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  1. Rees Mogg showing why he's in the top 1% of Tory cunts. I fucking hate this party.
  2. Finished this over a week as Mrs W thought it was too stressful to watch. Games were fun, the way it was shot was stunning and the character development over 9 episodes was tremendous. That said, the last episode let me down and left things feeling a bit flat. If it could have been summed up in a single series it would have been better but it's all about money.... Just get on the plane for Christ sake. Oh, and crazy bitch psycho lady is my favourite.
  3. Spending my Saturday night catching up on the buy-in via YouTube. Suzuki Bryan is something different... I like it and I love how it demonstrates Bryan's versatility and ability to mix styles. Compared to 5 minutes of Brock, this free show shits on WWE. Just good wrestling.
  4. Caught first episode of squid game because I bowed to peer pressure. Very well made and it makes me want to watch more. I'm not one to binge episodes so I'll be taking time to digest it.
  5. I've given this some more thought - Jericho is akin to Motorhead. They're recognisable, had a few hits and could quite easily sell out an O2 academy. Getting to sell out the O2 arena? Very very unlikely. Jericho isn't a huge draw but adds something to the card. The biggest problem I find with Jericho is that he doesn't ooze star power - he thinks he does and it is this false belief that he's a top draw that dilutes any real chance of being considered one of the best. I don't know why this bugs me so much.
  6. Jericho is a chameleon. He can adapt his act to a company and/or particular performer - that's talent. Do I class him as a headliner? No. Upper mid-card with flourishes in the upper ranks at best. He's not a Hogan, Austin, Rock or Cena and there's times where he isn't even in the league of Bret, HBK and Angle. Is he a solid hand? Yes. Can you name 10 matches or moments that cement him as an all-time great? Probably not. Miles better than Ziggler, nowhere near Austin level. I anticipate grief from this...
  7. More cunty behaviour in recent press. Cancer deaths? No worries. More cuts? Who cares. The Tories could cull children on live TV, shoot the elderly and increase taxes indefinitely and they'd still be in power. Cunts at every turn. Starmer is also a massive cunt for being a letdown. So many open goals missed... The worst government in forever and we've got the weakest opposition. Cunts.
  8. Never have the energy to watch a show but highlights on social media from country boy Brock Lesnar show why he's head and shoulders above the rest. His Hardy interruption was superb.
  9. Came here to post Gina from Brooklyn 99. @LaGooshis bang on. Doesn't fit with the rest of the team, self centered and tires too hard to be funny.
  10. @Onyx2thanks - no budget as in can afford majority of market. I assume Samsung is OnePlus friendly?
  11. Smartwatches. Mrs. W has an apple one and it's the best thing since sliced bread (apparently). I'm a shitty android (OnePlus) user and have no idea where to start. I'm looking to use it for messages and notifications. Any recommendations greatly appreciated - no budget.
  12. The Steamboat mini comeback was the first thing that came to mind. Such a surprise and great fun to watch.
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