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  1. The Browning Version (1951) (Talking Pictures TV) Mike Figgis did a version of Terence Rattigan's play in 1994 and there's nothing to choose between them both - they're both absolutely immaculate adaptations. Watch them both, even though they're roughly the same, to see two of Britain's greatest ever screen actors (Michael Redgrave and Albert Finney) playing one of the best written characters in theatrical history. The Foreman Went to France (TPTV) Early Ealing wartime propaganda comedy that has enough serious parts to work as a really decent war film. Tommy Trinder is a lot to take but even he has his moments, and this was largely a bit of a gem. Dynamite Joe (Great! Movies) Obscure comedy spaghetti western with the bloke who played Felix Leiter in Thunderball (Rik Van Nutter!) in the lead. Lots of decent explosions, but nothing else to recommend this for. A Chinese Ghost Story 1 & 2 (Prime) The second one has too much story but both peak at their lunatic endings, with some bloody wonderful action scenes and a whole mish-mash of inventive nonsense going on. I'll watch the third one this weekend. The Adventurers (TPTV) Bit like a British-made The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Not as good, obviously, but I'm for any film that makes British colonialism look bad and gives Jack Hawkins a villain role. Not bad. Once a Jolly Swagman (TPTV) The only film about speedway I can think of. Takes itself a bit too seriously but it avoids a lot of the usual sport film clichés. Sid James playing a serious role showed what a genuinely good actor he was too. Worth seeing.
  2. It was made into a feature last year and it was very good.
  3. Completely agree with all this. To Catch a Thief is such a waste of a great cast and setting. Frenzy still remains ridiculously under-appreciated to this day, and The 39 Steps was the template film for so many 'on the run' action films even to this day.
  4. Remarkable how all these poor, destitute City fans from Ardwick, Cheetham Hill and Moss Side (?) were suddenly able to scrape together enough pennies for Saturday's match after Guardiola did a Delia, but ok, lads.
  5. In much the same way that West Brom's fanbase are from the poorer parts of the West Midlands and Cov fans are from Clonmel.
  6. Saw some divot on Twitter once explain the reason the Etihad is often far from full is because of class reasons. Re-read that one a few times.
  7. @gmoney was it you who recommended Documentary Now? Just watched the first episode and it was great, superb the way it essentially becomes a found footage horror film. Looking forward to watching the rest of it. Halfway through series 7 of King of the Hill, still absolutely great stuff, of course. Started the fourth series of The Twilight Zone and disappointed the episodes are an hour long now. The first two episodes would have been perfect at half an hour long. Ahh well. Finished the first series of I Think You Should Leave and, to be honest, I don't care for it that much. A couple of the sketches are really good (especially the organist one with Fred Willard) but even I got bored by all the scatalogical jokes all the time. I'll watch the second series though in case the quality's more consistent. Nearly done series 3 of Line of Duty.
  8. I hated Ghost in the Shell first time round, but second time round was different because I hated it even more. Scarlett Johansson's film put things right though.
  9. He was an assassin who cooked books for criminals! How else are they supposed to depict such a character? His autism was a sidenote to these plot points, which is actually a really good thing. It gets small moments right, such as when Anna Kendrick just leaves the room when she can see he's getting overwhelmed to give him some space, which I've rarely seen in any other film or TV show. This is a really good review of it on Letterboxd from an autistic friend of mine - they didn't like the film very much but felt it was strongest with its portrayal of autism:- https://letterboxd.com/jaimerebanal/film/the-accountant-2016/
  10. It's an anthology, he only made one part of it (Cannon Fodder) and it's the best part. Nah, actually they handled the autism side of things surprisingly well for a Hollywood action film. Ideally you would want autistic people involved in its production, but it gets a lot more right than wrong. Netflix are so weird with the stuff they add sometime. A few months ago, for some reason, they added about 30 Swedish films from the 1930s to 50s. A week later they added a load of 1960s Egyptian films.
  11. How can anyone look at the Ronaldo one and *not* think that was catastrophically wrong? It's one of the easiest penalty decisions you could ask for as a ref. VAR could be a genuine aid to making the game better if they just left it alone and stopped putting directives and guides in place as to how it should be used. But no. It's football so they have to fuck about with it to get on everyone's tits.
  12. That's not quite what happened with The Irishman though. The original financiers dropped out because the budget was getting too big and were concerned that it would not recoup its huge costs at the box office. And they were almost certainly right. So Netflix stepped in and covered the still rising costs, Scorsese didn't have to "twerk" for anyone.
  13. Chris Nolan is a classic example of a director who shouldn't be given utter control over a film. There's this perception that studios not giving directors full control over their movies is always a bad thing but that's simply not the case. There are loads of examples of studio interference resulting in a lesser product but probably just as many examples of studios actually improving a product or reigning a director in from total self-indulgence. Look what Lucas did to the original Star Wars films when he was given carte blanche, or Walter Hill's preferred version of The Warriors, for that matter. Some directors need saving from themselves and Nolan is unquestionably one of them.
  14. Credit to Bill Hader in this one for sticking it out six minutes before he started corpsing, which is five minutes and 45 seconds longer than he normally took.
  15. This is all Charlotte Flair's fault for bullying the flight attendant at school.
  16. Not as unpopular as thinking Goldeneye is shit but I largely agree.
  17. Why would anyone have any respect for Tommy Dreamer in the first place? He's always been an absolute twat. Plenty of ECW ghouls on Twitter defending him like it's still 1997, for my lunchtime reading amusement.
  18. Speak for yourself, I'm going to watch the hell out of that while I wait for Floor is Lava series 2.
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