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  1. Raw used to be such a good show, fresh matches every week and must see. Now it’s just a boring repetitive nonsense, why are Nikki and Charlotte having a rematch when they could be using the time to bring an enhancement in to boost Nikki as champion Why have they still not put Scarlet with Kross? Why have him lose 2 out of his 3 matches when he’s got a big title defence coming up? Why are they having Alexa still do the creepy doll stuff (especially with Wyatt now gone) and being weighed down with Eva Why can’t USA just bite the bullet and cancel the third hour for them, even they must be getting fed up with the ratings
  2. An episode of Raw in 2005, main event is Cena and 2 partners against Jericho, Christian and Tomko, HBK stepped up as one of his partners and came out to a massive pop, after Cena's modest one. Michaels gets on the mic to do the intro for the third man, referring to the individual as 'my favorite tag team partner, and soon to be yours (pointing at Cena), the one....the only...........THE IMMORTAL HULK HOGAN!!!' Cue Cena dropping to his knees in shock and the roof blowing off the Arrowhead Pond and JR's call of 'IT'S HOGAN, IT'S HOGAN...OH MY GOD IT'S HULK...HOGAN'
  3. Space Jam A New Legacy - oh wow was this disappointing, the plot made no sense and some of the CG effects were awful. The best parts were probably LeBron being in the Looney Tunes world fully animated and the cameo by Rick and Morty handing Taz over
  4. Watched a trio of Disney films this afternoon, all on Disney Plus Soul - been meaning to get round to watching this since it was released at Christmas, its a nice premise and the animation is beautiful but I felt it dragged a bit in parts Luca - I liked the look of it from the trailer and it didn't disappoint, again the the animation was gorgeous and it was a beautiful story, couldn't stand the titular character's mum though, proper snide right until her face turn at the end Raya and the Last Dragon - I surprisingly enjoyed it, wasn't expecting to as it looked a bit similar in style to Mulan but it was good, though I found the dragon to be very annoying in her human form
  5. Mausoleum - watched this through the Arrow player the other day, typical 80s cheesefest. A 10 year old orphan unlocks a demon who possesses her, and in adult life turns her into a manipulative seductress who kills anyone who gets on the wrong side of her. The make up effects for when she turns demonic are good as it’s the suit for the demon but the glowing eye effect is really hokey
  6. It’s inspired but not quite exactly like the club’s away kit from 1958-61 which was a blue v neck with a blue/yellow stripe across the midsection which predated Leeds wearing white, something I didn’t know
  7. Our new 3rd Kit, teased on Tuesday night, unveiled and put on sale yesterday morning and worn by the players in the win over Pumas overnight
  8. The latest WWE figure reveals from Mattel’s SDCC at home panel https://www.wwe.com/inside/mattel/gallery/mattel-san-diego-comic-con-2021-reveals-photos Among the highlights are Dom Mysterio getting both a modern figure and a build a figure based on him as a kid from the Eddie/Rey angle, the final wave of the MOTWWEU figures with a Mysterio/Stratos repaint, Austin styled like TrapJaw and Chyna styled like She-Ra, a new 5.5 inch MOTU/Remco AWA style line called Superstars featuring Mad Hatter Bray, Hollywood Hogan, Naitch and Honky Tonk Man and extra incentives for the Mattel Creations New Gen Arena which are an Ultimate Edition Doink figure and real cloth ring skirts
  9. From a kayfabe perspective, Jericho should be worried on Wednesday night, Gage will be in a fired up mood to cause serious damage given what happened last night which will play into MJF’s hands
  10. Binged all 5 episodes of Revelations, absolutely fantastic from the art style to the voice work to the character development
  11. It’s mental, even Richarlison has gone with Brazil having been part of the Copa America squad, paid off so far with his hat trick yesterday like but I’d have rather him rested ready to start the season with the Blues, we won’t have him playing now till late August/early September now
  12. Alex is not doing commentary, she's basically doing what Alan McInally has done on the games, the goal updates from other games on Season mode. Robson does the World Feed games for the PL, Europe and England, he'll be doing what Lee Dixon done, the co comms role
  13. The football tournaments are already throwing up a few surprises, the US women's team lost to Sweden yesterday having gone 44 games unbeaten previously while in this morning's men's games Spain, containing a few of the squad that got to the Euros semis, drew with Egypt, France got thumped by Mexico and Argentina got beat by Australia
  14. Supposedly was dealing with some mental health issues in and around Mania, related to Brodie’s passing
  15. If it's who the rumour is then I hope the club does the right thing, last thing they need is even more bad publicity given everything thats happened so far this summer
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