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  1. Joe is the one I’m most gutted about, especially considering he called both nights of Mania just last weekend, was expecting him to be alongside Cole on SD tomorrow Chelsea will likely go back to Impact to be alongside Cardona, Peyton maybe to be the Pinnacle’s valet in AEW or her and Billie reunite there and Mickie maybe back to Impact or Aldis gets her a shot with NWA Bo, Kalisto, Tucker and Blake are no real losses really
  2. Ripley has been leaning more to heel. The only face champions right now are Bianca, MSK (the new NXT Tag champions), Truth, Pretty Deadly (the UK Tag champions), I think, and A Kid (UK Heritage champion)
  3. Really enjoyed night 1, the chaos for the first half hour made for some entertaining TV Didn’t have an issue with any of the outcomes, save for Nattie and Tamina going over in the gauntlet match, hoping the title match is short and sweet with Shayna and Nia smashing them in seconds Bad Bunny looked incredible for a non wrestler, even moreso than McAfee did at Wargames Bianca needs to have a strong challenger straight out the gate, beit a Sasha rematch, Bayley or maybe Io Night 2 looks to be a stronger card, expecting at minimum the US and IC belts to change hands. The Unive
  4. That’s because the ran a divorce angle once MVP became his advisor, which in turn led to the Hurt Business forming
  5. This, I’ll always be a mark for Hulk Hogan the performer, but I’ll be happy to never see Terry Bollea the man in front of a WWE crowd again
  6. That was Charley Caruso, she wasn’t sacked, she quit as she was working for ESPN anyway during her WWE run so signed a full time deal Kayla Braxton, who hosted the reveal there and the 2021 part of Tuesday’s Hall of Fame broadcast, seems to have been promoted to main social media girl since Renee and now Charley have left as she does the Smackdown post show as well as The Bump and the PPV pre shows
  7. It’s because Mania is outdoors, simple as that. It’s still far too soon for full arenas yet, NXT only has around 50+ at the Performance Centre (though they made extra seating for Takeover) and AEW only has around 1500 at Daily’s Place even though that’s pretty much outdoors UFC is going to be the big tester for arena shows in 2 weeks time when they run Vegas
  8. Both nights of Takeover were highly enjoyable for me, not a single bad match to be had, be interesting to see how they follow up for their Tuesday debut and how the former Taya Valkyrie debuts. Also I wonder if one or two names show up on SD tonight as extra entrants in the Andre Battle Royal?
  9. One thing that's been bugging me the past couple weeks is the slow uploads of highlights on their Youtube channel, for example they only put up the Tay/Allie match clip today from Wednesday's show, they used to have everything up within hours like WWE does with Raw, SD and NXT
  10. Peacock is a streaming service run by the NBC network in the US, they bought the rights to 'host' WWE Network on the platform over there as an addon similar to Star and Hulu on Disney Plus (depending where you are in the world) or the various addons on Amazon Prime (without the extra cost)
  11. It’s airing live on the Network as it’s a special not a regular week NXT so it’ll be treated as such and be on demand
  12. Nah I think this will be a loud one, outside of the few locals that go to NXT, there hasn’t been fans at WWE events in over a year, they’ll cheer/boo loudly for anything this weekend
  13. Had a belter of a curry feast last night from a local-ish curry house takeaway, a mixed chicken and lamb Rogan Josh, keema pilau, keema naan, 2 onion bhajis, a meat samosa and a portion of six chicken pakoras. Saved half the rice, a couple of spoonfuls of curry, half the naan and 2 pakoras as a late night snack as well
  14. Bumping this because the second season of the Creepshow spin off series began on Shudder yesterday (I stumbled across it by chance on Vumoo) with a fun pair of stories. The first one was about a kid obsessed with horror movies, mostly Universal Monster movies, as a release to help cope with his mum's illness who gets revenge on his abusive uncle after being put into his care when she passes while the second is a fantastic homage/accompaniment to the Evil Dead franchise when a local TV antique hunter unlocks and reads the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, brought to his attention as a family heirloom by
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