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  1. You're arguing in circles with yourself. None of this is relevant to the already off-topic tangent, where it was floated that maybe Sky were annoyed with WWE for undercutting their PPV deal (because obviously) and that might be part of why their deal wasn't renewed. Along with shitty ratings.
  2. If they were aware, why would they have bothered going to great lengths to secure an exclusive deal for PPVs, knowing they were about to be massively undercut?
  3. Sky had just negotiated a deal to get all PPVs on box office and WWE brought out the network the next month, or a very short while after, rendering it somewhat pointless. So there was definitely a bad taste there. I think Sky then kicked off about main event being on the network before it aired in the UK and that's what led to geoblocking of the live feed when it was on (IIRC).
  4. hallicks


    That's not the point. He should be out on his arse for that alone, never mind that he's been a constant wrecking cunt for the last 3 years. But that's why you like him.
  5. hallicks


    Watson was legit mates with a paedo.
  6. hallicks


    Credit where it's due, you're a very smart troll, because nobody is this stupid.
  7. hallicks


    What better way for Johnson to emulate his hero Churchill by losing the election straight after a time of great national distress? Brexit and now LD to a great degree are single issue parties, so if he does somehow do a deal and get it signed off by parliament (assuming it hasn't been permanently dissolved by this point), it becomes a straight Labour/Tory shootout. Labour have been campaigning on non-Brexit issues since the 2017 GE. The tories have been shitting up the country for 9 years. I don't think leaving with a deal wipes the slate clean that easily.
  8. tvguide.co.uk currently has Minder listed for 12.35-1.40am on ITV4 when AEW is debuting.
  9. I don't think his promos were good enough for the top level, by quite a long way.
  10. Delayed news from 2004. Watched an episode of Monk yesterday. He ends up arm wrestling Sharona in front of her son. The son goes "this is like Triple H vs The Undertaker!"
  11. Please don't sully the name of my people with this lout
  12. hallicks


    I think it depends on how quickly and how many people die because they can't get vital medicines. Johnson basically needs a GE on D1ND. The base scenario yellowhammer doc says the worst bit will be the first few months. I don't believe there's any kind of master plan with Johnson/Cummings. Their rich mates have already staked their bet of billions of pounds that requires the UK to leave with no deal on Oct 31 to come in. Once their friends have collected the money, that's that. They'll just be making shit up as they go along.
  13. Nothing says "they might score runs in a pressure situation down the line" like scoring runs in a largely meaningless test, the selectors know this.
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