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  1. Yep, totally agree with @Supremo, They might've pivoted for the Mania match but it doesn't feel like they really have any ambition to do much with Lynch. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Raw women's division is built around Alexa by the end of the summer I don't see who the special ref's gonna be without it being a hilarious let down. Surely they're not stupid enough to put Brock or Heyman in there? Would love to see Bray, just to spice things up, but it's a bit of a dead spot to debut him. Can't lie, I'd love to see Corbin pick up the win just for the reaction. Seth freakin' stinks. I'll probably check out the cage match if it gets good reviews. Joe/Ricochet could be worth watching too if their booking doesn't kill it dead.
  2. Yep. Turning Miz babyface will always fail. The whole point of The Miz is that he's a gobshite you want to punch. I mean just look at the dude. I'd feel more comfortable cheering Tully Blanchard. Worst of all though is the fucking Yes kicks. I can't believe he's still doing them, especially now he's face and Bryan's heel. Makes him look like a backyard tribute act to a guy that's still in the bloody company. No wonder he gets pinned twice every week.
  3. The 'Road To' series is easily my favourite wrestling show at the minute. Short, simple, and tells you all you need to know about the characters involved. I've gone back and watched the Double or Nothing series too. Some of the feuds could have done with a bit more meat on the bone but I generally like this minimalist approach to building the matches. Less is more and all that. And, of course, everybody just comes across so much more believable and/or capable of stirring emotion in these things, when you just let them fucking talk. Production is top notch as well, real promising if it translates to their telly. I can't help but look at the size of most of these guys though. Not everyone needs to be a juiced up lug obviously, but the roster outside of the main event is noticeably small. Private Party, Darby Allin and Jon Havoc are as skinny as even I am! Bit jarring. Although again, good character building could turn that into less of an issue. The smark fantasy booker in me can't help but lick his lips at the prospect of a Rusev eventually coming on board. Hell, I'd be chucking everything I can at Elias, another hot commodity that seems to be slipping through WWE fingers. Looking forward to the Moxley/Janella match. It's been fucking great following Moxley on this little run so far. Between the DON run-in angle, the indie showings, the New Japan matches, the promos etc, I've fallen in love with old Jon all over again. The Darby Allin match was wacky fun and possibly an advertiser for the Janella match. Watched him against Big Cass in some random indie match as well. It was basically a WWE house show match, which is a compliment, their house shows are organic and fun to watch for me. There's a bit at the end where Moxley comes back into the ring and takes a bow and he looks like a fucking rockstar. Kind of kills me to think about all the talent and personality the WWE are reducing into being as shit, stale and boring as everything else.
  4. Cass looked in much better shape than before. Said in an interview he was in a depressive slump after WWE and has a clearer head. In other news - in just over a week we've had Goldberg headbutting and concussing himself, leading to him nearly breaking his neck and dropping The Undertaker on his head. Kota Ibushi taking a German on the ring apron and landing straight on his neck like a fucking idiot. Now, as if to top them all, Aerostar taking a blind dive off a 20 plus ft lighting rig landing straight on his fucking neck. It's 2019. There's just no learning with this lot is there. I'm expecting Kenny Omega to up the ante once he has national eyes on him, and take one head drop too many.
  5. Where the fuck is Honma.
  6. Listening to an interview Batista did with that snivelling Ryan Satin shit head. He recalls a conversation between him and Jericho about WWE's creative structure being antithetical to making stars. It's nothing we haven't heard before. But Jericho matter-of-factly saying "Cena is the last guy" is genuinely disheartening as fuck.
  7. Toni Storm can be okay given a decent opponent but she seems indie as fuck to me. Her facials, selling and promo game is embarrassingly bad.
  8. First time I've given this a look in a while but it feels like things are falling into place for the show. Appreciated the video packages. Happy I finally got some sort of explanation behind El Ligero's goofy mask gimmick, he's the perfect babyface to build up the old sympathy with. They did a good job of fleshing out Travis Banks and giving him a bit of likeability to hook onto as well. Love what they're doing with Jinny as the monster manipulator, her and Jazzy could be a fun dynamic. Still haven't seen a women's match on this brand that I thought was particularly good though. Shame Millie Mckenzie seems to be gone, she was the most exciting worker of the lot from the little I saw. This Dragunov guy is . . . different? Different is usually good, especially when put against Joseph Conners, but I think Ilja should tone it down a bit or the act will grow old real fast. Loved his torpedo-whateverthefuck finisher. Suitably bonkers. The Imperium entrance is just wonderful. Cool as fuck. Loved the six man tag too, everyone played their role perfectly. WALTER has finally *clicked* for me now he's full on heel. The dominant monster champion that occasionally gets staggered by the smaller babyface challengers for the hope. Classic 101 stuff. Never got Trent Seven as a singles guy but he's pretty ace in the Ricky Morton type role. Wolfe stuck out like a sore thumb standing next to the other Imperium guys, it'll be interesting to see how he fits in.
  9. I wouldn't go gay for the guy but I do kind of adore Corbin. I love to hate him and it looks like the bulk of the audience is starting to as well. He doesn't get the "Oh fuck off. AE-Dub!" type reaction that Shane gets. He's undoubtedly overexposed though.
  10. Enjoyed that. I'd say less is more when it comes to the camera cuts but I otherwise enjoyed Joey Janela's promo. The digs at Moxley were predictable but they worked well enough. First time I think I've seen Darby Allin. I learned more about him in five minutes than I've learnt about any WWE wrestler in twenty years. The straight-edge emo gimmick doesn't particularly do it for me but I'm intrigued. Glad they've brought back a couple of the Joshi girls. I've watched back Double or Nothing a couple of times and fuck me am I in love with Riho. Her and Emi Sakura were excellent together Odd that Moxley vs Janela isn't listed as a hardcore match on the card, maybe they're holding it off? Looking forward to the next event though I still have no fucking clue how and where to watch it. What are the chances of them bringing in PAC for the six man tag?
  11. They're doing a banging job of pissing Becky's heat away. If they're stubborn enough to go with Lacey after that disaster with Charlotte then I can totally see her picking up the belt to drag it out for the rubber match. Barf. To their credit, Kofi and Rollins are being booked refreshingly well as champions. But again, the heel side is stupid weak. I love how they've chucked in a cage and a special ref for the upcoming PPV , basically acknowledging what shit match-ups they are. I hope they go with Sami for the ref spot because if anyone can make Rollins vs Corbin watchable it's Sami Zayn. I wish they would do more with this guy. He's gold but he's already becoming job fodder. I still think there's a great babyface run in him.
  12. Yeah, odd comment even for Mr C rock. It will never go away because fans want to suspend their disbelief. New Japan and the Cody/Dustin match are two things I’ve seen in the last few weeks that had people on their feet or in floods of tears. The problem is that most of the time WWE is too nonsensical and some indies too self-referential. But when it’s great it’s great.
  13. Amazing show. What's with Bill headbutting stuff? What a fucking moron. I nearly fell off my chair laughing when he took Undertaker down with the leg submission because at that moment I knew we were getting a disaster of epic proportions instead of the 4 minute squash match it should have been. And boy did they deliver! I was stunned there were jackhammer and tombstone reversal spots even put in the match. These old cunts aren't pulling that off, even without bleeding and concussing themselves. The producers/agents for some of WWE's matches need to be shot. Their last PPV was a state and this was even worse. The main event was mindbogglingly put together, Lars was LOL and Shane/Reigns would have been outright offensive if I still gave a shit about Roman. I don't mean to be ageist but fancy having this middle-aged, uncoordinated sweaty idiot going toe to toe with your biggest full time star. Shane winning is one thing but him basically having Roman's number during the match is horseshit. Cutting a promo is all it takes for Shane'O to look like he's about to drop dead of heart failure. This is the top heel, well done WWE. I wouldn't wish death on anyone but in this case I'd take a near miss. Fucking state of this company atm.
  14. Moxley against Juice was great and everything I hoped a Moxley match would be. I'd always imagined Moxley excelling at wild 1997 WWF style brawl. The gnarly punches and the headbutts, figure four round the post, blade above the eye. Love it. Robison still looks completely Performance Center boring but fair play to him for taking an absolute beating in this match. Could have done without the dive from the ledge, unnecessary shit in a brawl for my tastes, and they whiffed it anyway. Otherwise loved it. DEATHRIDER!! The finish was brilliant and nicely capped off a good semi-'break out' performance. I've always loved Moxley, and I enjoyed watching him without the handcuffs, and without that slightly gutted feeling I had watching him in WWE. It's should be a great year, seeing what guys like he and Jericho end up doing between New Japan and AEW have me more excited for wrestling than I've been years.
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