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  1. Goes without saying I have nothing but huge respect Ricky for both you and Saraya, can't imagine how hard it's been seeing the reports come out almost daily about Paige and not being able to do much about it but the whole family has my best wishes and I hope we see her back doing what she does best in the ring soon
  2. Rewatched the Roddy Piper documentary earlier for the first time probably since I got it on DVD some 10 years ago, as it was part of the new Piper collection. Also watched the WWE v ECW show that aired the week of One Night Stand 2, which is still a decent show but my god the constant bickering between Styles, Taz and Lawler is grating especially as JR gets lost in the shuffle by being the only pro out there. Forgot that they'd pulled the Show turn here as I was sure it had been on the PPV itself and Foley's promo after the Edge/Dreamer match is one of his best.
  3. There's a pic doing the rounds of Shayla doing the Horsemen/women sign to taunt Bayley, Charlotte and Becky (no Sasha though as she's on a promo tour in Australia)
  4. Has anyone seen the Marvel True Believers comics in shops? Or are they strictly an web exclusive? I ask because the look amazing value at 65p an issue that reprint classic Marvel stories including Spidey's debut in Amazing Fantasy #15
  5. They are the same scale as the Hasbros, seen reviews of them when they came out in the US that put them side by side with the old figures
  6. A new Deadpool series has been launched this week (I think thats right) which is a sequel to the Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe story arc. Came across the first issue purely by chance when I was in one of the two comic stores in Liverpool City Centre after work yesterday and picked it up as I had the graphic novel of the original arc and loved it. Looks to be as batcrap crazy as that storyline with a shock reveal as to who is behind the manipulation of the 'Merc with a mouth this time round
  7. Talk is KO may need time off as he's been working injured since MITB, hence bringing the title match forward and doing the switch
  8. Not just a fan, he works as a weaselly heel manager for a very small indy promotion
  9. Egg Shen has already mentioned what I consider the best YouTube show out there in Wrestling with Wregret, it has something for everyone, reviews, lists and skits Plumpy's voice grates on me a bit so I tend to avoid What Culture unless they do a crossover video with Brian Zane on W3 Other than Botchamania and OSW I can't think of too many other wrestling based shows
  10. Bret will always be one of my faves, Hogan is still number one purely on the basis that he was the first person I saw on TV but Bret is a high second on my list. To this day I still get a buzz watching old shows when his music hits and still get the pangs of jealousy seeing kids get given the trademark shades Tore me up something rotten back in 08 when I'd queued up for 2-3 hours on Bold Street for his book signing at Waterstones only to be told that they weren't letting anymore people through when I'd got to the front of the queue
  11. Tia? Yeah I had thing for her too. Also Kelly from SBTB, Tiffani from California Dreams and Kimberly from Power Ranger
  12. I was convinced for years that Papa Shango had a line on the Slam Jam single that I avoided listening to the song for a long time (due to my childhood fear of that whole gimmick), wan't until a couple of years back that I found out it wasn't the case On a side note, a video I watched on Facebook earlier in the week dispelled another childhood memory involving Shango. I always remembered watching a match between him and Bret that aired on Mania where Shango walked to the ring as a promo of him was playing on the video wall burning an effigy of Bret. Turns out the match was on Superstars about a week or so before King of the Ring, the promo kicked off the show with the ring entrance happening straight after and the effigy was actually an 8x10 photo held over a bonfire
  13. Twitter - @Stevied23 Instagram - @stesmedia
  14. I hadn't been on the internet at all that day as I'd been in college till 4, then had come home to change into my work uniform (I was working for Showcase Cinemas at the time) for a 6-10 shift. Still didn't go online when I'd got home as I decided to play video games until Raw came on so first I knew of it was when the memorial graphic came up on screen. My heart sank as Benoit was someone who I wasn't a big fan of but loved watching him work. Think I only watched maybe half an hour to 45 mins of the show before turning it off as I was welling up too much. Woke up the next morning and the grim facts were all over the news and I felt sick to my stomach with shock at what I was hearing, took me maybe 2 full weeks to fully take everything in. Like most I still can't watch any of his matches without cringing at all the unnecessary head shots he takes either via a weapon or doing the head butts, the 3 I find most jarring are the Jarrett one at Starrcade 99 (iirc) off the ladder, the one off the cage against Angle (same match Kurt missed the moonsault in) and the SD TLC match where he missed a top rope one through a table and broke his neck
  15. Binge watched the entire series this afternoon, really enjoyable show helped by the short episode run time. Loved seeing all the wrestler cameos, especially Kong's character and marked out for the fact that Daniels was wearing his Curry Man pants for the match with Kazarian