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  1. Best face in wrestling not named Tim Storm right now
  2. I’ve gave it a lot of thought since watching the show about the Gargano turn and the fact he wore that new DIY tee, I’m wondering wether this is going to be some sort of ruse between Ciampa and Gargano to sucker in Cole/Balor and have a fatal 4 way at either Takeover Tampa or on Mania itself, where they pull a finish similar to when Sting left AJ to win the Impact title at No Surrender 09, where they get Cole in a position to lose by doing the ‘Meet in the Middle’, have the staredown like it’s come down to them then Gargano does a dive to the outside on Balor/UE to allow Ciampa to hit Cole with the ‘Fairy Tale Ending’ to win Goldie back
  3. Made even better by JR's commentary 'What the hell is this? WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. THIS?' Just been watching WWE's latest Playlist video on YouTube about Gargano at Takeovers and there is a brilliant spot that hardly anyone talks about from a triple threat between DIY, AOP and The Revival where Dawson and Gargano do DIY's 'Meet in the Middle' finisher to Akam swiftly followed by Ciampa and Wilder doing the 'Shatter Machine' onto Rezar
  4. She was due to be going on trial next month because she had smashed a lamp over her fella’s head while he was sleeping for reasons unknown. Instead of just reporting about it once and leaving it be till the trial, the media published stories on the regular for buys/clicks about her like they do every public figure
  5. Biggest snake of them all that bellend, especially when he liked a tweet the other day that was taking a dig at another celeb who’s been hounded by press as of late in Jameela Jamil
  6. If that England home is legit, it's got a very Euro 96/France 98 vibe to it, moreso the latter with the side colours, the away I'm a bit iffy on as it has San Marino vibes to it
  7. Sorry but gammon definitely goes with gravy, as does mash, especially if the gammon has been baked in cider as the cooked out cider and meat juices give the gravy a salty sweetness
  8. I got a pack of the cheddar cheese flavour from an import site a while back, dangerously moreish
  9. People who don't understand the concept of 'this store is now closed' and try to continue shopping for up to 15 minutes longer past closing time despite being told by two members of staff and security guards. It's annoying for us at the best of times but we are 3 weeks into a store wide refurb so parts of the store are missing and there is scaffolding around so we ourselves want to get shit done and get home before the workies start rolling in for the night
  10. It’s a 5 part series by the looks of it, akin to the Monday Night Wars series, first two parts air Sunday and Monday with the rest of it airing weekly on a Monday
  11. I wondered where I’d seen that twisting power slam before
  12. It wasn’t a plant or a fan, it was Frankie Kazarian from SCU
  13. The Nasty Boys have just been announced for For The Love Of Wrestling II
  14. Same night as Takeover Boston
  15. He was shopping not working, didn’t get to speak to him as it was split second. Still dresses as scruffy as he did on Brookie like
  16. One for the Brookside fans on here, the legend that is Dean Sullivan aka Jimmy Corkhill passed me while I was tidying up an accessories stand in work the other night Also in Primark celeb spotting, Everton defender Yerry Mina was in store a couple of weeks back, my mate got a pic with him
  17. Changed the belt design, that’s it
  18. It was Lawler's heart attack that caused the snapback, as a lot of Cole haters gave him props for how he handled the rest of the episode
  19. Do these idiots not realise that it's just a game of football ffs? Fair enough you don't like the guy but that is going way too far
  20. Just watched the Edge/Orton angle (well the 5 minutes it got clipped to) and the post show stuff, the thing that amused me on the post show video was Hawkins berating the refs for not stopping Orton, where the hell were him and Ryder considering Edge gets talked up as being their mentor Hopefully they follow it up next week with the figure geeks actually showing a bit of fired up seriousness though I suspect it’ll be Rey as the one going after Orton till Edge comes back
  21. Not that arse backwards, he called the last Rumble of the 90’s, the latter half of the 2000’s, all of the 2010’s and the first of this decade last night
  22. Couple of points coming out of the Rumble Edge has signed a 3 year deal but is strictly going to be used as a special attraction for big events, he won’t be used regularly like Bryan There was a reason why Tom Phillips was calling the Raw matches last night, he’s officially replacing Vic Joseph as the voice of the show as of tonight (side note he called the World’s Collide show on Saturday as Mauro was doing a boxing card for Showtime)
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