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  1. Nor did I Wave 1 is Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Soundwave and one other i think, Shockwave.
  2. Had a blinding Xmas Parents got a minty mint Takara Smokescreen from somewhere. Not a mark on it. Jinbao Megatron and Ultra Magnus arrived too J The other half got me some Power of the Primes stuff (Mini Pretender, Targetmaster things??? ) Dont know the line well, and also The Optimus Prime Funko Pop Watched the latest Netflix Earthrise, despite all of the promise, it was quite underwhelming and seems to be rehashing the movie, again. shame as there was some good bits, especially when there was some action around a pla
  3. Is this you moving in with the other half? If so congrats!. Hopefully things regarding corridors and the rest can be sorted (moving was/is allowed under exceptions I thought?)
  4. I can remember the ostracisation well, even still in early 1990's from that. There was a lad playing quasar who volunteered he'd got HIV before a game of Quasar laser, in Weston and the look of sheer repulusion and horror on people's faces will stay with me. Everyone 'didnt' want to be on his team. It was awful. It's interesting to read about older generation people as for a while they were in the main straight and LGBTQ the highest amount of HIV/AIDS sufferers, especially amongst those who have though they have had kids and do not need protection any more there was a massive rise in the
  5. TIL the above. I never had a clue as took a year or so off from here. How very strange it is being 'White Knighted' on a wrestling forum when I am not even around. Bizarre.
  6. Sums our season up spectacularly.. Hope he recovers soon enough. Football really needs to take a break at this point.
  7. It is shite that people are either on the streets or have no home to call their own. Alas just throwing people in hotels, hostels or whatever else doesnt solve the ' homelessness problem' nor does it make things ' go away'. People on the streets by and large have multiple complex needs, and in some cases will utterly reject 'homes' because they are away from their friends or lives and the rest have no idea how to live in a home, due to budgetary or mental health or a myriad of other factors including stuff like being taught to budget, claim benefits or even pay bills and do shopping. That's be
  8. It's hard, we as a population are getting to and beyond the stages of burn out currently. This latest strain of Covid and the increased numbers sends the shiver down the spine at times and the immediate thought is to assume the worst. I've been teary a few times since Xmas,and when looked at one way things can seem very bleak. Having said that, there is much that you can do on a daily or even micro managed basis to help. 1.) The Pandemic stuff we cant really change. Do what you can, as in PPE and all that jazz, but after that try to compartmentalise it (write thoughts down in a
  9. Bit in Bold. Consider a Covid Test as taste is one of the things to change early on https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-18963-y
  10. I suspect PS3 would qualify. 14/15 years old this year. I've been spending a lot of time playing F1 2011 recently, cost me a jaw dropping 2 quid delivered and for what it is it's a bit of fun. I've not got a massive Hard drive in it and am looking to pick up a bigger HD PS3 at some point rather than go PS4/PS5. Great find on the decks!!
  11. She was the lead in Bodyslam as well, as Candice/Candace? Been a while since I have seen it mind. RIP
  12. Love this thread and the other one indeed. Well opened my eyes to loads of stuff, ditto the CD exchange back in the day. Some angry The Anchoress
  13. Boxing day was spent mostly sleeping, 15 hours is probably the most slept for an age. Had a Maccies for the first time since pre lock down. Double Big Mac and Fries with a Strawberry milkshake. Got up played F1 2011 with the other half, went through a bottle of Sake. Back to mine later and probably not much different. Xmas eve was slightly more fun, across the road had their ginnel gate destroyed and about 5 police wagons in attendance, arrest in connection with recent stabbing we think. Steered clear of lots of news and social media 6, but saw that Nashville bombing, w
  14. Is there anything Super Reticade like that's not a Raspberry Pi kit. Looks like Arcade functionality has been taken out for Uk version of Retrocade and I was looking for a plug and play retro thingy with arcade support for around 60-80. Ideas?
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