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  1. And they’re usually “Exams are too easy” types so will welcome mass failings.
  2. It’s exactly the same as blokes basing their opinion of a sexual assault allegation on the badge on the shirt of who is accused. Much like some fans of a football club, ROH or whatever organisation is part of some people’s identity. They won’t accept it as to them it’s a personal attack. Same with any fandom I suppose but wrestling seems one of the worst.
  3. The other thing to consider is the influence and status he has. It’s an abuse of power, he may not have assaulted someone physically but it’s an abuse of power. Fuck him and his fanboys defending him because he can do flips and shit.
  4. If you have a dump at work on your time and not company time, you’re probably a bootlicking Tory.
  5. Unlike Ric Flairs cock on his wedding night. At least I imagine so, never seen any of his wedding pics.
  6. They must have missed your 24hr stream of Ratatouille from the schedule.
  7. Cool Cat and Body Language for starters.
  8. Wolves - Wanted Man City booted from Europe for breaking FFP. Also Wolves -
  9. “Adamson was a Big Country member, and yes we do remember”
  10. The Coefficient standings is the second main reason* I want English teams to fall at the first hurdle in European competitions. Losing a Champions League place will do wonders for the Premiership. (*The first is because I’m an incredibly petty and bitter man, I’d find it fucking hilarious)
  11. Monday Bandele. (I’ve still got a Dragons replica shirt somewhere)
  12. And if Bret lost, he’d have used his finger to spell “D.C” in the last panel.
  13. Nash squashing the X Men Division would be good.
  14. Boo, that does make sense to be honest, but was hoping for a Boris Johnson Matt Hardy.
  15. Is the AEW way of countering PG content having Matt Hardy say “Bumboy”? Hoping he goes for water melon smiles next before calling Tony Khans family letterboxes.
  16. Nah. Changing your duties to cover work that’s done by others without compensating you, and possibly doing others out of wages hours isn’t acceptable. Once it’s done during trying times it’ll be expected every time. He is well within his rights to be pissed off and refuse, especially With the union backing him. And moaning on a forum does help. It can lead to info that helps or just sounding off can help as well.
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