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  1. Fuck me that's dull. Roman and to a lesser extent Fiend and Seth the only guys with any sort of star power.
  2. I'm fairly sure there'll be more clauses in that contract that he isn't telling us about. Also where on earth is he getting the idea that he'd be due $10 Million by each accuser and then Anthem themselves? Even if he kept up his stated earnings every month for the next 40 years (per chance dick flips on 80 year olds are in vogue in the year 2060), he'd still not have earned $10 Million.
  3. That takes me back. About 17 years to be precise. Might have to put myself in the username lottery.
  4. Where does the WWE owned aspect brand begin and end, though? Likeness? Real names? Everything? It just seems shitty to me that WWE would hire these guys as independent contractors and not only want full control of their activities but would want the right to take the profit from said activities for themselves and most audaciously use said profit to offset their salary, essentially charging the talent for getting involved.
  5. That’s unreal.. so talent loses control of their twitch, if talent want to continue building their brand, WWE takes the profits and uses some of it to offload their salary bill which they’re describing as a ‘revenue share’. That is fucking audacious to say the least.
  6. Is there a Sport UK equivalent for performing arts? That for me is where wrestling would naturally fit. It’s choreography with added risk. I think it would most naturally fit alongside touring dance shows.
  7. I’m no lawyer but I did seek some advice a couple months back and that’s pretty much it in England. Your three main defences are truth, reputation and privilege. The key thing is the burden of proof is ‘by the preponderance of the evidence’, in other words on the balance of probabilities. Anyone seeking to actually take their case to court ought to be confident of passing this threshold, else they could see their case elevated to mainstream coverage. I cannot comment for America, but in passing research I believe the burden of proof lies with the person bringing the case, not the person w
  8. To my knowledge its mainly the WWE guys who are standing by their denials and have therefore had the backing of a legal team. Maybe Joey Ryan? No contact on my end as discussed. As I say, I don't think too many will go down the libel route, unless its literally in a 'I can afford lawyers and you can't' kind of way. A lot of these cases can be proven on the balance of probability (i.e. the burden required to successfully defend a libel case) but not beyond all reasonable doubt (so victims would struggle to prove a criminal case against the accused). I think a lot of guys will just be sati
  9. Haven't watched, only seen the BT Sport WWE Twitter which TBH I only follow because my pal is admin 😄
  10. Who knew that Antifa all cosplay as The Sultan and have names like the house robots from Robot Wars.
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