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  1. Recently read this as well. It should be made mandatory in schools, or something. Fuck the Tudors, teach the kids about the racism that oozes out of every institution in this country. Instead of teaching, "hey, the British Empire was a thing! And then it wasn't, the end", teach them about the cunt behaviour we enacted whilst occupying other countries, like increasing the amount of food that was exported from India during a famine so that millions of the local population died.
  2. Are there any lights that normally come on when it's plugged in? Have you tried unplugging it completely and leaving it for 5-10 minutes? Can you take the lid off and give it a minor dustbusting?
  3. Hopefully they'll sign Gavin Peacock or Les Ferdinand instead
  4. I never heard about that. Presumably it wouldn't have concluded with the reset button they went with. It was alluded to in a future timeline in one episode (in S3? Maybe S4), in which case they must have had serious plans because they remembered it happening.
  5. S2-3 is my favourite period, I think. The storytelling is still somewhat ambitious/original, they're not just doing alien of the week/reset button until the 7 seasons are up. S6 onwards is heavily phoned in, the overall finale is quite disappointing, too much 7 of 9 generally. Still some good episodes here and there.
  6. So apparently Nintendo had a breach a while back, and some of the stuff that came out has been cracked. One of the things was the code for Luigi in Mario 64, which was a planned thing but they dropped it before release. https://nichegamer.com/2020/07/25/luigi-discovered-in-super-mario-64-source-code/ Also some uncompressed audio from Star fox 64/Lylatwars
  7. You can see the drugs seeping out of Page. It's pretty grim. What a shambles. The comments under the YouTube clip of it are amazing.
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