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  1. I can't stand Steph McGovern but even I feel sorry for somebody receiving 0 viewers. That said, it's a shit show and anything going up against the behemoth that is the menopausal powerhouse Loose Women is going to come off worse. Should have stuck to discussing business on breakfast.
  2. So those cunts are allowing those who hunt with guns (Tory cunts) the opportunity to breach the mighty rule of six. They're fucking trolling the public now. On the plus side, Ed 'bacon sandwich' Miliband just shone a light on the lead cunt charlatan and exposed him as the fraud we all knew he is and tore him a new asshole in the commons. If you've not seen the highlights, track it down. Superb takedown of cunts and their cunt policy. When given the opportunity to add details and show his mighty intelligence and leadership, Boris cunting Johnson absolutely bottled it.
  3. Very sad news about Toots, especially after listening to his latest release. I was fortunate enough to see them play live and it was great fun. A consistent back catalogue which guaranteed to get you moving. A sad loss.
  4. Heycar. Some tosser mining rap directly to the camera. I hope they lose revenue on the back of this shite.
  5. It's almost like the Tory cunts are doing everything in their power to be the worst government in history and this latest appointment is laughable. What a pack of cunts.
  6. Brooklyn nine nine is consistently good. I can't think of a single dud episode. Rewatching ashes to ashes and it's just as good as I remember. Not one dislikeable character, an intriguing story and a top notch soundtrack. Bliss.
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