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  1. I often find myself saying "this 'everyone' business, then..."
  2. hallicks


    Back at my last job catching up with friends. Decided to take the lift downstairs (there was no lift, it had a ground floor and a mezzanine). The choices were 3, 2, 1, 0 and -6. I said "have you ever been to -6 before?" and the people with me said no, so I pushed it. It goes down for ages and then goes sideways for ages. The doors open to some secret government installation with dudes in combat gear and machine guns. We're trying to find a way out because the lift has disappeared and we're being heckled by some randomers. We finally find a front desk in a building with the most sarcastic recep
  3. It's all directly attributable to JEMYETYR CROBYMON
  4. How are you feeling about El Bacónico tomorrow, @SuperBacon? Obviously it's league cup so no-one cares but it must be a bit since the last competitve Spurs-Brentford game.
  5. I mean they're all batshit, but the one about the flu; clearly she's never actually had it because you don't fucking do anything apart from lie in bed for 3 days.
  6. I dunno, the book is also a procession of cultural references that add little or nothing to the story. I find his writing style a bit sloppy and it stops me giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I suppose that's just me being a knob. I thought the divergence from the book was necessary to make it work, but it's just taste at the end of day and I'll freely admit my taste in films is utter rubbish. For instance, my favourite film is TimeCop...
  7. I found the first one a bit all over the place as well. The stereotyping of the Japanese characters was laughably shit, the ending IIRC was proper ex machina rubbish, the narrative was scattershot at best. Having said all that, it's somehow an easy enough read. One of those rare instances where the film is a massive, massive improvement on the book, even if it does have Simon Pegg in it.
  8. Bought my eldest the 2020 reissue Game & Watch. It's a nice little handheld and she's starting to really get into it. Plus there's the added bonus of me and my wife being able to play it when she's doing something else!
  9. Terrible news. Loved watching him wrestle. Seemed like such a nice guy and a loving family man and father. RIP.
  10. A coordinator at my last job replied to email thread after something had been fixed saying she was glad the problem had been "nipped in the butt"
  11. I built the ninky nonk train for the 4 year old and she's afraid of it and won't have it in the room. Merry Christmas everyone!
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