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  1. There was a very insightful podcast a few weeks ago from Grace Blakely where she interviewed a guy who has studied the tories for many years and who had some fascinating insight into how they've been able to create this insanely strong, broad voter base, the different kinds of voter base involved, and how they're able to transpose the wishes of the super wealthy onto their key demographics. It's quite sad in a lot of ways, because they're extremely adept at bridging across these ideological divides in a way the current Labour leadership has absolutely no interest in. But fascinating nonetheless. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/a-world-to-win-with-grace-blakeley/id1527993484?i=1000536295026
  2. If Danielson wants to do it, he’s doing it. This isn’t wwe, deducting twitch income from their downside. He held all the cards in that contract negotiation and I don’t see a stint for him in G1 as a deal breaker for Tony Khan. The questions will be, can he get permission from Bri and are covid restrictions still about.
  3. Is it brand new? The manufacturer website should tell you the expected battery life for your precise model. A quick google says it could be from 6-8 hours, so I’m guessing you’re not getting that. If you’re not using Bluetooth, you can try turning that off, and turning the brightness down on the screen, as that can bleed a lot of power. There could be some pre-installed crapware that’s using a lot of system resources, but it seems unlikely for Android.
  4. Indeed, if it were covid/distancing related, they wouldn’t herd them all together in front of the hard camera.
  5. Blair was chummying up to Murdoch from at least 1995, not that he'd have needed the s*n to win in '97 mind.
  6. If you can bear the thought of it, there's a thing called a nose frida, which lets you suck the snot out of your kids nose in a hygenic, non-disgusting manner, although it's still pretty disgusting. Was very helpful for our 2nd one, she used to get colds every 5 minutes.
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