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  1. PCO is over. Where is Rene over?
  2. By that logic they would be better signing PCO
  3. Fuck. Peter Cushing is dead
  4. Between Two Ferns the Movie. 1hr 20 minutes so a short watch. Runs out of steam towards the end but has some pretty funny lines. The credits blooper reel is very fun as well. 6/10
  5. Isn’t that the bloke from The Inbetweeners?
  6. I mean just from that image alone I have to ask, what we’re you thinking? The colour alone looks like some kind of cleaning fluid. Reminds me of this. Maybe they can make a new version?
  7. 4th and final season confirmed https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a29148087/netflix-glow-season-4-final-ending/
  8. Emma Bunton Gail Porter Claire from Steps Zoe Ball Cat Deeley
  9. Across the Universe is still my preferred Beatles movie then this Richard Curtis shite
  10. That reminds me, the ex Jack Sexmith was leading a protest about a Wrestling Union at Progress on Sunday
  11. How the fuck do people not cringe as they make these.
  12. The ref called the match with the right result. The only thing wrong was it wasn't the right finish. Sha's bodyslam was weak and while I don't agree with doing something without consent, he protects the ref. Bodom on the other hand is acting like he's had too many bottles of Hooch and a kebab on the way home from the pub. Absolute thuggery
  13. @Accident Prone a ref is there to ref a match. If he’s not expecting to do actual bumps, that’s no kosher is it? But I agree Sha is getting more flack then he should over it.
  14. When I ring announced, twice I was involved in altercations with wrestlers. Both times we chatted backstage about what was going to happen. That’s all they needed to do
  15. You can’t work on the fly if the person doesn’t know they are expected to work on the fly. That for me is the main problem. This wasn’t a botched move, it was completely unplanned
  16. @Kfogg1991 having seen how they filmed it, it’s not a WWE slick production. Probably needs quite a lot of editing which is why it’s not on there yet.
  17. It’s wrestling not Whose Line is it Anyway? I’ve missed the point a lot over the years but fucking hell. This is a shit take
  18. Well, what if they come back as Zombies? But yeah, I had a messed up, very controlled childhood and it's only recently I realized how much mental abuse I got and the lasting effect it had on me. I hate them slightly more then I hate Sean Bean. Evil.
  19. Well that’s both my parents. So hopefully sooner rather then later
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