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  1. Thanks for responding. I appreciate you have your views on this however I disagree. The caveat is that the press or the forth estate are appearing to be not investigating, despite reams of proof to the contrary, creating a situation not unlike the US where people have been conditioned to not trust the news they are presented and seek out alternative sources. Alt Media is called that for a reason. It's also a pain that people in general havent cottoned on to this, and instead carry on the same distrust in politicians and has now spread to newsgatherers they dont like on partisanal ground
  2. Dead against it. Traders will need access to Dixons. ETA will reply to the others tomorrow
  3. Hi Keith thanks for clarifying. The Mirror has form for printing bollocks see Iraq and faked photos. However in this instance, a world exclusive, sorry, bombshell exclusive is effectively for that publication only. Since they're the one's who investigated it. The online version of their report seems to relate to the salacious nature of the incident and are keen to make note that this relates to his time as London Mayor and the breaking of the Nolan principles. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/mar/29/pm-has-no-case-to-answer-over-jennifer-arcuri-allegations-says-no-10
  4. So, starting from a position of bias, claiming bias of another thing because it doesn't do the 'thing' that the original thing wants is a-ok then? It's not. It is the exact same baws that Trumpists claimed with fake news, and so forth. However if the left media and supporters are keen to do the rights job for them by destroying the BBC, as its always the BBC, then carry on listening and regurgitating. Dont moan when everything is partisanal, and the population cant trust 'any' news source. Et voila, Cummings et al job is done. Mainstream Media are holding things to acco
  5. Would that be a long pattern of behaviour pointed out by left leaning or left bias news sources and social media accounts, repeatedly telling those on left that the msm is biased against the left. I mean, if only there was a word for that type of thing...
  6. Some one on twitter thinks that a paper review, sorry ordering of, paper headlines is example of systemic bias against the left and pro tory, even though as mentioned it was covered any way. I'm gunna invest in tonfoil if this is the strength of arguement out there condemning an entire organisation based on how it presented a paper review. Fml. It's not really the Tories who've been brainwashed or doing the brainwashing g, if left supporters are so far down the Trumpian rabbit hole that they've been conditioned that all msm is biased against them and thus cant be trusted. Je
  7. Indeed, there's been a concerted effort to get shit changed with at least 3 groups i know of having meetings with Facebook regarding a number of issues. However, that's basically pissing in the wind as they have done fuck all.
  8. Using the new game picking system, the next game chosen is:- Week 18 is Desert Fighter on Snes The Gulf War, but we dont need no stinking Helicopters to fight it. This game is also known as Air Strike Patrol (A.S.P) The GameFaq page is here Desert Fighter Reviews Gamespot Gamefaq Reviews This game for the non discerning gamer is the 18th UKFF Retro Inspection. We now have a week(ish) to play discuss and review the game. Both good and bad views are allowed if you hate the game or love the game all is equal in here Happy Gaming!
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