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  1. Who'd have thought that Theresa May would be so good? She'd make a great PM.... Seriously though, it's great to see how much she loathes Gove. She's still a cunt though.
  2. Watching a wwe top 10 on YouTube about miraculous superstar landings and have found my favourite bump ever. Johnny Nitro, Carlito and Shelton Benjamin are in a triple threat and there's a monkey flip spot which nitro just nails perfectly. It's beautiful. It's number 8 on the link if you want to agree with me.
  3. The boneyard match helped mask the physical aspects that undertaker couldn't manage. It's as good a match as we're going to get. Any future in-ring performance should be brief - tombstone or chokeslam and get out in one piece. A great albeit biased documentary.
  4. Steve Austin. Big, muscular but not overly defined. Solid. Rick Rude is the most obvious answer though.
  5. Two spring to mind from the mega drive: the monkey toss/ostrich (?) ride from the lion king and the trolley dash from Mickey mania (Mickey's wild adventures on the PS1) Both sections require such specific timing for the jumps that you would constantly fuck up and lose a life. Both appeared on the second level of otherwise great games. Damn you Disney.
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