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  1. hallicks

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    Day 7,773. So tired. When is the anthem coming on?
  2. hallicks

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    I'd forgotten about Gary Megson officiating that wedding
  3. hallicks

    Random Thoughts III.

    Yeah it's true, I know it's not it in the spirit of things. I just think it looks weak because they never mention it until something DQable is about to happen... which is pretty much every time, at which point Michael Cole will pop up with "No DQs in triple threat match rules, of course!"
  4. hallicks

    Random Thoughts III.

    It doesn't really gain them anything, it's more about making them tighten up on storytelling. Why not just start the match with a sledgehammer in your hand if all bets are off at the end? I just think, triple threats are always treated like a normal match but with an extra person, but there's always an easy way out, whether it's chair shots, low blows, outside interference, etc. Robert Tepper was clearly never in a triple threat match.
  5. hallicks

    That Star Trek thread somebody was talking about

    Julian's super genes is the principal tamzarian moment the series and character really didn't need
  6. hallicks

    That Star Trek thread somebody was talking about

    There's a bit of a conspiracy theory regarding early DS9. J. Michael Straczynski had shopped Babylon 5 around for several years before WB picked it up. Paramount had access to his season 1 Bible and character backgrounds but passed on it (around 1988-89 time I think). Then when Paramount got wind of WB making a space opera set on a station, they decided to make a new Star Trek series set on a station. JMS has strongly hinted in the past that early DS9 "borrowed" from his ideas (a shapeshifter/changeling character was the specific one I remember reading about), which he then had to write out or rework. It's pretty plain really, considering how different early DS9 is compared to other Trek franchises. As it evolves, it converges more towards the norm. Still the best franchise, for me. Voyager died on its arse towards the end whereas DS9 really crescendoed.
  7. hallicks

    Random Thoughts III.

    Why does a triple threat automatically have become a no-DQ affair? (In WWE at least). Is it because of there only being one fall allowed so it can't be a DQ? Couldn't you just say if someone does something DQable, they're eliminated from the match and it continues 1-on-1?
  8. hallicks


    Second the Resolve love for editing. I find the organisation of media a million times easier than final cut X and everything's pretty intuitive. Plus the integration with colour tools is great.
  9. hallicks

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    I've started going through old Raws starting in January 1996. The second one has the on-screen debut of The Ringmaster, which I got a good kick out of. Oh and Vader vignettes. Anyway, we're still in the days of 1 hour shows, and both of them featured long replays of matches from the previous IYH PPV, one being Henry Godwinn vs HHH in a hogpen match with Hillbilly Jim as special guest referee (!) and then British Bulldog vs Bret Hart for the WWF title being the other. With only an hour of TV to fill (45 minutes really), what's going on here? Is it just the taping schedule around Christmas so they had to string out the matches, or were they shitting it because of ratings? Just seemed a bit weird.
  10. hallicks

    The Perfect Sitcom Episode

    "Good grief" or "Sword of destiny" from Arrested Development's second season. Probably Good Grief, because of when Gob gets accidentally deposited in the empty grave during the funeral/illusion.
  11. hallicks

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    Fair play at the desperate move to avert the singing by saying they haven't got a music licence, then ending with a "lol" to avoid causing offence.
  12. hallicks


    Thought not. Thanks!
  13. hallicks


    If I accidentally click "mark forum as read", is there any way to undo that?
  14. hallicks

    Top Wrestling Twitter

    I know, bloody hell. On my work phone as well.
  15. hallicks

    Top Wrestling Twitter