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  1. I understand that mate just thought with spike deal it could course a problem
  2. Just asking mate with tna tv commitments I wonder if he was allowed to do both
  3. Will he be able to appear on television
  4. Can anyone help me with progress or ICW DVDs please any you have ideally a whole set of progress would be fantastic thanks
  5. anyone know where I can find guest booker dutch mantel online many thanks
  6. Not disputing that mate just what I can see on TV this week seems they are moving away from the it Just a prediction time will tell
  7. After watching Thursdays impact definitely think we are going to see an end to the full on Matt and Jeff stuff it was treated more like a joke than the focal point of the program previously Think the new booking team have a more old school mentality when it comes to wrestling storylines so therefore I think the style will be toned down and eventually dropped
  8. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2017/0106/620986/photos-former-wwe-star-debuts-new-gimmick-at-tna/Spud going nowhere then
  9. Below is the audience for RAW against the Monday Night Football season-opener for every year since 2012, when the show went to three hours. The number in parenthesis indicates the increase or decline from the prior year. The fall from 2015 to 2016 was the largest yet: 2012: 4.136 million viewers 2013: 3.886 million viewers (-6%) 2014: 3.987 million viewers (+2.6%) 2015: 3.397 million viewers (-14.8%) 2016: 2.69 million viewers (-20.81%)
  10. Monday’s WWE Raw scored a 2.21 rating, down from the 2.44 rating the show drew last week. Raw averaged 3.093 million viewers, down from the 3.467 million average from last week
  11. thanks mate
  12. hi what shows from 2016 have English commentary ? thanks in advance
  13. cheap plug for my west ham podcast - discussing the end to the season and beyond. bottle-gate right of reply- iTunes: http://bitly.com/1GJeyr9 Website: http://bit.ly/1TE4F69 Direct: http://bit.ly/1NMAKcV