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  1. Exactly, trying to explain that short sentences actually add to recidivism rather than prevent it is lost on many of the hang em flog em brigade. Give people the tools and they've a better chance of success away from, crime, prison, crime rinse and repeat. Alas may as well be talking to a brick wall
  2. Agree with @Kaz Hayashiand @Keith Houchenon the issue of homeless and impoverished. I co-set up and ran a Homeless/ those in need project in Burnley for 18 months whilst sofa surfing myself. The clients often had substance misuse issues and mental health issues. The one abiding client we worked with was from Juvenile to Adult Prison . Didnt know how to live as never had by himself, was dumped with a flat following release and had absolutely no idea what to do. Bills, shopping, work and the rest were completely alien as he had never had to do them, never taught and didnt want to stay somewher
  3. No Escape /Escape From Absolom (, YouTube) This Ray Liotta lead romp has aged better than many of it's contemporaries and the practical effects on the Island are pretty good. Merek, is a glorious villain hamming it up to the max and yes he accepts plastic, apparently. Sags in the middle, but it's got Wycliffe, Winston Zedmore, Don Henderson, Lance Hendriksen and countless other recogniable faces in it FFS. Definitely worth a rewatch
  4. That's well easy. Happy with that. Thanks
  5. Cheers, that was a no brainer... How easy is it to hack?
  6. Ive had a good look into that previously and ironically enough have just started counselling through my EAP looking at stuff in relationships as I thought this one would be different been single single for around 6 years so the help I had following my last major relationship may have been in need of a boost. In terms of DV each person has been very different in type, some outgoing, some introverted, all very manipulative and either physically violent, emotionally controlling or those that unleash the most mental of mental response. Been through my fair share of narcissists and it may be
  7. Domestic violence'd. Slapped around the temple
  8. After an utterly shite week including mates going missing, missing, multiple safeguarding calls for clients and dad having cancerous/pre cancerous cells removed, again. I got dv'd by my partner Sat night. That's every single partner, ever. They spent most of yesterday ignoring me, wrapped in a ball of shame and guilt, didn't even ask how I was doing after they'd smacked me. Was I some kind of evil bastard in a previous life or something. Getting real sick of this
  9. Well that was fun. Northern Lockdown looks very imminent, could be as soon as days, Lancashire to be at least tier 3 shortly. Main spread areas HMO's, Schools and shops, the areas where we cant affect due to government redlines are highest, hence hospitality getting a kicking. Just seen Keir Starmer has called for a circuit breaker. Hello March, again
  10. That's crap news fella, hope that she recovers quickly. My bro and nephew were tested yesterday so waiting on that. Regarding the Northern thing. Lancashire was very very lucky not to go Tier3 and I expect it will anyway in the coming weeks. Ive got some kind of communities meeting tonight with Lancashire based professionals as part of a wider group and everything points towards a wider lockdown imminently. Tier2 actually lifts some restrictions over local lockdown including the garden visitors. The northern problem is complex lots of tightly packed HMOs with poor
  11. They have and they have? All I've seen is the announcement of the show... and the Kris Travis thing being released and an RIP to one of their fans. Seen nowt else is this all on twitter or something?
  12. Lost Forever is on YouTube. Ive not seen it myself but it covers film restoration.
  13. Agreed! I've seen this with the missus. Apparently on second viewing he has a smirk when speaking to the press which I'd not picked up on. It was a very disturbing watch either way and apparently there is more info out there on some of the the Facebook groups that surround the case. Absolutely a sadistic bastard and almost unreal in its cold and callous execution.
  14. Echo the love for Fusion, used to write for their old website back in the day and know Chris well. The US Gold book is a blast and the rest of the publications are immense too.
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