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  1. I'm still wondering if To Madeira could cut it at his age.
  2. That's a good reminder to put Premier Passions on my YouTube watchlist.
  3. Just sent the pics of the email to my missus who did big screams down the phone. When is a good time to let her down gently?
  4. Fuck me the Champions League should come with health warning this year. Feel for Ajax. They have had some amazing run but I didn't think Tottenham would choke tonight and that's won me £52.50. Welcome to our side for one night only Arsenal fans. Let's hope you lot and Chelsea can make it another all English final.
  5. Yes. Have been there once before. Looe has probably the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Plus it was a decent little town to have a day in.
  6. Brixham for the fourth year running. With day trips out to Exeter, Looe and Dartmouth on the train and boat for the little guy. Should be better this year. No racist mother in law coming so every day out doesn't have to be stopped every hour for a cuppa. And many many trips to Rockfish (too poncey for the chippy thread) for Crispy Hake Bites with a Singapore Sauce, Spider Crab Cakes with lemon mayo and Fried Salt and Pepper Tiger Prawns with whatever local cider or ale they might have. Hoping to fit a fishing trip in this year as well while the family go to Torquay for the arcades. Can't wait this year.
  7. Well that was an eventful day. From the missus having to go for a walk to calm down before she gave me a dig after Notts losing their league status and according to some of their fans their history and identity. To our game and the little fella crying because Bobby Firmino wasn't playing to the end of that game, Salah hurt and then Divock Origi, it's been eventful in our household today. Even though I do dislike a number of Notts fans they haven't half been fucked over by Alan Hardy. I went to the first game after he took over against Mansfield and as well as there being free pies there was genuinely a lot of optimism with Kevin Nolan in charge. Even after Coventry well and truly outclassed them (and somewhere Keith has already got wind of the Cov praise) there was the thought that with some decent signings Notts could be in for a chance of promotion. After not giving Nolan enough time really after a poor league start and bringing in Harry Kewell for a disastrous short period to now. Being sent down by loose former player and occasional loony Sol Campbell, who fair play to him did an amazing job with Macclesfield. The oldest league club gone with a whimper leaving Stoke and Forest squabbling over who the oldest Football League club is and all because of a egotistical chairman who likes to tweet pictures of his cock and who may still end up owning the club because even though he wants to sell it seems he is being all Mike Ashley over it.
  8. First time I saw that I instantly thought of this. More I look at it now it reminds me of a 90's stoner t-shirt. I'm not too much of a fan of Liverpool throwback shirt. The round neck always puts me off and the New Balance sizes always seem uncomfortably off to me.
  9. You've rumbled me. He's alright in the ring I've seen some decent stuff in Progress and Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling. I was trying to look not so harsh for saying he has the face of a Eugene.
  10. Flash Morgan Webster for me. He's a great performer and does some superb stuff in the ring. I just cannot stand his gormless, mouth always open like Peter Beardsley, simple face. And performing in stripy pants that are a size or two too tight and look to split at any moment. Not irrational when I read that back but it's just nice to vent.
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