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  1. It's the bit about how the New Jack story ends and him wanting it to be him in a wheelchair snorting coke and you know it's not hyperbole or bullshit he really wants to be that when he reaches old age. I do wish they'd gone a bit further into stuff about him being a bounty hunter and such though, a bit more about his earlier life would have at least let humanised the guy a tad.
  2. They do, a little, but nowhere near as much as the Mass Transit incident or stuff in SMW.
  3. Came into this chat seeing a number of pages had gone by thinking that last nights New Jack episode must have been great. Instead it's still Lord Mount having a moan about Triple H. Can we do what we usually do best and move this to its own thread of chat and go back to Dark Side please? Anyway back to Dark Side; New Jack is fucking crazy. The way he talks about tazing Grimes and throwing him off the balcony "Jack I can't feel my legs" "Don't worry you don't need them, bombs away"
  4. Having Seth Rollins near cripple you by throwing your 56 year old Neck into metal at full pelt with a Buckle Bomb is probably not the way any of us want to exit the business. The rest of it I agree with.
  5. Toronto II was good but exhausting if I remember right. Let's see how many naps I need during that main event again.
  6. And based off that sentence, as you can guess they've put them on the outdoor main stage this year, rather than one of the tents where Dune Rats absolutely ripped the place apart last year.
  7. Speaking of forgotten clubs people played for, I always get a laugh when people try to claim Steve Bull as a Hereford legend when he played 6 games for us at the end of his career.
  8. Been playing an Aussie punk band called The Chats on repeat today after finding them in the latest 2000 Trees announcement. Really liking their sound, worth a checking out for people looking for a new band.
  9. WWE have made large parts of the network free to stream for any classic programming it seems curing the Corona outbreak. May watch all the WrestleManias this week then.
  10. Trainee teacher with a dose of English and Media Studies knowledge if anyone needs any help with anything, I'll be keeping open various social media platforms like here on my laptop to answer or help in any way I can. I'm freaking out that there appears to be no real guidance on what is happening for us PGCE regarding needing a set amount of days, enough experience etc to qualify for QTS. Got an email today outlining that the University have extended a few deadlines to October Half Term...something tells me I'm not done and I may already have an elsewhere job in July as I was taking a year out to try and do some Student Union jobs for the University.
  11. Shy Dad

    Disney Plus

    I've decided to finally put my years of Film and Screen Studies degrees and my current isolation from the outside world together and do some form of complete review of the entirety of Boy Meets World, harking back to how I managed to do the show for my dissertation a few years back. This is also a thing I have to do, I think if I can essentially have something for 6.30am to 8am to watch in the mornings, something for "After School" and then I can use Netflix/regular TV for the evenings, I may not go absolutely mental in the next few months, movies on weekends.
  12. Yep that's absolutely a must watch now. The Brawl for All episode could be good as well.
  13. Confused how they'd have got enough for an episode of Road Warriors unless it's about Hawks addiction issues in the late 90s being played out on TV? Really interested to see the Dino Bravo one. Read bits about it over the years and definitely something I'd like some more information on.
  14. Midlands and Wales seems to be dragging students out, we're still at it. It's exhausting. Gonna spend most my time trying to watch as much late 80s WCW as possible.
  15. @Grecian you still working for BSU? Have they suspended placements on PGCE. I'm about to put together a sick playlist to watch when Wolverhampton sorts me out.
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