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  1. Was loving the main event until the last few minutes. Can't remember the last wrestling match that had my heart in my mouth on the near falls like that. Also, Kenny as a full on heel champion with Don Callis as the mouthpiece has huge potential and I can't wait to see where it goes. So unfortunate though that they got in their own way with the convoluted flat finish. What is it with every fucker in wrestling in 2020? Keeping it simple and straight forward seems like an impossible task. The bollocks with the chairs, the doctors and Don Callis on the apron did the impossible and made Moxley look
  2. There's nothing wrong with slowly building someone or putting them in the background for a bit before pulling the trigger. The problem with Miro is that he's doing the worst shit imaginable in that company. Kip Sabian? Chuck Taylor? Having a childlike fit over an arcade machine? I like video games as much as anyone but I've got no idea who this appeals to. They're actively killing peoples interest in the guy.
  3. Messy show this week. I can dig that AEW want to avoid some of WWE's worse tendencies but so often they go straight to the opposite extreme instead of the massive gulfing middle ground. The contract signing was cool but for the biggest match in Dynamite history the angle had almost no gravity to it whatsoever. I get not wanting run back replays every fifteen minutes and have the announcers run it into the ground but come on. Shave off a couple of minutes from that Pac/Blade match and give us a recap or an update on Moxley. Highlight it, build anticipation, make it feel important. Instead it fe
  4. We'll see on Friday if Big E gets onto team Smackdown and have some kind of clue if his push actually is happening. The WWE title situation has been odd but it's helped reheat Drew McIntyre. Between the Roman standoff, his souped-up boner inducing new entrance and the decisive win over Orton finally, he's had a good week and feels like Roman's equal heading into SS. The developing story between him and Sheamus is the best thing on the show. Cheesy for some maybe but I love how natural their interactions are, they actually come off like real mates. Drew's little face when he opened the ch
  5. I was about ready to explode watching the Drew/Roman tease. Tremendous stuff. Roman is such a dickhead! Him completely burying the WWE title and the Raw brand was so hilarious and weird. It's hard to believe these two already fought each other just a year ago, at Wrestlemania no less. They're like two completely different beings. A Chad Gable and Otis pairing has potential. I'm hoping Chad passes one of his Alpha Academy brochures onto Big E ASAP.
  6. Wow, what a loss. Good for her I guess if she's sticking it with them pissing about with Twitch. Gotta wonder if Black will follow. Bunch of wankers.
  7. I maintain that Cody's "I'll never challenge for the world championship again" stipulation is the stupidest thing they've ever done and I can't wait until they walk it back. That whole segment with Jade Cargill was a bloated mess and typical Codymania running wild. Saying that, I find it hard to care about it either way to be honest. I can't shake the feeling that Shaq is going to drop out and it's gonna go nowhere. Good Dynamite for what was essentially a glorified episode of Dark. Customary bad, overambitious women's match aside, all the in-ring stuff was really good. The violence in t
  8. Fucking hell, Billy Gunn? He'd barely crack the main event scene now let alone then. Tall Dolph Ziggler.
  9. Nah, I'm with ya. He's a handsome bastard who's more than solid in-ring. Don't see a long term main event personality in there though.
  10. Judging by the Buy-In, they really need to do more Penta interviews in his street clothes. He looked ace. Was that backstage interview guy a newbie? He was even more awkward and unnatural than Marvez.
  11. Roman's little looks and facial expressions are phenomenal stuff. Love the dynamic of him as the head of the table while Heyman and Uce are constantly walking on eggshells. The backstage segment with Jey and Kevin Owens was refreshingly creative for a match set-up and was the first time I've cared about KO in forever. Don't think Roman or Randy Orton have mentioned each other once yet, though, lol. Survivor Series is so stupid these days. Sasha and Bayley always deliver. Shame the ad breaks butchered the match a bit. The Mysterio's being on the same show as the Tribal Chief makes the
  12. Not quite the smash hit PPV it looked on paper but some cracking stuff on it regardless. The Buy-In promos and hype packages are quality stuff. Serena Deeb looks class. Mind boggling WWE let her go. Perfect opener in Page/Omega. Loved how explosive it was, first five minutes were fire. It was relatively short and left them open to do more higher up the card. Don Callis on commentary might have been a mistake, he showed the rest of them up and left a hole when he was gone. Cody/Allin had tremendous stuff in it. Cody's fascinating to me. There are times where I think he's the best
  13. Cage was never gonna be much on his own but he rounds out Team Tazz quite nice as the muscle. Agree they could be doing more with Starks. He's the most exciting prospect in all of wrestling for me, and I don't even watch Dark. Every time he's on screen I can't help but get wrapped up in his presence. I absolutely bloody hate (love) him.
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