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  1. It's all the true stuff about shitting in food/bags/crowns, drug abuse, rape and murder on that list that astounds me every time I re-read it.
  2. Tommy!

    Gig Etiquette

    I've not been to many gigs but in the few I have I've only seen tension between people that made me uncomfortable twice. One was a bloke who let two women get to the front and then spent the rest of the wait desperately trying to impress them with some clear frustration they didn't want to talk to him in a "I've just bought you a coke-a-cola in good faith" type way because he'd let them in while he pitched a tent and reeked of desperation, which made me feel uncomfortable and clearly wasn't a fun hour for the ladies in question. Second was someone pushing to the front after the warm-up act finished, which got some tutting but nothing more until they opened an incredibly pungent sandwich they had smuggled in and proceed to eat it as clumsyly as possible. I watched as blue words and threats filled the air before a fight was defused when he stuffed the sandwich in his pocket and retreated.
  3. Is that what Hot Chocolate tour as since Errol Brown died?
  4. Most wrestling fans are fine, because they are just normal people who happen to like wrestling. I mean I hate them like I hate nearly everyone, but that's because they are people and I'm a weirdo, not because they are a wrestling fan. The issue are those aren't the ones who are most noticeable, 99% of fans aren't what you'll notice or remember, it's the slightly awkward or odd small minority who stand out. Those are the ones chanting Yes down the isle of Asda because someone at the till has a Bryan shirt on, they are the ones doing live commentary for all the other fans at a show sat in thier section weather they want it or not, they are the cockends taking shite loudly in the queue or pub so everyone knows how smart they are or what britwres backstage scoops they have. Now I'm sure you get that sort of thing in lots of fields of sport and entertainment but just less noticeable. In part I think that's because wrestling does attract that slightly awkward geeky type (not that that's everyone but it certainly is a noticeable number of adult fans) Secondly I think that's because for that minority they are a niche within a niche, wrestling isn't really mainstream cool so to be the small minority within that means they stand out more than they should to the rest of the group who are ready a bit self conscious of non wrestling fans checking if they know it's not real or asking why they like a kids show. And ultimately for those people wrestling promotes you should join in, it's the panto in pants so everyone sort of rolls back and goes with it. For that small group they don't know how to switch it off and assume it's perfectly acceptable to interact with people outside a show like they would during a show booing and cheering and chanting.
  5. You're doing better than Chubby Brown if nothing else.
  6. Given the conversation was about Chubby Brown i'd just assumed anything funny was off the menu.
  7. You detailed the volume of independently owned venue's and ratio of such venues to council owned ones in you opening post? I must be thicker than I thought because I've re read it and I'm unfortunately still missing it. "You can’t even tell racist, homophobic, misogynistic jokes in a publicly funded building anymore without the looney left cancelling someone most people thought was already dead. And no, The Mash Report getting cancelled on a publicly funded tv channel isn’t the same free speech issue because I hated that brown foreign looking fella."
  8. Did you say anything about the second part, which was more my question after qualifying my understanding In the section you quoted, which I try to do because I'm a bit thick?
  9. Have I understood correctly that the issue is it's a council managed venue and the council don't want to take the booking, much as any venue owner can do, and he'd be fine if he booked somewhere privately owned for the gig who were happy with taking the booking? If so, and for those on here who know about this stuff, is it a case that suitable mid sized venues like that are few and far between or is there likely to be somewhere down the road and it's good publicity for him?
  10. Did you pull a face or fall through the bar?
  11. Or as Viz dubbed him, the fat racist cunt of hearts.
  12. Are you sure they were talking to her and not the kids stood behind her?
  13. Off topic but I was in Salzburg once and there was some festival in the square. I could hear a recognisable tune from the beer tent but obviously couldn't pin it down amongst the drunken German singing and chatter until they all cheered "Alice, who the fuck is Alice" in English as loud as they could.
  14. Most people were saying that 15 years ago. The only good thing I think he's done since 2002 was getting his nose broken by Mayweather at No way out.
  15. Indeed, but it's wonderfully coupled with Mike's point about the venues and crowds he's pulling. That's not a new documentary but I'm assuming he's now running places half the size with a much higher percentage of that sort of fan that even he can't stand, which is a nice demonstration of the masses maturing past his style.
  16. I watched a documentary on Chubby Brown once and, unless I'm remembering it wrong, there was a bit where he walks off stage at the end of his set despondent and frustrated because the audience is full of drunk cunts who want to shout out instead of listening to the show and laughing at the jokes. There's a moment where he turns to his wife (I think) and questions what the point is. He seemed to despise everyone who'd bought a ticket. It's not quite how I remember, assuming it is this one, but from about 7:30
  17. That doesn't always help unfortunately. At Derby for example some trains exit the way they entered and others go straight through, so unless you know the line it's running you can't be sure.
  18. You're quite right, my apologies.
  19. It's funny that while WWF had started flirting with 4 way tags and the final 4 they hadn't taken the plunge on a straight triple threat as we know it at that point and it would be another 6 months before the first at Ground Zero. Also I'd say Vader was still a solid hand until he took time out after no way out 98. His matches at rumble 98 and with Kane at no way out were great.
  20. From what I'd read this morning that she was alone & depressed and she was clearly upset and unwell. Some arsehole still has it up on twitter, but I'm not watching it and just hit report.
  21. Super Mario Bros 1, 2 & 3. My first run of Mario was Super Mario World on SNES and I think that spoilt me to enjoy the first 3 like people did at the time. That said I did sink hours into 6 gold coins, but I'd say that's a bit more like SMW than Bros.
  22. I've picked up the original XIII. Not played it through since about 2005 but because of the style I'm hoping it's aged ok visually because I remember loving the story.
  23. There's something about Miriam. The jokes on TV burp about it haven't aged too well and some contestants tried to sue the production team over it.
  24. I never thought of Vader as "sloppy", he was snug with what he did, he'd intentionally lay it in, but he knew what he was doing and what the outcome was. So while he'd knock people about it was knowing of the results before he did it. Wreckless perhaps but not sloppy. Kennedy was sloppy, he'd drop you on your head doing a slam.
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