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  1. Love love love our new kit, think Hummel have done a great job with it and it's become the fastest selling shirt in the club's history since it went on pre order at 8 AM this morning, only downside is that we won't see it in action, as what was usually tradition, for the final home game against Bournemouth as the club have confirmed that we'll finish the campaign in the Umbro kits
  2. Being in lockdown up until 3 weeks ago helped me progress nicely on my Disney Afternoon block, completed both Rescue Rangers (which had one long 60+ episode series) and Gummi Bears (which had six mostly short seasons), the two fan canon seasons of Gargoyles (just have the 13 episode Goliath Chronicles season to watch) and the first season of Ducktales (also 60+ episodes long) but still have about 15 episodes of Darkwing Duck's first season to watch as that was closer to 80 episodes long Some observations on each Rescue Rangers - Chip's voice really, really starts to gate on you after the first 30 episodes, they over rely on using Fat Cat and the scientist as villains of the week near the end of the run Gummi Bears - Gusto steals the show whenever he shows up, Sunni gets too whiny and needy especially when she's with Calla and Gruffi is a cunt Gargoyles - Goliath is still an utter badass of a character, Broadway was my favorite side character when I was younger cos of how loveable he is, especially with Eliza but on second viewing that's now Brooklyn, especially in that one episode where Goliath, Eliza and Bronx are on the 'world tour' and he steps up as leader Darkwing Duck - Launchpad works so much better as a sidekick in this show than he did as Scrooge's pilot on Ducktales, Quackerjack is my favorite villain, Honker's parents are really annoying Ducktales - Still my all time favorite Disney cartoon, still don't understand what the big deal with the number 1 dime and why Magica craves it so much, anytime Donald makes a cameo is a fun episode, bracing myself for season two and the introduction of Bubba Duck, the Scrappy Doo of the show
  3. Boyz In The Hood (Netflix) - I'd seen certain scenes from this over the years but never the full film before today, absolutely brilliant from start to finish and the key scene near the end is an absolute heartbreaker
  4. Yeah fuck the congratulatories, the pissed up cult partying at the Pier Head have been firing flares at the Liver Buildings, one of our city's most recognisable landmarks, and set part of it on fire purely because it's owned by Everton owner Farhad Moshiri and the club has offices there
  5. Four things really stand out for me on a personal level 1) attending my first ever WWE show in 2009, I may have been 24 at the time but for that 2-3 hours I was back to being a kid again, especially when one of my childhood favorites Ricky Steamboat did a run in at the end of a Jericho/Punk match 2) my first TV taping a year or two after, and one of my younger cousin's first show, that had a Daniel Bryan vs William Regal match taped for Superstars which saw Regal get ribbed by having his theme replaced with his old Real Man's Man theme 3) seeing my nephew's face light up at watching his first ever WWE live show 2 years ago 4) The first For The Love Of Wrestling convention last year, seeing so many names I grew up watching or currently watch, seeing my friend turn into a nervous fangirl getting her picture taken with Lita, marking out for Pete Dunne's surprise wrestling appearance and Hacksaw Jim Duggan's entrance at the post convention show by Futureshock
  6. It's still happening, it's still going to be Meis' design but he lost out on being the technical architect to British firm Pattern. It was harsh that Laing O'Rourke made him compete for it but that's business, he's not exactly been professional about it either. The club are still expecting the planning permission to go through and that the change shouldn't impact it too much
  7. Irish wrestler Katey Harvey has shared a rather disturbing email she received on her Big Cartel page While Session Moth Martina has a pretty sad tale from the locker room about taking a shit load of abuse just to fit in
  8. It’s a shame if everything has been pulled, was enjoying What’s Causing Aldis? and the Carnyland stuff
  9. Yeah apparently the reason Tyler was named was because he’d tried and failed to pull a married woman
  10. If it’s the same guy I’m thinking of, he got thrown off the Freakin’ Awesome Network forum (the former Wrestlecrap one) yesterday when his name came to light. Posted on there as Steveweisers
  11. Fuck sake this is getting worse and worse, the fact that some of these names getting put forward have or have had ties with all 5 major US promotions isn’t a good sign when you look at their positionings in said companies Wolfgang and Joe Coffey - 2/3rds of the top heel group in NXTUK, who hold the UK Tag Titles (well Wolfie does with Mark Coffey) Jack Gallagher - was in the recent Cruiserweight tournament Jordan Devlin - was Cruiserweight champion before Covid struck, still recognised on WWE’s website Matt Riddle - former Tag champion on NXT and about to be part of main roster Jimmy Havoc - was just in a big tag match v the Bucks on Dynamite on Wednesday Joey Ryan - part of the Cancel Culture stable in Impact Marty Scurll - booker and Villain Club leader in ROH, been feuding with Nick Aldis in NWA
  12. Watched some of the Best of Backlash compliation on the Network earlier, starts off with the Austin/Rock match from the first Backlash in 99 then for some reason skips over 2000 and 2001 into the Edge/Angle match from 02, Rock/Goldberg from 03 and the still brilliant Orton/Foley match from 04. The last match I had on, well the intros for at least, was the Edge/Cena/Michaels/Orton match from 07. They've also re-locked the Backlash events that were free to watch on the Free tier now which is annoying
  13. Had a veritable feast of an Indian for tea tonight, hadn't had a takeaway in months so went all out. Went for what they called a Cocktail Masala, which was chicken tikka, lamb tikka and seekh kebab in a proper thick red masala sauce with keema pilau rice, a keema naan, 2 poppadoms, 2 samosas and 2 onion bhajis. Saved half the rice and sauce, half the naan and one of the 'doms (as they were huge) for leftovers which I've just polished off
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