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  1. Wrestling Books

    The NXT book is a highly recommended read, covers pretty much everything about how the brand came to be as we know it today with plenty of behind the scenes photos at the PC and of the early days of some of the talent. One photo that really stood out though was of Regal, Robbie Brookside and Frankie Sloan walking along what looks like Blackpool Pier which would have been around the time of the first NXT UK tour
  2. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    At 3am on Thursdays as Facebook UK doesn't have the Watch service
  3. Raw is 25!

    A couple of moments from the early Raws stick out, first is the Loser Leaves WWE match from I think the 2nd or 3rd episode between Mr Perfect and Ric Flair to cover for Naitch heading back to WCW, Bobby Heenan's final TV appearance in WWE for 8 years, fittingly getting thrown out of Raw by Gorilla Monsoon and the belting WWE title match between Bret Hart and the 123 Kid in 1994 with Gorilla and JR on commentary
  4. UKFF Dolt of the Year 2017

    Feel bad doing this but had to vote for Bowler, the lad just doesn't learn does he?
  5. UKFF Funniest Poster 2017

    Bit biased as he's a fellow blue but I went with Branquey, never fails to make me grin with his posts
  6. Not had best start to the Christmas, the hot water packed in on the boiler this morning but it’s not getting looked at till Tuesday. The filter box is knackered on the phone so had a crackly line and little to no WiFi since Thursday. My mum is still fighting of the bug she got off me that I’m only just today shaking off, my sister has a cold and both my niece (high temp and cold) and my nephew (neurovirus) are sick. On the positive side, had a belting chicken supreme pizza from the local takeaway and watched Muppet Christmas Carol as per my Christmas Eve tradition. Hoping tomorrow ends up being a fun day, not expecting much apart from maybe a couple movies and some vouchers/money
  7. Star Wars Thread - Spoilers, yo.

    Went to see it yesterday having successfully staying spoiler free all week. Absolutely loved it, but then I’ve loved all the Star Wars movies that Disney have released The Yoda appearance was something I hadn’t expected nor heard rumours about so when he popped up I sat there grinning from ear to ear The scene that really stood out though was during the escape scene where the general that stayed behind on the Resistance ship turned it round straight into the Destroyer and the whole film went silent for 2-3 mins to emphasise the impact
  8. How was your 2017?

    Not much to report on for my 2017, only notable things were switching my hours in work for what was initially meant to be six months as cover for a lad who was on a union placement, ended up staying on for extra few weeks (that contract ends a week today with me going back to my weekend role on New Years Eve) and going on my first family holiday in a decade, first without my dad, to Portugal for the week in August which was awesome mainly for spending time with my niece and nephew who I was rarely seeing up to that point because of working weekends when they'd be down in mine