thanks. I prefer wired controllers but they're very unpractical with small children rollicking around
  2. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but are the controllers wireless?
  3. Golf as conspiracy theory:
  4. @Tamura there was a bit of talk and maybe some useful stuff here.
  5. Interesting read about a bunch of right-wing libertarians that essentially took over a small town in New Hampshire, and ended up being overrun by bears: https://newrepublic.com/article/159662/libertarian-walks-into-bear-book-review-free-town-project
  6. I have one for work, VMWare fusion is pretty easy to use but I think the licence is a bit dear. Plus you need to buy a windows licence. I think VirtualBox is free but requires a bit of faffing about with SIP and the like: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Mac OS X build instructions If you can contemplate a dual boot solution, I think boot camp is still a thing? Or maybe they sacked it off. Was still possible as of 10.12.6.
  7. Isn't cm01/02 abandonware now? Don't think you need to tie yourself to an optical drive if it's just for that. Optical media is fucking great, though.
  8. Sparky Plugg's mullet scores an automatic 10 for look
  9. The delightfully twee sounding "Covert Human Intelligence Sources" bill is currently sailing through the commons, with Starmer ordering abstention on the Labour side. It allows government agents to act with complete impunity in whatever situation they are in, as long as they "believe" the conduct is appropriate. So if yer man reckons a bit of murder or torture is appropriate, then it's no issue. Here's Sarah Zultana, opening with the British government-sponsored murder of Irish lawyer Pat Finucane, as a good example of why this maybe isn't the best idea:
  10. TNG's "All good things..." is brilliant. Not really anything to wrap up since the show wasn't serialised as such, and they knew there were films on the way, but a genuinely great sci-fi story and the very last scene was the perfect goodbye to the small screen.
  11. When Balor's shoulder came out in the inaugural Universal title match against Rollins, and he popped it back in mid-match, would/should he have known it would require surgery? Is there an argument they should have called an audible so as not to kibosh the momentum of the first person to win it, or was the story of him being the first champion more important?
  12. Vince disincentivising the fuck out of those twitch accounts, as reported by the Observer: In conjunction with WWE's decision to get more control over how their talent uses third party social media platforms that can also generate them personal revenue, the company will be taking over control over their talent's Twitch accounts over the next four weeks. While WWE will have control over those accounts, those individuals will get a percentage of the revenue generated which will count against their downside guarantee. Vince getting to have the talent's cake and eat it. Incredible,
  13. I suppose that would mean we get an interim president until January and then there'll be a unification match to determine the real president
  14. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/09/exclusive-vince-mcmahon-threatens-to-punish-talent-engaging-674408/ Bad news for fans and fappers alike, Vince is shutting down wrestlers using 3rd party revenue generators like Twitch to make cash. Possibly incentivizing people looking to get out, they can get fired if they continue. I can't imagine a legal challenge (because nobody can ever be arsed), so it's another interesting step away from independent contractor status to wholly owned subsidiary with legs.
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