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  1. Taken some holiday while the family are still at school/work and bought myself Pokémon let's go Pikachu to kill some time and half-relive my Pokémon glory days. ...Yes, I took my son and pretended it was for him. I've zero regrets.
  2. @air_raid ... Half of it tomorrow? Never heard of it.
  3. The dominos advert has annoyed me so much I deliberately went for the local kebab shop pizza over dominos. I shall be making this mistake again.
  4. This week I've seen Braun advertising the live shows and how excited he is to be performing live again and now this... He's a decent talent that's reached his peak. Will he have much to add to AEW? Probably more than Christian.
  5. Currently devouring 'One Two Three Four: The Beatles in Time' by Craig Brown. I have never read a biography like it and it has raised the bar considerably. Brown views the Beatles from every angle possible, utilising different perspectives whilst maintaining a quaint social commentary of the 60's. Visiting the childhood homes of Lennon and McCartney and the derelict cinemas in Hamburg reflect the depth of research for the book. Chapters are 1-5 pages long and provide digestible tales on the Beatles from their origins to the height of Beatlemania and beyond. I've laughed at the anecdotes a
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