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  1. Yeah this is definitely one of the biggest strengths of Smackdown. Guys like Bryan, Shane, Orton etc. being cycled in and out week to week definitely helped them and their stories stay fresh for longer. And you didn't even notice when they were gone! That's a big mistake they've been making with Becky recently, having her appear on both shows every week, even when there's no new content to back it. Her cameo this week for example was bizarre and had no purpose at all other than to fill three minutes. I'm happy to here about Roode and Gable splitting. That gimmick was killing Chad Gable. Why does he worship Roode anyway? Roode is a nobody in WWE lore and Gable idolising and copying his shtick made him look like a complete goon. Hoping Bobby can get a decent mid card heel run out of it too.
  2. Gotta hope they're bringing up Shayna at some point. It's ridiculously lopsided.
  3. KO as honorary New Day member was hilarious. It's refreshing to see them not pull the trigger straight away on the turn and Owens is perfect as the babyface that you need to keep an eye on. You can see why him and Sami get so much TV time despite them not being Vince's ideal in terms of looks. They ruled the roost this week. Got to admit though, that purest in me is having a hard time embracing Kofi as champion with this shtick. He's massively over though so what do I know. Finn is already a ton more interesting now he's been separated from the lugs. He comes across far better in fast paced matches with guys his size. I love Ali but, man. I'm on edge watching him sometimes. Always feels like he's a step away from hurting himself. Lot of that is him being great at selling I'm sure. I love Becky Lynch to bits but she isn't quite clicking for me at the moment. I don't know if it's her promos having a lack of focus or it's the edge being shaved off the character, but she isn't compelling like before. The promos aren't hitting home. She's just another face on the show right now and the airs leaving the balloon. The women's segment was the type of nonsensical mess you'd get on Raw. I'm stoked for the Sane and Asuka team, because Christ they needed to find a decent tag team somewhere. But I'm pissed that Asuka has been slotted back in this role again. She tapped out the double champion for fucks sake! Why is she not gunning for Becky? It's not like there's a list of credible challengers. The Raw women's roster is a state. Natalya, Dana Brooke, Lacey, Tamina, Ruby Riot and Alexa Bliss. Is that it? They can move Becky there and it's still dire. Are they sticking all the talent on Smackdown just to build around Charlotte again? Lar's actually got over this week, there might be hope for him after all. Glad to see him drop the flying head butt. R Truth is one of the better faces they have in hand to get over this stuff although the act with Carmella is wearing thin. Vince swerving fans with Elias was a great move in deflecting any possible boos for Roman. I can't wait to see what Reigns can do with this roster although it's a shame to see him separated from the Uso's yet again. Man, hope Bryan is alright. Can't be losing him again.
  4. Ah shit. Good luck to the guy, sounds like he's gonna continue elsewhere. Absolutely gutted though. I'm gonna blame Bray Wyatt. Poor Luke just heard that he's getting the Punch and Judy gimmick. Fuck that, see you later. This guy had so much untapped potential.
  5. Fair points lads. The not giving the rub remark was off obviously. That's what happens when you're seven pints down and bored on the bus. I maintain it was a shit finish though. It didn't fit the build for me at all. Ronda was never tapping but it's about time Becky got herself a new impact finisher.
  6. Oh yeah good call! Here's hoping Drew makes the move to Smackdown and that Lashley and Corbin don't follow. The guy can't seem to get a break since his return. Constantly sandbagged with shite. Sami Zayn is utterly hilarious at the moment. The promos are great but the way he uses gestures and body language to express his point and to get under your skin is genius. There's nobody else like it.
  7. It’s looking bad. Lacey Evans has a lot of potential but she’s green as fuck. I hope they explore her character more because the dynamic between her and Becky sounds great on paper. I’d like to see Ruby split from the Riot Squad and get some rehabbing. Becky and Charlotte could do with some challengers that can carry their end on the stick and in a main event. It’s slim pickings though. I’m surprised Kairi Sane wasn’t brought to Raw last night.
  8. When the boos start coming in I'd love it if Roman just told everyone to fuck off. Monster heel Roman Reigns vs Kofi Kingston for the WWE championship. Fucking money.
  9. Vs Undisputed Era maybe? There isn't many exciting options on the table outside the Wyatts, unless they go with singles guys. I'd love to see Kyle O' Reilly and Dean Ambrose try and out stooge each other. Edit: Sounds like Ronda is officially gone to make babies. Massive loss. Imagine having Ronda Rousey swan in and out of your company without giving anyone a rub. A proper one. Unbelievable.
  10. Luke Harper vs Dominik Dijakovic from that Worlds Collide show was a fun little heavyweight match. Great to see Harper back and getting over as a babyface. It'll break my heart if they stick him back with Bray Wyatt.
  11. Now Wrestlemania is in the rear-view, it's this that was most alarming thing for me. Failing to capitalise on Roman's return and blowing the first and probably only women's main event was bad, but it's par of the course for main roster booking. Making a legitimate box office star and the King of Kings both feel like 'just another guy' was almost unthinkable. I thought the part timers got the kid glove treatment. Two veterans of the game with a storied history and creative/political sway to back them and that's what they come up with? That's the most damning reflection of the current creative team for me. On topic, God knows how you sort it out. The toothpaste is out the tube in regards to name vs name matches being a regular thing and you need something to fill TV time. Not pinning Kofi, Seth and Becky on TV to set up new opponents would be a good start. The rosters loaded, you can still feature your champions without them working matches every week. They definitely need to be more careful about hot-shotting stuff. There's guys on TV that are being paid to literally stand about. Roman could be battering semi scrubs like EC3 and Curtis Axel and people would get into it. Don't just back yourself into a corner by throwing him a guy that's about to be pushed like Drew. You could bring random 205 guys to Raw and let Ricochet showcase his stuff against them and it would get over just as well as the 50/50 tag matches. People still love to watch guys kick arse. They definitely should pick a group and separate them from the pack with the idea of making them future champions. They should be trying to break the habit of making Chris Jericho level champions and keep the belts for the guys they actually push as top guys. That would do well toward sorting the hierarchy. Getting the fanbase to accept these top guys is a whole other ball-ache but that's the bookers job. Drew, Strowman, Joe, even Rusev. It's not like they're short on options.
  12. Squash matches can still work! It speaks to what a shambles the division is that the Iconic's defence was the most enjoyable women's match in months. Squashes can get over. Black and Ricochet would have benefited with the occasional break from these tag matches, get them over as individual stars. They've got the elaborate entrances. Put them in a showcase match spot with fancy lighting, an insert promo and three minutes to get their shit in and wow the crowd. No need to spunk away all these tag matches. Fuck it, give Aliester Black the Glacier push. Anything to break the monotony. Lars Sullivan though. Not sure about this racist meat head. It's cool to see a new monster on the scene, but lets face it, he's doomed to fail. He didn't look much taller than the Hardy's here. Doesn't help that he's going to the top rope and doing a finisher that's associated with small/workrate guys. One that fucked them and help break them. Weird. Kofi and the boys had me crying like a baby at mania. It was a reminder of what magic wrestling can be. But let's not drive the New Day into the ground though, huh? It's telling that Vince had Drew quietly slink off mid-match to keep his credibility and avoid the visual of McIntyre losing to the new champ. In a tag team match. I thought Kingston would change his act up at some point in this program and at least try come across as a main eventer. Turn Big E Langston. It's time. The New Day will never be hotter, Big E will never be hotter and they've practically gone through every tag team on the roster anyway. Pull the trigger. They have a main event guy on their hands, and fuck me does this promotion need a main event guy right now. Do it!
  13. I still haven't watched the match, just seen the end. I was mad at the finish because the commentary and replays suggested they were working an angle. I thought Ronda was gonna come to Raw the next night and dispute the finish, continuing the worky shoot stuff the angle was leaning into. It looks like her shoulder being up was a genuine botch though. I'm cool with that. Its certainly not WCW shit. I would've liked a bit more of a decisive pinfall, but I get what they were going for. Becky was never tapping out Ronda Rousey. Not in a million years. If Rousey is ever getting tapped it's to Charlotte Flair, no one else. Ronnie leaving is such a blow to the division. Hope she comes back sooner than later.
  14. I'd love that. We all want Shayna to be the destroyer that we see in NXT but I can't see her getting beyond a Ruby Riot type push if she ever comes up. I reckon Becky is getting the inventor of women's wrestling Stephanie McMahon for Summerslam.
  15. Will Paige be the mic piece for the Sky Pirates? Not sure what else you can get out of Paige as a manager unless they turn her heel again. Just found out that Shayna Baszler is 38!! Has there ever been serious talk on the inside about moving her onto the main roster? I hope not. Far too good to be thrown into Vince's ugly bin. Fuck that.
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