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  1. Lacey Von Erich seemed to be very likeable and she looked to be a laid back and interesting character.
  2. Feeling sorry for Nikki Cross. She got new gear made and posted to Twitter to watch Raw. She stood on stage at Wrestlemania crying but never was on the actual mania card. She's a great hand. What a worker. Nice girl. Remember talking to her in the street in Glasgow. She very down to earth.
  3. Worried about the Vladimir situation. Is it a literal one off special exception for this one fan to be honoured? I could see Everton top guy at NXT going all out to see if he will get the same reward as will some other superfans. The only other fans I'd see get this would be neon shirt couple and red hat guy. The rest not so.
  4. Considered all the build for Drew the BT Sport stuff and the mural in Glasgow and having his father and brother and Jack Jester do a promo in the east end of Glasgow you were certain he was going to win. Build towards next year big show in the UK an actual PPV he could have got the mega star treatment like Bulldog. Nope. Wasted what I feel was a massive opportunity.
  5. She's dammed if she does. Dammed if she doesn't. Poor girl probably feels uncomfortable going through a tunnel in a motor.
  6. This thread has been an absolute fascinating read. We have come to see so much happen in the independent wrestling scene that the promoter whilst all good intentions there will be a lot of pre judgement as we have seen time after time that there are fans watching WWE on TV and love the allure of being their own miniature federation owner. We see big fanfare, some decent looking graphics and a venue with a date and how to buy tickets. It usually falls down as the event organiser has usually not promoted the show correctly or doesn't have the acumen to be in a sense event manag
  7. I'd love for when the pandemic is over that the swingman would come over here and do some shows. He would do autograph signings in your local town centre bookies before heading to the local sports centre for the local wrestling federation event and be as late as ever. He would then take over the gimmick table taking all the cheddar off the local boys where he would sell you the latest VHS tapes. Extra for being autographed. He would of course cop off with the promoters wife in the local Premier Inn. The promoter is such a mark tho he's sitting in the hotel room in the corner filming it marking
  8. Austin Aries has gone full anti vaxxer Alex Jones conspiracy theories crazy on his Twitter. No specific post to share in the thread. He's just gone full fruit loop.
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