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  1. Yeah, his body language is not good there at all. Along with the lack of eye contact with the camera, I believe that the look up to the top left is a classic indication of a lie - as I understand it, the creative side of our brain is on the left looking forward and we tend to naturally look in that direction when we’re invoking our creativity.
  2. What I’d also say is that a lot of the victims will want to de-escalate, and that’s another reason why there is silence. I know in my case, and it was one of the lesser known cases, the attention was really intense. Too intense, and there was a certain group of people that were effectively set on me to question my character - people who do not know me and do not know my story and used a distorted account of the situation to justify their attacks. The attention was horrible, I just wanted to hide away and that’s why I deleted my Twitter, my LinkedIn and locked down my Facebook to within an inch of my life. The first live stream on the subject also made me fear for my family’s wellbeing, something I didn’t want to expose them to. The legal threats and all that didn’t bother me. I know that if a civil case is brought against me, I have the evidence and the inclination to fight it and win, but the attention was intense and at this point I just want to defuse the situation and move on. I can, therefore, only imagine what the ladies implicated in the higher profile scandals are going through. They are some tough, tough women. It takes a huge amount of courage to come out with something so personal and intimate, speak truth to power and keep that account out there in the face of god knows what - not least because a lot of these are harrowing personal traumas. I never regarded my allegation as a trauma as it was very much ‘a part of the show’, and was seen as such at the time but the questioning of my character got to me - thrown in a bit of trauma in there and I just cannot imagine what they’re going through. The folk that say ‘oh they just want their five minutes of fame’ could not be more wrong - I’m sure these ladies (and some guys) that keep their accounts in the public domain would love to crawl under a rock right now.
  3. There's pattern of selective memory emerging for certain and I should probably leave it at that.
  4. An exaggeration but Ligero, Banks, Joe Coffey (I think that’s the Coffey), Wolfgang, Devlin all accused. Possibly more than that. That’s a fair chunk of the roster - furthermore, the UK is quite a narrow catch moment. I can see them widening the net and running shows across the continent. That all said, I did hear a rumour a while back that they were exploring using the BT Studio for tapings, sort of using their PR launch as a test, so it could be the reverse.
  5. Conversion to NXT-Europe I bet. Dressed up as an expansion rather than the fact NXT-UK without a third of the talent it had isn’t viable.
  6. Whataboutery doesn't work on this. Each case demands accountability. Anyone referring to a hierarchy of sexual assault and bullying is missing the point on the #speakingout movement - its about eliminating the toxicity within its culture and aligning wrestling into the standards of the outside world, whilst resolving each case on its own merits. I'm a little bit surprised that this needs explaining, but nothing shocks me anymore.
  7. I totally forgot about that.. Here’s a direct quote: “Been told I can't go to WWE tryouts because I threatened a NXT trainer, or whatever. That's bullshit. The bottom line is, [William] Regal, we heard he was slagging my family off," claimed Roy. "A lot of wrestlers told us he was slagging us off, calling us poutine scum and my dad's a gangster. I mentioned to Mr. Regal, 'what's your problem with my dad, what's your problem with my family? Why do you keep blocking us? If you got an issue, I'll come on my own to meet you at any venue in the world and we can have a chat about it. Or a shoot fight, whatever you want to do. Kick the shit out of each other, shake hands, get done with it.' He messaged my dad and was really nice to my dad. I messaged him saying, 'it's done. Thanks a lot.' Men like to speak to each other because that's what most men do. I'm not a 'Yes Man' like most people you hire. I don't know why you keep carrying this on.” There is a bit on James Mason I’m seeing too. I wonder if he was the guy that Paige went on record to say was dangled out the window? I didn’t really ever take much interest in these guys beyond the obvious. There seems to be some history to put it mildly. I don’t know if there’s even much a reputation to tarnish at this point - and by that I mean they’re known for being quite aggressive, quite violent - that’s the persona and their main following either don’t know about it, don’t care or are in denial about it, and no allegations at this point would change that.
  8. Registration on companies house is of course welcome but it shouldn’t prove a distraction from the real issues at hand here. Dangling people off off multi story buildings, hitting them over the head with pool cues, hitting them with bags of ice, ‘bangcocking’ people (presumably hitting people in their genitalia without consent?), passionately kissing fans seemingly without consent on multiple occasions, family members making threats on multiple of occasions, encouraging people to target accusers immediately after their full name and town of location is published... all of this is stuff that’s either been admitted in person (or in one case alleged by a relative of the folk implicated) or has been caught on camera and it does not scrape the surface as to what evidence is available to counter any legal case that could be brought against the allegations that have been made (my case and the others) and it absolutely dwarths the evidence that has been presented in legal cases successfully defended relating to historical accusations of sexual abuse. Being on companies house hasn’t proven an obstacle to all the above happening, there has to be other safeguards and the marketplace should be informed within the boundaries of the law so it can vote with its feet. Who leads this? This isn’t just a union job, though they are a bit part of it. I think a lot of this goes straight to the top too. ... oh and by the way, the intimidation of the accused won’t work. There’s a presumption that accused are always internet trolls. Not always so. Sometimes the fear of having a punch thrown at them by a member of the family with a criminal history won’t be enough to make them take it back. Sometimes folk have the inclination and the capital to defend their case all the way. Sometimes when you don’t expect folk to reach out to the police and their lawyers they do. Sometimes when you mess with people you think are weak they bite back, sometimes folk know their truth so passionately that they actively welcome the opportunity to prove it and aren’t afraid of big burly men who can’t string a sentence together. In other words, some bullies never lose but when they pick a fight against folk that are used to bullies, that understand how they operate and have the intelligence, capital and internal strength to stand up to them? It brings about a fucking big shock to the system.
  9. Sounds like you’re just going to need to say Pete Dunne fifty times at this point.
  10. How realistic would be to regulate whilst retaining feasible business practice?
  11. Yeah, it’s an interesting one that video. A proper psychoanalysis of it would be interesting because a lot of that sounds horrific to me. I don’t think I’d be too chuffed if someone had uncovered a story about my family dangling someone off a multi storey building. That all said, benefit of the doubt on the nice people stuff. They’ve clearly done a lot of good, charity work, training disabled people, taken people in etc. However, it does not excuse irresponsible or inappropriate behaviour however isolated it is and by that I’m not talking about ‘working stuff’. Plenty trainers manage to train strong style without facing these allegations.
  12. I’ve no idea what Danielle Mathesson’s allegation was, but the comment in her thread that said ‘blink twice if you’re okay’ about summed it up for me. Such a fucked up business.
  13. The problem with defamation cases, or at least libel, is that in a sense it does presume guilt because the burden is on the defendant to prove they are telling the truth, in other words the presumption is that the defendant is lying. This is problematic when it comes to sexual abuse cases. That being said the precedent is generally that libel cases can be successfully defended more easily than proving criminal cases - which is probably why the amount of libel cases in this country is fairly low (I think it’s 67 a year?). There’s a fair bit of risk involved if the defendant has solid evidence - I’d imagine that’s why you see a fair amount of these strong arm statements etc. It gives the claimant a moral victory without taking on the risk of a full trial - though that strategy only works if the defendant wishes to de-escalate at all costs. Some people are prepared to fight their case all the way because they know they’re telling the truth and they know they have the evidence to back it up.
  14. One other thing that I think is fundamentally nuts - it’s not a legal requirement to have a trained paramedic on hand at a wrestling show.
  15. Oh for sure, I think there should be discretion (David Starr for instance is beyond the pale with his accusations) but equally I believe people can reform themselves. That starts with accountability and if I’m honest I can count on one hand the amount of accused folk who have shown proper, genuine contrition and an understanding of the gravity of their accusation.
  16. If I’m honest I hope he does rehabilitate himself and revive his career. This movement shouldn’t be about cancelling people, it should be about reforming and safeguarding the industry. No longer should abuse be justified in the name of bullshit time honoured traditions. This whole movement has shone a light on the fact that there’s a real world outside the professional wrestling bubble with progressive values and safe working practices and recognition of that will see old abuse enabling values crumble.
  17. Gents, there’s a whole lot I’d like to say but I’m advised not to. This is in hand and I stand by my allegations.
  18. I'm definitely seeing all this from a new perspective. If there can be a positive to this sordid business (referring to the entire #speakingout movement), its that most of us are all that little more enlightened. I know I've learned a fair amount. Not enough, but a fair amount.
  19. There seems to be two sides to the wrestling industry in Britain as I see it (entirely my opinion). You've got the one side that are pretty progressive and are willing to adapt to do what's right whilst remaining in the forefront of the evolution of British wrestling, then you've got the holiday camp promotions who do things in a very old fashioned, carny way who are highly unlikely to adapt and will probably actively resist attempts to safeguard the industry - I may well be wrong in this, and I'd be delighted to be proven wrong. I'm actually more concerned with the former as they are the people that are setting the tone and are of greatest influence not just to British independent wrestling but to independent wrestling around the world. The latter will always be there and honestly I don't think they'll adapt because they attract an entirely different audience. ...and FWIW, I'm minded to be fairly conservative (small c I must emphasise!) with changes in wrestling. I've been to the odd Riptide show where I've thought 'Christ, come on, this is too far', but I'm learning to adapt and to learn about the rationale behind these changes.
  20. I’ve been privy to screen grabs this morning that apparently show that Roy has decided to ask his followers to ‘show their feelings to that wanker scum’ in response to my shut down on social media. To the best of my knowledge these screenshots are real and they show my full name and hometown.
  21. Following advice, I’ve deleted all of my posts on the subject matter discussed yesterday along with my Twitter account, I’ve also locked down my Facebook account. What I published yesterday truth based on my lived experience. Today I feel intimidated. I feel like my family are at risk and it’s doing my mental health no good whatsoever having faced threats and abuse on social media. It’s proven to me just how brave the people that have spoken out and kept their accounts public are. I do not have that level of bravery myself. I’d rather not discuss the specifics going forward.
  22. Yeah I’m seeing a lot of that, and a lot of ‘friends’ of the accused saying ‘they’re nice to me, they didn’t do this’. I don’t doubt a lot of these people are nice day to day, but equally there’s clearly something very wrong in professional wrestling where it comes to psychological, physical and sexual abuse. The boundaries seem to be in a different place to the world outside the bubble - at least I hope that’s the case because the alternative is too depressing to comprehend.
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