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  1. I think the turning point is with Jessie's girlfriend. After that, there was no turning back
  2. agree with you both. Maybe I should have paid more attention to Dr Quinn Medicine Woman after all
  3. As a fellow Dad, Please don't feel anyone is judging you. I don't think anyone is. You let your baby girl follow her dreams. I think many of us in the same situation would have done the same. You had no way of knowing how this could have panned out and if you had we know you wouldnt let this happen. Just be proud Ricky that so many people care about her well being. No one is taking pleasure from this. it must be heartbreaking.
  4. It was early morning, a time when I clearly should not be attempting to get any ends of sticks. Apologies.
  5. I love how skinny and bland it is
  6. I was convinced when Undertaker beat jobbers and put them into body bags that they would be buried alive and would never be seen again. That was why he used to terrify me so much as a kid
  7. That sounds like one of Katie Price's perfumes
  8. It's as if saying that means it's ok when it clearly isn't. If what has been said previously about Del Rio is correct, it would be unfair for her to be charged when he got away with it. To be honest I just want to leave him. I honestly think her getting fired and moving back to the UK is this best thing for her. I have seen no evidence that she is able to look after herself safely and worried of what could happen to her. Maybe she was too young (emotionally) to go to America on her own?
  9. I think this was around 2015 when she was trying to crack Hollywood. It was a magazine photo shoot but yes she looks stunning when normally you wouldn't think about touching her with a barge pole.
  10. When he scores I hope he "Don't stop the dance" celebrations taxi?
  11. It's amazing how different some lighting and the right angles can make such a difference as I'd never really thought she was that hot. its like this picture here. It's possibly the only picture that I think she looks attractive in. Her being Miranda Hart
  12. Yikes! I thought they closed it last year to improve it not make it worse!
  13. It's not all cheap 3D or Imax for that matter. I saw HP and the Deathly Hallows 2 at the IMAX bfi and it was terrible! A poor conversation will ruin 3D but that's down to the studio. On the other hand some conversions are better then those shot in 3D (Gravity is a great example). as to War of the Planet of the Apes (which I saw in 2D) I don't think I will see a better film this year. Absolutely fantastic and the best of the 3.
  14. Even some minor crimes. Also, don't do what I did. I applied for an Esta using an old passport and was rejected. Whilst I was granted one on the next attempt using correct details, everytime I land in America I get taken into interrogation before they let me in
  15. I saw that too. Very sad