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  1. The men’s Rumble was brilliant, and I enjoyed the women’s Rumble quite a bit too until the ending. I suspect we’ll somehow end up with Charlotte/Ronda/Becky for the second year in a row. Given how heelish Charlotte was in her post-match promo, I just can’t see her going after Bayley. And Charlotte/Becky would be a bizarre choice for Wrestlemania, when Shayna is out there (that’s not to say it won’t happen) Edge’s return have me goosebumps, I know a lot of people on here aren’t particularly bothered about him but he’s one of my all-time favourites, and I would have been completely fine with him winning this match. As it stands, I suspect we’ll get either Styles/Edge at ‘Mania, or Rollins and his crew vs Rated RKO, Joe and Owens. Whatever happens, I hope Edge gets to win another world title in the coming year, and he’s not treated in the same way that some other returning legends have been in recent years (The Hardys, RVD and even Cena come to mind here)
  2. I’m definitely in the minority but I don’t see the upside in Jungle Boy, certainly not from a main event perspective. His mic skills need to improve pretty dramatically. His look is also very unspectacular. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jurassic Express, and Luchasaurus has tremendous potential...but at this stage I just don’t see ‘it’ in Jungle Boy. Am I the only person who feels this way?
  3. There have been more posts for Friday’s Smackdown, amazingly. Get your priorities in order, guys!
  4. I love a winning streak, although I’m struggling to think of one outside of The Undertaker’s that has had a strong pay-off. I enjoy the ride while it lasts, though.
  5. At the very start, when Dev Patel appeared on screen, he said ‘this is going to be stupid’ to the lady he was with, and the next time he did it was when Benedict Wong and Rosalind Eleazar showed up. He laughed, said ‘for fuck’s sake’ someone shushed him and he didn’t do it again. He only did it for the people I mentioned. There were one or two other non-white characters he didn’t react to before Benedict Wong/Rosalind Eleazar showed up, so it wasn’t every time. Was still obnoxious though.
  6. I went to see The Personal History of David Copperfield today and thought it was excellent, a really brilliant, funny adaptation. It was spoiled a bit by the guy sitting in front of me who complained loudly the first few times a non-white character showed up. Utterly pathetic.
  7. A good read, that. I mean, I wish there was no need for it to exist but if nothing else, Brexit (or the threat of it) has given us interesting analysis and articles.
  8. Are NWA PPV spoilers OK in here? I’ll play it safe and not give anything away other than the fact that was one hell of a show. I had so much fun watching that, and the women’s match ended up being a bit of a surprise show-stealer for me. If you were on the fence about this I’d highly encourage you to give it a go. Tremendous fun.
  9. I also saw this tonight. Definitely better to watch this one without knowing much about it, but as @Hannibal Scorch says, it’s so difficult to explain succinctly that you’d have to be very unlucky to have it spoiled.
  10. Totally agree. I really enjoyed the show, it’s amazing how much the quality soars when Dark Order and Nightmare Collective are left off the card. I had no idea that Tony Schiavone worked at Starbucks, I thought, until I googled it, that it was a really rubbish attempt at an insult from Britt. It’s a shame because had Tony interjected to say he was proud of having worked there or something then I’d have had the confirmation I needed to pay full attention to how terrible a promo she is.
  11. It’s not being snarky to effectively wonder why that would bother you. Language and the terms we use evolve. It’s not about being ‘PC’, it’s about being respectful to others and using the terms they prefer. Speaking of which, I think the anti-PC brigade prefer to be called the ‘anti-woke brigade’ these days so please, be considerate.
  12. The Aron Stevens/Question Mark karate demo was an absolute blast. Stevens is one of the best things in wrestling at the moment, he’s so much fun. I can’t wait for Hard Times. It’s a strange one with this show. Hand on heart, I’m not particularly bothered about any individual match. However, a second dose of NWA this week is very welcome and the last PPV over-delivered. And heck, so does Powerrr each week. I have faith that they’ll deliver something fun.
  13. I’d genuinely worry that AEW would either have him start a new dark faction or join the Dark Order or Nightmare Collective. Arguably his best solo work came while working with/for Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana so I’d love to see him join the Powerrr roster. True, the Hardy compound craziness doesn’t fit well with what they’re doing there, but Matt has proven himself to be adaptable in the past and I feel fairly sure that they’d be able to come up with either a new version of that character or a completely new character that would work in the NWA setting. I definitely think Hardy is the kind of person who would perform brilliantly in front of that audience with that style of promo and close-quarter audience interaction.
  14. I’ve been playing Pokemon Sword and...it’s perfectly fine. But is there an NPC anywhere in the Pokemon world who doesn’t talk about Pokemon or something Pokemon related? I’m not trying to be snarky or something, that’s nothing more than a random wondering I had while playing this game. Outside of that, I’ve just completed Axiom Verge on Switch. Again. It’s exactly what I’d always wanted from recent 2D Metroid games but haven’t got and I can’t bloody wait for the sequel.
  15. It’s a bit sudden for sure, but the last NWA PPV was so fun that I don’t feel remotely hesitant to lay down my cash for this. Whatever the case, the NWA have already got me to the point with Tim Storm that I assume AEW want us to eventually get to with Cody. I’m desperate for them to break his no-NWA title match stip to go after Aldis one more time. Until that happens, if that happens, most Aldis matches, regardless of who is in them, will feel time space-fillers for me ahead of them getting to the good stuff.
  16. Taking it easy? He’s worked body-destroying matches with Moxley and Joey Janela, to name two examples from the top of my head. I’ve not seen the guy’s Japanese matches, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who is playing it safe in ring in AEW.
  17. I think you’ve kind of proven my point, that tells me nothing about their characters. Say what you like about the WWE tag team division, I can tell you who Tucker and Otis are and I know what The Usos and New Day are all about. The top teams are clearly defined characters. The booking can still be atrocious, but at least the character work is there. A similar issue exists with the women’s division. It’s essentially been a collection of bad matches so far, with very little character work outside of Brandi Rhodes. If you like AEW in its current form then power to you. If AEW succeeds and grows in its current form then power to them. I think it’s seriously lacked in story and memorable moments. Good wrestling alone isn’t enough for me, that’s not hard to find right now. I want to enjoy the show the way you do, believe me, but I find it incredibly frustrating.
  18. I can’t agree with that, and I’d go as far as to say outside of what Jericho and anyone with Rhodes in their name are doing, you could very easily apply that comment to AEW for most of their existence. We’re several months in, and I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about who The Young Bucks or even Kenny Omega are. Raw, whether you like what they’re doing or not, are definitely telling stories right now. You have Seth’s rise as a heel, the Lana/Lashley/Rusev fiasco, the resurgence of Rey Mysterio. Stories that are far more obvious than what AEW is doing for me. If you take Jericho and, to a lesser extent, Cody out of the mix, AEW hasn’t done a lot of storytelling with its main players.
  19. Michael Cole and Tazz were the two voices I’d hear every week on Smackdown when I started watching wrestling when I was a young teenager, so I’ve always been fond of his commentary and that team in a way a lot of people are fond of JR/Lawler. So I’m pleased about this signing, and I’m curious to see where he fits in.
  20. Hah, I didn’t know that. I thought it was one of those weird McMahon-speak quirks!
  21. I’m probably going to get accused of hating on AEW for the sake of it, but the only positive thing I have to say about last night’s utterly tedious show is that it’s nice to hear them use the word ‘hospital’ rather than ‘local medical facility’
  22. @thescottishchamp87 you might want to hide that in spoiler tags, or post it in the Impact spoilers thread. Putting that in bold makes it harder to miss.
  23. Things may have changed of course, but Dave Lagana said that their current model was unsustainable. They’re definitely - and rightly - getting good reviews, but I’m not sure if the 200k-ish weekly viewership is enough in itself for a network to take a punt on Powerrr. I’d love for the viewership to grow organically, but while it’s staying relatively stable that doesn’t seem to be happening. Which is a long-winded way of saying I’m not attached enough to the current set to be bothered if they decided that an updated take on the studio setting might benefit them.
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