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  1. Someone in my office has tested positive, in the days before they were sat with a handful of people for the day training and milling around another small group of us having a chat. When asked if we should keep coming in without getting checked, about 8 people were in close contact, given they can work from home we were told they hadn't thought about it and assume yes keep coming into the office for now. Am I being harsh in saying that's a poorly thought out approach worth challenging?
  2. Thank you, I've never seen that abbreviation or it being used as a verb before.
  3. What's dv'd? I'm assuming it means something I'm out of touch with and isn't a typo.
  4. That's always the story I here, he knew it was a shit idea and knew the fans would shit on it but got reluctantly talked around to try and help them at least get some column inches when they were circling the drain. He even roped Cox in for a promo too didn't he? It's always said he donated all the money to the Owen Hart, Pillman and Droz funds too which is a classy move. I don't hate the slamboree triple cage match, it's not good by any definition but it's not bad.
  5. Which I acknowledged and you didn't quote, I assume selectively for some reason. To reiterate I understand why they have done it, that is very clear, and have no genuine concern or significant life effecting issue with it; it's just a personal point that irks me where a 3 tier system anywhere in life isn't low, mid, high or small, mid, large and uses "very" or another word for one extreme like huge or tiny. Of all the things for you to pick up on I assumed what was intended as a lighthearted self deprecating point would be low on the list, but here we are.
  6. The only complaint I have is a 3 tier system labelled medium, high & very high rather than low, medium & high as logic would dictate. I understand the argument it makes it seem to have more impact but it's one of those little things that annoy me, like asking for a large coffee and them asking if you mean 'grande' because small medium & large isn't "fun" enough.
  7. It's a wonderful reaction, I'd say it doesn’t "get cactus over" because the character already is as raid said but it sells the moment perfectly. In other hands mick taking his shirt off wouldn't be a thing but HHH really put over foley having a change of mindset in that moment, that shit just got serious and his arseing about in charge was going to have consequences. That cactus was so fondly remembered by many for the more serious and vicious stuff after a months of comedy or affable mankind makes that moment possible in the first place, HHH just sold it superbly.
  8. @JNListeris the man to ask. To quote him from an old post re old Itv regions: "Central showed tapes from several US promotions, including Professional Wrestling from Florida (from the first half of 1989), Global Wrestling (Florida version, not the later Dallas group), and matches from the AWA/World Class/Memphis partnership of late 1988"
  9. Only if the platform offers a zoom function.
  10. Fucking hell, according to wiki released Feb 2020, back inside by July.
  11. I remember seeing them about, so I'm fairly sure they made it into England.
  12. You have to apply The Albert Coefficient™
  13. Bulldogs on his wedding day. RespectfulGrizzledAfricanmolesnake-mobile.mp4 PlasticLikableDutchsmoushond-mobile.mp4
  14. Shit tattoos if his profile picture are anything to go by.
  15. It's not all bad, @Chili is back.
  16. Odd question but does Jessica Lo still do any work, be it behind or in front of the camera?
  17. The app is being pushed hard quite hard with all the TV ads and emails and text messages to anyone with details registered. I doubt it's making much difference though.
  18. Or the opposite, booking as a token for a "look how great we are" statement to try and avoid actually doing anything meaningful.
  19. They are awful, but I do think Alice is very attractive.
  20. Wasn't he initially planned to get the Taka run as the sole drawing name of the light heavyweight division in late 97 early 98?
  21. Depending on the building construction again it's an open point still as I understand it. The app won't care if someone is in range vertically rather than horizontally. It certainly would have been a problem in my old house with the people next door where we both had a sofa on the same adjoining wall so were technically 6" of concrete apart for most of a weekday evening but never met face to face more than twice a year.
  22. That's a big open question I believe, how reliable the Bluetooth logging is that people have genuinely been in contact. In addition to the aforementioned staff in banks and supermarkets behind glass who I'm sure won't all switch off there's a question on it picking up people in other cars when in traffic or office or meeting rooms where basic room dividers are in place. There's also people who leave their phone somewhere, a desk or by the coffee machine in an office, then fuck off for a bit. It's logging someone being near the phone and not the person so gets everyone getting close
  23. @Shy Dadwhere did you get those boots from?
  24. It's meant to be a combination of site location and Bluetooth data exchange with other app users The scan on entry is primarily to trigger them to tell the site if you get a positive test so the site can inform any non app users they have details of, so I've been led to believe. It's also so they can inform staff who shouldn't have the Bluetooth exchange of the app active if they are behind a screen while they are working (like in a bookies or bank) but may still want to test or isolate. It also helps build basic geomaps and correlation of high transmission areas, be thay of an indu
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