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  1. It's the little things that make it. I can't explain it very well but the bit where he is praying then claps his hands together as if to gee himself up for the day is phenomenal, totally encapsulates the character.
  2. Oh man, I forgot about the laser hat, that was well skill!
  3. A good Crue song is like a good Marvel film though, might be good in it's own field but still shite when compared to others. Saying that though, Dr Feelgood would've made a great wrestling gimmick, dishing out roids to the boys and had a built in theme song.
  4. Without meaning to Bombcar that, I saw it reported with the headline "Purl Jam"
  5. Motley Crue have always been shite. No amount of rose tinted glasses or tales of excess will hide what a below average band they were.
  6. I've downloaded the freebie on Games With Gold, it's from the makers of Limbo, which had fans on here, called Inside. Anyone played it?
  7. He's pissed off that he might start getting associated with bottlers like Joey Janela.
  8. Best chippy near me was getting grief from the middle class ponces round here because they had a sign in their window that said "Our kebabs are not halal" so Cressida Ponceworthy-Lokifriend and her mates decided this was racist and they were bigots. I thought it was because you have to assume that kebab meat is halal and it's uncommon for it not to be, so they were avoiding a lawsuit by having that sign in the window. Was just plain text as well, wasn't printed on a backdrop of Churchill or a bulldog or anything.
  9. The only time gyro should be uttered regarding a kebab is using your fortnightly one to pay for it. Leave - Gyro / Remain - Doner.
  10. Nah, this latest Being The Elite video explains it all.
  11. Don't think I'll ever tire of seeing that Hendo KO. Amazing how Bisping became as likeable as he did.
  12. Kenny Rogers was a guest on the Frank Skinner show once and Frank was saying how he went to his concert. He asked why he performed songs not in their entirety and missed out verses. Rogers said it was to fit as many songs in as he could and seemed impressed that Skinner had noticed. Frank said he pointed it out because he missed out the key verses in COTC, so he went from a meek little man into a stone cold killer for no reason whatsoever. The Gambler was laughing and said he hadn't picked up on that before. Might as well be hung for a sheep than a lamb, Janela already had the shame of being pictured at a Blink 182 gig so he had nothing to lose by getting stuck in, now he has the double shame of being at a Blink 182 gig and bottling it.
  13. Coward of the county fought back though, he didn’t shit his pants at a gig.
  14. Whilst a custodial sentence had to be handed down, i would’ve liked to see community service being part of it. His ego would’ve taken a massive knock if he was picking up litter on the side of the road every Saturday. Or having to paint over graffiti at a mosque.
  15. Into season 5 of The Good Wife and I'm not sure if you're meant to be sympathetic to the main characters, they're all wankers, maybe Diane is the best of a bad bunch. The best characters are the wankers in wankers clothing, David Lee and Eli Gold. It's a decent watch, though. Was recommended something called Warrior. It was pitched to me as a Boardwalk Empire set in Chinatown with martial arts aplenty. First episode was fun, was like a non po-faced Peaky Blinders crossed with Spartacus.
  16. Essentially, he was given 3 months suspended for 18 months. That's the 1st contempt of court in the list Loki posted. He was sentenced today for the 2nd one on the list. He was originally given 13 months but due to the handling of it by the prosecution, he was rightly freed and the case was referred to see if it should be retried. Essentially, due to the breaking of court rules, the conviction was overturned. The case was retried, he was found guilty and was given 6 months. Because the offence occurred within the 18 months of the suspended sentence, that 3 months was added to todays verdict totalling 9. And because he has served time relating to this offence (When he was put away after the first rushed trial) that time served will come off the 9 month tariff. He could've been given 2 years but his supporters try and make out he's been made an example of because of who he is. If that was the case, he'd have been given 2 years. And who he is does have a bearing on him sent to prison, he's a repeat offender with violence and fraud convictions.
  17. This isn't quite the case, his first prison sentence came 4 or 5 years before the EDL were founded. He adopted the Robinson alias because he wanted to have more of a working class appeal as he had a double barrelled surname. He chose that name because Tommy Robinson was a known name in hooligan circles, he was a leader in one of Lutons firms and has written books about it. The name also has that "Tommy Atkins" everyman sounds and is similar to Danny Dyer's character in The Football Factory. The passport he used to travel to the US wasn't a fake passport, it was someone else's. He was meant to attend an interview the following day after they confiscated the passport, but he returned back home as he had his own passport with him. Although his own passport had the name "Paul Harris". But no, a convicted violent fraudster who tried to enter a country illegally is the guy you can trust.
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