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  1. Imaginatively, the character was called 'Eddie' https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/Eddie Awful character, injected soley to bring more of the songs from the books to life ( not because of Ed Sheeran) lip service to book fans only.
  2. Yip, other seaside towns had more to offer. Repeat trips to Brean Downs, also we're a highlight Yuk! . At least all that time in Weston wasn't wasted, sent some stuff for an arcade research ages ago about the evolution of Olympia Arcade, Mr. Bs Dolphin Market Fishbar, and Weston In-Shops, amongst other things. Me mum had her offices in Weston at one point when she was doing her whole home care thing. Apparently Dolphin has been knocked down, Did Weston notice??
  3. Ed had enough of a presence to get a mention in the last season, So I'm standing by that. 'Cowbag' is an extension of the insult of 'Cow' and it's used in the meaning of annoying. She's an awful character in Thrones. Stannis being a major character or not doesnt save him from being awful either. As you mention he is just a plot device. No redeeming features whatsoever and no need. Gendry had more presence for the love of humanity.
  4. Helo.. So deathly dull. Uurgh. Danerys from Game of Thrones was utterly rotten too, an utter cowbag and a story that was dull as dishwater, Even made the ending which should have been about a descent into insanity, pointless. Romance? Even Brienne did that better without what seemed like umpteen4 seasons to find 'love' Ditto the prick who was in love with her despite his betrayal. Marchant? Mind, there's a load of utterly useless characters in Game of Thrones, including Ed Sheeran and Stannis 'what's the point? ' Baratheon,
  5. Holidays were an odd thing growing up and usually depended on where my Dad was working or not working at the time as he worked away a lot. One time he was on a long job in Portsmouth and was staying in a small caravan site on Hayling Island . Because this was cheaper than having digs. We went off more than once to stay in the van and have a 'holiday' there. Rode an open top bus in a thunderstorm too. Aside from that, holidays were usually camping near Newquay, Hayle or Bude or Perranporth, Paignton etc. Later it was 9.50 Sun efforts We were lucky to have Weston Super Mud and Burnham on Sea relatively close, so day trips and weekends away became the norm there, usually camping but eventually one of these tent/caravan things I've forgotten the name of. We never could afford a trip abroad, was so glad when mum and Dad got their month round the world trip in the early 2000s and started going on cruises when the money situation picked up. Back to skint now both have retired/nearly retired.
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    Cheers @SuperBacon. I've no real idea what's going on either, so I've taken myself out of the situation as best I can creating space and distance and to see if things settle. Totally does feel like I'm piggy in the middle for something bigger. Intensely dislike being used in such a way, so took the break away to hopefully let things calm the fuck down a bit. I've not got two years, to clarify, just passed probation so unless there's something regarding protected characteristics I'm not aware of then I'm worried. I've a strong suspicion the company will use this to finish me, especially after I've just created a legal and compliance framework including basics like a complaints procedure, or even a Subject Access Request procedure for them when it didn't previously exist. They're a small company/3rd sector place that, expanded massively in less than 12 months. They've gone from a local footprint to a regional one and obviously are struggling adapt from that and have no concept of change management at all whatsoever. Will definitely check home insurance, keep forgetting about legal expenses cover, doh! Cheers Chest, thanks for being an awesome human.
  7. Lee Harvey Oswald in 'those' Quantum Leap episodes too if i remember correctly. RIP
  8. patiirc


    Thanks for taking time to respond. The whole thing is totally bizarre. Agreed regarding a powerplay, definitely seems like it. For reference I'm at a level just below directors but above project leads and team management, not quite on the exec but work extensively with them and also parnters, solicitors and wider organisation ceos etc. An update since yesterday is that they've appointed an external HR company to handle this. I now have the utterly odd situation whereby myself snd my boss are going to be in the office on different days. we're only in one day a week anyway, remote for the rest of it. I cant contact them directly, but they can apparently still send missives to me. I'm the supposed victim, so that makes no sense either. Their email from them stated that I'd raised the grievance, when I've not. so that's the investigation already subjudiced. I've confirmed to both the chief exec and the external HR company that I didn't want this raised and that there's no animosity between me and my boss. The missive stated that they wanted HR partners to be in every meeting we have including with other departments etc basically chucking mine and their privacy out the window as well. as it's a less than 60 employee company too. I spoke with ACAS as at this point it's batshit crazy, they've confirmed that it does look like somekind of weird power play and to confirm withdrawal again to all those I can contact., which I have done Given the absolute insane nature of this and the utterly ridiculous way this is panning out. I've created space from this and went to my gp. They signed me off in about 0.3 seconds flat, for two weeks. I've just passed probation, which is something, but It is still dicey for me with the two years stuff for employment rights. I'm waiting for the DARVO responses next and really don't want to go through that. In all my years of work I've never come across anything like this. There's no actual communications, and seemingly no regard to privacy or consent either. Absolute and utter mess.
  9. Transformers wiki has a very very long article on it https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Roll_for_It including all the animation errors. I'd assume it was done at speed to get one complete for syndication rather than having qc checks done.
  10. Got to agree with this. I've known plenty of Man City fans and the vast majority are long term fans who've been through the ups and downs of the last 30 odd years plus. The fans are almost always generational and as far as I am aware there hasn't been an influx of new fans outside of the traditional supporting routes brought on by successes they've had. Many now cant afford or cannot be arsed or are not wanting to return as regularly following the Pandemic. Generally the fan base demographic is also older and have less spends because of the Pandemic. One guy I know is a season ticket holder mid to late 50s and puts himself in all kinds of difficulties just to get vfm on his season ticket and keep his seat. I'm sure there's plenty of others and no idea why this has blown up into such a big deal. Following football is massively expensive these days. I couldn't follow teams home and away each week. I'd be utterly broke even attempting to try, so gawd knows how everyone else coprs
  11. patiirc


    Which is basically what I've said to the Chief exec. As in no idea what's gone on, don't want to to raise a grievance, feel coerced into this point and not sure how it's got here. Already recording times dates and bcc ing myself into correspondence regarding this, will have a word with ACAS tomorrow as I'm feeling definitely piggy in the middle of something bigger between the pair of them. Odd doesn't cover it.
  12. Mick McGinty, the artist responsible for all of the home console Street Fighter 2 box art, Streets of Rage 2 box art, Kid Chameleon box art and posters for Jaws 2, Big Foot and the Hendersons and Dragnet has passed away. Some iconic stuff in terms of game art https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-20-mick-mcginty-the-man-behind-so-much-iconic-90s-video-game-art-has-passed-away
  13. patiirc


    I'm very confused at the minute. My new boss referred me to speak to their line manager, who happens to be Chief Executive, for seemingly no reason last Thursday. On friday, spoke with Chief Exec, who wanted me to raise a formal grievance based on some low level normal job stressy stuff when dead lines approach etc that I didnt think much of and the weirdness of Thursday. I said I'll have a think over the weekend as at this point I'm confused massively and not sure what's going on Said to the Chief Exec today that didnt want to do anything as I'm still bloody confused as it how it's got this far Chief Exec has since stated is going to raise a grievance against my boss anyway due to the seriousness of what's been disclosed. Apart from being beyond confused and possibly having wandered into the biggest clash of Egos/Battle for power within my organisation, what is it that I'm missing as this whole situation has gone from 0-to fucking hell rather quickly. The low level stressy stuff is my stressed boss going on a rant about their deadlines and workloads, then using some stuff I said out of context, but not maliciously. What do I do now as frankly this nuts.
  14. It was more for me, having Autism being used as a 'get out' plot device rather than the depiction that irked and was in bad taste. Ben Affleck was still portayed as an evil doer, thus fulfilling Autism is evil trope . Perhaps that's just me though. Everything that failed in the plot was explained away 'because Autism' or with a 'ta-da' twist and I felt that was in particularly bad taste, given it was a good, if somewhat Hollywood on screen depecting of tics, stimming, repetition, obsessions, non verbal etc. Agreed about having more autistic people involved on screen in production.
  15. Depends what you are after:- Wings of the Hominnaise (spelling?) Roujin Z, also by Otomo Patlabor 1 and 2 (gorgeous animation, deathly dull) Studio Ghibli films Venus Wars Ghost in The Shell (as already recommended) Are all lushly animated. Cant go too wrong as an intro to. Anime by following the old Manga Entertainment Ident (Project AKO, Dominon Tank Police, Venus Wars, Fist of The Northstar, Akira) and watching those, ditto Kiseki releases such as Black Magic Marionette m66, Plastic Little, SDF Macross. No idea about more modern stuff as well out of the loop Gainax, Toei, Madhouse and Kodansha are some to look out for anime/manga studios.
  16. Been on a Netflix binge of sorts recently too. Robot Overlords. Mix Dr Who, The Matrix and Elysium and you get this twee low budget Robots have enslaved us movie. Sir Ben Kingsley hamming it up as the bad guy is superb. Aimed at teens, but fun for what it is. Elysium Great idea, executed poorly. A rip off of Battle Angel Alita (Anime) and it runs out of ideas pretty quickly. Looks good, shame about the content. Sharito Copley nearly steals it channeling Dolph Lundgren from Johnny Mnemonic. The Accountant. Yet another that falls apart halfway through. Trying to be Bourne Identity with Autism used as the catch all was in bad taste too. Schumacher Interesting but more of a light documentary than anything. completely glosses over lots of Schumachers career, the stuff with Mika Hakkinen and what looked like a large boat in his living room was just odd. The stuff around Senna and his death was probably the most engaging bit.
  17. She's offered. Up to Mathew to take her up on it. Baws to getting bent out of shape over that tbh and it's not about 'coercive control' on the grounds of 'something to hide' either. Phones are private and up to partners to share if they want to, not because it's demanded.
  18. It's only a slippery slope if there's no trust. She's been open here, take her up on the offer. Work on your self esteem and look at the free chat on Relate of it is still funded. That jealousy /envy /lack of trust thing will kill any relationship stone dead. Plenty of people are not happy when exs or sex buddies are on the scene. However she's with you and not him, and that is something to remember. If that still eats at you, work on why you feel threatened by this as there's a danger of pushing her to him because of fears etc. It becomes self perpetuating. ETA You don't 'own' her now, or own her past life either. Compromise is going to be key if you want to both get through this.
  19. Signed up post Farrer Ring Escapades in Blackburn, and nearly got fired for reading this circa 2007 because of the logo at the time. Oops! It's been here for the ups and the downs, the people here are and have been there when it matters. Stuff like business balls linked years ago has been massively useful for job stuff too. I've met many people from here through PCW and other Northwest promotions and wrestling or retro gaming shenanigans. Made some decent friends and learnt a lot about life on the way. Happy Not Birthday UKFF x
  20. It's Toei for season 1 and 2 and the movie, I think Akon, the guys that animate the Simpsons.. adding in extra episodes. and taking over in season 3 I think. Not watched them in ages and not sure if want too as was horrid last time out, only Key to Vector Sigma, War Dawn, Headmasters/Rebirth and Megatrons Masterplan and scant few others holding up.
  21. Because Preston. Hed PE and Sumo Cyco were best things about the gig. AAF were shite
  22. Et voila https://www.blogpreston.co.uk/2016/10/alien-ant-farm-show-at-53-degrees-abandoned-after-frontman-assaulted/
  23. Moving away from the gig self promotion, Saliva, yes that one, are touring in Feb next year. Minus Josey Scott, and probably everyone else too, it is another chance to see a nu metal band in a pub, yay! Awfully tempting after seeing Crazy Town a few years ago and the mess that was Alien Ant Farm's gig in Preston too.
  24. He was 'just bollocks' according to da Meltz then? The Observer, I was not aware of at the time, we were lucky to get PWIs at that til the Internet took centre stage in the late 1990s. The Ultimate Warrior has had oodles of stuff post internet burying him in the ring and it's no wonder it's become the prevalent view. It's easier to rag on with today's eyes looking back rather than what was presented at the time.. Since then Wrestlecrap dissection of the shite angles, Warrior's own mental view points post wrestling sing and the damage the trapdoor did to Davey Boy Smith, have all seen this heightened this. You've then 3 matches in WCW which are routinely stated as being Warrior's fault for being shite, by the likes of Wrestlecrap because it is easier to do that than attack Hogan and the rest for power tripping, egotistical wankery, and consumate failure to get fireballs right etc. The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior box set also has a lot to answer for too. No ones ever going to claim he is the best in ring worker of all time and he never needed to be.
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