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  1. Ahh fuck was looking forward to that tag. Moxley did a tremendous job of selling that match. Moxley vs Kingston sounds awesome but I'd love a proper feud between the two.
  2. I forgot Retribution started out as some kind of Antifa group, or at least Vince's dodgy ideas of it. Bunch of rebel plonkers knocking over boxes and fiddling with lights. Now it's blossomed into all kinds of nonsense. Flashbacks of rotten stuff like early Dark Order, The Black Scorpion, and Bane mask Dean Ambrose. A goon called 'Slapjack' doing a Jason ripoff straight from Memphis television. It's bonkers. Yet WWE's weird, alien production filter kinda kills any potential wrestlecrap charm it could have. Even during a period of historically wacky ideas it takes the cake.
  3. I was baffled when they brought back MVP but he's lived up to the name hasn't he? He's so dependable on the mic that he's revived the careers of Apollo, Cedric and Shelton, and Bob Lashley's been dragged from his grave. The Hurt Business are better than they have any right to be, another cool act they kind of accidentally stumbled into. The attack on Retribution felt like the first sign they're gonna fuck it all up. Absolutely badass moment though, and I'd still like Lashley vs Lesnar.
  4. Wow, I liked that episode a lot. Dynamite's taped shows feel much more consistent to me. They have a better flow to them with a bit more production sheen, and the piped-in audio helps tremendously. I rolled my eyes at the main event graphic to be honest, because I couldn't give a shit about Best Friends or Trent's mum. But boy, did they turn that unfunny, silly bollocks around. That match delivered beyond all expectations. Massively fun brawl that was creative without feeling contrived. Even the punches were snug and lovely, and the violence was gripping until the end. I'd rather they pul
  5. I'm well into that, I've enjoyed The Young Bucks this year more than I ever thought I would and them as dick heels just fits. Only problem is, how will the inevitable Bucks vs FTR match work?
  6. Super Cena vs The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak would have been incredible. Probably the biggest match they could've done post-Attitude and they missed the mark. Also Cena vs Roman, which apparently happened, but I'd be fucked if I remember. Hogan vs Flair with all of the Golden Era WWF bells and whistles would have been glorious. They teased it on TV but we never got the big match. Don't get me started on Becky vs Ronda.
  7. I'd pay good money to see Brock obliterate Kiss and Janela and send their sorry remains to Dark.
  8. Really enjoyed the focus on promos this week. The loosening of scripted promos is what really sets AEW apart and is their big selling point for me. Awesome range of talkers on that roster, best in 20 years. Can't wait to see Miro mixing it up, more meat is always welcome. Crap debut though. Best Man Miro looked as nondescript as Kenny Omega and I'm not sold on him to be honest. I like the Kurt Angle comparison though. Lets see where it goes. Happy as Larry Cody plugging his game show appearance was a hilarious end to the show. Didn't see that one coming.
  9. My guess is they stretched it out to make up for Hardy/Sammy being cut short. Real flat match though. Agree about Page's tights, made him look smaller if anything. Hope Tony Khan wakes up a bit after this. All the stunt-show shit isn't worth it and doesn't make the shows any better. Dustin's post-match promo is the type of thing they should be looking to do more of. That shit always works whereas the stunts and the kickouts are wearing thinner by the week. On a more positive note I thought Private Party were better than they've ever been on the pre-show. Good to see them pulling bac
  10. The ghostly atmosphere really hurt this show. I'd rather they didn't bring fans in at all if this is how it sounds. It seems even quieter than before. Show was also mired by several stupid, gruesome, scary spots and fuck ups that took me out of the action. All in all a fairly average to disappointing PPV with some mad memorable moments. Early on during Baker vs Big Swole I was wishing for the death for cinematic wrestling, but when they took it outside the office it got tremendous. HATED the needle spot but Baker carried this to a fun match, even her striking looked better than usual.
  11. Apart from that atrocious battle royal segment - where I swear they were letting fans into the ring and trying to make the Casino Battle Royale the most unappealing match imaginable - I thought that was a decent go home show that re-sparked my interest in a couple of feuds. Chris Jericho/Orange Cassidy has been desperately sad, but they've had their moments, and last night was the best of the lot. It's always good to see Jericho drop the camp bullshit and remind you of the level he's at. Just nice simple stuff - squash, beatdown and awesome Chris Jericho head games. Jericho was a cut abo
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