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  1. About the only interesting thing I remember from Alan Shearer’s autobiography was that Jack Walker offered to make him player/manager at Blackburn before he ended leaving for Newcastle, and that he was going to accept it. Not sure which one of them got cold feet on it, mind.
  2. Finished Discovery S3 last night. Maybe after the utter shit festival that was Picard, my expectations had been lowered beyond measure because I enjoyed it pretty much all the way through. It's not really Star Trek though, it's Star Trek doing Star Wars. Some issues: Despite all that though, I really did love it!
  3. It was all a purely altruistic move, you see. The fans have ruined everything with this protest! The stink's not going to wear off on this one for a long time. Even if Kroenke sells up, how many nice, do-right-by-the-fans billionaires are there to take over? Despite extracting millions upon millions from the club, it's never enough is it.
  4. I find it hard to believe they’ve got this far without hitting up potential broadcast partners. They’ll be nothing without TV money.
  5. Potty training 4 year old. She can control bladder and knows when she had a wet nappy. Hit the jackpot on day 1, she did a big wee in the loo before any accidents. Half an hour later, accident. It’s currently Toilet 1-9 Accidents. Also she won’t wear underpants and has a massive, massive meltdown when we suggest them/try putting them on her. We’ve got a social story, a sticker chart, we’re being encouraging, we’ve put up big teletubby stickers in there and she had the tubby phone for exclusive use whilst sitting on the toilet. Still, it feels like eternal hell and is just beyond depressing. An
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