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  1. And I think that's how you make a new star. More thoughts tomorrow but that mens Rumble was fantastic for so many reasons.
  2. Bryants reps have confirmed to TMZ that his 13 year old daughter was on board as well. They were heading to his academy for a basketball session. Fucking hell.
  3. There's reports of ex Laker Rick Fox, reports of all his daughters and then one with it being Fox and 2 of the daughters on the way to the Grammy Awards. It's fucking horrible, and social media journalism can only be making this worse by all the real time reporting. It has to be absolutely devastating for friends and families, especially with all these rumours circling and nobody able to make a proper statement release on it.
  4. TMZ reported and its been picked up by the news sites over here as well that Kobe has died in a helicopter crash along with 4 other people. I'm not as big a basketball fan as I really used to be but Bryant really was my Michael Jordan of my era growing up. It was only last night that LeBron overtook him as one of the highest scoring players of all time too. Absolutely gutting news, he was just such a classy player, all round one of the best, has such a young family as well.
  5. I did find it quite ballsy how loudly you pointed out that you didn't like them to me, right by the entrance as thousands of their fans were walking past you 😂 always good to see you though.
  6. Slipknot were fantastic last night. As was yet again bumping into @UK Kat Von D which is becoming a regular occurance now.
  7. Managed to get a Sunday ticket after they announced a second show. My bank account regrets, I do not. Got Slipknot tonight, for some reason thought it was yesterday, quite happy I have the day off tomorrow for it, should be great.
  8. Apparently Davey Boy Smith Jr was at the funeral and confirmed its true to a reporter.
  9. Slipknot Thursday, Kaiser Chiefs Saturday, Vukovi/Soeur on the 31st, Frank Carter on the 15th Feb and Cage the Elephant/Swmrs on the 20th. On top of that I'm trying to work out if getting MCR tickets is going to be worth it or if they'll do a festival but it's a solid start to the year for me gig wise.
  10. It's Jericho. The man made a clipboard more popular than most the WWE roster at the time he brought that in, just one of his many quirks.
  11. Just saw while scrolling the Mirror website that he's passed away aged 75. Figured it was more than just minor news, as one of the first black WWE tag team champions and being The Rocks father his influence on wrestling is fairly massive.
  12. I think Rey got a bit shook up on the landing, ref seemed to send him out to get himself together and then the whole ending was a bit scrambled as Rey still wasn't totally with it.
  13. Did last night's show just seem glitchy to anyone? I don't know how to describe it, but the matches all seemed a bit botched, some of the backstage interviews had audio poor or started before the cameras turned, they tackled the minister thinking he was a ring invader (why on earth he entered the ring like that anyway) and why they panned to the ring before shooting for an emergency commercial. Even Show struggled to get up the steps or over the ropes and Rowans opponent nearly fell off the stage running away. It was all just a bit bizarre (insert Bulldog here) Edit: forgot about Heyman and Brock just walking into frame because Brock doesn't give a fuck.
  14. Wonder how many numbers are gonna change after Raw
  15. Big Show struggled to get himself over the top rope.
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