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  1. Politically homeless, fiscally conservative.
  2. gmoney

    Chippy Tea

    Yes, there's something about it that reminds one of a prolapse.
  3. I bet he was playing Football Manager.
  4. gmoney

    Chippy Tea

    @Keith Houchen loves a Vimto.
  5. I collect these. I've got a Mr Madiba and another I can't remember right now.
  6. gmoney

    Top Twitter

    While I share in your horror (and I should point out the woman was OK afterwards) this was one of the funniest things I'd seen in ages. I was audibly laughing on the train at it, and then someone brought it up at work, where I laughed so much I had to go for a walk to calm down. I'm not proud.
  7. I thought Dark Phoenix was a bag of old arse, sadly. So joyless and pale. Things picked up a little bit when Fassbender turned up, but quickly fizzled out again. Quicksilver disappeared at some point as well, considering he is probably the standout character from the other films, this was a mistake.
  8. Got a feeling I might have posted this before, but it is great so fuck it.
  9. Yep, still doing it for me as well.
  10. Why isn't this prequal chat in its own thread?
  11. gmoney

    Chippy Tea

    A round is one slice cut into two.
  12. So in this term he's been; Labour, an Independent, CUK, Independent again and a Lib Dem. Can anyone beat that? And what's next for Chuka? Sinn Fein?
  13. There was in a indoor mode on Striker as well, it was skill.
  14. I take your point, but I was trying to get at the second part of your post there: no fucker wants to buy it because it says "arse problems" to any cashier so it must be a genuine solution. Most Boots has a self service till these days though.
  15. Yeah really, get some ointment. If baths cured arse grapes, do you think they'd sell Anusol?
  16. I've heard Natashia Demitriou on stuff and enjoyed her, but I found their double act on Cat's Does Countdown bloody hard work, and by that I mean cack.
  17. Just had to scrutinise that for a while before I realised you didn't mean Joey Deacon.
  18. Hermione Granger - Wrong 'un.
  19. I seem to remember it was in his contract he could do Japanese dates, though they get fucked off with him if he actually booked any.
  20. gmoney

    NJPW World

    I hear he wanted to call his new finisher Fragile X.
  21. I didn't go, but a Sikh guy at work showed me his wedding photos and his outfit was the best thing I've ever seen. He looked genuinely incredible.
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