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  1. The bit on the main show where Truth and ‘Mella were on the international announcer row putting on the bad English accents had me rolling too
  2. Oh not the PCW DVD story again, we've been here before haven't we?
  3. He's a pretty cool guy actually, he gets booked at a lot of Monopoly Groups conventions doing photo ops for free and helps them with promotions of other events
  4. Confused.com ad has just been on telly, the latest one with Pomp and Circumstances as the soundtrack, had to resist doing my best Macho Man impression in case I got a funny look off my mum
  5. Love a Taco Bell, used to only be able to get one whenever I was up in Manchester then they open one in Town, haven't had one in weeks though as I'm going through an on off thing with fast food places atm
  6. Former Everton players and club ambassadors Ian Snodin and Graham Stuart were having a post golf drink with friends on the table behind me at Formby Hall on Thursday, I was there as my sister got married there on Friday afternoon with me walking her down the aisle, stepping in for my late dad
  7. Sad news, one of if not the best heels and looks in the business. The man oozed what a champion should be like. Ric Flair’s tweet summed him up best, calling him the one and only true World champion
  8. That’s a generic thing, it’s an outsource working on behalf but not for WWE that goes on the hunt for anything they deem is breaching WWE copyright, many wrestling YouTubers have had strikes on their channels for having live reaction streams that don’t even have the audio from shows playing because of it
  9. You might be in luck, kinda as Cadbury are bringing out a white chocolate variant of the Dairy Milk, along with white variants of Giant Buttons and Freddo Treasures exclusively at Asda from 29th August
  10. One thing that’s really killed any enthusiasm for Summerslam in recent years is not moving it around frequently, we’ve gone from 6 straight years at the Staples Center to 4 straight at the Barclays Center to what will likely be now a consecutive run in Toronto
  11. I’d be well down for a Roman/Usos/Cedric v OC/Joe/Drew match at Summerslam, quality segment that was, love that Roman is still getting a good 90-95% of the crowd behind him, helps that since his return he’s barely been in the title picture so his booking has been more of a normal baby face than the Hogan/Cenaesq super strong booking he had pre illness I would love, love for Becky to beat Nattie in quick time though, just so we never see Crazy Cat Lady anywhere near a title match again. Fuck knows what the booking is meant to be with Alexa, why are they still putting her in swerve matches?
  12. Papa Shango creeped the fuck out of me and haunted my nightmares for the best part of 20 years till one day I binged the hell out of his matches and promos on the Network to get it out of my system Bray's current look definitely would have terrified me as a kid, but having grown up to be a horror buff I really love the Fiend mask paired with the yellow/red contacts
  13. We are fucked with this buffoon running the country, wouldn’t surprise me if a) he somehow forces Khan out of office as London Mayor and b) appoints his biggest fan Katie ‘racist slag cunt’ Hopkins to his back room team to complete the triumvirate of hell with the other clown Trump
  14. Not seen the remakes for Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo and Cinderella but I’m assuming it’s for all of them, it’s a nice touch
  15. The old blue screen with the castle in white or the CG intro redone in hand drawn animation like before The Jungle Book remake?
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