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  1. 'Sweet Caroline' with every fucker doing the 'So good, so good' bit in the chorus anytime it gets played in a pub or at a party, can't ever listen to that song at home without expecting to hear it
  2. Brilliantly controlled performance from the Blues at Spurs. Allan, Doucoure and James slotted in with absolute ease with the former getting MotM on Sky and the latter getting the fan's vote. Great goal to win it as well, super ball from Digne and a Big Dunc-esque header from Calvert-Lewin. Naturally we'll ruin all this good feeling probably either against Salford on Weds or next week against West Brom but I'm gonna enjoy it for now
  3. This government really don't know their arses from their elbows do they? So from Monday I can work in close quarters with my colleagues and friends mingled in with customers and my mum likewise with her colleagues and patients but she has to go back to picking and choosing which of her grandkids can visit us?
  4. I know Rey has had a big part to play in it but Dominick has really taken to being in the ring like a duck to water, haven't been so impressed with a 3rd Gen star in years, would bank on him dropping down into NXT for a spell going up against the likes of Drake, Escobar and Scott in the Cruiserweight title picture within the next year
  5. Yeah they've replaced it on the Buy In with Private Party against Reynolds and Silver from Dark Order
  6. I realise he's not the same player he was in 2014 but I'm still excited to see Rodriguez in the Royal Blue, same with Allan. Still a bit doubtful about Doucoure but I had the same doubts about Idrissa Gueye and that turned out to be a great signing
  7. Episode 205 aka the episode where 'Broken' Matt Hardy held a funeral for Vanguard 1
  8. 3/3 in terms of kits from Hummel for us this season, probably one of the best first season launches from a kit maker we've had in a while
  9. I'm pretty sure Keith has wore the basketball style shorts before in his NXT run, his gear changed week from week till he settled on the tights and zip hoodie look
  10. Watched X-Men Dark Phoenix earlier as it had gone up on Disney Plus on Friday (oddly they've not put up Apocalypse and Logan yet, both of which came before Dark Phoenix). What an utter pile of shite, Fox learned nothing from the last time they tried to adapt the Phoenix Saga. The series most certainly peaked with the first film (even though I've never been a fan of it) Venom goes up on Netflix on Friday I believe, heard mixed things about it but been curious to check it out
  11. The whole main event and post match angle was amazing, one question though, where was Allie? Considering her man QT and tag partner Brandi were both attacked she was conspicuous by her absence, unless it's explained next week that Anna Jay beat her down when the Order got to QT and Dustin
  12. Felt absolutely sick reading that, what a fucked up prick that guy is. Glad Sonia and her loved ones are safe and well
  13. For years I wouldn't touch Nestle chocolate, not even a KitKat, because I'd got sick one Easter from a, unknown at the time, rancid Milkybar Egg. Only ended about 10 years ago when a family member gave me a box of Walnut Whips for either Christmas or my birthday Toffee Vodka - a couple of years into my current job, I'd gone out for a few Friday night drinks with my oldest mates which ended in the pub near where our junior school once stood drinking shots of toffee vodka, queue the next morning being violently ill several times before and on the way to work and having to cover up that it w
  14. I'm really surprised at the positive reaction I've seen to AEW and Tony Khan allowing distanced capacity in for Dynamite considering the backlash there would universally be if it had been WWE and the crazy old bastard that were doing it. Aren't the US still running thousands of deaths and infections a day?
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