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  1. Watched the Roger Corman film, or rather films, Blood Bath, earlier. I say films because he essentially filmed the same film 4 times but with 2 very different plots. The film began life as a Yugoslavian thriller called Operation Titian which Corman put money into and took creative control turning it into an English speaking film, starring William Campbell and Patrick Magee. Corman then had it changed due to disliking the final product into a drive in theatre suitable thriller (that wound up only airing on TV) titled Portrait In Terror Still not happy with the work Corman changed the whole direction of the film into a vampire horror called Blood Bath about a vampiric painter which wound up being too short for television release so made a 4th edit with extra scenes called Track Of The Vampire Having seen all 4 versions I kind of preferred the shorter vampire version but on a whole the films are awful to watch with really terrible dubbing in parts
  2. Bit similar to the EFL Trophy, they started with having U21 sides for the Premier League clubs then last couple of seasons have invited 2 sides each from Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland plus the two highest ranked teams not promoted from the National League
  3. Butch’s boys into the Quarters of the Scottish Challenge Cup with only Inverness to challenge them as favourites
  4. They’ve announced pretty much the entire match line up for Wednesday’s show Jericho v Allin - Philadelphia Street Fight for the AEW World Title Riho v Britt for the Women’s Title Lucha Bros v Jurassic Express in the Tag Team Title tournament SCU v Best Friends in the Tag Team Title tournament Omega and Page v PAC and Moxle also Cody has announced that Taz will be a guest broadcaster on the Dark taping before this week’s show
  5. The same one that’s at the centre of it all but is making out it’s the wider press involved
  6. It is actually one of Jericho’s own songs with Fozzy, one of their best imo
  7. He hasn’t been back on since the Sasha stans sent him death threats a couple weeks back
  8. That’s true, dem wanz are like an abusive relationship, you know you should walk away for good but can’t force yourself to leave What they don’t get is there’s so many alternatives if they hate the main roster that much, NXT is the best thing about the company, NXT UK is so so but still better than most of the matches you see weekly, AEW is the fresh new kid on the block, NWA has a weekly TV show debuting online tomorrow, Impact is on TV and Twitch and will be moving to a wider audience network next month, NJPW is there to see something completely different to what you’re used to, hell as bad as it’s been, ROH is still around as well
  9. Apparently Vince was laughing off the fan reaction backstage, that is concerning that the old man is so delusional to dismiss that as nothing
  10. Main event for next week’s show was announced yesterday, Hangman Page and Dustin Rhodes v Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho, also Cody and Jericho had a pull apart brawl at AEW’s panel at New York Comic Con building on what happened on Wednesday
  11. Felt a bit Takeover-ish with the 3 title matches and a couple of fillers, good show all round with some interesting feuds brewing coming out of it. Wouldn’t surprise me if we get the Wargames main event as UE v Ciampa, Balor and two others Next week looks good with Walter against Kushida too
  12. With the announcement of NWA Power airing on YouTube for free every Tuesday from next week, that now means there’s pretty much a wrestling show on every day on some platform 5 days a week going forth Monday - Raw Tuesday - NWA Power and Impact (from November) Wednesday - NXT and AEW Dynamite Thursday - NXT UK Friday - Smackdown and 205 Live
  13. Yep, that whole culture is toxic as fuck when someone dares criticise their idols.
  14. My collecting has gone way down but there was a time where I’d collect the blind bag figures from franchises I like but the pricing has started pricing me right out, can’t justify paying £5-7 a pop for the Funko minis or £10-12 for the Loyal Subjects ones much less £3 for the Lego figures. The last thing I bought was a Hot Wheels Batmobile from the 90’s animated show and that was only because it was on clearance in The Entertainer
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