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  1. No it’s not. Because I’ve answered the original question. Had I not, it would have been whataboutary.
  2. I would agree with you on that. They did try pushing Scorpio Sky early on as a main eventer, and was the first tag team champ with Kaz, but it didn't work out. Eddie Kingston had a top tier feud with Mox, but has slipped a bit down the card again. Private Party, again early doors had a big upset win against the bucks, but they have fallen behind acts like The Acclaimed and Top Flight. Nyla Rose was also really dominant, and then they put her with Vikki. So Lucha Bros, definetly. They have been at the top of the tag devision most of AEW's lifespan. They also shift a lot of toys. But a lot of their BAME talent are still not ready or too green. Powerhouse Hobbs will be massive one day, but he is too green still. But being paired with Punk will definitely give him a boost. On the counter argument, What has WWE done in the last 20 years? Since the Rock there have been few BAME performers at the top. Granted in the last year they have suddenly started pushing BAME talent, but with the exception of The New Day, a lot of talented was ignored and wasted in favour of the same old.
  3. Suzuki is in a tag with Lance Archer with Mox and Kingston , Power House Hobbs is facing CM Punk, Lucha Bros and Proud and Powerful are in a tag against Private Party and Scorpio Sky as Men Of the Year are taking on Jericho and Hager. I think that's a fair bit of representation.
  4. Earlier this year the Bucks vs SCU where they had to split if they lost, was really good I thought.
  5. Willie Garson, Character actor but probably best known from the Sex in the City universe, has died from cancer at 57.
  6. Who’s getting their tits out. And no, not Kofi
  7. Chalk me up as another who wants the DO match at least acknowledge on Dynamite. The post match was great as well. Sonny and Joey probably had their best match to date then. Just a fun match which could have been one by either numerous times. Another thing I noted was Kingston again on commentary. If there is one thing they have too many of it is good announcers. Him and Tony (with the odd interuption of Wight) is getting to Taz and Excalibur levels of enjoyment to me.
  8. Has Jericho forgiven him yet? Amazing how the journalist he’s basically using as proof he didn’t do it, he describes as a liar in the same message. Great thinking there!
  9. Before he came to AEW I saw him wrestle once. Thought he was good, but nothing remarkable. But the stuff he’s done, inside and outside, I’ve never wanted someone to succeed as much as him. He’s amazing on the mic, great in the ring. I can’t wait for him to win a title. He deserves it
  10. I know Kanyon is next, which gives us another chance to hate on Flair as I suspect they’ll show the Howard Stern clip, but what’s next for the remainder of 3?
  11. Nope. Coming from North Carolina. I think it's just the SD crew in the UK right now.
  12. I noticed the WWE Story Time episode about the Plane Ride from Hell has been removed from the Network.
  13. Yeah, they won’t allow any WWE outfits to be used. So it will be New Japan and Stamped I guess.
  14. It's not a hill I am willing to die on, so except your reasons as to why. However if he is going to intentionally do things to cause a foul, I don't think it is going to be a successful season for him winning penalties. He's a good enough to not need to do that kind of thing.
  15. Also, wasn't telling a joke that wasn't seen as PC now what got him fired from NWA? I only listened to that Youtube bit. I went to listen to the whole episode, but it was over 3 hours. Fuck that! But it was very odd. Even though he knew what Flair was wrong, he couldn't really have a go at him for it, and I think it sounded a bit like he was sorry for Dreamer. However, the was Vince on the plane thing was discussed and it does sound like, at least from what Evan said, that it was true. Regardless, Cornette is so weird.
  16. They still have the Brody memorial shirt don’t they with profits going to the family (as well as negative 1’s 10 year contract) so I’d guess they will do the same for Owen. Good on them.
  17. Finally a new Owen Hart action figure and more merchandise. AEW has obviously won a lot of people over with how they handled Brodie.
  18. This one? he kicks the ball to his left but instead of running to the ball, runs into Coufal to get a foul. Not a penalty Clive.
  19. Not if it bothers you. Besides if it’s successful it’s not trying is it? I even gave you some suggestions as to why she was. Stop being a pleb.
  20. Her seat number? Of all the odd things, THAT is the one you picked up on? That flight was full of the important roster. It wasn't the only flight was my understanding anyway. Plus regardless, Terri had been in the industry for a long time by then and was popular with Vince, so why not?
  21. I am surprised the Ronaldo one wasn't called, but if you slow it down, before he makes contact, his back leg is already being dragged ready for contact/going down. I think his reputation is going to effect decisions. The Wan Bissaka one, I have no idea what happened there.
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