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  1. Wideload90

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    Never has a user pic been more appropriate. Hilarious though.
  2. Wideload90

    The Perfect Sitcom Episode

    I caught this the other night when struggling to find something to watch (too much choice). The stereotypical candidates, the ridiculous robes and Colin make it one of my favourites. The jokes and puns come thick and fast and it highlights Blackadder at his best. People often rate goes forth and Blackadder 2 as the best but Blackadder the third has some comedy gold. Stephen Fry as Wellington slapping the shit out of the Prince regent is something I will never tire of seeing.
  3. Wideload90

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Just started this and am not disappointed. Got a Banshee feel to it.
  4. Wideload90

    Early Nights

  5. Wideload90

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Rotten in the ring? The best powerbomb in the business and managed to sell a broken leg like a pro.
  6. Wideload90

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Seeing Sid above reinforces my belief that he had(has?) one of the greatest looks of any wrestler.
  7. Wideload90

    Types of angle you love

    Echoing the love for the grizzled vet returning. Just this week I rewatched Steamboat vs. Jericho and it reinforced my love for a return. Can't believe it was 10 years ago either. I still maintain that the Goldberg return against Brock is the best moment of wrestling from the last 5 years too, and one of my favourite angles of all time. Sometimes, simplicity is best. A good underdog story with a surprise win is also worth its weight in gold; hurricane and rock and Jericho vs. triple h are prime examples. Great idea for a thread.