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  1. air_raid

    Official ROH Discussion Thread

    I'm still angry at The Briscoes for ruining my perfect score in the FYF:Liverpool pick ems!! I only got a Bronze because they lost to Doi and Shingo, pfft.
  2. air_raid

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Paranoia masks, mostly. 😷
  3. air_raid

    Developmental wrestlers who never made it

    Someone needs to teach him how to work to this day.
  4. air_raid

    The PROGRESS Wrestling Thread

    Interesting take. I hated it. Found it unnecessarily convoluted compared to just announcing a main event title match and spending as much time as possible hyping it rather than leaving it til the last minute for people to know what they're supposed to get excited over. On their biggest show ever.
  5. air_raid

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Really looking forward to the singles matches here other than that Naito having the I title dumped on him again might be great for drawing for a B show but ultimately stalls again on him getting another go on top. It's become farcical. Could be a huge high water mark for Juice if he wins on this stage and fresh for the Jr division if Ishimori wins, both of which I expect to happen.
  6. air_raid

    Christmas food and cooking

    The only odd thing about my family Christmas (turkey and pork, veg, spuds, Yorkshire, full sized sausages wrapped in bacon) is my mother's obsession with three types of stuffing. This year sage and onion, chestnut and apple and I think she's contemplating walnuts. Well, that and she makes a cheesecake because nobody likes Christmas Pudding. "But its traditional" means bugger all if you don't enjoy it, Christmas Pudding is for Tories who buy those mailaway limited edition plates every time a royal gives birth.
  7. air_raid

    What happened in 2018?

    Nobody mattered apart from Becky Lynch.
  8. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

  9. air_raid

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    I'm on a bus to Piccadilly gardens hoping Greggs has some festive bakes left. In the mood for at least three.
  10. air_raid

    What happened in 2018?

    All In changed the wrestling business forever.
  11. air_raid

    The Shit Hill You Will Die On

    Nothing could be, in fairness.
  12. air_raid

    The Shit Hill You Will Die On

    Language may evolve but you can't allow literally to not mean literally, but in fact literally the opposite. I know it's happened to other adjectives but..... LITERALLY. If you think it's acceptable to take literally away from me, I will kill you. Not literally, of course.
  13. air_raid

    Little Tommy Robinson

    "Our country." Ah, patriotism. Nothing makes me feel less in touch with somebody else's priorities/values system than an affinity for the landmass where your mother happened to expel you and a principality defined by man-made borders defined long before she existed. A dangerous concept which causes you to take pride in accomplishments you had nothing to do with and can make you distrustful or even hateful of people you'll never meet.
  14. air_raid

    Killing Time on a Journey

    I check my alt Twitter to see which pornstars have posted photos of their bum lately.
  15. air_raid

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    Is this a whole lot different from everyone else they've inducted posthumously?
  16. air_raid

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    It's remarkable how one bad episode crept in because the "throw the toys out, here's your new direction" came down after Bryan pulled out of Crown Jewel/Becky got hurt so things kind of crashed, but once the writers knew where they were pointed, good episodes of telly to get there started happening again. Fuck Raw.
  17. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

  18. air_raid

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    Rightly or wrongly, the first thought I had when I heard this news was "the floodgates will open now" in regards to all the stories that HAVEN'T been told.
  19. air_raid

    Wrestling things that annoy

    That being a thing the commentators talk about became insufferable but when the wrestlers talk about it rather than wins and losses it becomes a farce. I'm reasonably sure Big Show made a song and dance about a WrestleMania moment during the entire build up to his immediately forgettable match with Cody Rhodes, whatever year that happened.
  20. air_raid

    Things you've read in wrestling books

    Hogan lifted the 700lb Andre over his head and bodyslammed him so hard he tore a hole in his back that never healed, brother. A few short weeks later, Andre was dead.
  21. air_raid

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Ronda and Nia was a magnificent effort for the former's first televised singles match. And it had a happy ending.
  22. air_raid

    Random Thoughts III.

    It was Hunter. Although in the Rumble he sent Pac absolutely flying, later the same night.
  23. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Babyfaces don't win every feud.
  24. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    The only logic would be if Dolph wins the first match in a series which Drew eventually wins... but that only holds if it's a serious ppv match with some build and not just thrown away like this. If they're serious about Drew I'd have him send the fucker to hospital next week. Sorry... local medical facility.
  25. air_raid

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I wish Ziggler would fuck off.