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  1. I signed up on September 11th, five years after those lads did what they did. It also means that if this place lasts another twenty, I’ll be sixty two years old and still frequenting a wrestling forum.
  2. @Philo_Vanceis a married man but I still get to kiss him. Sorry for the ongoing love with him in this thread, but this is such a good day.
  3. Bacon, please sort the typo out in the thread name before I have a groundstroke.
  4. We’ll be more than alright. Once Olise finds his feet and Eze comes back, we’ll be ripping defences to shreds. We just need to take Joel Ward round the back and put him down, and show Kouyaté a shiny penny to distract him and we’ll have a top-half team.
  5. Got a few lined up. Rob Vincent, The Las, Jack Savoretti and Kate Nash twice, one of which was meant to be last year. Well in, Covid. Big thanks from me and the now-expired restraining order.
  6. The game was incredible. The atmosphere was off the map, apart from the away fans who were as awful as ever when they visit. We absolutely battered them from about the 25th minute onwards. They offered nothing. Like all Tories, Harry Kane was a useless waste of space. Conor Gallagher is a Rolls Royce of a player and was everywhere. Wilf tore the back out of them, I still love Jimmy Mc more than most of my family, Marc Guéhi is the real deal and I Wanna Be Edouard. I’m currently being a pest on the train home. It was my first game back and I’ve missed this so, so much.
  7. He’s well known for being a genuinely sound bloke*. Mate of mine played for Everton youth in the early 90s and when his Dad died, Duncan went looking looking for him knowing he’d be in a local boozer with a messed up head. He found and sat with him for hours, letting Baz talk about his old man. He was a first team PL player and gave up an evening for a youth team player. * unless you’re a burglar.
  8. Game On. Was massively into it when it came out because ladz, but having rewatched it a few months ago I realised it’s absolutely awful.
  9. Isn’t she just? Myra in Episodes shouldn’t be a great character because of her lack of lengthy dialogue, but her facials and noises make her brilliant. I ended up doing S1 of Back to Life yesterday after lapping up the latest. It’s very re-watchable.
  10. The second series of Back to Life is up on the iPlayer and it’s just as wonderful as the first. Daisy Haggard is a gem, the supporting cast are a treat but her parents are the stars. The old man in particular. An easy, funny watch.
  11. Everyone’s favourite mod, you mean.
  12. The Zutons having a pint behind me, just now. New stuff on the way by the sounds of it. Don’t bother with the Partridge shrug and yes, Abi’s still lovely.
  13. Honestly in my top five chippy teas of all time. Couldn’t tell you the other four, but I might make a spreadsheet right now for ongoing ratings.
  14. Chicken dinner and a bonus battered sausage. Pint of Irn Bru as a chaser. Mr. Perfect’s entrance music was playing in my head as I ate it.
  15. Rescue Me, Sundays at 10pm. I’d make some cheese on toast, watch it then touch myself over Callie Thorne. It was even better when my Dad wasn’t in the room.
  16. No way did they cover Frank Sinatra’s favourite love song.
  17. Wonderwall. Its love has baffled me for a quarter of a century.
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