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  1. patiirc

    Need Advice..

    Thanks for all the help love the language suggestion
  2. patiirc

    Need Advice..

    Thank you and hope you are fully recovered
  3. patiirc

    Need Advice..

    Can't work at all, I'd wanna get back in the saddle but neither job will let me til medically cleared. mates will be difficult as well be hundreds of miles from them whilst recovering. Ukff are usually awesome with this stuff, so thanks for responses so far.
  4. patiirc

    Need Advice..

    Won't be able to do much, deffo no masterbation... Can't lift anything heavy and not do a great deal. I've got Netflix and will be convalescing somewhere as yet to be decided. I figured something like a raspberry pi3 and all of the games. Are there any decent free book apps etc? Genuinely no idea what else to do as the things I'd usually do won't be possible until least next summer, maybe longer
  5. I watched Hurricane the other night having invested in Netflix finally. It's pretty good if you can get away from the cheap jarring cgi and focus on the story. Robot Jox is also on UK Netflix at the mo.
  6. patiirc

    Need Advice..

    I have no idea how to phrase this or even basically in Febuary have 11 weeks where I can't do anything as I'll be recovering from a major op. Does anyone have any hints, tips or even things to do that I won't lose my mind in recovery. Thanks in advance
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