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  1. Have they brought in an option to download and watch offline yet?
  2. Good to know about the timer thing. Not too much fuss about TV going off, we usually chuck them in the bath after
  3. Months upon months of civil unrest, half the country going on strike, so it's definitely working out well.
  4. Gonna raise it next appt with paediatrician, thanks. We're already doing most of the things suggested, solid routine, tv off at 6, etc. Need to start on visual timetable.
  5. Ours has just started on the joining us in bed middle of the night thing, also non verbal. Fucking demoralising. That funding thing. What the fuck. Why are they doing this.
  6. Maybe a return to centrism is the way forward, how's Macron getting on these days?
  7. I wonder how different it would have been if Labour had simply pledged to negotiate and implement their own Brexit deal. Would it have been "enough" of a Brexit to keep the leave seats?
  8. I think Labour should have stood down in marginals where they're out of the race, not only does it help potential tory-ousters, it would have put pressure on lib dems to stand down in the real crunch lab/con marginals where the libs serve only to shit things up. Two reasons why they didn't (IMO): 1), I imagine the tories and MSM would have pasted them for doing so, they would have been accused of abandoning places, not being a truly national party, etc. The tories have already been complaining about the idea of tactical voting this week, so I can't imagine the screeching if there'd been an actual agreement. You know, like the Brexit party stepping aside for the tories. 2) Neither Corbyn nor Swinson wanted to make the first move. They didn't trust each other to reciprocate, whether officially or unofficially. Lib Dems standing aside would have meant admitting that all the misleading bar chart leaflets saying how well they did "last time" they sent out were misleading. Current Lib dem economic policy of austerity forever would be more suited to a tory coalition, though Corbyn is obviously far more suited to liberal values generally, regardless of how much Ian Dunt weeps about him.
  9. Aren't they down 31? They had 262 in 2017.
  10. Prescott to win the gimmick battle Royal.
  11. Tories advertising on my youtube app homescreen warning about the dangers of a hung parliament, so I think that tells you how confident they are of getting a majority. Also, in the last week or so, from what I've read, they've started spending more of their resources on defending their own marginals, rather than attacking Lab/Lib held marginals. God, I'm going to be so burned on Friday morning. That England cricket feeling. Anyway, back to some policies. Have we mentioned page 48 of the tory manifesto yet? The bit where they say they're going to do away with the powers of the judiciary to stop the government breaking the law? As well as "reshaping" the human rights act, presumably because the plebs have got too many as it stands.
  12. Don't feed the troll, y'all. Nobody's that much of a sociopath.
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