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  1. Great question. Vince is an awful person. WWE is an awful company with awful practices... However, I only ever half switch off - I.E I keep track from afar without watching entire shows and then give it a look if something peaks my interest. At the moment I’m doing that - I don’t directly spend money on the product because I’m not interested but I could do so at any given moment. Honestly, the only way I could see myself switching off permanently would be a kind of fizzle out of interest and to be honest I hate that because I should have taken a stand already.
  2. I'm guessing that is due to the hike in TV money. No chance they'll be getting that with a million viewers when its up for renewal.
  3. Integrity really isn’t the word when it comes to WWE but it’s the most appropriate word I can think of. Vince seems to have gone batshit over lockdown and he seems to have thrown basic integrity out the window - hence wrestlers thrown off buildings then turning up two days later, alternate universes, best match ever, eye gouging.. Some early encouragement on the cinematic approach has seen the man get totally carried away by the looks of it. Knowing WWE the way I do, I expect about another six months of this before they do the whole ‘we hear the voices of the WWE universe and we are embarking on change’ spiel.
  4. I’ve not watched a full show since the Rumble. Caught bits and pieces here and there. It all seems like absolute garbage at the moment, doesn’t it? I’ve certainly no desire to watch anything in full at the moment.
  5. I notice that some relations of the accused think deleting a tweet equates to a retraction/discrediting... Doesn’t work that way! I stand 100% by my claims and am completely open to be questioned on it, I just didn’t want the aggro of it being out in the open and didn’t fancy waking up to threats on live-streams by ex-convicts.
  6. Yeah, his body language is not good there at all. Along with the lack of eye contact with the camera, I believe that the look up to the top left is a classic indication of a lie - as I understand it, the creative side of our brain is on the left looking forward and we tend to naturally look in that direction when we’re invoking our creativity.
  7. What I’d also say is that a lot of the victims will want to de-escalate, and that’s another reason why there is silence. I know in my case, and it was one of the lesser known cases, the attention was really intense. Too intense, and there was a certain group of people that were effectively set on me to question my character - people who do not know me and do not know my story and used a distorted account of the situation to justify their attacks. The attention was horrible, I just wanted to hide away and that’s why I deleted my Twitter, my LinkedIn and locked down my Facebook to within an inch of my life. The first live stream on the subject also made me fear for my family’s wellbeing, something I didn’t want to expose them to. The legal threats and all that didn’t bother me. I know that if a civil case is brought against me, I have the evidence and the inclination to fight it and win, but the attention was intense and at this point I just want to defuse the situation and move on. I can, therefore, only imagine what the ladies implicated in the higher profile scandals are going through. They are some tough, tough women. It takes a huge amount of courage to come out with something so personal and intimate, speak truth to power and keep that account out there in the face of god knows what - not least because a lot of these are harrowing personal traumas. I never regarded my allegation as a trauma as it was very much ‘a part of the show’, and was seen as such at the time but the questioning of my character got to me - thrown in a bit of trauma in there and I just cannot imagine what they’re going through. The folk that say ‘oh they just want their five minutes of fame’ could not be more wrong - I’m sure these ladies (and some guys) that keep their accounts in the public domain would love to crawl under a rock right now.
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