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  1. Fantastic show from top to bottom and the best Rumble match in years. Over the moon for Drew. Hopefully the push isn't too late and they'll fully capitalise on the guy from here on out. The use of Brock was practically everything i hoped it'd be. Lots of fun interactions and bits of storytelling that kept the match hot for the majority of it. Especially loved Keith Lee blowing the roof off the place with a simple shoulder block. God I hope they go back to them two. Seth and crew being a nuisance wrapped things up perfectly and him getting his babyface comeuppance at the end was a nice bit of fan service. Only minor niggle is that I wouldn't have had Edge get dumped in the closing stretch as it took a bit of shine off Drew. Thumbs up Rumble though, can't wait for Drew vs Lesnar! Decent women's Rumble too. Bianca Belair looked like an utter star and the Otis/Mandy spot was incredible. Also liked Bliss and Cross taking the piss out of the Best Friends, "got to give the people what they want!!" spot. Hated the finish, obviously. It was inevitable outside of the NXT universe that Shayna Baszler's aura would be chipped away at. Still, seeing her come out last only to be dumped out and act like a baby nearly took me out of the rest of the show. Charlotte's great at her best, I get it. But they've Baron Corbin'ed her right down the shitter. Charlotte vs Becky at Mania. Kill me dead. Sheamus vs Shorty G was a cracking little match with some nifty limb and digit work. Sheamus has to be the one of the most underrated in-ring workers of the last decade. Asuka vs Becky was good fun outside of the idiotic 'knock out' spot. The Fiend vs Bryan over-delivered beyond belief. Daniel Bryan is the gift that keeps on giving. Great work in most dire of circumstances. Well up for Raw.
  2. Looking forward to the rumble match. Hope there’s a bit more effort put into it than last years. Have to go with Roman for the big one. Cain to eliminate Brock to set up their Saudi rematch, although my heart says Drew. Doesn’t seem to be many slots left for surprises but I’m going with a returning Velveteen Dream for the NXT spot. Can’t see the likes of Cena and Edge entering just to get lobbed out. Women’s match is a crapshoot. For me it has to be Sasha Banks to set her up for a Mania spot against Lacey Evans or whoever. Corbin is beating Roman earlier in the night to set up a rematch for Reign’s Mania spot. The feud will continue forever and ever. Perversely looking forward to The Fiend match. Bryan will probably save it but it has car crash written all over it. Wyatt’s the likely bet but I’ve a smidgen of hope that the strap stip is to protect him in a loss. The Fiend doesn’t need the belt. Bryan vs Roman is long overdue. A proper Wrestlemania main event match that will do far less damage to Roman than pissing about with The Fiend.
  3. The crowds recently sound a few pitches higher than usual, especially for this time of year. Are some of the ‘smark’ fans really dropping off, or is nobody over to dem at the moment? Either way, it’s the best atmosphere Raw’s had in ages. Aside from Loser Rusev and the tedious Seth Rollins promos it was another good episode. Drew vs Orton was fantastic. I was baffled when they announced the match, but they did a decent job of getting out of a tricky looking situation. Drew remains on the upswing and got cheers at the end. The chemistry between these two is electric, it’s like Drew forces Randy out of his comfort zone and brings the intensity to a new level. Love Drew taking the pandering top babyface role and making it his own. It’s the type of shit that usually kills whoever they’re pushing but Drew’s managing to keep himself cool, funny and badass all the same. Love the 3-2-1 thing. It’s completely daft and the sort of thing I’d expect Dean Allmark to be doing in Fairfield Halls, but he pulls it off. All the fingers crossed that this guy will be elevated, finally. I had to watch through my fingers when I saw Ricochet confronting Brock and Heyman with a microphone. Jesus Christ. This segment just reeked of them kicking dirt over someone who they’ve already lost faith in. Disappointing use of Lesnar for the go home show. Asuka is tv gold. No idea why she was just sitting about on the turnbuckle but it was entertaining as hell and saved a fairly boring match. Kairi Sane really hasn’t clicked in WWE or NXT for that matter. Wouldn’t be shocked if she’s on the way out. Becky’s definitely regressed in the ace role. The Aleister Black squash utterly perfect. Great rebound after them whiffing his finisher last week.
  4. In terms of stoopid multi-man spotfests, the four way tag was enjoyable enough for me. Helps when this sort of match is the opener and the only thing like it all show. It peaked with the incredible Orange Cassidy spot and kinda fizzled out after. Been pleased with how they’ve incorporated Cassidy so far, he still pops the fuck out of me. Might’ve been his funniest spot yet. The story with Adam Page is exactly what the Elite and the dry tag division needed. He’s been bland since he’s AEW debut, so I’m chuffed to see Hangman start to show some character and resonate and put those puppy dog eyes to use. He’s doing the conflicted drunk gimmick quite well. I’m guessing him and Omega pick up the tag straps next week and continue the story as champions. Them vs the Bucks at the next PPV where they’ll pull the trigger on the split and finally move the belts onto the Bucks. Except I’d pull a SWERVE and have Kenny snap, V-trigger the shit out of his pathetic enabler mates, and finally let him blossom into the weirdo smug prick heel he always should’ve been. Wasn’t a big fan of Cody’s promo. Dunno if it was the way he was dressed or his big entrance wearing thin, but that’s the first time his innate heel qualities have sorta drowned out anything likeable about him. Absolutely loved the Inner Circle backstage interview. Wish we’d see more of the group pissing about like this and looking natural together. Ortiz is a great stooge and Sammy’s turning into a tv star. Jericho dressed like some Streets of Rage baddie was awesome. PAC vs Darby was their best tv main event yet. Can’t wait for PAC vs Moxley. Thrilling seeing Moxley become the bad boy rockstar hunk he always should’ve been.
  5. Edge had that feud with Matt Hardy. Outside of that he’s an utter bore. Seth Rollins of his day. Hopefully he goes to the unwatchable Smackdown and doesn’t shit up Raw by pretending he’s a legend. Can’t believe there’s another Saudi show during Wrestlemania season. Are they gonna drop Fastlane/Elimination Chamber? This years build could end up even messier the last.
  6. Raw's on a bit of a roll isn't it? Brock, Orton and The Big Show are the only real stars on the brand but I don't think it'll stay that way for long. They're finally making a genuine attempt of putting out a coherent wrestling show and getting people over. Almost everyone is being well cast, has direction, and are starting to feel like people you can invest in again. Watching Drew spread his wings is a weekly highlight. You feel that this big win means he's finally out of the wheel spinning phase and there's real plans for him come Mania season. Awesome. After poisoning the well, they've done a great job of rehabbing Brock Lesnar since the Kofi/Cain nonsense. It's the most interesting he's been in years. I love the dynamic of him being first in the Royal Rumble, so many ways they can play with that. Him, Heyman and R-Truth looked to be having the time of their lives in that segment. Great fun. Even Randy is in a perfect spot, taking the piss out of the opening rah-rah babyface speech and nonchalantly stealing moves. The closing match was dumbass fun with some cool popcorn spots for the babyfaces to shine. Buddy Murphy joining Seth's group as the understudy is the perfect choice and has me buzzing to see where it goes next week. It's rare to see so many ships raised after a loss in WWE, and Buddy and Black came out of their series all the better. And this looks like a proper faction, nothing like them dead Corbin ones. Hopefully Buddy scrubs up nice in a suit and ditches the shit theme music. For all the groundwork they're laying and the fresh acts and characters they're building, they seem to be doing the opposite with the women. I get wanting to put the spotlight on a couple of big names, but they lean so heavy into them that nobody else has a chance to get over. Charlotte didn't sell anything in her match with Sarah Logan. Complete waste of time. Similarly, the contract signing might've landed better if Asuka wasn't chasing the 24/7 title a few months ago. Becky did a decent job in tying to get her over as a threat, but Asuka's been so damaged in the year since she tapped her this doesn't quite have the Big Fight Feel they are going for. Rusev vs Bobby Lashley was the shits and should put to bed the idea that it's getting Rusev over. It's getting Lana over, which is why it's dead when the bell rings, but Rusev vs Lashley is a waste of time. This also put to bed any sympathy I had left for Bob Lashley. He's felt shit for the longest time, but equally, he's been set up to fail since the day he returned. I was well up for him being built up as a challenger to Brock, and thought he could look credible given a decent push. But nah. Boring as piss bag of spanners. He hasn't had a good match since Roman carried him way back when. Next weeks mixed tag could work though, I'm kinda looking forward to that. But the angle seems to have run its course. Liv Morgan has something to do at least. Viking Raiders, Charlotte and Ricochet are the show's biggest losers since the turn around. Nothing is clicking right now although a bit of character retooling should steady them. Ricochet would be better off back in NXT to be honest. He's fucked in this environment.
  7. Great call. Both of them stood out above everyone else the last couple of weeks for me. Riddle was hilarious and was exactly how you’d imagine him to act. Apparently HHH saw it and preferred it to the planned pre-written one. I wish they could be a bit looser with the in-ring promos. Adam Cole, Dream and Shayna are the only ones that come out of them well to me.
  8. Grimes and Keith Lee looked awesome in he main event. Looking forward to a singles match between them two. Lee vs Strong should be fun as well. Not usually a fan of three and four-ways but NXT has them down to a science. Still hoping Lee can find his way up the card someday soon, so sick of the skinny work rate dudes at the top. Disappointing follow up to Ripley’s championship win. I’ll have to take back thinking she’s a nailed-on superstar with promos like that. Promos are definitely NXTs weak spot (once you’ve trained yourself to ignore the awful commentary). The standards must be low if Ciampa’s seen as one of the best. He’s looked completely ordinary since that Miz Tv spot he did.
  9. Amateur hour with their time management again. Closing angle would’ve come across so much better if it didn’t drag so much. How long before we start getting negative chants from the AEW faithful? I don’t see how else this Brandi nonsense will stop. Only a matter of time before this shit starts eating in to Cody’s reactions too. DDP needs to to get taken out or fuck off. On the positive side, it finally feels like some of the young guys are heating up with Sammy G and The Hangman doing fun character stuff.
  10. Worst pro wrestler - Shane McMahon- The Best in the World gimmick was harmless fun before they took it for real. Baron Corbin - Him, Dolph and Lacey completely killed the title scene post-Mania. They’re still all over Smackdown which is one of the reasons I binned it. Lacey Evans - Honestly think she’s got more upside than anyone in the division. The forced gimmick and overpush kill her dead. Worst match of the year - Shane vs Roman Reigns. Fuck off Shane. Lucha Bro. Vs Private Party - AEW at its dirt worst. Goldberg vs Taker. Nuff said. Worst Event - Saudi shitshow, WrestleMania. Biggest letdown (Anticlimax of the Year) Becky Lynch and their utter failure to build on her popularity. Roman Reigns. Fumbled again. Smackdown on Fox. Lol. Probably the worst regular show they’ve ever produced. Stupidest Moment of the Year - Seth Vs The Fiend and HITC. Soon as the match graphic was revealed you could see the corner they’d painted themselves into and was just imagining which ridiculous ways they were gonna fuck it. Didn’t disappoint. Lesnar beats Kofi Kingston in seven seconds. God knows what it’s like to be a young Kofi fan. Invest in someone for all that time only to flush it down the toilet. Ridiculous. Adding Charlotte to the WrestleMania main event. Edit: completely forgot about Roman for the anti climax award, which says it all. Put him in place of The Fiend.
  11. What are the chances Janela disappears from TV for a month and the angle’s concluded on Twitter? I think there’s something in him that they’ve failed to tap into, and this stop-start stuff is doing him no favours. Maybe him and Ford can use the reality of their relationship to squeeze something juicy out of this. Good luck with Kip Sabian though. The guy is useless. The cocktail stick, the Lennon shades, the valet . . . Dress him up how you like, he’s the most vanilla bloke in wrestling history. As for Dynamite, easily the best since Full Gear. Thank god we’re finally finding out who the Ellite are. The opening video was a fine way to bounce back for them and wash away some stink. Hopefully they tie together all these crap fetish groups and the ‘higher power’ is Chris Daniels or somebody equally unimportant, so this Dark Order/Nightmare thing can be beaten and quietly forgotten about. There isn’t enough of singles match Cody on these shows. Him Vs Darby Allin was fantastic. Blew everything else away and is probably the best Dynamite match to date. Fat Arn isn’t quiet the winning visual that Brandi is, but hell, I LOVED the use of him for the finish. Classic, basic stuff. What’s old is new again. Riho couldn’t drop the title soon enough. She’d be great as the scrappy underdog that gets battered about with an occasional upset victory. But as a practically unbeatable champion on a Brock Lesnar schedule? Nope. Baffling they didn’t make Shida their first champion when she’s been there all along. Sammy Guevara damn near stole the show this week. That face on him! What a wonderful, cocky little prick. Him and MJF as AEWs young brash heels should be awesome to see grow over the years. The two of them getting stuck in and jawing with the Jacksonville crowd was a joy to watch. Loved MJF and his stips. MJF beating a conflicted, humiliated Cody with the strap ten times over already sounds like wrestling segment gold. It feels like they still haven’t tapped into how hot Moxley could be. Jericho was hilarious and king-sized as usual, and I get what they were going for, but the ending to that segment was shit. Moxley came out as a house of fire but struggled a bit too much with Trent, and finished off with a completely limp and deflating response to Jericho. I’m looking forward to them sparking his jets this year. Main event was the usual Young Bucks silly bollocks. I’ve really cooled on the Lucha Bros. A shame, I really wanna like them but they’re even more annoying than the Bucks. Endless posing, random no-selling and some flat out embarrassing botches. Finally a bit of something about Adam Page. First time he’s came across as someone worth investing in. Enjoyed him in the booth with his drink, feeling sorry for himself. I’d love it if they had the balls to go with a full-on alcoholism story line. The Twitter response would be something to behold. Tazz fits right in. I’d take him over Excalibur any day.
  12. To me, Kevin Owen’s character has been yanked about so much over the years it’s impossible to truly invest in him as a legitimate top babyface, as good as he is. He’s more Big Show than Stone Cold. Still, the stuff with him and Joe is fantastic. I’m totally ready for a badass babyface Joe run. I was bouncing in my seat watching him steamroll through the AOP in the opening segment, that big boot was a thing of beauty. I’d go all the way with Joe and have him take that belt the fuck off Brock. Raw is as easy a watch as a three hour wrestling show could be at the moment. I like continuity being a thing. Love how they tied together the stuff between Rey and Seth for his US title loss. The Orton injury angle was completely daft but Randy’s in top form. Murphy/Black was banging. No 50/50, just Buddy looking tough in defeat. Drew’s the man. Him treating Ryder and his mate like complete scrubs was utterly hilarious. The reaction to the wedding all seems a bit much. It was barely the worst thing on this show let alone the worst thing ever. It was just too long with a bunch of people nowhere near interesting enough to pull it off. In its way, The Street Profits completely bombing was a thousand times worse. Sad to see two charismatic guys lumped with material so fucking bad they can’t overcome it. Goofs. I can see Vince watching that and using it as justification to beat them like a drum. Also, Charlotte and her push are insufferable. It doesn’t help that she’s blatantly been phoning it in since Becky took the spotlight. But they seem to think she’s beyond being a traditional heel/babyface, and that banging on about being a Queen and a ten time champion is enough to make you give a shit. Yet, here she is, getting an even smaller reaction than Natalya. Fucking Natalya!
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