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  1. And have you saluted him in your special way Plexy?
  2. He mean they're both steaming cack, so having decent support means they're liable to be shown up.
  3. Oh yeah, Adam Cole being billed as 202 pounds. Does his head weigh 40 pounds?
  4. Cody looked absolutely imperious in his red suit making the save. Some boos I heard for him at the beginning, but he had them back during the brawl. Really fun show, didn't drag at all.
  5. Overrated in that sense just means over pushed, which I think is a different discussion.
  6. Norm taking a dirt nap now. Exceptionally funny man.
  7. Caster with a lesson on how not to do cheap heat this week. God he's shite.
  8. I thought it was fine. Crowd went nuts when Pillman came out, so you can't say it didn't work. It was pretty cheap, yes, but it's not like that's the only string to his bow. You want cheap heat in wrestling sometimes, maybe not just all the time.
  9. Johnny Cash's unused Bond theme. Unclear to me if this was commissioned, or if JC simply submitted it because he liked Bond films. Either way, it was unfairly rejected.
  10. I think Cody will probably turn heel after the Black feud, would be great to see him go against Punk or Bryan.
  11. I think I might have posted that in the old thread. It's a banger.
  12. The entrance was in front of the hard cam for that show wasn't it? I'm not going to get into it anyway, because the anti Cody lot are mental. Your questioning why he's in the intros for TV shows for another thing. You know, one of the blokes who it wouldn't have been possible to have those shows without. "WHAAAA, WHY'S HE IN THE SHOW OPEN!!"
  13. This is the maddest complaint. I remember watching at the time, he didn't steal focus at all. The people who are obsessed with Rhodes had their eye glued to him because he invades their every waking thought, but to normal people it wasn't very unusual.
  14. gmoney

    Top Twitter

    Guy in the red bumps like Steve McMichael.
  15. Agreed, I never want to see the Bucks as faces.
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