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  1. Having PPVs with distinct sets with reasonable run times. The Backlash swinging talons, the KOTR chair, the Halloween Havoc pumpkin all added more to a PPV than this awful HD generation.
  2. ITV promoting the David Cameron interview. My curiosity about what he's got to say is outweighed by my disgust at the pig fucking cunt for being solely responsible for plunging the country into this current shitstorm. The dirty cunt.
  3. Bercow brought an element of pantomime to the chamber. I love his ties but he's still a cunt.
  4. Austin is on another level. The moment Seth took to the mic it revealed the drop in quality and took me right out of it. Even Austin managed a thumbs up to it. Strowman, with a bit of moulding, has tremendous potential still. A decent show which is nice. 3*
  5. Some fucking scenes in the commons at the moment. Thrashing those fucking Tory cunts.
  6. Thanks @Richard, I have now dried my tears, you Tory cunt.
  7. I fucking hate where this country is headed and the Tory cunts are causing so much damage. The sad thing is that other political parties have been doing very little until now to try derail this. I find it hard because people are throwing out "undemocratic" on both sides and I find it hard to see how people voted for this shit show and aren't given the opportunity to change their mind. If I'm given the choice to vote for chocolate ice cream and I'm given strawberry and told it's what I voted for I'd be entitled to change my mind. Fuck the right wing cunts and that bumbling cunt who is fucking up a country like his two predecessor cunts to fulfil their self serving destructive policies. Fuck them.
  8. Whenever I hear students call my name in public I immediately respond with "it wasn't me" or, if I see them and they acknowledge me "shalom". The wife hates it and I hate myself for it too, I just don't want to say anything but this shit comes out. Probably makes me look like a right weapon in front of parents too...
  9. The Rey red lightsaber thing will be a vision and I'm not getting my hopes up to be disappointed. B wings~! Roll on Christmas.
  10. Finished it earlier this week (Needed something to do whilst forum was down) and felt a little disappointed. I forgot that Glow was 10 episodes a series rather than 13 so felt flat at the airport ending. Loved the Xmas story but overall this was a series which ignored certain plotlines and character development and I worry how much is left in the tank. Despite this - wholesome family viewing.
  11. Season 3 has been the weakest one so far but it's still really enjoyable viewing; Marc Maron is the standout. More wrestling needed in future seasons (if any) I still cheer when Carlito pops up - he deserves another run.
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