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  1. Sorry to hear the crap news Neil. I hope your girlfriend is dealing with it as best they can. My mates father in law was the 'wall of kindness death' from a few weeks ago. She lost her own father just prior to Xmas and is utterly bereft. I've been running a smallish Facebook group showing films, general chat and trying to keep people's spirits up and away from the madness. Still woke up to find two people have had welfare checks over night though. Check on those who go quiet. Use the Samaritans Small Talk, Saves Lives Guidance to check on others. Me, just finished 4th lot of antibiotics since surgery. My immune system is shot, but I'll try and do what I can when I can. Stuck 200 miles away from home with my folks but will keep trying to help til I can't.
  2. My friends Father in Law passed away overnight because of Coronavirus. A few others are self isolating. i'm okay, my immune system is shot though
  3. Question. Given the frankly awful news today, and that we've had a number of members pass away is it possible to have a memoriam section of those posters threads or posts, for family members and friends to read separate to the main forum to ensure they are not lost in upgrades and the like?
  4. Awful news. Was a great poster who would go above and beyond for anyone as demonstrated in this thread. It's 11 years since my best mate died of Cancer today too . I shall light a candle for them both RIP
  5. Using the new game picking system, the next game chosen is:- Week 18 is Desert Fighter on Snes The Gulf War, but we dont need no stinking Helicopters to fight it. This game is also known as Air Strike Patrol (A.S.P) The GameFaq page is here Desert Fighter Reviews Gamespot Gamefaq Reviews This game for the non discerning gamer is the 18th UKFF Retro Inspection. We now have a week(ish) to play discuss and review the game. Both good and bad views are allowed if you hate the game or love the game all is equal in here Happy Gaming! Played To Date Week 1: World of Illusion- Sega Megadrive Week 2: Plok- Snes Week 3: Pirates! Gold- Sega Megadrive Week 4: Mega-Lo-Mania- Sega Megadrive Week 5: Tiny Toon Adventures- Sega Megadrive Week 6: Benefactor- Amiga Week 7: Robocop Vs Terminator- Sega Megadrive Week 8: Batman Returns- Snes Week 9: Claymates- Snes Week 10: Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck- Multiformat Week 11: Fever Pitch Soccer- Sega Megadrive Week 12: Skweek- Amstrad CPC Week 13:Simon The Sorcerer 2: The Lion The Wizard, The Wardrobe- PC Week 14: Super Fantasy Zone- Megadrive Week 15: The Firemen- Snes Week 16: Sonic Triple Trouble- Game Gear Week 17: Clock Tower- Snes Week 18: Desert Fighter- Snes Upcoming Games Final Fantasy V-Snes (rs) Awaiting Nomination(s) From... (AAA) (MC) (PB)
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