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  1. I'm off for surgery in Feb that's totally life changing, pre op is next week. But scared, but waited so very long to get here ❤️ Aside from that, I'm also dead chuffed that a role I started last year now covers the entirity of Lancashire and beyond. There are only 4 of us in the country that do the same job and I'm immensely proud of how far its come. We got mentioned on the BBC last week too. Helped hundreds of people, their friends, families and significant others and now leading a few organisations across the country on related subjects. Immensely proud of that and hopefully once back in the land of the living in May, get to develop that further.
  2. Well, 'you get what you give' Butch. I spose it could be worse. It could be 'all killer, no filler' 👀
  3. Sgt! - Stylus Fantasticus Epic Japanese post prog that can go on repeat for days. So much going on each listen and an incredible journey. Mansun - Six Know its mentioned before but every song is fantastic, yes even, Shotgun Afghan Whigs- Gentlemen. By the time Brother Woodrow hits, you'll be exhausted, bewildered and haunted. Brilliant. Kerbdog- On the Turn Genuinely to this day will not know how this band never made it massive after this. No filler, just tune after tune 'if I had a clue, and a room...' Notable mentions:- Stereophonics- Language. Sex. Violence. Other. Iron Maiden-Dance of Death. Shed Seven- A Maximum High Pitchshifter- www. Pitchshifter.com Travis- The Man Who
  4. 1.Nikki Bella 2.Brie Bella 3.Bella Emberg
  5. Using the new game picking system, the next game chosen is:- Week 18 is Desert Fighter on Snes The Gulf War, but we dont need no stinking Helicopters to fight it. This game is also known as Air Strike Patrol (A.S.P) The GameFaq page is here Desert Fighter Reviews Gamespot Gamefaq Reviews This game for the non discerning gamer is the 18th UKFF Retro Inspection. We now have a week(ish) to play discuss and review the game. Both good and bad views are allowed if you hate the game or love the game all is equal in here Happy Gaming! Played To Date Week 1: World of Illusion- Sega Megadrive Week 2: Plok- Snes Week 3: Pirates! Gold- Sega Megadrive Week 4: Mega-Lo-Mania- Sega Megadrive Week 5: Tiny Toon Adventures- Sega Megadrive Week 6: Benefactor- Amiga Week 7: Robocop Vs Terminator- Sega Megadrive Week 8: Batman Returns- Snes Week 9: Claymates- Snes Week 10: Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck- Multiformat Week 11: Fever Pitch Soccer- Sega Megadrive Week 12: Skweek- Amstrad CPC Week 13:Simon The Sorcerer 2: The Lion The Wizard, The Wardrobe- PC Week 14: Super Fantasy Zone- Megadrive Week 15: The Firemen- Snes Week 16: Sonic Triple Trouble- Game Gear Week 17: Clock Tower- Snes Week 18: Desert Fighter- Snes Upcoming Games Final Fantasy V-Snes (rs) Awaiting Nomination(s) From... (AAA) (MC) (PB)
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