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    Jesus Christ, that 'apology' was nothing of the sort. Totally ignored the issue made it all about him and called those who had courage, vindictive. I hope someone is able to report him to Police/trading standards or whatever else. Cunt is not a strong enough word to describe that.
  2. Sega Rally did for Daytona 1st Round
  3. Yeah, the last bit is kinda what was on about with the mini thing. Sega on Demand ala a WWE Network thing and not just crappy ports ala the Xbox Live thing, would be heaven.
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    Read about this on Facebook, Jesus Christ those poor women. Hope they get the help they need. Is there something about this place?
  5. What do people think that the Sega announcement will be next week? for their 60th Birthday? https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/28/fans-think-sega-making-new-console-60th-anniversary-dreamcast-2-12769757/ I am hoping for a 'mini' that covers their entire history, arcades too. Certainly something I'd be interested in rather than just Megadrive rehashes. Dreamcast 2/ Microsoft acquisition seem to be the other things that are floated about. Anyone for any more? In other news has anyone been following the Arcade Club Best Arcade Game Ever Tournament? There's been quite a few shocks to date and today's battle is SF2 vs Robocop til Midday ish
  6. One of my ex work colleagues went to uni with Spud. One of my ex Fiancee's worked with James Drake's then girlfriend. Few bits and bats on Facebook with British Wrestlers over the years. One time, and I say one time as my memory is shot to shit as to where this happened exactly. Either a wedding or at a show (I can't remember whole chunks of life from 2012-2016 ) A lass showed me various photo's of various WWE wrestler's cocks on her phone. Scarred for life after that, eek!
  7. Nowt wrong with that. Living with the folks was a steady diet of Homes Under The Hammer, Bargain Hunt, Doctors, Father Brown, Antique Road Trip, Medical Detectives and Poirot. What a time to be alive 😂
  8. Ark at Ee! I'm sorry that my post aggravated, I am proud of coming through life changing and major surgery, just as this was all kicking off and managed to recover whilst my immune system was shot to absolute shit and not get Covid. Given the amount of times I've had the paramedics out or been to A&E. Going through Kidney Stones, again and the rest, I'm going to celebrate actually being able to function like a normal human being once more and not die as a result of surgery, the complications or this fucking thing. Hope that the rest of the day is better for you
  9. The Bad Recovery from surgery has taken an age, basically locked down since mid feb. The other stuff posted in the Covid Thread. Mum's had her eye op. follow up tomorrow. The Good. Drank all the Bourbon.. The Flipping Fantastic. Finally moved back home yesterday. Working from home for both jobs is nice less crazy hours as no travel or events in far flung places to attend Got a career mentor, finally. Though early days. See what's next. Already pushing on step up from Regional to National level stuff and am now Trans Lead on an LGBTQ Pilot for Job One, need more pay though. Award nomination still is unreal to me. Wrote and submitted some articles for a few books. Find out early next month if they're in, plus will get paid if published. Bagged myself a non crazy girlfriend. Social distancing dating is weird, but inventive! Considering. Yeah it's going okay
  10. Big Game (Amazon Prime) Wasn't expecting much, but it's actually a very well done film with preposterous outcomes. Samuel L Jackson as the President who gets ejected from. Air Force One by nogoodniks and then found by a young boy learning to hunt in Finland. and follows their race to safety from sad bad guys Touching and twee in places and utterly ridiculous in others thought it was worth a go and genuinely very enjoyable. Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl (iplayer) Fascinating documentary showing the rise and fall of Kate Nash. Beautifully shot, especially the desert stuff and some inventive intertwining of songs and lyrics on screen to capture the narrative. Covers up to Glow in terms of dates and times, but was pleasantly surprised by it.
  11. Oh my gosh! *cringe* I'm sorry about all those posts. I've completely lost large chunks of memory from that time because of what was happening with my ex and subsequent afters. 2012-2015 is a complete blur to be honest and I genuinely can't remember anything much barring the odd fragment. Reading through though it was clear I was an absolute bell end and fully accept that the posts highlighted we're fucking awful.
  12. Nan died at about 8pm. Mum and Dad were clapping for the NHS because of treatment she's had this week. Mum's gotta go to hospital every day until a theatre becomes free and no one is sure what's happening with her eye because they havent got resources to properly investigate. Today has sucked, majorly
  13. Cheers Mum's off to eye hospital today to be re assessed and see how that goes. Drs at A&E and specialists have said she's going to lose hereye, but are waiting to see if antibiotics do anything first.. Keeping every thing crossed. There's a worrying trend for NHS frontline workers to be silenced and belittled. It's instant sack if speak to the press, which is why so many are 'played by an actor' or have their faces blurred. Iam glad that there are a few that are speaking out regards to that irrespective. Trust directives are such that staff cant get involved in anything political as to show any kind of affiliation as it could prejudice treatment and puts front line staff in an impossible position. Overworked, overtired and in many cases redeployed or not in their specialities it's a mess, before getting to PPE etc and then the treatment of service users etc. Some nurses I know are burnt out some have self isolated after developing Covid or covid symptoms and will likely not work again because they have PTSD and the rest from what they have seen or what they have done. There's naff all in the way of support for them either. I suspect that when this is over there is going to have to be changes as many frontline staff simply wont be there to do what they do and then shit will hit the fan
  14. Jesus fucking christ What a day. Nan's likely to die in the next few days from advanced cancer/dementia/possible Covid Mum fell this morning and impaled her eye on the loo brush holder has been in A&E and has to go back to possibly have one of her eyes removed tomorrow, plus obligatory Covid test Back to Work, entered in to a complete shitshow, the utterly useless person who has been overseeing one of my jobs whilst away has completely fucked everything up, the giant cock womble. The last 18 months getting something that actually works and makes things better and easier allround and have produced the best stats the service has ever had have been for fuck all then *sigh* Dad's COPD is getting worse and though he is down to yearly from last bout of Bowel Cancer, he is in poor health. I've a multitude of post surgery complications My bessie was sexually assaulted by her housemate There's loads more, I'm tired and I needed some where to vent. Thanks for listening. Please delete if not appropriate
  15. Using the new game picking system, the next game chosen is:- Week 18 is Desert Fighter on Snes The Gulf War, but we dont need no stinking Helicopters to fight it. This game is also known as Air Strike Patrol (A.S.P) The GameFaq page is here Desert Fighter Reviews Gamespot Gamefaq Reviews This game for the non discerning gamer is the 18th UKFF Retro Inspection. We now have a week(ish) to play discuss and review the game. Both good and bad views are allowed if you hate the game or love the game all is equal in here Happy Gaming! Played To Date Week 1: World of Illusion- Sega Megadrive Week 2: Plok- Snes Week 3: Pirates! Gold- Sega Megadrive Week 4: Mega-Lo-Mania- Sega Megadrive Week 5: Tiny Toon Adventures- Sega Megadrive Week 6: Benefactor- Amiga Week 7: Robocop Vs Terminator- Sega Megadrive Week 8: Batman Returns- Snes Week 9: Claymates- Snes Week 10: Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck- Multiformat Week 11: Fever Pitch Soccer- Sega Megadrive Week 12: Skweek- Amstrad CPC Week 13:Simon The Sorcerer 2: The Lion The Wizard, The Wardrobe- PC Week 14: Super Fantasy Zone- Megadrive Week 15: The Firemen- Snes Week 16: Sonic Triple Trouble- Game Gear Week 17: Clock Tower- Snes Week 18: Desert Fighter- Snes Upcoming Games Final Fantasy V-Snes (rs) Awaiting Nomination(s) From... (AAA) (MC) (PB)
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