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  1. Russo books Game of Thrones. Swerve~! I'm hoping that they understand white walkers vs Cersei is a heel vs heel match that nobody wants to see. It's a shame the people in charge of Discovery couldn't have seen this first, as it would have been a good instruction on how to do the "calm before the storm" type episode. Having a dragon on each team would make short work of both armies though, I would have thought, so they'll need an out if they're not doing that.
  2. Can't wait for the Peter Ebdon YouSnook video on that aforementioned legendary 12 break
  3. He would have, though! I agree it probably wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference but given his contract I don't think it was an unreasonable stance.
  4. Bret felt losing in his home country would affect his drawing power there. Given wins and losses mattered more then, it's probably a fair point. Shawn half suggests/remembers it being HHH's suggestion in that sit down interview he did with Bret and JR.
  5. hallicks


    I had been asked to sing an Idlewild song to go on some covers compilation album. I accepted of course as I'm a huge fan. So I asked, what song? And the guy said "I don't have the map." and I thought, that's a bit of a weird choice, but ok. I asked when are we recording? And the guy says "right now, you have to do it right now." And I said, well look, I don't think I know all the words off by heart, and the guy says, look, you just have to do it now, we can't do it any other time. So then I'm in this studio with a band and they just start playing the song, and it's a bit easier on the distorted guitars and I start singing and the words come out fine but my voice is shaky as fuck. Then it finishes and I ask the guy if we can do another take and he just looks at me and leaves and I never heard about it again (in the context of the dream).
  6. I find it frustrating that they feel they can't write anything post Voyager. They've got all this fancy tech that they barely bothered retconning in that could have easily have been repackaged as new or advancements. They've really handcuffed themselves by having to work around an existing timeline, and yes, the "let's never speak of this again" ending kind of works given the context, but why force yourself into it? Are they too worried about new characters not being strong enough that they won't get over without the names "Spock" and "Captain Pike" thrown in the mix? Maybe there's something to that, maybe CBS thinks it'd just turn into Enterprise, but isn't that kind of what's happening anyway? There's clearly enough creative chops between the writers and actors on this show to succeed without the millstone of being a canonically looser-than-the-proverbial prequel that obsessive nerds (eg me) can get cross about. Anyway, brilliant final episode after the sack of soggy dicks that was the one before. Series 2 was better overall, I thought, as I didn't find the klingon business very interesting, plus series 1 seemed to peter out quite badly at the end. Also huge man crush on new Spock 😍
  7. Speaking of stupid, this week's episode! Worst one since the first half of the pilot. They had somewhat carefully worked around some plot holes up to now but this week it just went buckaroo. "Let's self destruct the ship." "Ok." "Didn't work." "Dang!" When they weren't being flat-out stupid, it was endless "final letters to loved ones", over emotional goodbyes, terrible speeches, and Huw and Stamets having a re-run of every fucking conversation they've had since the resurrection because everybody needs to get their shit in. It's interesting that almost nothing of note happened in this episode, yet it felt like the whole series fell apart. Ive really loved it up to now but I was just on my phone constantly throughout, couldn't concentrate, dull. Next one should be a banger, at least!
  8. Hound vs Mountain has to go on last, surely. That's the money main event.
  9. Could be wrong on the number. Pretty sure he lost every TV match in the time he held it, which wasn't long.
  10. He's not the best promo in the world, but he can be effective at getting across what he needs to. He's been pretty underutilised there and I can't blame him for wanting out. Didnt he win the IC belt and then lose 9 non-title TV matches in a row before dropping it?
  11. Depends if they do a family ticket or not
  12. What's not to love? Handsome man, touchline squatting, played a high defensive line with John Terry in the team. All the things you need in a great manager.
  13. European champion era Al Snow. I just really liked his wrestling style and I think I was a bit gay for his moustache.
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