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  1. Could this be a ignorant man believing all they promised him to then realise within a few weeks it was trash?
  2. Back in April it was reported that they were having to keep Bliss and Banks apart backstage as the two really don't get along. Was all around the time Banks took her ball and went home, Bliss blocked her on social media, there was some thinly veiled digs. I guess keeping Sasha happy means keeping Bliss on the other brand.
  3. Saudi show, potentially a 5th for team Hogan? Edit : he's tweeted out himself in the last 15 minutes 'No I'm not and no I'm not'. Waiting on WWE to announce it?
  4. Cain Velasquez has this weird point of looking so ordinary and somewhat dim yet you absolutely know he could fuck you up. Tysom Fury was a bit of a surprise too, is this WWE going down the route of trying to make it look more like a sport on Fox by throwing in all these 'legit' fighters? The Kofi match was handled brilliantly. Watching Lesnar throw him around for ages would have just soured the whole title experience for me, Kofi winning by cheating or a fluke just wouldn't have made sense. Having it be a moment of regret as he knew he had to try and take the fight and use his speed and agility only to be caught was great.
  5. Centre mid and a man just behind the striker is probably one of Scotlands strongest position. It's still got the strength of a paper bag but it's their strongest.
  6. Rey to cost him and a match at Saudi? I previously joked Rock but it could lead to something Mania time seeing as Rocks last real defeat without getting redemption is Lesnar. Maybe even the Cain vs Brock thing that's been bounded about all week as he's a mate of Rey's? I really can't see Brock winning tonight. Well maybe it's more I don't want too more than anything. What's Big Dave up too? They always played up on screen him and Mysterio were like brothers. Him vs Brock in Saudi?
  7. Liking Southgate calling up Abraham and Tomori just to get them fully registered as England internationals going forward yet Jack Grealish still sits waiting for a call from either England or Ireland.
  8. Sorry folks, I'm probably gonna have to duck out on this. Teaching schedule and such means I've not even payed any attention to football (didn't even realise there was Champions League on TV last night) and I'd rather not just go down the route of guessing every week with no context.
  9. Lawler was good. I was wrong. Willing to admit that. Let's see how Hell in a Cell paves out but that Finn idea sounds too much like the way they'd go. Unless Lesnar wins Friday and the champion appearing on either shows does become a special attraction.
  10. Rock costs Brock, Rock/Brock at Mania?
  11. On a bit of a downward spiral. Where I'm living im just so enclosed away from everything and hardly see people, campus life works for some but it's so boring and non busy for me and starting my placement Monday is probably messing my mood up. Was struggling to even enjoy FCP last night which I'd spent the month building myself up for as tons of people in a small venue always takes a build up for me. I've started pushing friends away as well which is usually a precursor to me losing my mind so I'm excited for that.
  12. Dio Maddin is 6 foot 7, near 300lbs and 28 years old. Imagine my excitement the first time he runs away from the commentary desk when someone approaches it because the announcers should look intimidated by the wrestlers.
  13. Because wheeling Jerry Lawler out is going to rejuvenate the audiences. Guess the Renee Young experiment is done too? "Special contributor" is basically backstage announcer right?
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