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  1. I've not actually played the mobile version so cannot comment Other tips When opposition is out of breath in tag matches don't grapple, punch them 3 times til they fall and then stomp as you wont win grapples Tag when your partner is powered up and you wont lose a grapple until power up has disappeared When you have two partners with low energy and are not in the cage. Body slam opponent out and use table/ stairs/ boxes and try and go for a count out as you cannot be pinned on the outside. Million Dollar Man and Perfect dont have body slams, so if going for rumble eliminations then avoid as it's more difficult to get all opponents out Demolition are good rumble choices, their lack of fancy special moves (longer animations) means that they are ideal for breaking up pins or using body slams etc There used to be a cracking guide on the net along time ago, but I cannot find it currently. However the basics are as with many beat'em ups is that you are looking for timings and animations hence the two punches then grapple. Moves change when opponents have depleted energy so you can adjust strategy accordingly and try not to go for pins when the player is not depleted enough. Depeding on how dips and difficulty are set will depend how much damage you take per move. LOD are always over powered and have a bigger energy bar in that sense however punch and run seems to work, ditto out the ring for count out if you are trying to one credit and have low energy
  2. 2 punches, grapple on the 3rd will win most times. Whipping in to the cage and stomping also works. Constantly tagging also works well For the rumble, those with Bodyslams are best and every 2nd grapple you win before a certain point in opposition energies depletion, means you can throw them out easily enough. Wrestlefrst isnt really a button masher, though it's immensely more fun playing it that way
  3. I'm nearly done with wrestling I think. There's stuff I still enjoy from the past, stories, feuds, actual matches that make sense but as my network renewal has gone on for another month, I ll drag out some retro hits and that's pretty much that. I tried AEW and will try once more and with WWE as it is at the moment then things arent great. I'm not bothered about going to a Britwres show again, because of #speakingout and the lack of variety. Aside from Trav and Lionheart shows I havent really regularly attended since 2015/6ish anyway. LU and Glow have been the last things barring, Delete Matt Hardy and Firefly Fun House that have held any attention and now they're done or nearly done. Ethically, I've always known it's a shitshow but I guess then, entertainers entertained when out front. These days they don't. I cant get fired up for a feud where i give no shits about either person, and care even less who wins especially knowing they are scumbags behind the, scenes as well. The whole thing at that point becomes utterly pointless. So in terms of doing things to make me stop, i think we're just about there already.
  4. I'm sorry that you are in that place kooks, it's the most horrible and lonely place to be without that person to give strength or give guidance. This may have been said a million times to you already, so I'm sorry this may repeat. a. Have you tried talking to him as if he was still there? What would you say, and how do think he would respond? Even write a series of letters to him and the responses you think he may have given if it helps you as they can keep him and his lessons alive and may help you if you need to turn somewhere for the help he gave. There are many many aspects of grief and none are the correct or right way for it to pass. I was a total mess when my best mate died, the posts may have been long deleted but his memory and his smile, his laugh and guidance are never far away. I still ask for advice when I've reached an impossible situation as he always knew the words to say too. b. Narcs are my chosen specialist subject. I've dated enough of them and the blog on my Facebook profile may help with coming to terms with that. If not, I have the metric glut load of links and hints and tips to help find you, how to trust and how to grow and live. Not sure if it's still about, but Out of the Fog was a phenomenonal resource for rebuilding, the message board was massively helpful in trying to make sense and recover after an ordeal like that. 7 years on, nearly and I genuinely have completely blocked much of 2013 to the end of 2015 from my memory. I genuinely couldn't tell you much about it nor do I want to. However, I'm nearly 3 months into a relationship with someone who gets and understands that there maybe flashbacks and cptsd moments and that I may shutdown completely when triggered etc. It's like something I've never known possible. Depending on the horror, it takes time to process. There's no limit and it's when you want to not right this very second type thing. c. Are you still vlogging? Those were really good and would it help you to start to do that again, even if you don't post them, or make them public so that you can start to shine again. Anyhoo their just some thoughts and I'm sure the guys and gals here can help further as well.
  5. Mini Milks were rank, surely some forum concensus on that. As for best lolly. Tartaglia's Cider one was heaven as was their lemonade one. I miss Bejam's/Iceland's Ice-cream Bombes which were divine from back in the mid 1980s
  6. Never seen AEW before and caught Dynamite last night on ITV4. What the actual hell was that all about? Editing all over the shop, random collection of segments cobbled together to make a programme. Warhorse looks like the cop from Mortal Kombat3. Is that meant to be his look? Diamante was unbelievably rubbish, botches all over. The promo beforehand was a poor LU thing too. Omega and Page vs The Chosen Ones or whatever they were called was seemingly just glorified ballet, and spot after spot. MJFs state of the Union was fun though and pissed off JR just added to the weirdness overall Don't think AEW is for me on this showing.
  7. Well the new Lockdown thing is a mess. I'm in the middle of all the Lockdown areas, yet we are not underLlockdown. It's about 4 miles away from the end of the BB postcode areas. Wigan is not far, neither are the other areas. So we're becoming a cocoon,enveloped by Wigan and Blackburn Postcodes.. The other half has returned home this week, and the idea was for me to go to hers for the weekend. However her housemate who has been visiting relatives in the new Lockdown area (and prior to that housemate living in with her own partner because stuck due to lock down) is due back today as they start a new job Monday and need to go to the new job from home. Either a) Housemate is going to be stuck in Lockdown area or b) Housemate comes home and no bubble and cannot see my partner. Suspect Preston will be added to the Lockdown list shortly given rising rates Arse
  8. Just be you, include him . Normality is a massive help. Anti d's will kick in eventually and can always talk around plans or goals and starting out to do things as normal
  9. Anything on Survivor's guilt is a must. Seems like your friend maybe exhibiting classic symptoms there of. Risky behaviours, active suicidal ideation etc etc There's some breakdown here https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325578 It's C-ptsd and all kinds of other stuff rolled in to one, and A&E are in no position to help with that nor is any on call psyche. Basically keep him talking and listen do your normal friendship things (as in not toxic) gently remind him of things/ service that are available and see what Multiple complex help and crisis help are available in your area. You can welfare check using 101 and you must, repeat must make sure that you take space for yourself in all this as well. Many people do not trust things when they are literally out of their mind as they are not thinking rationally give him the options and build a base of strengths that he can build from, these maybe shuffles rather than steps but it's about reestablishing some thing that is established when he has not had established. This can be as little as getting up, doing chorse, washing teeth etc. The brain needs to relearn and have confidence in doing the very basics of life as everything else may appear completely alien right now.
  10. Some one's been playing a lot of Armada. Looks phenomenal though Finally got around to some of the Transformers uploads.. Enjoy Loads more on top of that .. eeeeeh
  11. Was going to add to this in so much that much of the CBD oil at higher levels, especially for those vapes or in sweets such as Nerds (yes, really) are at a much higher level than previously thought PDF from the Gov here re Nerds as a method of ingestion https://www.cas.mhra.gov.uk/ViewandAcknowledgment/ViewAttachment.aspx?Attachment_id=103632 There are also issues with whitey's amongst the higher concentrations as vape mixes.
  12. Nice custom of the Megatron Ratchet Fusion
  13. If Arsenal dont want Ozil. Will not say no. Eliasson's probably off anyway. New Manager is likely Stevie G or Chris Hughton. Christ know's what will happen with all that
  14. There's little differences such as the amount of coins you can have or amount of extras or additional features. Sideswipe has a double jump thingy which is useful and the more slots the better attacks. Meshing and levelling up weapons is kinda fun Also each member has specific weapons, so Wheeljacks pliers if leveled up to 50 using attack stats in the slots can reach near 10k plus attack, which even if you try prime difficulty makes things a lot easier Grind on some of the Insecticon missions inc level 50 (from memory) It's easy to get decent weapon drops and if you get all your slots to increased credit and rare weapon drops you are laughing
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