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  1. Fury was quite smart in the first fight and was able to buy time at the count after the famous knockdown. He was able to buy about two seconds which I genuinely think would have been the difference between the fight being waved off and Fury continuing the way he did. I've heard rumours from a friend who is well connected in the boxing world that Fury is training to fight on the inside. This doesn't make any sense to me as Fury is best at standing back and using his reach advantage to keep his opponent on the end of the jab. I guess the idea is that by fighting on the inside you nullify Wilder's right-hook, but I wouldn't bank on that particularly given the stamina required to fight on the inside. If this is all true, I'd bet on a Wilder KO.
  2. Would love another Gargano/Ciampa match. The storytelling in those were about as perfect as wrestling gets. You can flip about and do Canadian Destroyers all you like and you'll get a pop here and there but nothing sucks me in like a beautifully crafted story and I think they nailed it with their Takeover matches a couple of years back.
  3. Standard fare I think, Fury will comfortably out-box Wilder for seven or eight rounds then Wilder will land a right hand out of nowhere. There this weird 'styles make fights' deal going on for the top three heavyweight IMO. Wilder beats Fury, AJ beats Wilder, Fury beats AJ - Usyk possibly beats all of them.
  4. The storytelling is alright TBF, Riptide is a solid entertaining promotion, it was more the name power of Progress' bookings now.
  5. I'd guess it'd be possible for Matt Richards to stay back then you have someone fill in for Jon Briley but yeah it's probably going to have to move (which has happened before). I do question how long it'll be before Progress shuts its doors (at least in its current guise). I mean WWE even seem to be signing up folk from the newest generation coming through - Pretty Deadly, Dani Luna, Candyfloss. You just need them to get OJMO and Cara Noir and you're pretty much at the point where you either get lent talent regularly (guaranteed) or you downgrade regular chapter venues. Comparatively, Rev Pro seem to have a really sweet deal with NJPW and ROH. I do prefer the storytelling style of Progress but I do think we're reaching the point where it's basically Riptide in a bigger venue.
  6. Mike Awesome's late 99 ECW run. What a beast, what a waste.
  7. Cobb is an outstanding talent, but he needs a mouthpiece.
  8. Didn't he threaten to kill Brock Lesnar once?
  9. I'm going to Mania and I'd quite like Reigns vs. Goldberg. Reigns vs. Fiend could just as well be main event of No Mercy as it could be Mania main event. I'd like Golderg/Reigns and Taker/Fiend as big name, big spectacle attracttion then further down you have the spotfest matches. Reigns/Fiend and McIntyre/Lesnar are fun but they don't scream Mania to me.
  10. Was a really fun show. Best I've seen from the WWE in quite a while, they really invested my energy in it.
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