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  1. That is definitely the rhetoric of someone who is getting old.
  2. Yeah to you. And it still is to lots of kids. There were kids around when I was a kid who didn't a single fuck about any of that then either.
  3. They look amazing. I think Bobby's do those pork scratching flavoured puff things. That's a proper snack.
  4. He reminds me of Ted Robbins.
  5. 7 seconds away. My opinion on the matter is that if it's good enough for Andy Warhol, then it's probably a load of old shit.
  6. I'm not sure if that's sarcasm or not, but I genuinely do think he's excellent in Robin Hood. Compelling is probably the word I'm looking for. I love KC.
  7. For the Diana thing, I remember being encouraged by my mum to sign some sort of condolence book in Tesco in Littlehampton. I had to queue for it then write a message. What the fuck was all that about? Where did that get sent to?
  8. gmoney

    Chippy Tea

    A Scallop is also a type of seafood.
  9. It's way better than Arkham Origins if you played that. That was pants. Then, I wasn't that put out by the batmobile stuff in Knight.
  10. Must have been Fully Booked.
  11. I saw that you had posted in here an made a bet with myself that you would have been having a go at yourself. Not far off.
  12. 09/11 - Waiting for the school bus home, in the assembly hall where we had to wait for the buses. I saw my moustached goon of a form tutor wide-eyed and pantomiming something being hit to another teacher at the front of the hall. I remember thinking "what the fuck is he doing?" and then the news filtered back to my part of the line. When I got home I flipped from channel to channel taking it in from different shows. Diana - I was at caravan site. My mum read it in the paper and cried. I went outside and played football.
  13. A multi-pack of McCoys was all I had in my uni place when I had a particularly nasty bout of fresher's flu. I can't eat them now as they remind me of feeling sick as a dog and being a student
  14. You're lucky you weren't in Hartlepool.
  15. John Le Mesurier is about 10 times the actor that Robert Bathurst is.
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