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  1. Of course. Because the only thing that the company does better than failing to conceive good ideas, is fail to spot potentially good ideas with the same lack of imagination.
  2. I was randomly thinking today about what a shame it is that Power & Glory could never have wrestled the Young Stallions when I realized that Herc n Roma vs The Killer Bees would have been quite fun.
  3. This is mental to read back knowing that for every guy that got the push while Kofi was just "there" not one of them - Swagger, Del Rio, Ziggler - got to win a world title at a Mania, and now Kofi has.
  4. We need more counter attacks and reversals to both dropdowns and leapfrogs. Stop yourself running and drop an elbow or kick them in the balls on the way down or something.
  5. Can we throw "wrestlers turnbuckling themselves before they attack an opponent in the opposite corner" onto this particular bonfire?
  6. I'm not sure.... .... viscous tends not to drip.
  7. Brock with the briefcase is genius. Unprecedented level of menace lurking in the background. Completely new dynamic.
  8. Reads like an absolute ton more people watched the last series than have watched it since the start so huge swathes of those ratings can be attributed to people not knowing what's going on, or why they should care. Jesus, I hate a bandwaggon.
  9. WhhoooooooOOOOOOOOOOO wants some backstage passes??
  10. What would be really awesome is if the 24/7 holder accidentally runs into Brock backstage while running from someone else, he clobbers them just for shits and giggles, pins them then puts the belt in his briefcase then THATS THE END OF ALL THE FUN.
  11. As mentioned in this thread, "US forces medical staff rape a woman" is news outside the wrestling bubble.
  12. LOD never won the belts back from Money Inc. Money Inc only lost the belts to the Natural Disasters then to the Steiners (twice).
  13. "So, Arya Stark, you've just killed the Night King and saved an entire continent's people, then survived a city being torched by a mad Targaryen and her dragon. What are you going to do now?" "Well, I'm going to Disneyland!"
  14. As well as having cards assembled by a kid playing Warzone 2 we have a tagline that screams e-fed. Lovely stuff.
  15. Announced and promoted matches being kiboshed because political wranglings the company didnt think about? 1PW shit right there.
  16. The fresh and exciting alternative to WWE is aiming to showcase the best talent in the world not signed to WWE, being funded, promoted and booked by some of the most recognizable (to the West) non-WWE active wrestlers on the planet. To appeal to the kind of fan that gets excited by a roster featuring Cody, Kenny, the Bucks, Jericho and (as was) Pac, and for whom you add non wrestlers like JR and Earl Hebner to try and hook. The battle royal is for a shot at their uncrowned World Champion, it shouldn't be a parade of guys same fans either don't know or who are "bubbling under" so to speak.
  17. They have. A lot of them, probably most of them. They just don't talk about it.
  18. Anyone suggesting it's Pac refusing to do a job - it's not. Nobody that wants bookings outside their chief employer actually does that after they've taken a booking and risk their reputation becoming non-existent. If the match is off because he's supposed to lose, it will be Dragon Gate making the call, not him. 90% of pro wrestling operates under the principle that the wrestlers do what they're told by the booker/promoter. If their main employer wants to pull them because they disagree with what a third party wants to book them to do - again, the wrestler does what they're told. Zero issues with Dragon Gate pulling rank. If my champion was booked to lose to Adam Page I'd tell the other fed to fuck off as well.
  19. 100%. Always confuses me that people don't understand this nuance and talk about how much they hate rope breaks in no-DQ matches.
  20. The most bullshit/indyrrific spot ever at the time this happened. A mate and me actually conceived the idea of a moonsault Styles Clash a few years before I saw this, and we hadn't really considered that it may not be safe to execute considering moves like Shiranui Kai/Spanish Fly exist, but the factor that positively enrages me is that someone could use a top rope moonsault version of a finisher like the Styles Clash.... and that it's not going to end the match. If it's not the finish, don't fucking do it. This was my answer before I saw Lio Rush's crime against selling which makes me wish for him to do something else - anything else - for a living. Turd.
  21. I've never seen one, no-one has, but I'm guessing it's a White Hole.
  22. I enjoy anyone that doesn't employ McManaman. I don't care if he won a Champions League, he's pure earAIDS.
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