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  1. I have been disappointed by the lack of love shown here for LoD 4. Everyone has been great and have been gripped even though
  2. duplicate - please delete
  3. He was there with Sha Samuels! I wonder if anyone there had a clue
  4. They are real
  5. My favorite story about a diva and a runner on a movie set was on Thunderbirds when a runner asked Ben Kingsley if he would like a drink. He shouted at them his name is three letter long and it is SIR
  6. Hey, if this place is good enough for Grado who know's what other stars are lurking on here? ;-)
  7. Yeah I am sure he will read that whilst crying into his bed made up of the money from his popular late night american talk show and advert deals! Corden went through a post Gavin and Stacy fan where he became a repugnant human being. I think he has changed for the better personally, although that does not mean I think he is a "nice guy"
  8. David Eggtunga
  9. I have to say it pails in comparison to the Pizza Hut Cookie dough, though Papa's do the best 🍕
  10. Indeed. Is it nearer to plastic in structure then actual food? tbf real men use butter anyway, none of that olive oil spread shit
  11. Warwick Davis - Always comes across well and I worked with him and he was a delight John Cena and The Rock - Both seem to know how to behave well in public
  12. Plus this is the start of a new Trilogy (as 9 and 10 were agreed at the time of 8 being announced)
  13. I honestly think F&F8 (or the Fate of The Furious as it's known in some parts of the world) may have jumped the shark for the franchise. Has some good bits but overall it outstayed its welcome
  14. was Keaton blackballed or something? He disappeared for years. Resurfaced for Herbie and White noise around 2005 ish and then seemed to disappear again until Birdman. Always quite liked him
  15. I thought Ghost in the Shell was thoroughly decent and looked amazing. Shame it's bombing