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  1. Not another teen movie. Especially all the bits with The Coach, goddammit.
  2. Might have to tap out on this for a while. It's not just that it's bad star trek, it's generally bad television. No amount of fancy CG can hide the shit storytelling and barely rehashed old tropes. 😔
  3. Great, thanks. I've been meaning to go to that Las Vegas one for a while.
  4. Any reccos for a retro arcade type thing around central London?
  5. Good on you, though. I'm about a month off it at the moment. My sleeping is definitely better, though wasn't straight away. I think my mental health is generally a lot more stable, the bad days are fewer and more manageable. I don't know if I'm done drinking forever but I've cut down loads in the last 6 months. Also improved are perspicacity and boners.
  6. Went with her to the nurse today. She brought her diagnosis letter and asked them to check. They'd sent it to the wrong person with the same name, so that's a relief. The other person is already having treatment.
  7. How old is the interview? Wasn't there some issue with Mickie going back there at one point because of Cena and the unpleasantness? Obviously she's been back since, so whatever it was has blown over. Could be related to that, or I could be talking bollocks.
  8. I started taking Floradix about a year ago after getting out of bed became nigh on impossible. After a few days, it got much easier, though I'm still a broken mess until I've had my shower.
  9. My mum recently got a call from her surgery saying the doctor wanted to see her, so she asked to make an appointment but they didn't have any that week and told her to call back next week. She never did call back to rearrange, then on Saturday she showed me a letter from her surgery saying "We are very sorry about your recent cancer diagnosis, you will have a follow up meeting to discuss with your GP soon." She's acting like it's a mistake, but I'm not so sure. She's had a lot of health problems for years but isn't even interested in checking with the surgery if it's true or not. As next of kin, am I able to ask the surgery about this, or would it have to be through her?
  10. My main problem with it is that it's proper shite at the moment. Apart from Picard adopting a lost elf from LOTR, nothing happened in that episode, or at least nothing of any worth. Unbelievably crap dialogue, plodding story, wooden acting, 1D characters. The VFX are even annoying. Obviously I'll keep watching because I'm a wrestling fan. Oh and as JG mentioned (😉) , way to telegraph the reveal at the end, lads. Horrendous.
  11. Maybe, its been a while. If I remember the reports at the time, it was said that he'd have to have surgery on the problem if he wanted to wrestle again, and he wasn't that bothered so he didn't.
  12. Doesn't Sting need surgery for his fucked neck/back from that buckle bomb before he can wrestle again? Maybe he's had it already but I don't think it's been reported if so
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