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  1. RevPro in booking their champion for their first show in over 6 months. What a shocker.
  2. TildeGuy~!

    NJPW World

    Ibushi being pissed at Tanahashi for letting the team down every show with Taichi and ZSJ trying to prove to him that Tanahashi is now old and useless is my favourite story in wrestling at the moment.
  3. Downloading Fall Guys which is free with PS Plus this month, seen some videos on it, looks a fun little Takeshis Castle like Battle Royale game. Edit: Aaaaaand the online servers don’t work.
  4. I’m intrigued to find out who the 5 in the ANTIFA group are, Dijakovic, Ciampa and Vanessa Bourne would be 3 of my guesses, other then that the RAW Underground thing will probably run for 2 weeks and disappear off the face of the earth.
  5. So they’re finally gonna kick off MVP’s Nation Of Domination stable.
  6. TildeGuy~!

    NJPW World

    After the announcement of NJPW Strong(Their American brand that will run a weekly show that will be on NJPW World every Friday) A New Japan Cup USA will be taking place starting August 7th where the winner will challenge Jon Moxley for the US Title. Also with Evil leaving LIJ and the 6 man Titles, They’ve announced a tournament to crown the new champs starting this week.
  7. TildeGuy~!

    NJPW World

    I’d say New Japan’s Big 4 currently are Okada/Naito/Ibushi/Jay White, going off Wrestle Kingdom Tanahashi is done as a main eventer for New Japan, they’ve still got tons of talent who can go, I’ve never really been a fan of Naito to be honest, always seems sloppy it what he does in the ring. They’ve got Ospreay who is now a heavyweight, Taichi has improved loads over the last year, KENTA, Zack Sabre Jr, Ishii is always there or thereabouts, Moxley once it’s safe to travel plus Jericho
  8. Think it was supposed to be Ali, then they fucked it off and sent him to Raw instead.
  9. Finished Ghost Of Tsushima this evening, it’s easily my game of the year.
  10. Week 38 fixtures Premier League Arsenal 2-1 Watford Chelsea 2-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers Crystal Palace 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur Everton 2-1 Bournemouth Leicester City 1-2 Manchester United West Ham United 2-1 Aston Villa Serie A Hellas Verona 1-2 Lazio (18:30) Juventus 2-0 Sampdoria (20:45) A Primeira Liga (Saturday 21:15) Benfica 1-1 Sporting Lisbon Sporting Braga 1-2 Porto
  11. So Kairi’s contract ran out yesterday and it was weird to see her get a clean win over the Smackdown Champion on here way out, unless they taped a segment for next weeks Raw to write her out.
  12. Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula Its Fast and The Furious with zombies, absolute shite compared to the first.
  13. Of course I can see where you’re coming from and I’ll be playing it again probably when the PS5 releases so my PS4 doesn’t sound like it’s going to blow up, in my view though where she was drowning Abby and then a flash of Joel came to her mind thus letting Abby get away with Lev, leading to the final flashback of Joel and Ellie in which Ellie says she’d like to try to forgive him for what he’s done. She was no longer angry at Joel transferring the fact that she was no longer angry at Abby, she accepted what had happened and moved on from revenge to forgiveness.
  14. I just don’t see them making a part 3 after the hate Naughty Dog has received for the game. Where else can they take this story? Ellie’s found out the truth about the fireflies, she’s forgiven Abby, Joel’s gone. She said in the first one her biggest fear was ending up alone and that’s how the second ended.
  15. Completely forgot about them too, that came out of nowhere.
  16. Probably my most anticipated game of all time, was it a good game? Yes the gameplay mechanics had improved tremendously since part 1 but the storytelling is absolutely terrible, new characters like Yara and Jessie who are extremely likeable get shitty endings with no build up and just like that they’re gone, it happened far too often with other characters too obviously the best parts of the game were the flashbacks as that’s where most of the story is told but they proper Raiden’d it, they advertised this game as something that it wasn’t and that’s where most of the hate should be. Then playing as Abby for half of the game? When she’s built up early in the story as the main villain is utter madness, regardless of her reasons for doing what she did.
  17. So probably not even a quarter of the way through Ghost Of Tsushima and it’s already my game of the year, it’s Red Dead with Samurai. My main worry before picking this up was the combat system but it’s so much fun and the game really does look beautiful.
  18. Kenny in Japan He’s always been a geek, are people only just realising this? New Japan do the best ‘Wrestling’ in the world, is Kenny good? Yeah of course but it’s not like he was “The Draw” there, when he finally won the big one fans over there got bored of him quickly.
  19. It was a terrible match wasn’t it? Plus they booked Bayley to be afraid of Kendo Sticks.
  20. About 2 hours in just riding about on my horse searching for side quests and shrines, I generally do this with open world games before I carry on with the story but I’m enjoying it so far.
  21. She’s not there due to the pandemic plus she’s not on an exclusive contract like all the other Joshi’s they book(apart from Shida) so she is currently working dates for Stardom back in Japan
  22. It helps when you have a ton of handsome bastards on your roster.
  23. Anyone else picking up Ghost Of Tsushima? I’ll be picking it up tomorrow, was worried that the combat would be similar to Dark Souls/Bloodborne(which I was terrible at) but it seems to not be.
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