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  1. Which is worse though? slapping their thigh or stomping their feet when they throw a punch. In the mid 90s some of them would make it look so stupid. IRS used to stamp his foot even when he was on the receiving end of a 'punch'
  2. I heard he was partial to some Cheese and Onion
  3. Looks like Ian Tate's taxi business has suffered a set back during the pandemic. Seems like he's sourcing the scenes from other European countries to fill the void on the site.
  4. I actually thought Gangrel was going to be a big deal after his debut with the awesome music and entrance in the summer of 98. After a few months he hardly appeared on Raw and became a jobber.
  5. The full box set of Bates Motel is now on the iPlayer. Well worth a watch if you've never seen it. Cracking turn from Vera Farmiga as Norma
  6. It's not that Miz is a good heel, it's just that the fucker is easy to hate. Personally I can't stand the cunt. But at the end of the day he's married to Maryse so he's clearly doing something right.
  7. As far as the women were concerned, it was more to do with the backstage skits than the actual in ring action during the Attitude Era
  8. You do not boo an Olympic gold medalist. Kurt really was great from the start
  9. Couldn't give a flying fuck if Vince cares or not. Only daft fuckers would spend money to watch this shite
  10. Probably some truth to that, anyone that's over the age of 18 that willingly pays for the Network to watch the current product needs to have a word with themselves. I can't be arsed to download the PPVs for free these days, never mind pay for them.
  11. She was born in Middlesbrough, she'a Smoggie. And she's debated about the parmo a few times. I'd still rather watch her show than Coleen Nolan and the rest of the menopausal fuckers on ITV.
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