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  1. I’m rewatching Superbrawl 2001. The opening match is like a Botchamania episode. Jimmy Yang and Evan Karragus are the biggest offenders
  2. Yep, had those last summer. The Black Bean have an actual chew to them
  3. Considering Jerky normally costs £1.50 in a supermarket, I don't think the price point is too bad for a premium product (£2.50 In Sainsbury’s I’ve just seen). on that note, Kings Jerky have started some Vegan Jerky. Currently 99p in Aldi. Tomato and Basil and Black Bean sauce. The black bean ones are really nice and I’m glad I can now have some jerky again
  4. Bizarrely I just opened an Almond Crispy Creme bar of Milka. Home Bargains has a load of new flavours. I find Milka nicer then Cadbury now days
  5. They only announced the first series about 6 months ago so I don’t think so.
  6. WrestleMania 29 did 1,048,000 PPV buys. 30, the first to be shown on the Network did 400,000 domestic, 690,000 globally. 35 did 100,000. So at $64.99 they will have to see a huge increase in PPV buys and hope not too much of a drop in Network subscribers
  7. I ended up loving the US Office. The first “season” was awful because it just rehashed the original scripts poorly. But after that it gets so much better. Another that wavers a bit when Steve Carrell leaves, but the final season picked up again before the end. But yeah, Community is still Dan Harmon’s best work for me. I still have my Troy and Abed in the morning mug
  8. THANK YOU! It was bugging me who it looked like. It’s like he has mumps, or was trying to channel Popeye
  9. Sorry for the DP. But Mattel have revealed some new bits. This though is from their Ultimate line which is supposed to be their top end collectibles line. I haven’t seen a Face Sculpt that bad since the end of BCA and start of the TTL era Rest can be found here https://forum.wrestlingfigs.com/thread/362444/official-fair-2020-mattel-discussion?page=1
  10. I saw Dolittle tonight. It’s awful. Not even Big Match John could elevate it. Go and see Sonic again instead of this.
  11. Winner, Winner https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/02/wwe-reportedly-negotiating-with-espn-for-content-streaming-666759/ what I didn’t realise is that you pay $4.99 for ESPN+ but you still need to fork out $64.99 for a UFC PPV. So it looks like PPV’s will once again be real PPV’s if this goes through
  12. They had a few different Torso’s and arms and leg moulds, but size wise it all were very similar. They tried a line called R3 which was scaled (Big Show obviously towered over everyone else) but it was a bit of a financial flop so they carried on with RA scale
  13. I guess it comes down to cost. Toy biz at that time were huge and could throw money at toy lines. That market has disappeared. Look at the amount of action figure lines we get now compared to even a decade ago. Back in the 90’s every summer movie had a toy line. Rightly or wrongly, Now the action figure section is tiny in most toy shops. Collectors market is the target for a lot of lines now. Jazwares are one of the only toy companies that still try to put out action figure lines regularly to the masses. I’m guessing they will be trying to do it as cheap as possible. And equal height moulds maybe a way of doing it.
  14. Are the Mattel toys scaled? My godson has loads but have never noticed any difference in heights with the elites or basics. Jeremy Padawer is behind Wicked Cool Toys which is now part of Jazwares. He was in charge of Jakks's line from 2002 until it went to Mattel and he came up with the Classics line
  15. Compared to what? They look like a cross between Mattel Elites and Ultimates. A scale ring suggests they will be in scale with those too
  16. Wicked Cool Toys launched an advert for the AEW Toyline during Dynamite
  17. I know it’s AppleTv, but anyone watch Mythic Quest? As it’s got some of the creative team behind Always Sunny figure a few of you may have checked it out
  18. I've never been to a chippy that didn't do that. Must be another North/South thing
  19. People shouldn't care about doubling posting. You can't wait for someone to respond. This place sometimes.... Anyway, sorry to hear about your day. At least you are aware you may have done something in the wrong tone. I find out when I am told I have. The likelyhood is everything is fine and no-one is upset. But if you feel you may have just text. Say something like sorry you may of been a bit of with you earlier, you just caught me at a bad time. That way it gives them a reason to respond and you can rest your mind a bit. That's what I would do anyway. Do you have problems walking normally? I only recently found out I walk on my toes first rather then heal first and never knew there was a right way. But have been conscious about it ever since.
  20. Jeff is sticking around isn’t he. Because his contract has been extended. So it would make sense if this led to his return. Otherwise, what is it doing? I wonder if there is another WWE.com exclusive video of Hawkins and Ryder kicking off about it just like they did when Edge was attacked and they were backstage not coming out for the rescue
  21. @King Pitcos that Slam Attax card looks like a rejected Paul Whitehouse character from The Fast Show. You can already hear the Roman reaction from the crowd. Sure, Drew isn’t getting booed, but they are far too muted for someone who is aiming to be top baby face and headlining Mania. Again, another 20 minute look how out of control Orton is segment. Orton once allegedly shat in someone’s bag in the locker room, and still no one from the back wanted to help Matt Hardy. Just weird booking. also agreed with the elimination chamber comments. Why announce that after already setting up Shana?
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