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  1. I’ve always said the first memory of wrestling I have was stumbling upon it on a Sky channel while mum was tending to my then newborn sister, the first wrestler that came on was Hogan and I was awestruck, 30 years down the line and wrestling is still a big part of my life
  2. I love a good Red Velvet cake, Costco do an absolutely devine one, tangy cream cheese frosting and super moist although the muffin version that M&S sells runs it close
  3. Probably the oddest bit of trivia was solved thanks to the Network last week, turns out the soundbite asking the listener if they are ready for the Survivor Series on the iconic Wrestemania song was provided by none other than Freebird Jimmy 'Jam' Garvin who uttered the immortal sentence during a filmed but unused appearance at the taping of the 1992 Survivor Series Showdown special. The Network has the full special plus the Garvin segment and a bunch of matches that were taped but not used including Bret defending the WWE title twice, first against the Mountie then again against Papa Shango, two Nailz matches against Warrior and BossMan, Razor against Savage and Virgil against Bam Bam
  4. Imagine being a member of the Raw roster, the flagship show of the company, and getting told the brand is only going to win 1 match in 7 across the night and it’s on the pre show
  5. Not speaking for my fellow Blues, but the news hasn't gone down well, actually the Echo have gone out their way to rile the fan base up further by saying that the board are behind Silva. There's genuine fear that by Christmas we will be in no man's land at the bottom if he's allowed to stay on
  6. AEW and NWA are the first promotions to genuinely garner a continued weekly interest from me since the 2004-2008 run from Impact, the latter has that old school feel of simplicity that shouldn't work in 2019 but totally does while the former managed to create a 'B' show with such a successful USP that it's amazing that WWE have never considered it before
  7. So great to see Son bounce back with two goals tonight after his traumatic visit to Goodison on Sunday and what a thrill it'll be seeing him play this weekend getting over it further, meanwhile that nasty Andre Gomes will have to make do with sitting at home with his ankle in a cast thinking about how much he upset the guy last weekend
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