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  1. Austin’s music hitting at Backlash 2000.
  2. I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this show, but it might just be worth it if it’s generating this kind of incel outrage
  3. On the way to work this morning. So close!
  4. I would think anyone can licence it as long as they pony up the cash. If Bryan signs, I’ll probably end up paying to stream the shows next day (if that’s still a thing).
  5. Double jabbed after all that rigmarole, so that’s something. Just a hamburger and fries to celebrate, I know it’s lame.
  6. So there’s some kind of COVID fan-fest event going on at Whitehall/Westminster bridge, tons of police, and lots of very angry people. Someone holding a sign saying “COVID VACCINE IS MEDICAL RAPE” and a bloke wearing a t-shirt that said “FUCK” on it several times over. Each to their own and all that, but the cops wouldn’t let anyone over the bridge so I’m having to walk an extra mile or whatever it is in this bastard heat so fuck them.
  7. Knew that one was c... happening
  8. How anal are the vaccination centres about appointment times? I’ve double booked myself for my 2nd jab and a work meeting at the same time so wondering if they’ll me go in half an hour early
  9. Pardon my ignorance, I haven’t seen much talk around contracting it a 2nd time. Is it just assumed you can catch it again or what?
  10. Considering we almost ended up with this guy, I struggle to get too AFTV about it all, really.
  11. In Discovery, how come they’ve got super duper replicators in that cantina to fix their broken bajoolie, but they can’t replicate a fucking apple to give to darth bitchface? Was it just for the lolz?
  12. Proud of the lads. They’ll be back. Bonucci is more a lofty Austin Aries imho
  13. I feel like it was a flounce over something Ched Evans related
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