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  1. Saw MCR the first time around. Don't feel the need to fork out 90 quid to see them again.
  2. Last holiday abroad was Indiana back in 2015, just had a few short UK breaks since then. Off to Amsterdam later this year. Going to see The Levellers, but making a full week's holiday out of it.
  3. Been to see Slipknot on Friday and Ferocious Dog last night. Next month, going to see Scott Doonican, The Menzingers, Janus Stark and The Futureheads.
  4. I've been rewatching the WWE You Tube Poops. Still find them hysterical.
  5. I remember coming back from Insurrextion 2003, a load of us, wrestling shirts, signs, the lot. We were leaving Heworth Metro and there was a group of chavs hanging around, heard one of them loudly proclaim "Eeeh, I wouldn't fucking dare go to a wrestling show". 2003 and that line has stuck in my head since.
  6. The Japanese Kendo Nagasaki has died as well, which has caused some confusion as well.
  7. Tugboat, The Goon and my final pick 5,4,3,2,1, the lights go out and suddenly, over the PA system, we hear.. WE GONNA HAVE IT HARDCORE!!!! and Scooter make his entrance for the Royal Rumble Rave.
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