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  1. Yeah I knew that, it was the first pic that came up when I googled it, think Peyton has had another 'enhancement' too since then
  2. I don't mind the Iiconics, Peyton moreso than Billie, but I absolutely detest both ladies' makeup jobs, Billie's makes her look like she has had a face lift at times when outside the ring she is drop dead gorgeous as shown below http://i68.tinypic.com/snmb6s.jpg
  3. Went to see Toy Story 4 this afternoon, on the back of 4 hours sleep and working a 4 hour overtime shift, and loved every second of it, it didn't get me as emotional as at the end of Endgame but I did have a lump in the throat for that end sequence and I loved how they integrated some scenes into the credits ala the old outtakes from the first two films. I'd put it ahead of 2, Of Terror and That Time Forgot but its slightly behind 1 and 3
  4. Marcel Brands is a master negotiator that's how, to get Gomes, Digne and Mina for a grand total of £62m is brilliant business, hell just the former two alone for £34m is incredible in itself
  5. Devastating news, only saw him a handful of times through watching ICW and PCW clips but enjoyed seeing his work, only a couple of years older than me as well which is a massive gut punch. Thoughts and prayers to everyone at ICW and his family and friends
  6. Apprezzo l'entusiasmo di vendere il tuo articolo ma per riferimento futuro abbiamo una sezione del marketplace su questo forum in cui questo thread potrebbe essere andato
  7. Been binge re-watching That 70s Show on Netflix all week as I've had the week off work. Still holds up in parts but a lot of the humor hasn't aged well, I'm at the early point in season 4 where Eric and Donna have split up but are rebuilding a friendship after a lot of frostiness, Fez is still the best character though, fight me
  8. Used to love the steak bakes from Greggs, always found the sausage rolls to be greasy as hell, PB do them way better imo. Cake wise I love the yum yum donuts when they have them in, washed down with a bottle of raspberry lemonade
  9. Anyone who saw him at For the Love of Wrestling could tell he was a wreck, kept going off track in his panel with Beefcake and was slipping cans of lager under his signing table
  10. Nothing for Anfield, where I'm from, the closest part of Liverpool shown is Bootle, represented by Steve McManaman. Other notable names for the Liverpool/Merseyside area (aside from the Beatles) include Neil Buchanan (yes that one!) for Aintree, UKFF favorite Stephen Graham for Kirkby, and surprisingly Taron Egerton for Birkenhead
  11. Aww damn, gutted that the one match I was looking forward to seeing from this sounds like it was a DX/BoD disaster
  12. England in an international tournament semi final
  13. So that makes the lineage for the title now Truth 5 times, Jinder and Elias 2 each and Roode and Titus one each right?
  14. I’d go for both, a short sweet match, post match handshake then the job squad try to be big men and surround them, queue spears and choke slams by the bucketful
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