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  1. I'd forgotten I'd gone to see that. It was all they were showing out of season at Butlins so we ended up with it. Even at 10ish years old it was painful to sit through. The red coats version of the blues brothers blew it out of the water.
  2. Quantum of Solace was the one I enjoyed least, but I think the worst critically was Bob Hoskins Mario Brothers. I remember next to nothing about it, hence QoS taking the cake. I actually remember more about the Cornish cinema we went to than the film itself. I've been meaning to re-watch it for years, see what childhood memories it unlocks but I'm concerned my brain has backed it out like a trauma.
  3. While looking for a copy of Papillon I've discovered a remake was made a couple of years back. For those who have seen it how does it stack up against the original and is it worth a go over re-watching the original?
  4. I remember Daniels taking a horrible looking bump from a scaffold on some TNA show. It was an ultimate X or elevation X and he landed from a good hight horribly going for something that looked shite. It's one of the few which still amazes me no-one was hurt. I remember ECW showing slow mo footage of Benoit breaking sabu's neck while Benoit voiced over with a promo on the weekly TV comps Delta put out. That's astounding to see and have him get away without more major injury. While looking for the footage of these two, which failed, I did find a gif of taka at the rumble which still makes me laugh even after all these years for some reason.
  5. Back in Action, the 94 comedy action masterpiece with HotRod as Riggs opposite Tae Bo megastar Billy Blanks as Murtaugh. I remember being pleasantly surprised by it, and it was about the best film in the 4 movies for 99p box set.
  6. He / she / they got the shoulder up, unless pronouns are banned. I used to hear that a lot, especially with those who always clearly did little more than roll a shoulder up.
  7. Tommy!

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I didn't realise Weybridge had been bombed by vintage aircraft during the last 10 weeks.
  8. Those bits in GTA:SA where you chase the train or race that rapper in a go kart. I'm sure they re did the train chasing bit in GTA4 too, unless I'm mixed up.
  9. They didn't take Dusty did they, he was let go by Crockett wasn't he, because he thought he was indispensable and bladed on a clash? They could afford to take the piss.
  10. Jericho was a good talent, never as good as he thought mind, but I always get the impression he's both a big head and a twat from everything I read or hear from or about him.
  11. "Loz is alright, but he's got a cock like a saveloy"
  12. Vince couldn't be as picky in 96 as he could when Dusty rocked up (and Dusty didn't have much choice having been released for blading despite being told told not to). Sting also has the look and attitude, which was what was always used against Vader and cut his runs short and left him as a top end utility guy until 98. The biggest problem would be he's a face through and through, and walking into a company where Vince only has eyes for Shawn in that top spot would be the issue. That said if Bret is off to film lonesome dove for a bit he'd got in great as that second stack face.
  13. Unlike poor old Devon Doodley and Cojones. I'd love to have seen the TNA brains think up a new name for sting.
  14. Tommy!

    Covid-19 Megathread

    On the other hand If there's one thing the history of evolution has taught us, it's that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories, and crashes through barriers painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, erm, well, life will find a way.
  15. I liked Lee Marshall, he's grrrreat
  16. I don't think he does. Bret also wore his old shades on wcw tv on at least one occasion, but they did have the WWF logo / brand on them so they were probably old stock he found in the shed.
  17. I can explain that for you, he's not just an actor he's a shit actor.
  18. Tommy!

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Our contracts are near pointless. When I was working overseas I pointed out that the contract made it impossible for them to release me for my performance or lack thereof and they said they knew and it's a problem in all the contracts they write. My current contract spends more time saying I'm allowed to open the company post than anything else, and I don't get anywhere near any post.
  19. Tommy!

    Covid-19 Megathread

    We made our feelings clear in a team meeting this morning but I doubt it makes much difference. They do what they like until they get caught out as a general rule. I'll continue to challenge it and encourage others to.
  20. Tommy!

    Covid-19 Megathread

    We are being ushered back into the office despite being able to work from home. It's generally been met with confusion.
  21. I loved D&D, especially their heavily chested roller-skating valet. 50's greaser hoodlums are cool in my book, but as I'm the least cool man on earth I wouldn't use me as the measuring stick.
  22. It's paraphrase from someone, a comedian I forget the name off, when talking about riots and looting, but riots are usually led by the most desperate seeking change, and its normally after more civil action has failed. Doing so in your own neighbourhood and destroying what little the minority has doesn't achieve anything. Setting fire to a car doesn't really help make people care if its yours and generally that action needs to be directed at the people in a privileged position who haven't effected change or acted on peaceful means. Again, I don't condone violence or violent actions but if you want the people with power and money to take notice, which are the big business and government office in the US, than it's not unsurprising to see them being looted or targeted for damage, but conversely setting fire to Mike from two doors downs mini-mart isn't necessarily helping.
  23. I remember seeing a botched superplex from the top of a cage in the opener of a show in some sports hall somewhere or other. Concussion and a dislocated shoulder was the outcome from what I recall. What stands out is that the "ohhh" reaction from everyone shipped in for the show closing rumble poking their head through the curtain was really noticeable next to the apathy of the crowd.
  24. Did you give anyone a bonus point for answering shintysix?
  25. Is that an outstanding element of, for want of a better phrase, a frontier law type rule and mentality? Looting bomb sites in the 40's was considered a death penalty offence I believe and things of that nature generally seem to be feared as significant line in general civil order of the masses by lawmakers.
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