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    There is also the possibility that they were going through the motions and already had their mind made up on who they wanted before the interview stage.
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    I absolutely love my C3 Picasso. Went out to the Peak District and there is a road there that I always struggled with, it’s by the caverns. It’s steep as fuck and my old car had to stay in first gear the whole way up it but yesterday I drove up it no problem! And today I picked up a set of drawers from a charity shop that fitted in the back (with the seats down flat) no bother!
  3. Yeah you’re bang on. I mean, to your average guy, UFC is the sport in the same way boxing is. Nobody says “Did you see the WBA at the weekend”? I’m sure when cage rage and the like were on channel 5 and whatnot, we all had someone at work say “I saw that UFC you liked was on telly Saturday night”
  4. Show her the stairs leading up to the bedroom.
  5. I don’t even think there are 4 tories on here so it might be difficult
  6. Once upon a time, we had megathreads but oh no, we can’t do that anymore. It’s PC gone mad.
  7. It’s sports day on a grand scale. I used to wag it on Sports day with my mates and we’d go round Pete Piggotts house and watch dodgy horror films. Later in life, Pete got sent down for killing his baby.
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    Keep a journal of everything. Dates and times of when you asked questions and the replies. Keep emails, times of phone calls etc. If your line manager is blaming your mental health then they’re shit at their job. Should they try and discipline you, having a record of all the times you’ve approached them and the replies you got will go a long way.
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    It’s hardly independent if HR are doing it. Yeah it’s unsurprisingly a box ticking exercise so they can say they tried to help but nobody would help them.
  10. Shame he doesn’t play for Liverpool, then the discretion could’ve simply been brushed away with “Cultural Differences” and the fans would defend noncing like they defended racism.
  11. I hope it didn’t get damaged.
  12. The only people who consider wrestling to be art are wrestling fans. And they think Red Dwarf is art.
  13. Yeah. A lad I know is well down the rabbit hole to the point that it’s now a huge part of his identity. He has mates who seem to hang on his words. I got fed up and replied to his latest cack. Long and short of it was I asked loads of questions, got no answers, got a few “Woke” and “You can’t wake up those in a deep sleep” and sense of superiority because they are not blind. I think I upset him though when I mentioned how he voted Tory in the past. Funnily enough he is a fathers for justice man and spends time in Bournemouth to see his son after the child’s mum moved city and got a restraining order against him. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until he is appointed to the council.
  14. It’s just the the same mugshot over and over again. At least Bill Wyman did it with a cheeky smile.
  15. I see Twitter is full of the usual Hahaha child abuse hahaha stuff. Wonderful!
  16. When Tottenham got outclassed in the 87 Cup final, half their shirts had the sponsor on and half didn’t. Not sure how that happened but the important thing is they lost 3-2 to Coventry City.
  17. Tokyo isn’t in China you massive worse than Hitler racist!!! But yeah it probably is, I’ve known people from east Asia wear a mask because they had a slight cold and didn’t want to pass it on to anyone else.
  18. Ballet and gymnastics certainly have their dark abusive side. China in particular were brutal to their gymnasts. Puberty blockers and all sorts going on there.
  19. “Other venues where large crowds gather”. Man Citeh will be ok for home games then eh lads!!!
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