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  1. This one might be a controversial choice, but I never liked it when Alexei Sayle would turn up as members of the Balowski family in The Young Ones. Although the Dr Martens Boots song always made me chuckle
  2. Surely it's more of an embarrassment to admit watching Raw than Doctor Who these days
  3. You know already that it'll be better than the live action movie from 1993. It was awful
  4. Technically the move wouldn't even effect the US viewers as both channels are on the same cable package
  5. I think it was the beeping over most of the dialogue that actually spoiled it for people
  6. Apparently Channel 4 fucked up and aired the censored version of Taskmaster last night.
  7. What time is it Scorch? Is it past nearly 8.30?
  8. I hear side on is the only way Rick can see his own dick
  9. I would love to know what this side on joke is about. But then I again I'm supposed to be Mab right? Tiger Rick clearly has a hard on for him
  10. Apparently some people in the know were quoted saying Sky no longer wanted wrestling on their sports channels. But the Network launch obviously hurt their profit via PPV.
  11. I hear he'd probably like it more if Corden joined the cast.
  12. The first couple of series was ok, they had some gritty storylines for a pre watershed drama. But then it morphed into Hollyoaks kind of shite.
  13. Waterloo Road is coming back https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/2021/waterloo-road-returns-to-the-bbc
  14. I think they'll struggle to find a new home on any of the main channels in the UK. Sky want nothing to do with wrestling these days.
  15. Don't know how much of the story is true, but apparently the reason why ITV aren't going to air Rampage is because their deal with AEW comes to an end pretty soon and ITV don't have plans to renew.
  16. I think he always tries too hard to get a laugh whenever he appears on a panel show. He's one of those comedians that thinks he's funnier than he actually is. Joe Lycett being another.
  17. If Punk and Cody begin a feud, see how long it takes before the fans speculate about them bringing in AJ to feud with Brandi or set up a mixed tag at a future PPV.
  18. It was Bane's voice that spoiled The Dark Knight Rises for me. Remember when Brad Maddox tried to do the voice on Raw? He was a right bellend too
  19. It was a lot better than those last few series from the BBC with guest hosts each week. Although I can't stand Nish so I'm pleased he's not a regular. The Bucks Fizz part was pretty funny, Mike Nolan clearly can't take a joke. They should've brought in David Van Day to join the line up
  20. Trouble is, Meltzer has always seen himself as one of the "boys"
  21. It also proves he left WWE on good terms, unlike many others.
  22. The Owners (2020) Sky Cinema Lasted around 40 minutes before turning it off. Absolute dog shite of a film.
  23. Channel 4 have announced they are doing a two part documentary on the rise and fall of Ron Jeremy set to air later this year.
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