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  1. And while they're hitting Greg, he'd probably still shout "you've only got 2 minutes"
  2. I know Rob Zombie has his fair share of haters, but I still enjoyed his Halloween remakes. Also thought Scout Taylor Compton played the part of Laurie well.
  3. Time Fantastic gritty drama from Jimmy McGovern, probably his best work since Cracker in my opinion. I had been waiting for this one ever since I heard it was being filmed. It didn't disappoint. Also an outstanding performance from Sean Bean.
  4. The Pact was pretty good. A whodunit with a few twists and turns along the way.
  5. I forgot about the time difference for Vegas. Looks like it will be a 6 hr show then
  6. According to the poster for SummerSlam, the PPV will begin at 8 so I don't think it'll run longer than 4 hrs. Can't see a PPV with a stadium full of fans go on until 1am their time. Apparently the Manny Pacquiao fight will also take place in Vegas on the same night.
  7. It's interesting that SummerSlam will take place in a stadium in Las Vegas with a potential 72,000 fans. Another interesting point is that it's going to be a Saturday. If we get Reigns V Cena, the card will look better than WrestleMania 37 with that match alone.
  8. Those numbers are shocking. I'd be surprised if USA Network splashes the cash to renew their deal once their contract is up. Their reruns of Modern Family will draw better than Raw currently does.
  9. I'm surprised they have let Lana go. Sure she couldn't wrestle for shit, but she was still a popular character. Plus I thought the shitehawks at WWE would get their kicks out of keeping her away from her hubby once they go back on the road.
  10. They would've missed out on all of the entertainment had they opted to watch it on Disney + instead
  11. It certainly doesn't deserve all the hype it's been getting on social media. It looked like the whole interview was butchered and made it seem like Courtney Cox had fuck all to say. The whole thing was padded out with various clips from the show. I can only assume that they kept footage back for an upcoming release on Blu-ray etc.
  12. It was actually on ITV. I thought it was quite decent. Speaking of Stephen Graham, he's about to star in a new prison drama with Sean Bean called Time. It's a 3 part series that begins on Sunday 6th June at 9pm on BBC One with all episodes dropping on the iPlayer afterwards. I reckon it's gonna be worth a watch.
  13. I also watched this again last week. You can never tire of watching classic Arnie movies. My only gripe with The Running Man was they could've gave Jesse more screen time.
  14. I think Raw has more problems besides the matches being dragged out
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