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  1. They don't taste like KFC but they aren't bad. The pepper gives my throat a nice burn
  2. Only if Soulberg is also invovled. But yeah, Bork needs to appear and murder everyone at Fastlane for the hoss off we should have got in 2018.
  3. Brock Lesnar showing up to demand a title match against Bobbo would make me moist
  4. If nothing else, it'll expose my mate on FB who is a casual who claims to adore Bryan but will not follow him anywhere other than WWE, Because to him, that's his home. So I can't wait to see "BRYAN DANIELSON IS ALL ELITE" to see his reaction.
  5. Bryan is probably slowly retiring. But he'd be a good get if they want a trainer for whatever NXT type thing they may want to set up
  6. Sandow too. I remember watching a Nova shoot the month that it came out was when Sandow was buried by one armed Cena, where Nova was saying he's gonna be a big star and how he's not shocked he's a main eventer.
  7. Most modern wrestling. I can't get into skinny lads who look like they should be serving me drinks at a wetherspoons. I miss Brock, man.
  8. Oh I am deeply sorry, I know he is royality.
  9. I've heard different versions of the quote, so who knows?!
  10. Also y'know being an abuser is more important than a fake sport, sorry. I know we're all fans here but lets not pretend wrestling is in any way a legitmate sport. So him being good at fake fighting doesn't matter if he's an abusing cunt.
  11. And his wrestling is probably also what caused him to be such a cunt. Brain damage and all that.
  12. Scotty Polo i believe the quote was. Raven getting Shane shitfaced as a teenager is what killed his run in the fed. And back on topic, Ted jr, I remember thinking he'd break the fucking streak.
  13. Tom Billington was a shit human being with a shit style that helped fast track Benoit's insanity and downfall. also Sky Viewing Card
  14. Edge needs to turn heel. IF Edge wins at Mania, have him turn heel right after and do a Bryan feud. That's the only way Edge is gonna work now.
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