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  1. Jericho seemed massively off throughout the match, they seemed to bitch a dragon screw on his leg three times in a row by him just falling to the ground instead of the usual spin bump with it. Even the pin at the end seemed botched with Jericho seemingly not knowing where he was supposed to be going or doing.
  2. I kinda thought it may have been a receipt for last week. Rollins back if I remember correctly looked pretty bashed up after a few of those kendo stick shots, kinda thought this was a "if you stiff someone even by accident accept a reciept" thing.
  3. To my knowledge % of turnover was the previous agreement, and it meant realistically it should have been easier for more sponsor friendly and bigger stadium teams to get out the lower leagues and let those at the same level financially fight it out, instead it caused issues like Sunderland, Bolton etc being a cash project for someone to get rich quick and leave them a shambles when they didn't go up. The entire lower league system in England is just both exhausting and a joke, and its all too little too late trying to make the league fairer now, because all that's going to happen is clubs like Portsmouth, Ipswich and co stockpiling money until the league balks at the idea backtracks and then they go and blow it all in one summer, especially if the rules aren't enforced for relegated clubs.
  4. For the 21/22 season we seem like the winners in Scotland will automatically go to the 3rd qualifying round again as we've had a massive 2 seasons of okay and then good scores. It means second place should go into the draw as well which is great though they'll start earlier on. A few years of Celtic and Rangers doing good in Europe and the country as a whole should start pushing nations like Turkey and Austria to automatically go straight into the group stage.
  5. Surely the salary cap would be at a level where realistically those 3 teams mentioned aren't going to have to shit can a bunch of players to avoid consequences? As for wishing rivals well in Europe its a funny one for me. On the one hand being a bit of a Celtic fan I absolutely could never support Rangers doing well, but realistically if they had managed to overcome Leverkusen last night, it would have done wonders for our UEFA Coefficient standings and mean that we don't have to start qualifying for Europe alongside teams from Gibraltar and San Marino. As it is they were absolutely woeful.
  6. I hope so. Honestly, having lived in Walsall for a year I saw a lot of people I made friends with and how amazing being in Europe was for them and the games they were having. The teams strong, I'd say realistically only Inter or United stand a better chance than them as they've been playing so regularly too. I say all this and they'll go and bolt it tonight now.
  7. Pat's been involved in wrestling for years though hasn't he? Swear I read he was doing stuff back in football days and a bit before, angles here and there. He absolutely seems to get wrestling, where Grink gets money and playing up to a character.
  8. Only in WWE could you have your world title contender punting people into retirement one week and then the following have a former NFL kicker punt someone half their size out cold and expect him to be back next week. Bloody brilliant angle all the same. Watched it this morning, Pat's great in it never had him going down as the heel in this. Perhaps Cole's swansong in NXT, proving he doesn't need to be the biggest to be the best.
  9. To an extent, yeah you're right and it could be that way for the foreseeable future, I just think someone like Ciampa would have the foresight to think that eventually if they start going round the country again it's not something he wants to do.
  10. Having slept, I don't hate it nearly as much as I did at 4am. I can't see it being Ciampa as he's always stated he'd rather be released and go back to the indies than leave the NXT schedule. Dijakovic sounds a good shout, maybe Chelsea Green as well as shes due to be called up. It'd be kinda cool if it's a lot of people who had a bit of a name before coming to WWE wanting to have the freedom they had before so creating chaos. I'll tune in next week, play Civ 6 in the background while it's on and see where it all goes. The match quality was good in places this week and Bayley and Asuka should be good too.
  11. Which new faction made their debut? Because Lashley and Co have been going round together for weeks and unless someone tries to claim the Riott Squad as a tag team counts as a faction, you've got to give it to WWE for completely lying on social media so people will tune in. Edit: I realised after typing this that it alludes to the crew all in black setting fire to crap and spiking Montez Ford's drink. But seriously, they're geniuses because half those tuning in because they expected it to be UE, or the hacker gimmick or whatever are gonna be raging that this new faction are in fact a 5 second part of a 3 hour show.
  12. In fairness that's a vest top underneath the jacket. I just have weeds for arms.
  13. Gone are the days of dyed hair and ugly shirts. Now it's ugly jackets.
  14. I'm absolutely in love with Britt Baker. She's had an outstanding year since turning heel and the fact that she's been great while out injured is a testament to how good her character development has gone. I'm finding people like Ace Austin and the Rascalz great in Impact and I'll usually find whatever match they're part of that week and have a watch. A bit of a left field one as not a wrestler but Tony Schiavone is a large reason I still watch AEW as religiously as I do. He just sounds interested and excited in everything that's happening and his work with certain members of the roster has been great as well.
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