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  1. I'm not going back and counting but they must have cut back to him 10 or 11 times. Rubbish.
  2. I'll tell you what, Jake Hager watching a monitor backstage was absolutely fucking riveting television.
  3. The Viking Profits stuff should be atrocious any way you look at it but I can't help but enjoy it. Is it any more stupid then your average Tuesday Night Titans? That's fun as well. Ivor and Montez Ford are all-in and have enough charisma to let you switch off and enjoy it for what it is, if you can forgive the racist stereotypes and whatnot. More Akira Tozawa please! Poor Asuka. Imagine having all that talent in your locker and persisting with a useless shithead like Nia Jaxx. Start of the world title match was fire. It's a shame everything in this company needs bells and whistles and silly bollocks attached to it. Drew vs Lashley in a straight up clash of beasts is something I can get behind. I haven't been bothered about their feud so far but something about the presentation of the Hardy/Sheamus match left a sour taste. Is it wise at this point to send the Hardy character plummeting into further depths?
  4. I think they did good with such an albatross. These epic main event style matches suffer the most for me without the crowd, there's nobody to rally them up and get them back on their feet after all the selling and laying about. I thought Bryan/Styles was way better, they played to the environment. This felt too long and was a bit cringe when they started trading other peoples finishers. Still, they massively over delivered. Orton looked great and Edge looked well up to it. Joe has a tendency to fade into to the background but agree he was class here. Really brought it up a level.
  5. Fantastic match that. By the time they were building towards the finish I'd forgotten about the empty arena completely. Love it whenever Bryan leans into the viciousness of his all too brief heel run. Can't think of another AJ Styles match that good in years (Boneyard aside) and the finish was perfect. No spammed finishers or Adam Cole bullshit. Just a killer reversal and then Smash. Done. And still both guys looked tough as nails by the end.
  6. Raw started to go down the tubes when the XFL folded. It's definitely had the feel of Vince chopping and changing stuff on the fly, while Bruce knowing what notes to hit, has room to breath on the relativity coherent Smackdown. It will be interesting to see how pushes are affected - already the likes of Cedric, Ricochet, Belair and Shayna have vanished, and badly scripted talk shows and promo trains have been more prominent. It's all pointless obviously. Until Vince sacks himself. No wonder HHH wanted nothing to do with the main shows.
  7. Looks like they've bolted at the ratings again. You'll probably get a lot of moaning about Heyman's demotion but Raw's been a trainwreck for a while now, while Smackdown's actually been solid and been easy to follow by their standards. They'll probably both go to piss now they're stretched.
  8. Seems really odd taking Allie from the Butcher and Blade, I thought they fit perfect together. That's the second time she's switched gimmick with no angle or explanation. That's WWE level shittery. If something of consequence to Dynamite happens on Dark, then recap it, or just mention it at all. The Natural Nightmares skit was the only rubbish segment on an episode that had almost no wasted moments. They're fleshing out the mid-card really well now, with Joey Janella, Colt Cabana and even Dark Order getting me into what they're doing, and Orange Cassidy and Sammy Guevara continuing to blossom as young TV stars. Bit concerned for MJF who seems a bit lost these days. I'd rather they kept Billy Gun behind the barricade. The FTR/B and B pairing looked a bit awkward on paper but it went just about perfect. The bald one, Dax?... working babyface was ace. I don't know whats up with these entrances where they drive a truck two metres before getting out, but they managed to look cool doing it. Moxley's promo was fantastic. Him vs Cage/Taz is really cooking up well.
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