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The Official UKFF RAW thread (part 2)...

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I had a quick go of Thunderdome tonight. It’s pretty much exactly the same as watching the show normally, only with the added bonus of being so distracted trying to find yourself in the crowd that thi

Collectively, they sound like a verse from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ By The Way. What an odd choice.

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1 hour ago, Doog said:

The fuck is Jeff Hardy doing pissing around on Main Event when RAW is in the state that it is?!

How good people are no longer matters that much. I refer again to the state of Mysterios career for the last 12 months and the fact Mickie James is no longer working there but apparently Eva Marie soon will be.

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11 hours ago, Callum1993 said:

Typical of WWE to debut Mansoor last night when he’s apparently been on a 49 match winning streak since debuting for them at one of the Saudi shows and have him lose by DQ in his first match on Raw. Not saying he was going to be the next Goldberg or anything but does seem pointless to build him up that much on all the B shows then immediately have him lose to further a storyline with Carrillo! 

Bruce Prichard: Remember that guy from Saudi Arabia we have that won the Battle Royal at Crown Jewel or whatever it was called. Well, he's won 49 in a row

Vince: Goddammit, I'm not letting those Saudi's tell me what to do. He's losing on RAW. Also, make sure it's via DQ because that's you get heat pal. 

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