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The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

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So, they've moved NXT to USA, SmackDown to FOX and Lana to BBC. 

Yeah, I don’t get why you want to watch both?

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Hopefully we can get some sort of end to the Wildcard rule tonight

Having Raws Samoa Joe as the Challenger to Smackdowns WWE title makes it tough to do it immediately but at least some form of announcement that the night after Extreme Rules everything is reset to seperate brands again would at least get some closure to the wildcard rules.

Interesting to see how this all works as the original announcement seemed to suggest neither Heymans (outside of his Brock work) or Bischoffs roles would be on screen so not sure why they are appearing. 

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Have not watched a full Raw since 2017 but don't know what people are seeing in this Wyatt shtick. I totally understood the appeal of the original Wyatt vignettes and think that character has got to go down as one of their biggest missed opportunities ever, and they did it quicker than I remembered too, rewatched the show he debuted at a few months back and debuting in an inferno match against Kane was a bad omen in retrospect, they soon just made him a supernatural wanker. This though I just don't understand, it just comes off as one last desperate grasp at relevance. He's putting his all into it, but he always has with everything, it didn't matter. I'll be astounded if after missing the original slam dunk, they get anything significantly good out of this.

I did enjoy the mask maker's account of Bray texting him to say "we did it. we changed wrestling forever.", though. Is it sad or inspiring that he still has an iota of faith?

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Another decent show I thought. Sure there's still stuff I could do without but on the whole there's more to enjoy the last few weeks. Especially Maverick.

Obviously we still got our multiple fall match and the one match into another. Guess that's not ending anytime soon. No one wants to see Miz in a 2 out of 3 falls match though so let's make better match choices please.

Lashley and Strowman put in their best work and I love some hokey pyro shit. Graves saying holy shit was a nice touch. Never a fan of 'serious' commentary voice though.

They need to get Seth and Becky away from each other as soon as possible. Although I'll happily watch Becky impregnate Maria anyday. 

Street Profits? Interesting. Big fan of them but feels like they've only just hit their stride in NXT after their Evolve run. Plus we've seen how tag teams struggle on the main roster. Having said that, I'm glad someone remembered the Vikings recently. They're starting to get a better direction.

Heel AJ is definitely needed and he's the perfect guy to bring Ricochet up to the next level. Gallows and Anderson are perfect back up guys too. Good end to the show and a reason to tune in next time. If only they'd put Finn with them too. I'm done with him just being a smiley face.

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Credit where due, that looked a much better show. Strowman and Lashley kicking the piss out of each other before a big, daft angle, Taker appearance that the crowd ate up, heat on Joe for his title match, fun Street Profits appearance, what looked a cracking main event with a lovely turn after it and Maverick being ace.

Liked that the got around the commercial break stuff more logically by turning the tag into a six man and the dusty finish in the main event. Standard fare that feels more organic than suddenly being obsessed with 2/3 falls matches (though there was still one).

Only the mixed tag stuff really didn't land. Imagine being World Champion and hearing fans chant for your girlfriend all the time. Maria was fucking weird too.

I was waiting for Lashley and Strowman to start scrapping in the hospital but I guess that's on me, not them. 

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They had an autocorrect nightmare during the show.

It was an easy enough show to breeze through. Definitely felt like an improvement since I last watched it a few weeks ago. New, interesting directions, fun opening angle and whilst it’s about two years too early, there’s no denying Montez Ford is dripping in charisma.

I would fill Smackdown with vignettes of R-Truth invading Drake Maverick’s honeymoon. Good on him for seemingly using this belt to get his wife a job.

The sooner they turn Finn Balor heel and put him with The Club the better. 

Poor Triple H though. What’s the point in even crowning NXT tag champions if they’re constantly going to be promoted to the main roster without any prior warning? He’s probably terrified to put those belts on the Undisputed Era now.

Look at the camera man shooting the Strowman angle. I’d love to know the direction he’s given. 



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