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  1. Did they agree to do it because they will have a guaranteed DVD to flog at the end of the season.
  2. Oh I don't know about that. I hope that proper films haven't lost him now.
  3. Next you'll be telling me Paddy Pimblett is not really the guy from The Inbetweeners.
  4. The post seems to have gone now so some of the details will be wrong, but it was something about a girl he asked out or had been out with once kept giving excuses for not going on another date, or cancelling the date on the night. So he went to hers early on date night and sat in the car, she called him to cancel and said she wasn't feeling well so he watched her from his car, eating the chocolates he'd bought her. She was getting ready to go out by the looks of it so he waited, and when she left her house he followed her for a bit before heading home.
  5. He's probably sat in his car, watching the UKFF from afar while eating the chocolates he bought us.
  6. Oh man, I'd love moles in my garden, there are a load of squirrels that we feed, and encourage hedgehogs to live here too.
  7. Yes because the Benn agreement is a U.K one and not an EU one. It has no standing with the EU
  8. Well, Juncker has ruled out an extension so looks like itโ€™s no deal or shit deal.
  9. God I love that Zammo clip, just say yes.
  10. I also hate Football fans who's politics are decided by which team they support.
  11. I think Rangers are far worse than Celtic, I'm sure it's the same for some on the other cheek of the arse, but some Rangers fans hate Celtic more than they love their own club. But that's nothing to do with racism, this is though. Mate of mine is from the Isle Of Bute, he lives in Coventry and was a member of "Coventry Loyal", the Rangers supporters club. He was in the boozer and the chairman of the group asked if he'd be at the meeting on Sunday. He said he wouldn't because he's been out loads this week and is taking his wife out, the chairman said to bring her along. My mate said he wouldn't feel safe with her going. When the chairman asked why and was told it was because she was black, he got a horrified look on his face. "You got a problem with that" my mate asked. "erm....no...no I haven't but you're right", some of the lads might. He never attended another meeting. Used to watch every Old Firm game with him, I never got grief for watching them with a Rangers fan, but he did for watching them with a Celtic fan.
  12. At least Celtic banned their Bhigots for a while, probably because they were embarrassed by their spelling. But lets not be dafties, being called a hun or a tim is nowhere near on the scale compared to what black players get.
  13. Irelands Call get a fair bit of grief. I think it's sound enough but not as good as the real anthem.
  14. If only there was some way of finding out.
  15. As a resident potato wog, Come Out Ye Black And Tans will suit just fine. And Thank you to Liverpool for making the Athenry song even worse.
  16. Aladdin. It was shit but itโ€™s a Guy Ritchie film so what do you expect.
  17. If you say Eric's surname loud and fast, it sounds like a sneeze so he was fucked before he even began when you think about it. Mad old Vince must've thought he was passing on colds left right and centre when everyone was saying his name in meetings.
  18. Tried that after my three month probation. Maybe this Vince guy also works as a manager for a shit warehouse?
  19. I had to smirk and shake my head when I saw some people on my social media posting things like "Scum", "Racist Bastards" and the like when they are usually sharing "Patriot" and anti immigrant posts. If your opposition to racism is exclusive to abuse received by players on your team, then you aren't opposed to racism. We see this tribalistic "He can't be guilty, he plays for my team" all the time and now when it's a national team, those tribe members are united under the same flimsy, see through banner. You know for a fact that these fuckers wouldn't be so condemning if it was Rahman Saleem of Pakistani origin and not Raheem Sterling on the receiving end, they wouldn't be so quick with their disgust. As John Barnes said, you can stop racist chants in a stadium but you'll still have racists in the stadium. Football is rotten to the core.
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