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The Official UKFF RAW thread (part 2)...

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On 10/13/2020 at 11:47 PM, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

So with both draft shows done now, this is how the divisions stack up on each show (* means can drop to midcard title)


WWE Title

Drew McIntyre (c)

Randy Orton 

AJ Styles *

Jeff Hardy *

Braun Strowman

Sheamus *

'The Fiend'

US Title

Bobby Lashley (c)

Matt Riddle


Keith Lee

24/7, Underground, Lower Mid-Card

R Truth (24/7 c)

Angel Garza


Humberto Carillo


Drew Gulak


Dabba Kato

Riddick Moss


Arturo Ruas

Titus O'Neill

Raw Tag Team Titles

New Day (c)

Miz & Morrison

Lucha House Party

Retribution (Mace & TBAR, Ali & Slapjack)

Hurt Business (any combo of Benjamin, MVP and Alexander)

Raw Women's Title

Asuka (c)


Nia Jax (Women's Tag)

Shayna Basler (Women's Tag)

Peyton Royce

Mandy Rose

Dana Brooke

Charlotte Flair


Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss

Lacey Evans

Retaliation (Retribution)



Universal Champion

Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins *

Daniel Bryan *

King Corbin *

Kevin Owens *

Big E *

Intercontinental Title

Sami Zayn (c)

Aleister Black

Apollo Crews

Jey Uso

Shorty G




Lars Sullivan

Smackdown Tag Team Titles

Street Profits (c)

Nakamura & Cesaro

Ziggler & Roode

Rey & Dominik  Mysterio (Rey can fit Universal and IC title pictures)

Smackdown Women's Title


Sasha Banks


Bianca BelAir


Billie Kay


Zelina Vega

Liv Morgan

Ruby Riott

Fuck me that's dull.

Roman and to a lesser extent Fiend and Seth the only guys with any sort of star power.

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Nothing says that a team is dangerous and a threat to the company  then Jobbing them out twice in the same segment. I am really grateful they split the Iiconics just to put Payton  straight into another pointless tag team. And how dare they make me get bored of the Fiend and Alexa Bliss. It just doesnt work. An absolutely dismal Raw

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Bored off the Fiend and Bliss? That was my favourite part and easily the best they've been in a while. 

I'm now kinda sure that Orton will lose Sunday. Its gonna end up with the Fiend vs the Scottish Psychopath and having Alexa and Nicky on opposite sides too isn't it? 

I wouldn't be surprised if we go off the air Sunday with Wyatt and Bliss in the cage standing over Drew before we get a promo Monday night stating 

"I've beaten Beasts, Vipers, Monsters and Messiahs. The Fiend may be something I've never seen before, but I'll fight him. He may take my life but he'll never take my title". 

Is Keith Lee heel now or just a badass that isn't gonna be messed around by low blows and cheap shots? 

Raw Underground being so dead in the water AJ has a new bodyguard and Otis is already on two shows to give Tucker something to do is "great" too. And I love Otis. But its starting to grow old. 

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I really don't get the hate on Bliss and Wyatt.

Rollins faced Wyatt and went mad and thinks he's some saviour or messiah. 

Balor went back to the dark side and back to NXT because he was brutalised. 

Cena hasn't been seen since Wyatt had him face his fears and demons. 

Goldberg is probably the only one who's come off well from not being intimidated but he's been portrayed as a superhero in many instances. 

Bliss was attacked when Wyatt went after Strowman and tried to prove he wasn't a monster after all. Problem was Strowman is and brushed her aside. Wyatts attack showing her that Strowman doesn't care about her as much as she cared about him led her to Wyatt who essentially rescued her from being attacked by Strowman when he went to powerslam her.

Its definitely a bit Stockholm Syndrome and a bit Harley Quinn sure, but the whole idea that The Fiend now has this one person whos becoming as twisted mentally as him through being around him, probably not only gives the character a bit of depth, especially with the happy one minute, mad the next arc, but gives Bliss a chance to wrestle a completely different way to what she's done for years. Her character now, this almost trance like, dead inside but guided by the power of The Fiend presence realistically could be in the title picture again, if it wants to be, by taking out Asuka, having no fear against Shayna and Nia etc. 

I realise how hokey it all is, but it's no more stupid than the Undertaker trying to crucify and marry Steph during the Attitude Era, Mae Young giving birth to a hand and countless other storylines.

The most important thing, which I forget at times when I'm on a grumble about wrestling. We're a bunch of middle aged people on a message board complaining about a show aimed at children and teens that we still somewhat enjoy for various aspects. There's bits of last night as I mentioned I didn't like but on the whole its the first Raw I've sat through in a while and gone "actually most of this is going somewhere". 

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my problem with The Fiend isn't that it's hokey, it's that it's shit.

He feels like a blind grab of millennial horror tropes, like a Rob Zombie song come to life and dragged backwards through Hot Topic. I went back and watched his first Wrestlemania entrance, and it's so much creepier and scarier than anything The Fiend has ever done. That original backwoods cult leader Bray Wyatt felt like a hybrid of Max Cady and Charles Manson, the entrance music being slow and almost chilled out gave him a sense of calmness that felt genuinely unsettling. He felt like Bray Wyatt could be a real person, and the character has got progressively worse and worse the more they've stepped away from that and towards him being an ill-defined magical monster, rather than just a deluded, manipulative nutjob. The Fiend is the pinnacle of that.

They replaced his great music with an obnoxious metal cover of it because he's now "scary" as defined by the imagination of a 15 year old boy, they're doing a Joker/Harley Quinn thing with seemingly no understanding of how those characters actually relate to one another - he's just a cartoon character. A list of tropes, with no real logic or connecting tissue to them, zero subtlety, and at the expense of everything that once upon a time made Bray Wyatt a great character. The Firefly Funhouse stuff can be fun, but like so many imaginative gimmicks, falls down when you get to the essential question of why is he a wrestler, and how does that character translate to a wrestling match. 

Also, his matches are shit and he's got a big novelty hammer.

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I respect the man behind The Fiend, which is probably why I'm willing to go along with this stuff. I just admire the fact that he's so creative and tries different things. One thing that always annoyed me about Bray Wyatt is that those ramblings never went anywhere. I didn't think they went far enough with the cultish side of it all, and the words and promos just ended up feeling empty.

I don't think he's a bad wrestler at all but having to wrestle as The Fiend is a tough balance and one they've struggled to manage.

But I do like the Alexa stuff. It gives both of them something different to do and I am intrigued.


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17 minutes ago, Lorne Malvo said:

@Shy Dad I guarantee they've not put as much thought into it as you have in that post.

You're probably right. 

I have to believe they've thought about it more than "oh remember the hacker, yeh let's just say that was Ali after all" at least. 

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While Retribution are rubbish and the whole logic behind the group is stupid, them being jobbed out so quickly is everything wrong with WWE now. Even Nexus post-SummerSlam got better treatment then these guys. 

Imagine being so petty as to book Lana the way they're booking her

As much as Matt Riddle annoys me, booking a baby face to be scared of a bodyguard isn't going to work in the long haul. It's not exactly rocket science. 

Count me in in the Fiend/Bliss dislike. My problem is that it's catering to fan fiction writers who seem obbessed with the idea that Alexa Bliss is/should be Sister Abigail. 

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