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  1. NXT has been on USA at least once before, hasn't it? Just Googled it, 841,000 viewers in December 2017. So on a non-PPV week, who is watching 7 hours of first-run WWE programming? Throw in a PPV and a takeover, you've got 13 hours. Even if it was the best it had ever been, fucking hell.
  2. Paul Bearer and The Undertaker singing happy birthday to Alan. Apparently this was a thing you could get for just $9.95 back in 1994.
  3. My youngest has autism, epilepsy and global developmental delay. She turned 3 not long ago, and the other day we put up the toddler bed and transferred her over. The fear was a) she wouldnt cope well with the change, and b) she wouldn't "get it" and keep getting up. We're 3 nights in and apart from sliding off onto the cushions on the floor to break her fall a couple of times (normal based on older sister's past adjustment), she's done brilliantly. Took down the cot today so fingers crossed we didn't have three consecutive flashes in the pan. She's getting too big for it and could have climbed out if she wanted, so we were just trying to get ahead of things a bit. Now onto potty training...
  4. I didn't even notice that I ran up stairs until someone pointed it out to me a few years ago. Still do it, walking up them seems to be more painful for my knees.
  5. Sorry, but that's bollocks. I was there in 2013 and 2014 and the crowd was excellent most of the way through. I went to several Raws and a Hell in a Cell and the crowd reactions was never less than good. Even the house shows had decent reactions, but this was a few years ago now. Staples was always solid. Does WWE get good reactions anywhere they go these days?
  6. Da Meltz is privy to quite a bit of news before it becomes official. The observer mentioned something about talks being lined up at some point. If there is truth to it, they can't very well come out and say "yeah, man"
  7. hallicks

    One good film

    And Under Siege 2.
  8. hallicks

    One good film

    When it was good, it was great. But the finale alone made it lose all goodwill from me. It's a shame J. Michael Stracyznski wasn't more involved, it was pretty plain he was key to the storytelling, whereas the Wachowskis ideas began and ended with "orgy?" As evidenced by the shit-festival final episode.
  9. hallicks

    One good film

    Can't stand that film. Even as a teenager into time travel type shit, I found it pretentious and stupid. If you want a film about the effects of messing with the past, watch Frequency, it's brilliant and has a much better ending.
  10. Apparently that will cover an expected 20,000 they're expecting to lose anyway due to retirement/people leaving.
  11. It's 20,000 new ones to replace the 21,000 they've cut since 2010. Blair had Murdoch on side so of course he was able to win an election.
  12. Corbyn got 40% of the vote in 2017.
  13. Surely being in the top job will be enough to finally see his ineptitude exposed to the nation. The bumbling oaf act will wear pretty thin pretty quickly when actual shit needs doing.
  14. I can't see them voting through a no confidence right before they go on holiday for 6 weeks.
  15. You don't need objectification of women and unprotected chair shots to the head to have an interesting product, but you do need stars. The way they do TV doesn't make stars and there are no stars left.
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