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  1. It’s a bit too “box set”/binge watch/modern all-encompassing arc thinking for the time of Leap, where most TV dramas did their series of one off stories with at most a 2-parter where you can sum up “last time on Quantum Leap” in 10 seconds. 95% of the time you want to tell your story in one shot and if any of your regulars go out for a change on the night you air, they’ll tune in next week knowing they aren’t going to feel too lost having missed a week. Good times.
  2. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    The worst part being that I split a mixed donner/“Mediterranean chicken” kebab with mrs Raid - “Mediterranean” being a new prefix the place added to their standard chicken gyros/Shawarma style meat - while mother and her partner had mixed Mediterranean/chicken tikka with their chips, and the place has added peri peri to their offering for a total of four elephant legs to choose from. So I’m now 36 hours plus into thinking about next time.
  3. air_raid

    Chippy Tea

    Graced the childhood chippy for the first time in a couple of years Saturday. Finally showed Mrs raid after telling her how I didn’t feel Manchester kebab meat lived up to the Midlands standard. She declared it the best kebab meat she’s ever tasted. Bad photos, great food.
  4. Gets a pass for being used for that seasons Football Focus theme. It’s no Stand Back by Linus Loves instrumental, however.
  5. So they have the son of a Steiner and gave him a shit fake name? The game’s gone, Clive.
  6. Maybe their sense of smell is spot on but I’d still recommend investment in a decent pepper spray from the sounds of it.
  7. Did they? Or did they just think he was crap? There’s a difference.
  8. Has anyone seen Warrior referred to as overrated? I haven’t. He was what he was.
  9. Interesting that WCW died because their model became “It doesn’t matter any more how good the wrestling show is, the company is losing too much money” and WWE will endure because their model has become “It doesn’t matter any more how bad the wrestling show is, the company is making enough money.”
  10. My answer, as it has been for years, is to try and get Marufuji in for a prolonged run. Do a KENTA match at the end. Offer to pay Noah’s rent and mow the lawn for three months, whatever it takes.
  11. The best answer I can think of might be the most controversial, and it’s Bret Hart. If you take an average of his “rating” across the fandom it’s obviously still going to be very high, but there’s no dispute that there’s a very vocal group (especially on Twitter) that deride him even bell-to-bell as average or at worst boring, especially compared to his rival and closest parallel Shawn Michaels, and think that he was rubbish or uninteresting in interviews or lacked charisma. These people wouldn’t have Bret in the top 10 or even rate him as anything special. In my opinion, it might be a matter of timing, but I grew up with Bret as the everyman who was just going out there being the hero and winning by being a better, smarter wrestler than his opponents who were frequently bigger and stronger or arrogant twats and a different flavour entirely to Hogan and Warrior who seemed invincible so was an easy guy to want to “support.” He had his own kind of charisma and usually delivered a well thought out and clever interview or promo but most of his character came out in his matches where he was the courageous underdog. I can see where people raised on Nitro who equated MOVEZ!! to bring the best wrestler might not have rated the Hitman as he didn’t have the repertoire of Dean, Eddy, Rey or Benoit. However being a great wrestler and having the best matches isn’t about how much shit you get in but what you do, why and when, and telling the story. The greatest fallacy is that all Brets matches are the same when there are several shows between 93 and 95 where he does completely different matches on the same PPV. People accuse him of selling for his opponent then doing “five moves of Doom” and going home, but that’s simply bollocks, he had loads of flash pin roll up finishes and you never knew when the match was going to end. Bret won seven singles titles in the WWF but only won two of them with the Sharpshooter, he was versatile as anyone. It’s shocking how few matches he won in PPV with his actual finisher, especially from 1993 onwards. In terms of match quality, I genuinely don’t know what to say to anyone who watches his PPV matches from 1991 to 1997 and doesn’t think he was brilliant. Short version - you’re underrating Bret if you don’t consider him one of the best of all time, and you’re very very wrong. In my opinion.
  12. Never dreamed Stourbridge would get a mention outside the football threads. Went to college there and had my first proper job there. Bit of a nothing town but that’s the West Midlands. Got into my head Jas was from Wolverhampton so consider me ambivalent to learn he called Stourbridge home if that’s the case. Although even pretending to be from Wolvo would be glamorous in comparison.
  13. It’s difficult to believe because when you look at the difference between the WWF at the beginning of that time and the end, then compare it to WWE in 2002 and today, it’s stunning how one period represents so much change and the other so much stagnation.
  14. It’s pretty weird thinking but I’ve actually encountered the inverse - at an unreserved seating show I unwittingly sat next to Lana Austin and she started talking to me with “Do you like T-Bone? I’m his girlfriend.” Looking back, I never think about the time I sat with “T-Bones girlfriend.” Where does this bollocks come from and why is it always churned out? I’m the biggest dork you’ll ever find and I’ve been with mrs raid for 2 1/2 years.
  15. As is the 1987 release where they manage to cut out the British Bulldogs’ elimination from the tag match. Many shows before 1992 were chopped up to make a 3hr version for tape release. Most notable are some of the WrestleMania tapes were matches seem much shorter and on many undercard matches only the second wrestler gets their entrance. Conversely however SummerSlam 91 features all the interviews that aired in the intermission (which was a weird concept for a PPV).
  16. I don’t wear my wrestling shirts outside of shows anymore because of fear of random wrestling fans spotting and starting to talk to me which has happened too often for my liking. It’s like they can’t control their excitement at spotting another fan “in the wild.” It’s usually over-excited babble over something I don’t watch or how the guy who just went on second-last on the PPV would be doing better but “Vince doesn’t like him.” Simply doesn’t happen with shirts about films, TV shows, bands, comic franchises etc. Avoid.
  17. Tatanka was brilliant when I was a kid because of his music. Take that away and I’m pretty sure he’s rubbish.
  18. Here’s one of my favourites from Futurama. Zapp Brannigan: The key to victory is discipline, and that means a well made bed. You will practice until you can make your bed in your sleep. Fry: You mean while I'm sleeping in it? Zapp Brannigan: You won't have time for sleeping, soldier, not with all the bed making you'll be doing. One of my favourites for the example of no context required laugh that I love. If I need to watch a video or have some character backstory explained to find it funny, it’s not what I started the thread for.
  19. Got to be Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in the arcade for me. Hyper Fighting blew my mind the first time and I bought the SNES versions of SF2, Turbo and Super, but SSF2T was my white whale. I experienced Super Combos and all the other tweaks and additions in the Alpha series and other games but it wasn’t until the Anniversary disc on PS2 (sort of) then playing FightCade 20 years later that I finally played the game proper. A year or so ago I downloaded HD Remix for the PS3 and I play it regularly. Being unable to play original colours for the characters is the only thing I dislike on the original, but I still wish I’d played it coin op.
  20. Friends. For many reasons, but Ross’ whole arc would make him the most hated man in America today.
  21. On either the first or second Penta/Fenix involved match I watched, somebody kicked out of a Canadian Destroyer. Not for me, Clive.
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