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  1. Always sad to hear of a wrestling death but moreso when the death has been directly related to an injury sustained in the ring. Very sad. RIP
  2. @pinc you're right... His rumble win was a win for me... ? I'm not changing it.
  3. I still maintain that the Goldberg return and run is my all time favourite thing in wrestling. Booked to perfection with the element of suspension whilst playing to his strengths and covering his weaknesses; the initial match, rumble win and mania match are just wonderful. I can't think of much else that could top it.
  4. 1. Ken Shamrock 2. Gangrel 3. Kevin Nash
  5. Caught the last episode and I can safely say that this series has been the most entertaining Star Wars content for some time. There's enough fan service to keep the nerds happy and a decent storyline which keeps you guessing. Even the weakest episode (4) was good. The last episode had a great wtf moment in the ending and I can't wait for the next season.
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