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  1. I'd be down for that, only if we've beaten Chelsea earlier in the afternoon, which is highly possible given the form at Goodison since the turn of the year
  2. Has anyone ever been to any of EPW's shows? Going to one they are running in Crosby this Sunday featuring Frankie Sloan and Joesph Connors with my cousin and her little lad and was wondering what they were like for value and merch wise
  3. Kieron Dowell, Jon Joe Kenny, Liam Walsh and Antonee Robinson are others to watch for Its likely that, as with Spurs, first teamer Mo Besic will be playing tonight but Lookman and Calvert-Lewin possibly won't with the first team playing tomorrow
  4. According to the tapings that went on during the 'live' show Crimson's return next week is in a tag team under a new ring name playing up on his military background
  5. Heartbreaking news, top defender in his day. Was only a week or so back he was at Goodison with Spurs U23s when our U23s won 4-1 but he had his side running our lads ragged for much of the game before running out of steam. Could have been a great fit for a lower league side 1-2 years down the line In other sad news for the game, Notts County Ladies have folded less than a week before the start of the WSL Spring Series due to financial issues, 3 years after relocating and rebranding from Lincoln City
  6. Fucking lowlife pond scum is Mckenzie, not surprised in the least he's done this given that it's the Anniversary tomorrow. Lot of calls on social media again from fans and fan groups for the club to ban that hideous rag once and for all much like Liverpool did. Shocked that no one at the club has put out a statement on the story, even in a critical sense. Just hope this and last week's events don't have an effect on Ross' performance tomorrow against Burnley
  7. It's the same guy
  8. Are his other two accounts?
  9. The best thing for Arsenal would be not to qualify for Europe at all next season as that may force the board or Wenger to realise changes are needed, and I don't just say that as an Everton fan, whose club stands at present just 2 goals behind the Gunners (though they have games in hand), but as a football fan in general. Its pretty embarrassing to the club that the first reaction any non-Arsenal fan has to an Arsenal defeat is that they can't wait for the reaction from the beauts on ArsenalFanTV such is the power of social media these days on the game
  10. Ok what is your problem with Cole, you've made several digs about him in various posts
  11. What potato the piss out of him for no reason?
  12. Yep under his ShaneApollo gimmick, it's pretty much scotswizard with a triple account
  13. April 21st on Spike
  14. Only finished watching the show an hour ago, as I was working this morning till 2pm (well 2.10 cos of my manager giving me a job to do 20 minutes before I was due to finish) so by the time I'd got something to eat, bought a loaf of bread, got my bus home and cleaned up after my dog, it was like 4pm when I started the pre show I enjoyed it for the most part but it did drag for the final 1 1/2. The Hardyz return was the highlight of the night for me, they are insane for doing back to back ladder matches though, never fails to delight seeing Jeff doing the Swanton from a big ass ladder (even if it was slightly botched with Sheamus not going through the ladder too) AJ/Shane was a fun opener, the ref bump allowing for Shane to do his usual Coast to Coast and Leap of Faith spots, never expected him to bust out a shooting star. Was hoping AJ would do the Spiral Tap as an exclamation point after the Phenomenal Forearm The two Women's matches were decent, KO/Jericho was a great match and the mixed tag was ok, but mainly used as the set up for the WM moment of Cena proposing. Rollins/Trips ended great but needed a few minutes shaved off (and the entrance again was a belter). Loved the quick hit style for Goldberg/Lesnar too. Aries/Neville just about shaded the ladder match for match of the night, would be happy seeing a rematch at Payback The let downs of the night were Ambrose/Corbin, the Battle Royal (not a fan of Mojo nor Gronk), Orton/Wyatt (wtf was with the close up bug pictures?) and Reigns/Taker. It saddens me seeing Taker go out like this, if he'd called it quits after the Streak ended it would have been acceptable, if he'd done it after 28, it would have been the perfect ending. Its been one hell of a run though, little over 26 years wrestling for one company is something any wrestler would be proud of
  15. Its 4 atm but last years was meant to be 4 and went near enough an extra hour longer