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  1. Jack Evans always had a shit personality IMO
  2. and useful. I am crap at hanging pictures, and now I know a hack!
  3. Being the Elite is now something I am fully invested in, and this weeks is an absolute banger!
  4. Why did no one come to save Dom in the opening segment? Why did no one come and save Flair? Why did Drew run down about 5 minutes too late? Why are Lana and Natty dressing the same? I actually thought the opening segment was well done, just found it odd that no-one came out for the save. Woman's match was pretty good. The underground stuff is fine in small doses and it made Shayna look legit again. But found Orton turning on Flair so predictable, and also Retribution. or as I have seen them referred to, Aces and 5ft 8's, look shit again. Them kicking a car was nothing compared to Santana and Ortiz trashing Sue's car.
  5. I understand your point. I guess what is the resolution. Should he be completely blackballed in retaliation? If he apologizes, is that enough for people to forgive him (and I know he has plenty of fans who don't care about this situation with him anyway, so I am talking the rest of us)? Pardon my ignorance, but has the wrestler concerned said anything? Does she want to return or is she done because of how she was treated by her peers?
  6. No one has defended him here. But you cant say a someone defending their friend against sexual assault accusations is the same as a the person doing the assault. It's not the same level. Would it be nice if he lost bookings because of it, see what it feels like to get blackballed himself? Yes, just deserts. But is him being booked as dangerous as booking actual sexual predators on your card. No. And I am saying this as someone who has worked with him, and called him out on here before for dickhead behavior.
  7. And regardless if he knew it was true he's shit, and if he defended someone he believed was telling the truth to him and he was lying, that's not great either. But my guess is its the later, so it's an awful take by Will and he should have come out and apologized, but lets not put him in the same box as people that have groomed and sexually assaulted box. He can go in the shit arse defender box. Will has proven time and time again he jumps on bandwagons without checking facts. He needs to take more responsibility for his actions for sure, but I don't hold him in the same regard as people who have actually committed the crimes.
  8. Not that I’m saying it’s right, but I believe he was called out for being a rape apologist and for helping to blackball a victim because it was his mate who was accused. He’s a shit, but he’s not David Starr or Jack Gallagher
  9. Sounds more like what you’d take on to Dickinson’s Real Deal
  10. I just think, with all of the protests and looting we have seen in the US of late, and them at one point surrounding a woman to attack her, it’s in poor taste. The fact that someone came out on Monday and said it’s got nothing to do with Antifa or anything political means they must feel there could be a correlation.
  11. That closing segment was the most tone deaf thing I’ve seen them do in recent times as well as being nauseating to watch due to the camera cuts. Just the worst. Massive step down from last week
  12. If this was on Dynamite I’d say you’d have a point. But it’s on their YouTube where you can avoid it, always
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