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  1. Looks as though the third Happy Death Day might be going ahead too, so more good news.
  2. Yeah, they have used that stat on and off over the years but never really stuck with it. I guess it's quite a difficult one to tally.
  3. MANI WATCH - fleischmark Keith Houchen is right.
  4. King & Country (nefarious means) 1960s drama about a British soldier during WWI who goes AWOL and faces a trial and firing squad as a result. Really rather similar to Paths of Glory (which is a masterpiece) but a strong film in its own right, with Tom Courtenay on his usual great form. The Hunted (nefarious means) Christopher Lambert tries to do The Yakuza and predictably it's not as good. I don't really like Lambert for the most part (Fortress excepted, of course) but he's actually kept to the sidelines for the most part. Some good combat scenes and a mental scene on a bull
  5. Embedding's fucked again, I see. Drugstore - Sober https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjGeRluRrtI
  6. Vinny Samways scored against me when I was managing Celta Vigo once on CM 97/98 so I immediately resigned.
  7. To Kill a Mockingbird (nefarious means) Still a wonderful piece of work, doesn't really need any explanation why. If you really must do the 'white saviour' narrative, at least acknowledge its problems, as this story does. Mission of Justice (YouTube) This was fantastic. Jeff Wincott goes undercover at Brigitte Nielsen's weird vigilante justice commune to find out who murdered his best mate. The fight scenes and stunts are absolute quality, Wincott was really underrated, and Karen Sheperd was definitely on a par with Cynthia Rothrock. Loved this.
  8. How young were you back in the early to mid 90s then?
  9. Granted, he's a great actor. Did you know he played a character in The Hunt for Red October who was captain of the USS Enterprise? No, I love the Q episodes, they always did something different with them. Probably best saved for the Star Trek thread though.
  10. I haven't watched The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes because I love Wilder too much and I don't want him to upset me. Still, it can't be as bad as Fedora.
  11. What a gift Richie Benaud was. "....Curtly Ambrose, who's 6 foot 8...."
  12. I hate them all. And the Sherlock Holmes / Moriarty episodes were always the worst Star Trek episodes. Shercock Holmes, more like. Morifarty, more like. And so on.
  13. Enola Holmes (Netflix) I really hate the character Sherlock Holmes so any story that takes away the focus from him was more likely to work with me. Can't put my finger on why I liked this so much, probably mostly to do with Millie Bobby Brown being so good in the lead. Henry Cavill plays a more likeable version of Sherlock and there's a Frances de la Tour appearance. Really decent. Downtown (Prime rental) A Forest Whitaker / Anthony Edwards buddy cop film, anyone? Doesn't really work as neither of them are especially funny but Joey Pants plays a superb villain and Art Evans swea
  14. MANI WATCH - This time spotted outside local hipster eatery and cafe Pokusevski's with one of his twins. He looked cold but was wearing some nice Adidas ZX 8000. I don't know what he'd ordered.
  15. Had a massive crush on her from MTV and also didn't know she was Salad's lead singer until later on.
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