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  1. I know there were some Style Clash botches, never saw any Vertebreaker ones though. Turnbuckle Brainbusters and Elevated DDT’s make me wince
  2. Stay Home, if your sick, self isolate. Don’t drive to your second home. That was pretty clear
  3. I guess that’s the last we’ll see of Jonathan Van-Tam. He was asked during the briefing today about Dominic Cummings. (Stolen off Twitter)
  4. I wanted to turn off after the first segment. Great, let’s do what we did with Hawk and bring their real life troubles in as a story line. The same week the police have caused riots across America as well. However I stuck with it. Liked DZ’s Tunney zinger. Then we had shorty G get eliminated by someone already eliminated, and the predictable Seamus win and tapped out. Reading the results, looks like I skipped a good women’s match but the rest was bollocks.
  5. If it narrows it down, as per the thread title, they are a tattooist
  6. You make it seem Dash Wilder was a great name?
  7. Cummings has been found guilty of breaking the lockdown rules by Durham Police. However, it concluded it was a minor breach and no further action. Unlike the two familes who drove up to Durham from London who were charged with breaking the rules. So unless we get a louder Tory revolt, he's gotten away with it
  8. The Liaison Committee. Hope it goes past the pilot stage. Would be a great new show to binge over the summer
  9. The committee hearing should, for anyone not aware that he is not fit to be PM. Even admitted he doesn’t read the scientific guidance but hears the ”cream” from advisors. Shocking.
  10. Big Bose Man - Carries expensive speakers to the ring whilst wearing over priced headphones.
  11. Where there "crowd" went wrong was it was like a TV audience. AEW have the sides split, heels and faces on opposite sides who will react depending on the action. The trainees were all booing and cheering depending on who was in the ring. I imagine someone was holding up and cheer or boo sign off camera. No personalities at all. However, I did turn off after Apollo and have not gone back to watch the rest, just read the results because it stinks at the moment.
  12. Matt Hancock showing pure shithousery today by cutting people off without retort or a follow up question if he didn't like the first question. What a twat. Still looks like the law is going to be changed for anyone who was given a penalty fine for driving their kids to a relative thanks to Cumming's actions
  13. Nick Aldis is a funny one. In TNA he had a good run, at the mid card which is where he belonged at that time. In WWE he would be as successful as most of the guys on 205 Live. He thinks he is top tier, but he is nowhere near the same level as the top tier performers on Raw or Smackdown. Same with AEW. He would be midcard. In NWA, it's practically been built around him, which is why he succeeds there. He is smart to stay there because any move elsewhere will be a step down career wise.
  14. I reckon someone recently has been learning about Andy Kaufman. That's the only other time I am aware a decision to carry on with someone like that has taken place.
  15. Not quite tin foil hat time yet but. Friend of mine posted this and it does seem to check out Cummings sister Alice, in Durham, the 'childcare specialist', is also a Director of IDOX, the company running the new CV-19 Track&Trace app... Let that sink in... David William Cody...... Added to that, GlaxoSmithKline, research & manufactor of the vaccine for Covid 19 in... Guess where.... Castle Bernard...!! The public have a right to know this news... https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03984070/officers
  16. Michael Gove has told LBC he has 'on occasion' driven to check his eyesight, but the Minister said he was 'not an authority on driving.'
  17. You should know who he is, but Alistair Green’s latest video and tweets have been delightful
  18. He was asked to apologise and declined.
  19. Interesting dates here. Still this made laugh
  20. I guess they were trusting their instincts
  21. Probably the best PPV of the COVID era. It wasn’t a classic, some matches stood out more then others. All the title matches and MJF/Jungle Boy were good to great. That main event though... MOTY candidate. And the finish... I do get why some may think the Matt Hardy bits were a bit tone deaf. But as others have said it’s part of his gimmick, and the fact they kept showing him under the water looking fine meant I didn’t feel uneasy.
  22. Crazy thought. What if this story is a way to encourage people to say screw the lockdown and lead to the 2nd wave/heard immunity he wanted in the first place which is why Boris Johnson has stuck by him?
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