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  1. Gus I both love you and hate you, you're so talented and it just makes me wanna cook more
  2. Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds tonight at Cardiff Castle. Still does a lot of Oasis stuff during the set so offered to go with a mate who didn't want to go alone but still looking forward to it. Better than Slam Dunk though. That line up got more and more disappointing.
  3. When it comes to sexy looking kits at least Arsenal can finish first for a change.
  4. A lot of the old WWE divas from around Ashley's time in the company have started a gofundme to cover the expenses of her daughters college education with the end goal set at $100k and has already raised over 10 grand in 9 hours. While the entire situation is shit as hell, I can't imagine how hard it must be for a 19 year old to be going through all this so publicly and for those who have cancelled their network subscription and want to use that money for a better cause or even just those that want to try and help in some way link is below https://www.gofundme.com/AshleyMassarosDaughterEducationalFund Also seems Foley has put in 5 grand for it as well.
  5. Prank video after Bernado tipped the trophy over last year for their social media sadly. Would've been funnier if real.
  6. Went to a mates house. Typical eurovision drinking game. As always one of the housemates cannot handle more than two drinks and I'll probably get out of jail after the UK next wins. Edit: he's now head down in a bucket. Back to the fun
  7. Fuck sake. That's no age to be burying a parent and dealing with all that.
  8. Fucking hell. She had a daughter that cant be passed her teenage years as well didn't she? Absolutely tragic
  9. Thankful it's not anything serious then. TMZ stating it as a severe emergency and using the phrase rushed to the emergency department really got me worried it was something serious especially as with the last few years and his health I did fear the worst.
  10. TMZ and the Mirror are both reporting that Flair has been taken into hospital after a very serious medical emergency. WWE is yet to make any form of statement but its not looking good at the moment. Hope he pulls through whatever it is that's happened.
  11. I think the fact they unearthed comments after he had signed it could be bringing the company into disrepute and a loss of bonus I guess.
  12. I'd ask which member of the writing team thought up that idea and thought it was quality, but really what I should be asking is why HHH isn't trying harder to get the old, out of touch racist PR disaster into a retirement complex?
  13. WWE have fined Lars Sullivan $100k and sent him for sensitivity training and to work with a ton of organisations after the shower of shit comments he posted before and just after he was signed. Seems like WWE have had to do something after someone emailed Mars Wrigley who are a big sponsor for them in regards to the comments and the company mentioned they would dicuss with WWE.
  14. I just don't know where the team can improve, unless it's purely squad depth for those injury niggles and having something more on the bench for those final 10 minutes
  15. Actually it was 4 points there... It's just quite insane to think if they had managed to beat City or stop them beating them they'd be champions right now.
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