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  1. I've strugged to get past episode 2 of the new Motu. Animation is wonderful and there's a cracking story unfolding in there. However
  2. That's pretty much my take on them as well Kingdom isnt even a hot mess, sadly
  3. Oddly I've made enquiries with Odeon and Vue... Finished Kingdom, and it is a bit pants. not impressed tbh
  4. patiirc


    Nope, and not unless you give permission explicitly for them to contact your Drs for medical records. Even then Disability Discrimination Act of 2010 has your back regards long term conditions such as depression. Plus the usual Privacy considerations Hope you are getting support you need
  5. I love my Combiners, but not me with all the Devastators alas. Just 2 for me, ko and ko lego though that's a sweet figure mind. I'm on a mech fan toys/ planet hot soldiers binge at mo. First ep of Kingdom left me cold as well,
  6. Apparently its up again. Sports Direct, damn them
  7. Army of the Dead (Netflix) Wtf? Utterly and completely pointless Thunderbirds (Netflix) A Ford advert, with some slap stick and some knowingly camp and scene chewing shithousery. Self aware that it's awful and probably the best things are the beautifully animated opening credits and Parker.
  8. DNA design masterpiece style Bludgeon like the one in the link here https://tfsource.com/dna-design/ds-01-susanoo/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_9cd6e9db39111591b5aa3f125adcc50fd4ef3bfa-1627110023-0-gqNtZGzNAiKjcnBszQiO Stunning figure and box
  9. Grind Prime Level 49 or 50 for weapons/ dosh. use credits tech and a 6 slot melee and ranged with credit and weapon drops to boost this. Weapons Grimlocks Sword at SS level and Thermal attack and Burn statuses, should power up to around 10000 per hit, can be used by anyone Forge of Solus Prime SS Level 4 xattack level 5s and one atkspeed should have around 27,000 per hit. Grimlock/Prime Freeze or Burn Assault Rifle SS level. 1x Burn/ Freeze level 5 3x Thermal or Cryo Attack level 5 1x En+Level 5 1x Critical Level 5 8000 plus per shot, plus chances of status affect and critical. Can use with anyone bar Grimmy. Wheeljack with same load out but Wrenches (all level 5 atk) at 20000 per hit. Whatever Tech items you want to add Ally Heal is useful that last level. Should see you right.
  10. patiirc


    Did someone say breach.. 👀 👀 I'd be having that out with your Information Governance Officer, and Subject Access Requesting around the legality of processing that data. If it is truly anonymous gdpr doesnt apply. If it isn't anonymous, then hello shit show as it's your right to have your info about you. Worth doing for any correspondence about you from HR to manage and those others involved should do the same.
  11. Wowsers that's a cracking price for Skylynx. Hope it arrives soon. Thanks for the warning, was not aware of the damaged parcel thing, so that's good to know moving forward. Saw the price and thought it may appeal to some people. I've just replayed Transformers Devastation again, Thought there was a level after Prime, whoops. Also finally got a Susanoo after finding it cheap on AliExpress. 💖💖
  12. House of Fraser has the Top Gun Transformers cross over:Maverick for sale at 25 quid at the mo. https://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/brand/transformers/transformers-prj-crs-jn99-991318#colcode=99131899
  13. great line up there Xybots is mint, 720 will forever remind me of First Class. Pitfighter on the Megadrive is still awesome. How do these compare to the Williams treasures on PS2?? It's like Elevator Action crossed with Aliens, lots of crouching and shooting, the Lynx version is mint.
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