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  1. I doubt he’ll win two in a row unless they’re committed to going all the way with him. Or totally Lugering him into oblivion. Either would be great.
  2. Christ, I hope Ibushi wins.
  3. Anyone else have serious fixations on condiments as opposed to food itself? Have had a really difficult time getting good garlic sauce since Heinz changed their old recipe to “Turkish style” which I believe is yoghurt rather than mayo based and really not for my palate. Briefly in B&M I found bottles of the old recipe in imported bottles called Knoblauch (don’t laugh) but that’s gone dry so now the only source of original recipe is the small packets you can get at Asda hot counters. So far my quest for a replacement has lead me to Hellman’s Garlic and Herb as the front runner. I also
  4. Brets point was to make it LOOK real without hurting your opponent. He loved to point out his uppercuts for example always looked like full contact but he never hurt anyone. In his book he describes the ideal as looking like it hurts but it doesn’t and compared that level of “working” to Vader’s stuff which looked like it hurt because it hurt, and to Flairs knife edge chops which hurt like hell but looked “like shit.” Somewhere along the way people decided beating each other up for real was easier than just making it look that way.
  5. This is bollocks though. Not long ago the last match of a group was Okada and Tana having a time limit draw so Goto could win the group.
  6. Brets system misses the point because he misses the point. He grew up believing the best wrestler is the one that is best at making it look real, when the international explosion of the WWF was off the back of Hulk Hogan which had fuck all to do with it looking real either from a technique or match structure point of view. It’s about the intangibles of being someone people want to watch, and I write this from the point of view of a Bret Hart fan. I think a lot of the resentment of WCW fans towards Hogan coming in ties into the difference in philosophy, presenting the sport as sport as muc
  7. What? I’ve never heard this before. It’s bollocks, Cactus Jack was over in the WWF before he even made his first appearance. When Mick finally appeared as him on the tron at MSG then popped out the curtain they went mad. Straight to hell.
  8. It’s a very Internet opinion. He was quicker and he did moonsaults after all. Owen had some absolute belters with Shawn, Smithers and Kid, but where any of them better than the matches Bret had with the same opponents? Did Owen ever drag an underwhelming opponent to something you’d revisit again and again? Not for me, Clive. I always felt Owen needed opponents that could keep up with him whereas Bret was versatile enough to work anyone to a high standard. I think Owens best work from a character/storytelling role was either his performance ringside in the towel match, or his antics during the
  9. “Work from home desks turned back into dinner tables” - fuck off McCain, if they want me back in the office they’ll have to kill me.
  10. The answer to a vast majority of these posts, according to my system, is “I preferred Sid.”
  11. It’s clear by Brets grading of Hogan and Dynamite for “work” as to how it’s measured. That’s if you care about another mans system. Which nobody should. One mans Mania XII Iron Man snorefest is another mans “best wrestling match I ever saw, just beautiful.”
  12. It’s a convoluted system that’s not worth thinking about. We should stick to the old-fashioned method, scoring out of 5 (maximum score 7).
  13. Best not to get carried away as it’s only the same 3 points we’d get for beating Fulham 1-0. Unfortunately the red card is getting the attention when even at 3-1 the laughable defending of their 3 stooges has made it clear it could be a “how many” kind of game.Their club is rotten to the core and I have no idea what the answer is. Depending on who you ask it’s Woodward buying the wrong players or something wrong with the defence coaching as Maguire has gone backwards and Evans and Smalling are playing miles better since leaving.
  14. Am I the only person that enjoyed that match?
  15. He’s the best at dispensing a brutal vivisection of somebody else’s opinion. I didn’t even mind when it was me he was calling a moron for, for instance, suggesting LOD weren’t pushed hard enough in 1997, because the acerbic nature of the disagreement is always amusing. And floating in the sea of venom there are usually some valid points.
  16. Aren’t they just pissed off that Tout went nowhere? Another fabulous waste of $millions.
  17. At the time I thought it was terrible. Rikishi had gone off the boil over the summer and it was underwhelming as anything that he was going to be involved in a major storyline with Austin. The heel turn was a secondary concern but I recall thinking they were getting desperate with all the biggest guns as babyfaces - Rock, Austin, Undertaker and HHH had started getting cheered opposite Angle and they were keeping him the babyface for his Benoit program. Even the “I did it for The Rock” stuff didn’t work for me as it seemed unnecessary to build tension between Austin and Rock since Stone Cold ha
  18. Minor point but the only thing I dislike about Seths new package is that his music sounds like generic CAW tripe from No Mercy.
  19. You’re joking, right? The company exploited a war for storyline purposes. This doesn’t even crack the top 10 of outrages we should waste keystrokes on.
  20. I’m not sure I know what “on point” means any more.
  21. B&M opposite Manchester Fort.
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