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  1. Any ratings talk for this week is surely a moot point due to the Olympics being on around the same time right? I've probably gone back and watched the entrances for the opening match about 5 times now. It's just so well done, even the fact the Elite think themselves the good guys in the scenarios as the All Stars and the ridiculous stats and nicknames. All of it is just brilliant.
  2. Petanque is quite popular around the local pubs in my city, most of the villages have courts at the pubs, I've been playing it since I was about 7 or 8. Bloody love the game.
  3. I mean Wargasm are fantastic so im jealous of anyone seeing them again this summer but it's a shame Jinjer have had to cancel.
  4. There's a new Disney+ adaption of Turner and Hooch that I've just sat and watched. Really surprisingly enjoyable. It's got Josh from Drake and Josh playing Turner. It's not anything special, but as Disney+ originals go that aren't Marvel, it's an easy enough watch.
  5. Today I learned the kid that Eden Hazard punted in the ribs in 2013 at Swansea for lying on the ball created the vodka brand Au, that has become pretty popular with nightclubs and students the last few years. Always figured he was an academy boy, but his dad was one of the Directors at Swansea.
  6. Bar a match where him and Finn Balor lost a tag match as they fell out in the match, Kross hadn't been defeated on live TV since last April when he debuted. He's beat Keith Lee and Finn Balor who were both given "big" returns in the last 7 days. He lost in 100 seconds to a man who hit two moves on him (one being the pin with the tights) after they talked up how intellectual he was, where the main cause of the segment seemed to be the return of Jeff's music (something they even included in their YouTube vote for moment of the night). This absolutely was a kick out at NXT. Their dominant champion just got outsmarted and beat in less time than most Divas matches used to go in the 2000s by a guy who was highlighted at being at the top of the game 13 years ago in a video package shown during the entrance. The two week "trip" to SyFy doesn't fill me with hope for NXT either. It feels like Vince has lost any interest in it because John and Bill are back and he remembered the good ol' days. Raw itself I enjoyed. Lee Vs Lashley as mentioned above was a nice little match and it's good to see Keith Lee back. Reginald winning the 24/7 belt is nice as it adds someone else unique to those segments who can do ridiculous things to get away. It already feels like it'd be watching Crash Holly in a children's play pit levels of stupid but fun. Made up for Nikki too. She seems like she's always willing to try anything suggested and give it her best go and if she really did suggest this gimmick then serious power to her because it does work. Little kids will absolutely always want to cheer a larger than life, wanting to do well superhero.
  7. I've found it quite problematic that my room in the house seems to trap heat which means every other space in the house is freezing cold but mine with the windows and doors wide open and occasionally a fan is still twice as hot as anywhere else. I've woke up today and I'm pretty sure I've somehow got dehydration in my sleep. It's absolutely horrible and I usually quite like warm weather.
  8. Kenny to get DQ'd for using the belt on Hangman, leaving him out but at a numbers disadvantage (or maybe him and Silver Vs the Bucks) only to come back and win by absolutely leathering the heads off everyone?
  9. I'd expect more that Omega won't be in the match, and it'll be Hangman/Uno/Stu/10/Colt Vs Bucks/Good Brothers/Brandon or Nakazawa. Though I would rather John Silver is in there I think he's still a few weeks away from being cleared.
  10. And we have a burger shop sponsor our shorts. God I wish we were the Hollywood poster boys of the Non League. Maybe Ryan Gosling will take us over? In all seriousness, as Hereford are still the league below, I am excited to see what you lot do with your season and international wealth and popularity next year. The tourism trade alone has to be due a bit of a boost by football fans wanting to see a game surely?
  11. To avoid me going to the pub once I start work again and have two days in a row off each week I've picked up my chef hat again and started to plan a ton of different things I want to perfect to cook so I have that skill back up to scratch again. So my morning has been cooking fondant potatoes. The entire house smells fantastic and the carb intake for the day is already dangerous. It's hard to take a good photo of just potato so I'll try and put it together with a full meal later in the week. I guess I'm posting just for some inspiration. Like I wanna learn how to do a lot more with fish but has anyone ever made their own sushi at home? It's kinda one of those "have the house to yourself all day Tuesday" challenges I'd quite like to do. Would a somewhat complete novice have any luck with it?
  12. Wyatt and Strowman was officially the point where I wanted it to end, but things like Stadium Stampede, Boneyard, Money In the Bank, to a degree you could put the Best Friends vs Santana and Ortiz street fight in there too were all great. WWE wise of course they did do them to death and badly in a lot of cases, but I got to see nWo Cena so I love it.
  13. The introduction of cinematic style matches (well more than they'd done in recent years) especially Taker Vs AJ was good. Excellent in some cases, I really enjoyed Money In The Bank for example. It's kinda helped some people more as well. Roman not getting cheered for the heel turn would be a good example of using a bad situation to its best effect.
  14. The pricks are gonna invade the pitch if you win aren't they? Full Lee Dixon screaming "They think it's all over" too.
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