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  1. Christ knows what's going on with Wandavision but I like it. There is enough intrigue to keep you hooked and plenty of light-hearted content to keep you happy. I like it and want to watch episode 3 already.
  2. Absolute scenes right now. Trump has done his bit by asking people to protest peacefully. Christ.
  3. Goldberg's 2016 return was the greatest wrestling storyline in the last decade. Unfortunately he's been milked too much and that teat is weathered and maybe it's time to call it a day... That being said, I still love seeing the doddery old bastard and despite the shoddy delivery, I don't mind him coming in for the odd match as long as it doesn't go on for too long to expose his decay... hopefully Miz cashes in because there is no way your champ should be losing to a part timer even if it's Goldberg. @tiger_rick was bang on with how the challenge should go down. Beggars can't be choosers.
  4. What a shit storm. Primaries back, Y11&13 back but no online learning for Y7-10&12? They've lost the fucking plot.
  5. As promising as the second vaccine is, I can't help feeling shit that there's 50k+ cases and very little seems to be done about it. We have updates from Williamson and Hancock later today... Where is the PM?
  6. I've got Christmas spends and want to invest in some graphic novels. I've not collected anything for years now and an wondering if people have read and would recommend civil war 2 and the marvel rebooted Star Wars series? Open to suggestions - Fan of Batman, Cable, Wolverine, Punisher... TIA
  7. This press conference is a waste of time. Our cunt PM is trying to frame disruption from imports as minor and the vaccine rollout is a huge success. What's the biggest virus - This government or covid?
  8. Cunt in being a cunt shocker. Rumour is PM will resign in January... I can't find a word stronger than cunt. Anybody in tier 4, I feel for you.
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