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  1. All the Dark matches are squashes, to try out potential signees, Mox is the biggest name on this week’s episode
  2. Watched a couple of films earlier, Brother Bear, which I only watched because my mate's girlfriend has been bugging me for weeks to see it as it's her favorite film, I can see why some would like it but personally I thought it was a bit meh. After that I watched The Black Cauldron, I genuinely don't remember ever seeing this as a kid but its a really fun and slightly dark film which also has historical significance as it was the first film to use the classic blue and white castle signature with the reworked version of When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio
  3. You’re gonna be so disappointed then
  4. The Feeny Call was, is and forever will be the most annoyingly brilliant character signature move in tv history, so much so that they recreated one of Eric's funniest ones for George's cameo in Girl Meets World
  5. Been doing the same but watching one Mania a day from 24 on, watched 26 today in full bar the Bret/Vince match, skipping over 27 as I watched the Wrestling With Wregret review of it just a couple of weeks ago so moving straight on to 28 tomorrow and 29 Sunday. Should be caught up to last year's show by the time Coronamania Day 1 happens next weekend if it still goes ahead given the newz bits coming out today
  6. I’m in the same boat with the asthma Branquey, got my inhaler gun on stand by just incase though atm I’m feeling good after locking myself in for the most part since work got closed last weekend, although that said I could have punched the dickhead on the bus yesterday (had to use it to go to M&S for food with my mum) who was openly coughing without cover on the seat opposite to me
  7. First episode was fun, Magica plotted to steal Scrooge’s rare dime by breaking out the Beagle Boys and turning them into Huey, Louie and Dewey (who had gone to watch a film)
  8. Started my Disney Afternoon block today and decided to throw Gargoyles in as an add on, wow had I forgot what an incredible show this was (and that's after only one episode), the next couple of days are going to be a bit short as I've come across a curious omission, episodes 2&3 of Ducktales are missing as the list order jumps straight to episode 4
  9. Set my subscription up this afternoon on my phone, super quick to do (email, password, Paypal, boom), downloaded the app in the evening to my Fire Stick and then had a scan through what was there, overwhelming choice of things to watch (in a good way). Decided on watching Endgame for the first time since going to see it in cinemas nearly a year ago, picture quality was fantastic, really crisp and sharp and I like that it has some special features attached to it Gonna have a proper watch through tomorrow, still favoring doing a Disney Afternoon block to kill a couple hours a day
  10. Thoughts and prayers with you and you girlfriend @neil I had to pop out this morning as I needed to post an item I'd sold on Ebay at the weekend (pulled the rest of my listings until it's deemed safe again), nipped the shop next door and picked up some energy drinks and a 4 pack of Mars bars and was back in 10 minutes. Don't have any plans to leave the house rest of the week apart from going to M&S on Thursday to help my mum get a few bits of food as some items that she needs are out of stock for our weekly delivery from Tesco
  11. Lucky the Network is free to view atm to watch old Manias or any PPV and/or documentaries
  12. They can get away with it this year because of no Hall of Fame or Takeover, they would either either have to move both back a day or move the former to Summerslam weekend
  13. I’m going to recreate my own Disney afternoon block and watch an episode a day each of Rescue Rangers, Ducktales, Gummi Bears and Darkwing Duck Also going to rewatch Endgame as I’ve held off buying it on Blu-ray
  14. So I’m officially off work for the next few weeks, Primark sent a company wide text and email out around 12 confirming we’d be closing after tonight. One of my floor managers has set up a WhatsApp group to keep us informed of what happens going forth and then it got took over by weekend staff posting TikTok videos of them dancing in various parts of the store as it was so quiet
  15. In difficult times like this, it makes me damn proud when I see good deeds done by people, even moreso when it's my family. My cousin Daniel, who is a Fresh Produce Manager at the Birkenhead branch of Asda made a post on Facebook this morning offering himself as a referal to get people who have been laid off or struggling for work some paid shifts at their local stores for at least 4 weeks if not more
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