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  1. Actually, fuck that might have been where I saw it! Cheers Butch.
  2. Your mate's eyebrow is better, so I can only imagine he was knee deep.
  3. Can't see Raab getting through the mad Conservative selection process, but then I didn't think Johnson would either, so I know precisely fuck all.
  4. My dad once fixed his radio. RIP big man, hope you're picking up AM stations up there.
  5. Andre Braugher is the MVP of the show I reckon, in a strong field. I used to love him in Homicide as well.
  6. I'm sure someone posted about an interview with Bob Mould talking about WCW recently, but I can't find it. Anyone know what thread it was in?
  7. gmoney


    Unfortunately in my experience in that situation, they will back the company to the hilt as that's what they're there to do. Do you have any other outlet, like an employee forum or anything?
  8. Ah, yeah I wasn't sure of the etiquette there, as she was under her old name, so thank you.
  9. Can't Stop Music Village People musical starring Steve Guttenberg, Caitlyn Jenner and the Village People. 10/10. Sample scene
  10. gmoney


    Have you got a union? I wouldn't bother with HR.
  11. His cock is missing, just two balls in a row, You'd think it was a fuck-up by Michelangelo. Some say it's just withered, like a slug made of skin, But if you believe Honky, it's in a surgeon's bin.
  12. It's every bit as bad as I thought it might be. I'm sure the types who share those Have I Got News for You tweets will fucking love it.
  13. I can't confirm, but looks legit to me. Seems like too realistic a price to be a scam.
  14. I've not bought from them, but what's your specific concern? Everything they claim is technically possible, though legally dubious obviously.
  15. I remember that vividly. He was like a massive Curt Hennig.
  16. I love a good story song and Atlantic City is one of the very best. So vivid and desperate. Another Springsteen track that stands out is Brilliant Disguise. Paranoia and restlessness in a loveless marriage. It's from the slickly produced 80s era, but I think it makes it all the more devastating.
  17. I wonder if I've ever made a post on here that I've not had to edit? You'd think I'd learn to proofread them, but I absolutely won't.
  18. We found out at my step-granddad's funeral that he hadn't been a policeman during WWII as he'd told us, but had in fact been in prison for counterfeiting £5 notes. We found it very funny, he was a lovable rogue type.
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