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  1. An awful main event that cements my opinion on the undertaker being the most overrated wrestler of the last 20 years. Bar a few wrestlemania matches, I can't recall a decent match against anyone who didn't protect him. Should have retired against Reigns because everything since has been a shower of shit and he can walk about acting pissed but he's more than half responsible for that match. The botched tombstone was painful to watch and the brainhammer ™ was awful. They should both pack it in now as they're lucky to be standing, no exaggeration. That said, would I sell my soul and risk my neck (literally) for some Saudi dollar? Yes. Fair play for even agreeing to that shite; how much is somebody's integrity worth?
  2. @Bellenda Carlisle you lucky bastard. An absolute steal for those. Fair play. The daredevil shit is worth £20 alone.
  3. Wideload90

    Cereal Chat

    Golden Grahams. Love them but they're totally overrated. After several days of punishing my bowels I love nothing more than bran flakes combined with honey nut corn flakes. Would love to be one of those porridge/oat lovers but they take too long to make and the return is lacking.
  4. Will anything top those shitty nationwide adverts with the singing sisters?
  5. Shower all the way. I can change the temperature at the turn of a dial, use the showerhead for all those hard to reach places and take a steaming piss before watching it glide effortlessly down the plughole. Shame on those who bathe in their own dead skin and soap scum. Oh, and there's nothing more depressing than a low pressure shower. I want to feel the grime being lifted off.
  6. I am loving the direction Brock is heading. He's ignorant, antagonistic and a complete goof. Slapping the paper from Heyman and being outraged that anybody can cash in was gold. The only highlight in a shit raw.
  7. Late to the party but after only starting GoT at the end of March, I just caught the finale. I would be so disappointed if I had waited 8 years for this but it's still good. The two biggest issues are that because the rest of the series is so good, the ending is flat and the final series is so rushed. So many questions and it will require a second viewing in full. Now going to be a book wanker.
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