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    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    Gone but not forgotten by the hardcore fans I'd wager. By all accounts a huge cunt but his in ring work was unbelievable and ahead of its time. I'm not his biggest fan but you will struggle to argue against the quality of his matches, some of which really stand the test of time.
  2. Tommy!

    IT & Computer Questions

    Hello, Is there anyone on here who can explain R services for SQL server 08 / 12 in basic terms. I have some T-SQL knowledge and a basic overview of SSRS as a concept if it helps with pitching the right leve.
  3. Tommy!

    Wrong Screenshots

    Double jeopardy (1999)
  4. Tommy!

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Does anyone know when WSM is on this Christmas? Channel 5 one a day from the 26th I'm assuming.
  5. Tommy!

    Wrong Screenshots

    The amazing Spider-Man (2012)
  6. Tommy!

    [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    I assume he did so because she plays a second generation British of Indian descent on a TV soap. That and she's a bit dusky.....
  7. Tommy!

    [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    She always seems like the most vacuous and banal person on earth. @Armitage Shanks my farm takes up most of the day, and at night I just like a cup of tea. I mightn't be able to devote myself full time to the old racism.
  8. Tommy!

    The Mental Health thread

    I now have this image of you sleeping atop a pile of money.
  9. Tommy!

    The Mental Health thread

    I take mine morning or lunch at work. The sedative effect seems to ease and spread as a general malaise and fatigue across the whole day after a few months. I used to have no sleep pattern, I'd do 5 or 7 days on a couple of hours then hibernate for a couple of days at least a week or two every month to 6 weeks. There were days where I didn't sleep at all and I was so wired the next day I wasn't really safe and at least once had to leave work but had to sort of explain why I was ill which was always a bit tricky. Once the Citalopram settled in I sleep regularly but now need about 10 hours a night every night and can take a long time to clear the fog in a morning if I don't wake naturally. Thankfully my work started shifts so I'm always plugging for a 9 start these days and feeling amazing as a result. The only concern I've had is how I get when I've missed them. I'm OK for a day, and in truth get a real positive bump on the rare days I do forget or don't have them with me on a trip. 2 days + I get a mess. I was tipping my draws and files out the other day in a slightly concerning desperation. The headaches are a nightmare too after a couple of days. I don't remember it being like that before.
  10. Tommy!

    Getting a Curry in, what you having?

    I always have a couple of poppadoms for pudding, settle things down after the meal and clean the pallet.
  11. Tommy!

    Getting a Curry in, what you having?

    If I'm eating in I'll normally go for lamb tika jalfrezi or madras, pilau or chili rice and a keema naan. Sometimes I'll go for chicken pakora as a start too. If I'm particularly peckish I'll push the boat out and switch the rice with a chicken biryani which is a larger pot and comes with a veg curry. Alternatively I'll have a "special sandwich" on the side which is a naan folded into a giant scoop then filled with lamb doner and chicken tika. If I'm eating out I'll go for something on the house specials or a chef twist on something, as it's rare I'm eating out these days so I push the boat out.
  12. Tommy!

    Modest Business Names

    We used to pass the ok diner in Cannock when heading to Wales and the North West. It's so close to home so never had cause to stop in which just made me want to go even more.
  13. Tommy!

    The Post A Pic Of Yourself Thread V2

    There's more than passing resemblance between @Onyx2and the cunt brained nacker there I think. Onyx just has better death and eyes that aren't glazed over with greed and self-importance.
  14. Tommy!

    Shitting Thread #374

    Philistine. Next you'll be against the self cleaning robo-lav and Swiss cauldron
  15. Tommy!

    Favourite Albums of 2018

    I've got a contact down tandy
  16. Tommy!

    Favourite Albums of 2018

    It'll be me & you still smiling in the queue for the next Glen Miller release, after taking our ration books to the butcher for 2lb of kidney.
  17. Tommy!

    Room 101 - PPVs or TV show episodes

    As I've been drawn to the thread I'll take the opportunity to say how much I'm looking forward to the show. It will be an interesting companion to the most pointless show from a little while back. And if IYH 4 doesn't get plunged into the abyss beneath the ministry of love I'm a Dutch man. That Nash & bulldog main wasn't just dull it was painful. The Dean and Razor bollocks which could have been stuck on a raw and the world would have been a better place without mabel vs Yoko. Both this & IYH 3 might as well never existed, and the world would have been better for it at most of unaffected at worst. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face for ever, or just watch Nash vs Davey for 18:14 and the effects the same.
  18. Tommy!

    Favourite Albums of 2018

    I don't have Spotify I certainly buy the 7" singles from Woolworths next time I'm in town though.
  19. Tommy!

    Favourite Albums of 2018

    I've heard of none of these
  20. Tommy!

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    Series 1 & 2 were good, 3 & 4 were the shits.
  21. Tommy!

    Deathmatch Intrest Thead No. 2 (NSFW)

    I didn't think you could cure HIV, just manage it so you don't develop AIDS. Has there been a breakthrough I've missed?
  22. Tommy!


    In a restaurant I do, but not at home.
  23. Tommy!

    Happy birthday Kaz Hayashi!

    Happy birthday @Kaz Hayashi, an all round nice guy