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  1. patiirc


    No, alas tripped over and landed awkwardly at home.
  2. patiirc


    Yes, nowt doing in my salary range at the moment though, plus im injured for christ knows how long
  3. patiirc


    Gave evidence to the investigation team on Tuesday regarding my on going situation, sent a load of supporting evidence, so hopefully that will get looked at. gawd knows what the end result will be. I'm utterly down about the whole thing to be honest. In the interim I'm off work again because i fell and have utterly buggered my shoulder last Thursday. Fortunately nothing broken or dislocated, but a week later I'm still in agony. Someone's mentioned a cuff tear, is that serious? Ordered a shoulder support and asked work for any software /physio support that can help get me back to work. I absolutely hate this year with a passion and would love something to be straightforward and not have 64 billion tonnes of additional stress. The other half's business nearly went to the wall the other week and we're both in need of extended rest, but have to keep working to pay bills etc. I'm so very frustrated at the moment.
  4. Did loads of voice over work, and was the voice of Teddy in AI too. Going to be bereft when Peter Cullen et al go RIP
  5. I liked it from the start, very inventive and loved that the champion of the district (forgot his number) ended up being a complete and massive douchebag. I got the twist with 001 early on and the same with the cops brother. I was also saddened that the organ harvesting subplot didnt go anywhere. Who set the trapdoors in the furnaces and gathered the equipment? how did they know the doctor would be in that particular game. Had this happened in previous games? It was much fun and the tug of war was superbly done, but I did feel it disappeared up it's own arse a bit towards the end borrowing glibly from Lost and others. I felt that there was more to come with the possible lesbian subplot and both of their back stories were never resolved that satisfactorily during the games, only afterwards. The Battle Royal II set up at the end also was jarring as the whole thing was set up to be an allegory for how shit society is to those less fortunate and I hope it doesn't go full on guns guns guns in any sequel. Definitely keen to revisit it to see what I've missed though, one of the best things for ages.
  6. It'd also put lots of people at risk, enabling easier cyberstalking of individuals and further crimes off the back of that. Those involved in careers that could fall foul of this, including health workers, cops, teachers and yhe rest would have no outlet. It would also likely break the rights to Privacy under the Human Rights Act. Aside from that, with this government what could possibly go wrong... 👀
  7. Simply, they need to be aware to investigate. Up here it is a hot topic, recently there was someone running a men's charity /help thing and got sent down for ages. He was trusted because of his past and fell past a load of safeguards because of that. Actually knowing some of the people affected by what's happened in this I had to report it.
  8. Is anyone off to Replay Blackpool at the weekend??
  9. Sadly it must be time for those involved in this to resurface. Reported another to a safeguarding team regarding something they really shouldn't be doing given the accusations involved. ffs
  10. Sad times, got into listening to Grandstand theme a lot a while back, that lead me to finding the KPM Allstar gigs, where his Hammond Organ stuff is amazing. Wrote all sorts of themes and library music. Hells Angels on Speed and Excitement is excellent. Wrote thebLove Hurts theme sung by Peter Polycarpou as well. Loads of work for charity and his daughter was lead singer of Opus III. RIP
  11. Thanks all. I'm sat in A and E after possibly busting my collar bone and shoulder. Absolutely loving this year 😭
  12. Came to post something similar re Trek. Especially Undiscovered Country and First Contact. Regarding other sequels not already mentioned. 22 Jump Street is better than 21 Jump Street. Batman Returns has been mentioned?? How to Train Your Dragon 2. I love Robocop 2, but maybe the only person who dies, same with Predator 2. Cracking thread so far
  13. Flyte's used to use the old Milky Way Recipe. Alas they're long gone too.
  14. patiirc


    Update on my previous issues. So, the saga continues. Finished sick and on Annual Leave til next week. However, they've sent an invitation to tender out this week for due diligence and compliance, which 'totally' 'not related' to my current role, much I get they didnt want me after doing all the heavy lifting for them, but that's low, for anyone right? They've not even contacted me to ask if I'm coming back or if im ok.. Anyhoo my side projects funding is nearly up, I've enough til last til December ish, the dilemma is do i go back and negotiate a payoff as can demonstrably show improvements etc, and then concentrate on my side gig and make that my main role, or do I go back and head down hope for the best?
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