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  1. I’m missing Doctors, lads. That Aussie thing just isn’t cutting it.
  2. It's so old that Tom was still in Kasabian when it was started.
  3. Yesterday Today, after garnering loads of sympathy.
  4. Co-writer Sandy McLelland provided the vocals, fact fans!
  5. But putting together a cheese night playlist requires as much skill and talent as mixing a live set in a club.
  6. I'd forgotten/supressed the memory of Clubber Carbomb. Fucking hell, that was a bad time.
  7. Theme to the Lloyd George programme on the BBC for me, Clive. I know this’ll sound like one of those bullshit tweets about someone’s kid saying something, but when I was at primary school, there was a special one off event where an orchestra came in to play. One of the tunes they played was Chi Mai and I could hear all the arrangements beneath the main melody and it honestly had a profound effect on a young Kool Keith. I started to notice arrangements in other things after that, like the brass in the Dallas theme and shit like that. Looking back, it was quite a defining moment for me musically, I leaned it isn’t just about the main attraction like the bit you can whistle, all the pieces fit.
  8. Jesus Christ. How the fuck is shit like that allowed to happen?
  9. Fucking hell, that’s a title and a half! Even Hogan wouldn’t want that!
  10. And Trapped In The Closet by R Kelly of course.
  11. Thought about Hamilton, but then found out it’s a musical so it’s a no from me, Clive.
  12. Double point proved! Now that’s PROGRESS!
  13. For modern stuff, my boy Clint Mansell is where it’s at, and the sadly no longer with us Johann Johannsson. His work on Sicario is in my opinion one of the most influential works in recent times. It seems like everywhere uses that sustained note that slowly drops an octave that he did so brilliantly. Mogwai’s work on Les Revenants is superb as well, like all great soundtracks it added so much without overpowering or detracting.
  14. I’m probably projecting or something, but I can honestly believe that some would’ve anyway, but now they can do it under the banner of doing their patriotic duty like Johnson suggested. And because he got Brexit done, having a pint as soon as you can will be sticking it to the lefty remoaners.
  15. NSFW unless you work in Glasgow parks.
  16. And they were Scotch gays. The worst gays.
  17. Confession time. I’ve never deep fried anything before. I’m going to make some deep fried tofu, I know how to prepare the tofu and I’ve got the vegetable oil and the wok. But what do I do with the oil afterwards? Is it good to reuse or do I dispose of it, and if so, how? I can’t just tip it down the sink!
  18. John Grant - Disappointing. Going to label this one NSFW because he is HIV positive and a bunch of burly semi naked men isn’t what you’d expect to see on a wrestling forum.
  19. Attested to what?! Think Andrew might be getting a sweat on?
  20. That’s The One. And Neil Hannon was on that No Regrets one.
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