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  1. Can he really take credit for that, though? Both Cena and Orton were green as grass when they first came into WWE. Lesnar was an absolute beast, who in any case attributes Heyman for his success (not Cornette) and the Batista that eventually made it was virtually unrecognisable from him Leviathan days.
  2. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never understood Cornette’s cult-like status. An unhinged gob on a stick that ceases to be amusing once you’ve listened to more than one or two diatribes. His booking ideas are usually 35 years out of date (see his shoot on rebooking Wrestlemania 17) with no understanding of the importance of popular culture and social media for entertainment companies of the scale of the WWE. It’s not like he’s been this game changing figure, either. He ran SMW which was at times amusing and it arguably got some talent like Kane and Chris Jericho noticed but what else? He was a decent manager? I’m struggling beyond that.
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