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  1. Just to note, like last week, two Dusty Classic matches are on 205 Live tonight, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari were due to face Ashante Adonis and Desmond Troy until Adonis got smashed everywhere by Karrion Kross on Wednesday, they’ve now been replaced by the unlikely team of Tomasso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher, fresh off the Fight Pit match. The other match sees a first for the show, a women’s match, as Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell take on the debuting Gigi Dolin and Cora Jade, the former Priscilla Kelly and Elayna Black respectively
  2. Just watching the show now, that finisher from Kacy was utterly sensational, a sort of Phoenix splash/corkscrew/reverse senton hybrid, something she’s clearly picked up training with Ricochet
  3. Still on the injured list supposedly The rest of the bracket btw for the tournament is Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter against Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez, which is airing tonight, and the team of Aliyah and Jessi Kamea against Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez
  4. All three have been entered into the Women’s Dusty Classic, Dolin and Jade are teaming up against Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell while Stark teams up with Marina Shafir against Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon
  5. Talking about Non League football, a crazy night has happened in the FA Trophy tonight. Leamington beat Kettering 3-0 at home (but playing as the Away team because Kettering's pitch was unplayable) in a game that saw Kettering's captain get sent off in the 11th minute for two quick bookings, one for slapping the referee's hand away then the other for mouthing off because he didn't agree with the yellow nor the free kick the ref had given, then after being led off the pitch, he apparently went nuts in the changing rooms punching a door so loud that it could be heard by Leamington's Twitter Admi
  6. My Amazon Prime Video subscription ends next week so I'm trying to take advantage and watch a few things before it ends X : The Man With The X-Ray Eyes - a 1963 Roger Corman film about a guy who develops an eye drop formula to help people see beyond the normal range, and falls the same way all scientists go in those type of films, going completely mad and out of control Gargoyles - a practical effects fantasy horror TV movie from 1972, little bit cheesy but decent and the make up effects from Stan Winston, the first film he worked on, on the Gargoyle characters are really good V
  7. It's really bizarre how much Raw is tanking in both show quality and ratings, yet the same company has two good to great shows later in the week. I mentioned not long back that the third hour seems to be a killer weekly for Raw but even at 2 hours I don't think it'll get much better. The feuds on Raw are all over the place, Charlotte and Asuka are supposed to be the tag champions yet neither appeared with each other for their respective singles matches, Jeff Hardy is still lumbered with Elias over something that happened months ago when they were still at the PC, Retribution are still more mis
  8. One of the food reviewers I look at on Instagram has tried both the regular and the Zinger flavours (the latter being in the Double Crunch range) and said they taste near enough exactly like KFC
  9. NXT is a mix of non televised talent and a locals in proximity to the Capitol Wrestling Center
  10. The talk about Mania getting announced in Tampa for April reminded me that Austin Theory, pre Speaking Out revelation and linking up with Gargano on NXT, was in a trio with Andrade and Angel Garza during the empty area run on Raw last year and got a Mania tag title match out of it
  11. I’ve no problem with a two nighter for Mania again, I actually quite enjoyed last year’s, even if they shoe horned a lot of TV matches to pad it out. The 6-8 hour format can get very draining and was getting like the earlier Manias were two many people were getting matches for the hell of it Think of stuff like the 20 match card at Wrestlemania 4 just to fit the title tournament, the Hart Foundation squashing the Bolsheviks in 40 seconds at 6, the Road Warriors doing the same to Power and Glory the year after and Earthquake doing likewise to Adam Bomb at 10
  12. Was about to come on and post about this, interesting they've moved the LA one 2 years as that was meant to be this year's theme. Hopefully we get to see in full what they were planning for Tampa with the pirate theme in 2020 this year
  13. It's unlike anything Marvel has attempted before, the sitcom feel totally works with the odd couple relationship Wanda and Vis have. I'm really intrigued as to where things are going. I can see a lot of people either not getting it or getting frustrated with the weekly spread out of the episodes like with The Mandalorian though
  14. I don't foresee Moose being the third man come bell time either, I'm thinking either Moose and Swann get into a confrontation pre match and Moose walks off, Kenny and the Good Brothers take Moose out backstage to make it 3 v 2 on Swann and Sabin or a mystery man takes out Moose and come bell time reveals himself as Moxley
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