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  1. Interesting news about why Dark was so short this week, they had a tag match with Billy Gunn teaming with his son Austin against Shawn Spears and some random guy called Preston Vance, (originally it was to be against Proud and Powerful), that many thought was taped for the show but turns out it was a true ‘dark’ match intended as a tryout for Austin which seems to have gone well
  2. Only half way through this week’s episode, not sure I’m that keen on Gallus losing 4 days before the ladder match in Blackpool, even if it was by shady means to UE, I’d have held that match off till next week imo
  3. The smirk on his face when the Dawsons got drawn against each other was priceless
  4. I’d know about the surprise beforehand but it was still incredibly amusing to see in ‘real time’ Side point, we were mocking Jericho’s appearance in the NJPW thread, but bloody hell Ken Anderson’s huge gut sticking out his green trunks in the tag match was far worse
  5. One of the more baffling memories for me was the fact Hulk came out to that NWO rip off theme when there was no restrictions to them using American Made, only to later down the line give it to fucking Abyss as a theme during that angle where he had the power of Hulk's HoF ring
  6. I've made my goal for this year to start watching more New Japan and with being bed ridden most of the day due to a bug, today was the perfect opportunity to start and to be honest, it was totally worth it. I'd wanted to watch parts of the show anyway just for Liger's penultimate match and Mox/Archer but the show as a whole was a fun watch. Looking forward to night two tomorrow now, mainly for the Liger finale, Jericho/Tanahashi and Okada/Naito though the Six Man title gauntlet match involving all of NJPW's factions on the pre show should be a good match too
  7. Ironically I’ve clicked on this thread as I’ve got WrestleKingdom on and Liger-san has just made his entrance for his penultimate match, it’s still one of my all time favourite wrestling themes and it was gutting that WWE couldn’t get the rights for it when Liger had that amazing match with Breeze at Takeover a few years back One of the wrestling accounts I follow on Instagram has been putting up random Liger matches for the past 2 days and it’s been phenomenal reliving some of his great US matches against the likes of Eddie, Pillman and others
  8. I watched it weekly when it came out, some of the stories were hit and miss but overall it was a fun series
  9. Is there anyway to watch 'In Search of Darkness' online? Been wanting to watch it since it was announced but wasn't going to fork out $40 for it
  10. Really surprised they've go with Mandrews and Webster as one of the UK teams. would have thought Moustache Mountain would have been a surefire choice
  11. Watched a couple of classics earlier today on Netflix, starting with my first ever viewing of Enter The Dragon which was entertaining if a little bit offputting with the dubbing then followed it up by watching Robocop for the first time in a good 20 years, genuinely didn't realise that one of the lead villains was the guy who played Red Forman on That 70s Show, what a total cornball shitcunt he is in it Also watched Bloodsport for the umpteenth time over the weekend, doesn't need much saying but it's still a fucking awesome film
  12. BT instantly trumping Sky by finally getting NXTUK onto UK TV screens as well as regular NXT airing on TV here for the first time in some 4-5 years and live as well
  13. Watched Fighting With My Family on Netflix on Christmas night, a lot of it was hokey bullshit about Paige's time in NXT (ignoring the fact she was NXT Women's champ at the time she debuted and Rock ringing Ricky to tell the family she was going to be showing up at Raw to win the title being the two biggest culprits) and they kind of forced Rock a lot in the movie but it was very enjoyable, liked the clips from the actual documentary in the credits that matched bits in the film Not sure who were meant to be represented by the no marks at the tryouts and in the PC, I did spot the real Dave Mastiff and I'm guessing the guy with long hair and fur vest next to 'Paige' was Pete Dunne, I'm also guessing 1-2 of the girls in the shared house were meant to be similar to Charlotte and/or Summer Rae. Also recognised Roy Knight as the guy 'Zak' faced in the cage match
  14. Yeah NXT ran unopposed last night with a show comprised of matches taped at last week’s show and after last week’s SD, doing the same with next week’s show when AEW go back live so there won’t be a true head to head till the 8th
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