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  1. Eddie Kingston genuinely seeming surprised that Moxley chucked a bar next to his head and still managing to run with it is why I want these two to have their own TV show.
  2. Speaking of ECW, a mate had got their DreamCast game as a mistake ("oh isn't this the wrestling game you wanted") and he instantly thought that it must be real with all the hardcore matches and that WWF was taking the piss out of it. Then Van Dam showed up a few weeks later in the Invasion and he realised it was just as fake. I think he was one of the few who despised Van Dam for ruining his hopes.
  3. Ah I stand mistaken then, yeah giving him a 24 hour rest followed by 13 days does sound a lot more managable. Would allow them to assess if he needs to go easier as well.
  4. I honestly was like 4. I used to watch wrestling late at night while my grandad looked after me while my gran was at bingo, he'd chuck it on, tell me it was fake but was no different to fight scenes in TV shows, drink his rum and coke and occasionally be interested in the characters that I started to tell him about as I paid more attention. Wed always chuck the golf back on before anyone came home as he definitely shouldn't have been letting a 4 year old watch 10pm attitude era RAW. Had mates telling me that that stuff was fake but the WCW stuff was real was always funny, I gue
  5. I do keep forgetting they're taping one episode and that he isn't doing much on Dark or Elevation. But still two matches like his in the space of 4 hours is still gonna hurt like hell a few days later and start to build up.
  6. For no real reason not so much. The arcade anarchy match was the blow off to Best Friends breaking Kips arcade machine when him and Miro were doing their streamer gimmick and it worked. Multi man's you could argue yes, but I think a lot of them are working in the way Japan does of having your main guys on screen and protected from not taking the pinfall or themselves getting the win on someone less established, and not battering their body up as much. Unlike Darby, who appears to be going through an absolute war each week at the moment. Either that guy feels no pain or enjoys it.
  7. I enjoyed this week's show. Yes Jericho comes across cringy as hell but I kinda like that for his character that a lot of what MJF is saying (in a very "What about me? What about Raven?" sense) is true and it is Jericho surrounding himself with all these young potential stars, and Shawn Spears. Jungle Boy and Darby was really good for me and I really enjoyed the Women's Title match, though knowing it's a precursor to Britt taking the title, I'm more excited for Conti to take the title from her eventually. I don't mind the faction war, yes it's obviously a ploy to get a ton of people
  8. And Man City gone as well. The ESL, just another trophy Spurs didn't win.
  9. Week 33 fixtures FA Challenge Cup semi-finals (at Wembley Stadium) Chelsea 1-2 Manchester City (17:30) Leicester City 1-0 Southampton (Sunday 18:30) Premier League Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Sheffield United (20:15) Arsenal 3-0 Fulham (Sunday 13:30) Manchester United 0-0 Burnley (Sunday 16:00) Scottish Cup Round 4 Rangers 0-1 Celtic (Sunday) FA Women's Cup Fourth Round Burnley 1-3 Manchester United (Sunday 14:00) Spanish Cup Final (in Seville) Athletic Bilbao 1-2 Barcelona (20:30)
  10. Pat McAfee has been confirmed to be working SmackDown tonight as a new analyst. Guessing he's come back in with Joe not being used as Graves being moved to Raw?
  11. Waiting for the internet to assume they're going to open a promotion (or buy ROH) in 3...2...1
  12. Joe's only 42, you have to assume unless it's repeated concussions he has a good few years left. Part of me wants to see him do Japan again, I'm right he was part of NOAH in the 2000s aren't I? Would be nice to see him go back, maybe even AJPW. Can't wait to see The Essentials in AEW.
  13. Wait seriously? Is that a case of WWE not clearing him medically and him not wanting to sit behind a desk anymore?
  14. Just seen on Twitter. I can't help but feel they've massively dropped the ball on Kay, she has so much comedic timing, that they didn't do more with her as an on screen role is a shame. Do we think this is a new wave of post mania releases or just two from ending of contracts? Edit: And straight after posting they updated the article to include Tucker, Wesley Blake and Chelsea Green. Green really is a surprise, didn't they have big plans for her before she broke her arm?
  15. This is chaotic. It honestly feels like "can you talk? Right, get on a mic now!" What would've happened if this had gone down during the first match? The microphones are breaking, Joe and Cole look like they're visiting Niagara Falls, I'm waiting for a ring to get set up backstage at this rate.
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