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  1. and I do help out, why should i keep my plans hidden because of moaners?
  2. me and my wife are getting Archie our son into baking, So we're gonna spend the entire month baking and zooming with her parents in Zimbabawe, Come on chums, its time to be jolly
  3. I agree with you on the cutscene thing, Sony really ramped up the cutscene shit on PS3 with MGS4. And as for Abby, She wasn't truly wrong? I mean Joel did kill her dad, right? Been a while since i played it.
  4. Someone's not invited to my lockdown zoom crimbo bash
  5. I personally think it'll be fine. The weather's shit, we have Netflix, zoom and we can all get together and have a shant on Skype while having a bevvy, its not ideal, but its not an ideal world. And maybe if people stopped moaning about how shit lockdown is, we can make a special time out of this.
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