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  1. Well, it might result in the death of a lot of Disney stans so every cloud.
  2. My absolute favourite Bowie anecdote.
  3. Today I leaned that Prince Charming by Adam And The Ants is a straight rip-off of Rolferoo.
  4. Is it black anything that your lot don't like?
  5. Big supporter of the striking miners as well, even giving them his car so they could mobilise to pickets.
  6. But could he throw a shoe over a roof?
  7. True story. I went to Paris with my wife. We were strolling alongside the Seine and she asked me to sing a french song. So being the knowledgeable cosmopolitan chap I am, I instinctively obliged with the first traditional French tune that popped into my head. She thought it was lovely and asked what it was. The moment was somehow ruined when I realised it was the theme to Allo Allo. Needless to say, she has since divorced me.
  8. That must be the angle Ocean Colour Scene went for.
  9. No shade thrown. Only Jack Russell’s can make that shite watchable.
  10. I’d make one of my jokes with an obscure reference but nobody knows it but me.
  11. The only "Right cast" for those that would make it good would be a pack of Jack Russells.
  12. I loved how at live shows he’d introduce Govinda and Tattva in his best “bud bud ding ding oh deary me” accent whilst wobbling his head.
  13. Plus it’s hardly Crispan leaving Kula Shaker is it?
  14. I may be wrong but I don’t believe they didn’t know he was pleading guilty until the day before his trial. They’d have had discussions about all the possible outcomes otherwise they couldn’t have planned for what the next year had in store.
  15. Just because it’s in a theatre doesn’t make it a theatre piece. Musicals are indeed the absolute worst but the worst of the worst are those ones that cash in on existing songs and invent some shore story to tie them all together. At least the ones with original songs make the effort but they’re still shite, Rocky Horror included.
  16. No doubt his fans will be all “See, he isn’t an abuser because it was consensual, all he did was cheat on his missus so that proves he isn’t a bad guy at all”. Fucking berks.
  17. So he told them the day before he was in court that he was pleading guilty to battering his partner and this was the first they know of the whole thing? Nah. I wonder if he could’ve done a wrongful dismissal claim if they sacked him before he was convicted? If only there was a law thread where I could ask.
  18. I think they’ve ran out of episodes. The most recent one was a Zoom special where Ruma got the Covid.
  19. Why didn’t they get rid of him as soon as they knew he was pleading guilty? It’s not like it would’ve harmed his defence. It’s damage limitation, standing by their mate without standing by their mate.
  20. He needs a Repo Man to get his money back. Also, bring back downvotes
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