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  1. Great news spotlightmagnet, haven't seen you post on here in ages!
  2. Cornell was amazing, such a great voice and performer and one I often still listen to. His range of vocals really shone through in Slaves and Bulldozers, it's the one song I play to show people what a truly great singer he was. RIP.
  3. No point in putting a SP bet on these days as most if not all bookies over best odds guaranteed.
  4. Pizza time! Full write up to follow.
  5. I've just put this into the bread maker on the dough setting. 250g strong white flour 250g 00 flour 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 sachet easy bake yeast 300ml water I left out the oil and sugar as apparently it can burn at the high temps of my oven, I just did half the quantity of yeast as it'll be doing a 24 hour cold ferment which needs less yeast. In an hour or so I'll divide it into 5 balls and it'll go in the fridge until a few hours prior to it being needed.
  6. Pizza night 1 was for the grown ups and night 2 was for the kids, by the time the last pizza was in, I'd finally got to grips with getting it up to a high heat. Next pizza night is tomorrow if I'm not working away so I'll take some photos and videos of it in action. I'm quite obsessed with dough recipes now and haven't done anything that doesn't involve using a bread maker to knead it.
  7. The dough is in the fridge for a 48-72 hour cold ferment so hopefully tomorrow or Friday night I'll get it fired up.
  8. Still there....
  9. They look amazing. Where did you get it from? Amazon. Prime next day delivery. It's all setup and ready to go for when I get back home from a trip down south tomorrow.
  10. I bought an Uuni 3 pizza oven at the weekend, haven't had a chance to use it yet as I don't have any dough ready. I think my life will be complete if I can get it working as designed.
  11. That's a really cunty thing to do, hope you get some answers soon.
  12. Terrible. No scotch pie. It's as if we won the referendum.
  13. My wife's Granny loves the racing, watches it every week without fail but doesn't bet as she doesn't want to develop a gambling problem (she's in her late 70's). But every year at Cheltenham she'll have a couple of bets that I'll place for her. Last year she couldn't make her mind up who she thought would with so got me to stick £2 ew on Don Cossack and Cue Card, she couldn't be told what a daft idea that was.
  14. If you're doing singles close to race off time then you're better off placing your bet on betfair exchange, better odds and they do 4 places on a lot of races. Obviously you don't get BOG or accas but you can make steady profit just by watching the markets and put place money on the horses that have a lot of late money coming in.