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    Chippy Tea

    Fuck me, they don't do kebabs but they do have salads? Fuck off out of this thread. https://www.codsscallops.com/our-menu/
  2. You need the two ODB albums as well. I love ODB.
  3. You should have clattered home with a fire extinguisher
  4. This place ruined Parsons. Whenever he was on tv or radio, I automatically think about the anecdote of how he wanted to rent a vid, was told it was cheaper to buy an ex rental of the film he was after, and went on an impassioned plea about how he just wanted to rent it. @Bellenda Carlisle was it you?
  5. I’m old enough to remember him in his rookie year and it really was a changing of the guard moment with all these young brilliant players coming to the fore as the previous legends retired. Bit of a rapey bastard but one of the all time greats on court.
  6. Make sure you get info on patio work and driveways sent to him, as well as anything that’ll flare up the gammon, such as gay labour stuff.
  7. You should sign up to every single free offer in a magazine or online as them so they get fucked off with all the junk mail.
  8. Converting to Judaism can do that, but then again you do live in Germany.
  9. It would be fitting if rapey CeeLo was the monster.
  10. Long time viewers might know the author of that piece. He sort of liked Slipknot.
  11. It’ll make you a bigger dick, yeah.
  12. He’ll just say his accusers are tilting at windmills or something.
  13. They’ll be demanding it becomes a vegan raffle during the interval next.
  14. I got 9, but there were some lucky guesses in there! Had no idea Jada Pinkett Smith was in a nu metal band, and no I won’t click any links to them.
  15. Thought this might be fun for those who were fans of possibly the worst genre of music imaginable.
  16. And that being woke / PC culture is to blame, but the examples of this don’t include racism sexism or homophobia, but the word “Fuck”
  17. Is posting with a different account after being banned acceptable, or is that just for nonces?
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jan/21/conor-mcgregor-donald-trump-praise-ufc-mma
  19. Never said you did, you big snowflake. Just saying that some people might enjoy Astros musings.
  20. If you’re fed up of PC woke stuff ruining everything, @Astro Hollywood Is doing a retrospective on the pantos of Jim Davidson if you wish to relive the glory days of calling Bagga a racial slur but it not being racist.
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