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  1. Isn't it that they're keeping the NXT folk at the performance centre with Raw and SmackDown being ThunderDome they don't want cross contamination? Thought that may be why Underground got scrapped as it would be a bit rubbish without Raw or SmackDown guys or all NXT.
  2. I think the fact that ROH also has EC3 means nobody sees Impact as a threat now, its almost like a playground for those with a name to have a bit of fun and get TV exposure for guys on the up before they go elsewhere now. The current management seems to know their station and are doing well with it.
  3. And even then we're usually teaching writing to persuade or inform not entertain. I liked the show (maybe the 11pm start helped) and was fully invested in Sasha Bayley right up to the finish as I didn't know which way that was gonna go. Roman and Jey while good just ran and ran, I could've done without the final 5 minutes of Roman having a fake breakdown, look to smush his cousins brain with some steps and pace around the ring like a caged animal, if they had just brought Jimmy out after the Drive By and done that then. They find gold and then just keep digging deeper. Miz as
  4. Many thanks that's on my listen list now.
  5. Would be 2022 my friend, so hopefully the year after, I had considered next summer but because of the whole Olympics thing realised the city would be insanity at the best of times.
  6. Premier League Fulham 0 v 1 Crystal Palace Manchester United 0 v 1 Chelsea (17:30) Liverpool 2 v 1 Sheffield United (20:00) Arsenal 1 v 2 Leicester City (Sunday 19:15) FA Challenge Cup last qualifying round Leiston 0 v 3 Barnet Sholing 1 v 4 Torquay United South Shields 0 v 2 Halifax Town La Liga Barcelona 2 v 0 Real Madrid Atlético Madrid 2 v 1 Real Betis (20:00) Maltese Premier League Senglea Athletic 3 v 2 Tarxien Rainbows w/@Stinky Dad (14:00)
  7. Star mate cheers. Likelyhood is I'll be heading in August so that is awesome I'll be in the country for their 50th's.
  8. This year has absolutely thrown me off as I knew G1 was earlier than it is this year but couldn't work out when. That works quite ideally for me then to start my summer holiday, have a week or two of relaxation and then head over for 2/3 weeks in August.
  9. I'd really appreciate that, the only person I have to guide me at present is an old friend who lived out there and was very much in the whole Roppongi scene while he was there so it'd be good to definitely get some input from some others, even down to the best time over summer to travel to get the best shows and busiest schedule.
  10. Haha, luckily its only my friends telling me to do one on a daily basis. Back on topic, but it is really cool seeing a complete roster of people who look like individuals and not a carbon copy of each other as you find with a lot of WWE etc gear. I'm looking to head over to Japan in 2022 as part of an early birthday present for my 30th (I'd love to do my 30th on New Year there but the likelihood of teaching and being back at schools etc means probably missing WrestleKingdom anyway) and its going to be great getting to see just vibrancy to my wrestling.
  11. And now you've made it completely creepy. In fairness she's around my age and her Twitter and Instagram is a lot of her telling people to fuck off, I like people who hate people. I feel bad for saying anything now.
  12. The genuine level of school boy crush I have on Maki Itoh is ridiculous.
  13. The worst thing is he'll come out and claim its not anyone in the ring or backstage who is an issue from that because he'll value his job. Absolute shambles on their part.
  14. Just had to check that and that's actually brilliant. Gotta love Chelsea and their old keepers.
  15. I'm actually more excited by that match by a country mile.
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