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  1. And it’s remarkable that Russo thought so highly of Benoit that he booked him to win the US title at Starrcade merely to drop it the very next night.
  2. The Purple Bricks ad with Laura Trott is grinding my gears. There’s something about the delivery of the agent’s lines about “How quickly could you complete a house sale?” and “Cant be good at everything” that strikes me as smug/quasi self-deprecating, and gets on my nerves for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on…
  3. Sorry to be deathly dull but anyone with up to date knowledge about travel help me out? I’ve been trying to find covid rules for Belgium based on driving through between France and Germany in August (I understand rules change 1st July) but going through the websites there seems to be contradiction between “you don’t need a test or passenger info form if you’re here less than 48 hours” and “if you’re coming from the UK you need to quarantine for 7 days.” I did find a number from the Corona site (.be suffix) for dialling from outside Belgium but the options were press 1 for Dutch and 2 for Frenc
  4. My minor annoyance today - Scottish people typing how they speak is commonly found on Twitter, today I found out they do it on eBay too. ”A see ave one (sic) item, but a won…” I’d feel a complete and total prick typing in phonetic speech and ignoring how the word’s actually spelled, in a sentence which I hoped the reader will actually understand. Edit - apologies for attempting to draw this thread back on topic…. And forgetting which thread I’d waylaid to begin with!
  5. Yeah, at the peak of my fatness * spending the Just Eat minimum delivery often meant after smashing the fried sides and half the pizza and garlic bread the other half went on the fridge to be heated up the next day, covered in leftover chilli sauce and garlic Mayo. * well, peak of mid-30s fatness. When I was 17 and going to 3 Cooks, the chippy or the butcher for a pork sandwich every lunchtime I got up to 20st.
  6. I won’t lie, I have a soft spot for the cheap pizza places. Yes, there’s sometimes a craving that only certain Domino’s items will satisfy - for me, it’s their meatballs, the chicken strippers dipped in honey mustard, and the cookies. But sometimes you look at the cost of a pizza and a side and think “Or down the road for the same price I can have a pizza, onion rings, fries, a can and a cake and they’ll throw in a free garlic bread with cheese. And the pizza can have donner meat on it. And I can save half of it for tomorrow.”
  7. They had Adam Cole tell him ; ”This brand has done everything to make you feel special. They gave you the music, the lights, the smoke machine, the girl ... Do you know what they have given me to make me feel special? The sound of the bell at the beginning of the fight; because on your best day you wouldn't be able to tie my boots. You can't with me you're not at my level and anyone who's a pro wrestling fan knows it. You are not special, I am special, you are only the guy who has something that belongs to me.”
  8. I can’t stand how often this shortening happens in food TV or on menus. Even when the context tells me what’s missing, I still hate it. I know “baby gem” can only mean lettuce, and “Swiss” is probably going to mean cheese on the sandwich, not chocolate, but I hate it anyway. Also, crap American house flipping shows that Mrs watches where they say “master” but can’t be bothered to add “bedroom.” Although that pales in comparison to how my blood boils when they mention the “reno.”
  9. Or Craggy Island vs Rugged Island in terms of quality.
  10. I wouldn’t mind Foseca as an appointment rather than the “dream” appointments. Sometimes the ones you don’t have particularly high expectations for wind up delivering in spades, that’s what happened with Pochett…. Oh. 😥
  11. Really loathe the trend of adverts trying to guilt trip meat eaters into going veggie to save the planet. Feels a bit fruitless when “Don’t murder animals” wasn’t enough deterrent. Sainsbury’s isn’t the first but it might be the worst.
  12. I barely pay attention to the English national team these days but…. if there’s a formation where Southgate could deploy Mount, Foden and Grealish all at the same time in the form all three have been in, do you think he’ll have the balls to do it? Or are we looking at another “Dier AND Henderson, in front of the FIVE defenders, can’t be too careful” situation, figuratively speaking? I remember it quite differently. I remember there being a novelty to them winning their games but them being dull as fuck to watch and thus nobody I know got behind them unless you had them in your work
  13. You’re right, Dunne, Bate and Trent Seven are all from the Black Country/Wolverhampton area. Hence following each other round all the same indies at the same time right up to getting signed. Preferred CCK to be honest.
  14. Like something a bird left on the hood of my car.
  15. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    Nah. As a Midlander living in Manchester I’ve had my nearest chippy to three of my six homes in the area be a Chinese chippy and always been able to get superb fish n chips n curry sauce every bit as good as a “real” chippy. That will do.
  16. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    B16D was my order of choice for ages because the novelty of being able to get Iron Bru was enough to convince me it went perfect with “fish n chips n curry sauce” which I can’t imagine ever uttering as an unbroken fragment, the idea of getting chips without one or both of the fish or the curry seems utterly pointless to me in my twilight years. Revisited Barnacles in Llandudno at the weekend, photos are crap but food was excellent. Cod each (!) large chips, curry sauce, scampi and gravy just because bird wanted to try it. I don’t really trust gravy that isn’t my mothers but this was ok.
  17. According to Meltzer today when asked this question on Twitter, no.
  18. I’m in shock - what’s caused them to give up on Braun relatively soon after a run with one of the two world titles? Anyone?
  19. I play without pay and got to hq17 in a year without paying a penny, and am now an officer in an alliance that competes in Gold and patiently chasing my 4th 5* con, there’s plenty of F2P fun to be had.
  20. Never going to happen. Not in the next five or ten years anyway. No chance.
  21. People seem to compare it to Clash of Clans (which I’ve never played) to the point people in global say they need a new “clan” instead of alliance. Some people say “guild” too which means nothing to me. As an aside I’ve just started watching Beast Wars from the start. I’ve never seen most of it apart from a few vhs tapes mostly of which came when some characters were already Transmetal so it’s weird to me seeing Dinobot and Rattrap in their original (hideous) colour schemes. I’m enjoying it mostly although it’s awfully annoying how they need to shout “Maximise” or “Terrorise” nearly every
  22. Last to leave the bar, entertain the ladies until sunrise, in the gym sweating the poisons out by 5. Whoooo!!! Sleep is for the weak (Apu).
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