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  1. They're marketing it as his final match on SmackDown which is a real shame, but I guess with the way Bryan's storyline is going, having him lose the week before Mania to a part time retiring talent isn't going to look great, having him beat Angle will just take the shine a little of Angle at Mania and having any form of DQ from Rowan leading to a New Day save would probably get booed out the building because despite logistics of the answers above, people will complain that they've been robbed of a clear winner. Having him go against AJ, with AJ winning doesn't hurt Angle as AJ is one of the longest reigning champions in history, with a week to sort out building back up some momentum in storyline terms. Its easier to play a loss to AJ too as he's faced Kurt so many times the commentary team can mention how they know each other so well, especially if it ends in a flash pinfall. I'm giving WWE way too much credit here aren't I?
  2. I'd assume in place of being during, having Angle vs Styles on WWE is something most fans probably never thought would happen and even with Angle at Robocop speed these days, AJ is the type of guy who could get a great match out of him, they've worked together so many times. Having Orton come in and cause a DQ when its just getting going or when people wonder who WWE would put over would be a complete burnout, especially as I assume it'll come after whatever convoluted idea WWE has next about the Kofimania storyline.
  3. I've always found the gifting moves thing weird. Like Orton asking permission to use the Diamond Cutter as an RKO as an example too. So many moves are so similar that it does confuse me a bit how people can get so stressed about someone else using them. Especially when the move in question is an electric chair drop into a pin, it's nothing particularly innovative.
  4. That may be the perfect role for him. He was always confident and entertaining, but ring work wise he'd have just ended up as either filler in NXT or 205. Really happy to see WWE acknowledge they need more managers to help their roster get over, E and Stokey are a great start, plus if they somehow keep Drake with AOP when they are back together it'd be a good renaissance of management.
  5. Week 33 fixtures UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying (various groups) Gibraltar 0 v 3 Ireland (Saturday 5pm) Montenegro 0 v 2 England (Monday 7:45pm) Netherlands 1 v 1 Germany (7:45pm) Northern Ireland 1 v 0 Belarus (7:45pm) San Marino 0 v 1 Scotland (5pm) Wales 1 v 0 Slovakia (2pm) Africa Cup of Nations 2019 qualification (Groups E & F) Ghana 3 v 1 Kenya (Saturday 6pm) Libya 1 v 2 South Africa (5pm)  CONCACAF Nations League El Salvador 0 v 2 Jamaica (2am) Haiti 2 v 1 Cuba (11:30pm)
  6. Is anyone else starting to feel that this whole storyline with Kofi has become less about an underdog and instead just makes Vince look like a massive racist? He's just spent over an hour having guys beat Kofi up, when he does everything asked of him, he still can't accept him being the one going to WrestleMania so instead sends someone else out. Its obvious that this is going to mimic the Bryan "yes movement" protest from a few years ago with a host of WWE stars threatening to go on strike next week unless Kofi gets his Mania match, wouldn't be surprised if this was all tying in to yet another McMahon power struggle storylines as everything Vince has done has been what has been absolutely detested in recent weeks (Kofi, Becky etc).
  7. Shy Dad

    Chippy Tea

    Cold Kebab Meat is my guilty pleasure. Mint sauce with it, fucking divine.
  8. I've genuinely slept in one of these before (probably not your stolen one). Surprisingly comfortable once you adjust your weight around it.
  9. Nah you're looking 2012 for the Whitehall incident, so the last guy. Probably still one of my favourite TV moments of Whitehall cowering with the line "how the fuck were you allowed near kids?" and looking genuinely terrified.
  10. For my University interview Monday, I have to do a 4 minute presentation of a lesson plan for students at KS3 for English. Chose to do a topic on creative writing; it's an entire lesson on biography writing of a series of fictional wrestlers created by pupils who are put into groups as factions/tag teams/rivalries in order to be able to write alongside their peers, with examples of biographies of a fictional character wrote by myself and one of the real life Barry Horowitz using wrestling terminology presented in a glossary of terms... I end the lesson plan showing them the Hard Times promo by Dusty and the Cream Rises to the Top by Mene Gene/Savage as a future topic aim is to creative write a promo for their created character. I'm either really thick, or a genius, because I'd have loved to do this at 13.
  11. It's like three weeks to the show and neither battle royal has been announced and theres really nobody for it. Between two women's championships, the tag and Tamina/Nia vs the Divas of Doom that's at least 13 of the women's roster out of contention plus Alexa injured/hosting, no Ember Moon, no Alicia Fox etc. Can see both Battle Royals being scrapped and it just being two multimans for the IC and US to get people on the show. Usos seem to be vying for brother vs brother with the Hardys, New Day will be in Kofis corner etc it gets the usual number of guys on the show.
  12. Week 32 fixtures Premier League Bournemouth 1 v 2 Newcastle United Burnley 1 v 1 Leicester City Everton 2 v 1 Chelsea (Sunday 4:30pm) Fulham 1 v 3 Liverpool (Sunday 2:15pm) FA Trophy semi-finals, first leg Fylde 0 v 0 Stockport County Leyton Orient 0 v 0 Telford United Serie A Genoa 1 v 3 Juventus (Sunday 11:30am) Milan 1 v 1 Inter (Sunday 7:30pm) Ligue Un Paris St Germain 2 v 1 Olympique de Marseille (Sunday 8pm) Major League Soccer Toronto w/ME 2 v 0 New England Revolution (Sunday 11:30pm)
  13. Best of luck Power. Hopefully one of us wins well today.
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