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    Double post - apologies
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    eCw. There’s a blast from the past! My character was 7ft 4 and ate Caramacs IIRC.
  3. This conjures up amazing memories of Miami.
  4. I think when people on the right say 'left-wing media' they actually mean not rabidly right-wing. Our left-wing tabloids along with most of our broadcast media is liberal more than anything.
  5. If we're going down the BLM vs. MAGA route, the difference is pretty obvious. The worst of BLM is rioting. The worst of MAGA is actual domestic terrorism. The worst of the MAGA lot had a plan to kill and take hostages with view to overruling the democratic process through violence and intimidation. There's the difference.
  6. Possibly back to Moxley? Maybe Cody? Absolutely should be Page, though and I fully expect it to be. Vegas with a bit of a crowd at double or nothing, everyone on the piss losing their minds over the Cowboy rightfully taking his place at the top table.
  7. My experience wasn’t that extreme, but yeah, I agree entirely. Just because it’s part of an act doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Were a man to do that it would be open and shut. Here’s an extract of a review which referred to a situation where the person I accused repeated the same thing to another minor around the same time it happened to me: ”****** soon fought back. Powerbomb, DDT, Tombstone. But nothing seemed to put Angel away. It was only after a Superplex and a big splash did ****** finally get the win. But this wasn't the end of it. After attacking Angel, ****** returned to the
  8. I'm eagerly awaiting the APPG report. I supplied my full account to them, plus comprehensive evidence that I held back to defend myself in the eventuality of a trial that was being threatened (including multiple pieces of video footage demonstrating the same behaviour plus a written account of exactly the same thing happening to another minor) plus details and evidence of the intimidation that followed. I and others who have submitted their account on the same people will hopefully counter any attempted whitewashing that the accused have attempted through their interview with the APPG and rece
  9. He is dumb... However, I agree. This is a work. Gets him more listens. If you had a Venn Diagram with 'wrestling fans', 'heavy metal fans' and 'rootin tootin MAGA conspiracy nuts', you'd have a fairly sizeable market in the middle.
  10. Professor Chris Witty, Dominic Littlewood as Domberg, Goldberg
  11. Looks weird in isolation but nevertheless it’s impressive that they could immerse the audience enough that they didn’t have to be doing acrobatics (as much as a Canadian Destroyer by Andre sounds fun)
  12. These things don’t always hit home. This one does. Comes across a really nice human being, dedicated to his family. As a performer an incredible talent. This really really sucks. My thoughts are with his family - his wife and two young sons. Awful, awful, awful.
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