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  1. Nah. Call the fuckers out at every opportunity, highlight every error and do it constantly. People have short memories and this shower of cunts like rewriting history. We can’t let them get away with it.
  2. Going by his birth certificate, Milla is the ever living.
  3. Queen TayTay - cardigan. Dare I say it, lads, her new album is her Nebraska.
  4. Tories, mostly. My girlfriend volunteers at charity shops and they have regulars for certain items. They always haggle on price (It’s the same price on eBay etc) and you see them selling what they bought from the shop on eBay or marketplace for a tidy profit.
  5. Clubs have been wearing next seasons kits on the last day for decades. Even Robbie Keane wore it when at Cov and he was sold before the season for that kit started!
  6. The whole of Ghana laughs at your pitiful purchase. Bet you’d kill for the all in one kit!
  7. Nads. We use this thread to swipe at other fans by using their teams kits to carry on tired cliches. But then I’m not surprised glory hunters wouldn’t understand proper football.
  8. My guess is "Fans". You know, the sort who buy one because of the badge on the shirt, not the sponsor.
  9. When Leicester got relegated from the Championship (and we didn’t) they had the second best defensive record in the league, but couldn’t score for shit. Not that I’m complaining!
  10. Living rent free in your head.
  11. He’s wrong about Arrietty as well. I watched Donnie Brasco on a flight once, all the fucks were replaced with freaks. It was ace.
  12. And in his current field he has a limited shelf life. He isn’t going to get a better paid contract in his career so it makes sense that he sees this as his pension. Better to do a job you dislike for mammoth pay for a few more years so that you can live in total luxury for the rest of your life.
  13. His unique insight into FWA was always a joy to read. Horrible stuff.
  14. Downloaded the trial, thanks for the heads up!
  15. Went to a flea market at a charity for cats to see what they had, bought a couple of bits and bobs and a couple of weeks later we ended up with this guy. Arnold Fergus Crowley.
  16. That’s a coincidence, I’ve got a scan on Monday. One of my balls is twice the size but they’re sure it’s a hydrocene and not anything untoward!
  17. Ha! Didn’t see that! Good spot, @Your Fight Site! Arrows.
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