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  1. Wasn’t sure where to put this - it certainly isn’t Top Twitter. Which has been replied to by others on the roster: God help the person who has to point these out to McMahon. What a fucking berk.
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    Let’s not divert the conversation away from that rat, anyway.
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    I get that, I do, but a link labelled as ‘Here’s a quick way of accessing the Nazi Party’ is still enabling easy access to the Nazi Party. People are prone to click; it’s become muscle memory these days.
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    As important a subject as this is, can we please not link to that rag? Ronnie knows I love the bones of him so it’s not a personal dig, but giving those cunts traffic is a no from me, whilst I understand the reason for the link.
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    A vile, warped narcissist with delusions of grandeur. Honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he topped himself, but does so after leaving some weird video as a tragic love-letter to the world. The cunt needs to suffer one way or another, but not by his own choice.
  6. Michael Angelis, 76. A wonderful actor and hugely important in his role in Boys from the Blackstuff. Recognised predominantly as a Poundland Ringo Starr due to his voice work on Thomas the Tank, but he was so much more than that. One of the most consistent and impressive TV actors you could see.
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    The awful cunt is no doubt reading this thread without signing in, such is his need for self-fulfilment/gratification. Don't view his story and give him the numbers he'll get a kick off. This cunt has ruined lives, literally, but is no doubt piping up with all kinds to kick his way out of a corner. In this mess of a planet we're on, him getting numbers from being accused of sexual assault will give him a buzz.
  8. Jimmy Corkhill asked my Mum if I was single when I went to the loo after we saw him in a pub and he joined us; she thought he was just being nice/making conversation and didn’t realise he was asking if I was gay. I had no idea about this conversation until after I gave him my number, thinking I’d made mates with a Brookie actor, and he text me a 2am asking what I was up to. It got awkward. I had to block him a couple of weeks later. Jesus fucking Christ indeed.
  9. Harley Rape - Gatso comes to the ring on a big motorbike
  10. The Pundertaker - he’s been around for ages with a gimmick that should have died years ago. He keeps coming back with shit jokes which get worse and worse with every appearance. Played by @Carbomb
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52802183
  12. Bloody hell, Rain Man! I’ll track her down and see if she’ll get the shears out to sort my mop. My hairline is an aggressive cul-de-sac and still three weeks away from finding out about Coronavirus, but I reckon I can coax her into doing something with it if I can get the restraining order lifted.
  13. Jesus, good memory! I haven’t thought of her since I bought that spade.
  14. Bloody hell, @Ralphy, you know you're not allowed two accounts on here.
  15. Five episodes of New Girl today.
  16. He’s 100% contemplated bringing JTG back with a lifeguard persona. Nailed on.
  17. The Benoit one isn’t on there, but instead of having no episode listed, they’ve got a highlight show of Wrestlemania matches against the date. No doubt so they can continue to demonstrate the whole longest running weekly episodic shite without them referencing Benoit. They’re absolutely mental.
  18. I don’t know anywhere as much as you lot, but DDP is the Good Egg of the wrestling world, isn’t he?
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