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  1. Brexit means Brexit! Scotland is off to join the rest of the world and leave England behind with its violent right wing xenophobic, homophobic, racist bigot nationalism. Enjoy being the insular backwards Draconian dark ages banana republic singing about rule Britannia and the days of the colonies. Go smash up any restaurant business because it's owned by a foreigner. Go batter your wife because you need to assert your male dominance as you have fragile toxic masculinity behaviours with psychotic violent episodes. As Alec Trevelyan once said to James Bond: "For England James?" Bond: "No. For me." Anyone who is good and decent wants to come live in Scotland and escape England I'll pop the kettle on. Our cuppa tea much better. Our water doesn't scale the kettle. 🤣 Super Mario Bros are legendary 💘
  2. I worry for violent reprisal from England fans attacking Italian owned cafe and restaurant business in the capital by violent xenophobic English nationalists.
  3. Somewhere in England will be lots of domestic violence against women. Fear for them and the violent toxic masculinity with alcohol fueled psychotic episodes.
  4. I so hope that Italy win in the final. The conservative party will use an England win as a vehicle for Brexit saying that we are champions of Europe and we don't need to be in the EU. A lot of jingostic flag shaggers when England isn't solely the UK. Scotland voted to remain in the EU. I'm hopeful if England do win and the bad winner of over the top gloating and ugly English nationalism rears its head it will help bolster more people to be for Scottish independence.
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