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  1. Even the highlight shows on Channel 5 got booted over to their Paramount channel. It doesn't say much for the current product when a broadcaster like Channel 5 doesn't even want it on their main channel.
  2. Now you could say that's just late 90s wrestling in general
  3. These days you can't help but agree with Bryan Alvarez on most of his rants about WWE.
  4. If I was set a challenge of either having to sit through a full episode of Raw or Strictly, I'd say bring on the dancing. That's how shit I think WWE is right now.
  5. Apparently DAZN are in talks to take over BT Sport, so they will own the rights to WWE in the UK as it was a multi year deal.
  6. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the TOTP era of the story too.
  7. They've just announced the 2022 Rumble will take place on a Saturday night 29th January. It'll be at The Dome in St Louis with a 66,000 capacity. They're really trying to make the money back after the pandemic with all of these stadium and larger venue PPVs. Even the MITB PPV
  8. It's amazing how Brandi manages to ruffle so many feathers
  9. You get tired of people constantly moaning about the product while saying they only still watch out of habit. I'd say some people should break the habit. Puzzles me how some people can watch a show week in week out that they can't be arsed with. Surely it's only the kids that are entertained by WWE these days, and yet Meltzer still claims that WWE's main TV audience are over 50.
  10. It should no longer be an excuse for those that say they still watch this out of habit. WWE is fucking dead
  11. When this was first announced a few months back I was surprised to hear that it was for the BBC. Dramas like this usually have ITV written all over them. Still, Coogan is an interesting casting choice.
  12. Steve Coogan will play Jimmy Savile in upcoming BBC drama The Reckoning https://www.comedy.co.uk/people/news/6563/steve-coogan-to-play-jimmy-savile/
  13. This one might be a controversial choice, but I never liked it when Alexei Sayle would turn up as members of the Balowski family in The Young Ones. Although the Dr Martens Boots song always made me chuckle
  14. Surely it's more of an embarrassment to admit watching Raw than Doctor Who these days
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