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  1. There's enough decent characters knocking about between WWE's brands, it's just the storytelling and match making is wretched horseshit.
  2. Don't care about any of the new lot, although I'd pay to see Chigusa kick Yoshiko's face off.
  3. Any HHH match that doesn't involve gimmicks or Daniel Bryan.
  4. I remember thinking John Morrison looked like a superstar with his long hair, buff bod and cool flippy shit and he would break away from The Miz to be the "next Shawn Michaels" and, well . . .
  5. I really liked the whole deal with Varsity Blondes and Team Tazz. The Blondes have that blowjob babyface tag team energy about them, Garrison in particular is fun to watch, like an explosive young Sam Houston. The brawl and Darby Allin on the zipline felt super hot and continued to give this feud some feeling after weeks of standing about. Tony, unfortunately, did sound a bit Michael Cole on commentary while hyping the segment. Despite Starks sticking out like a sore thumb, Team Tazz is awesome and fun and feel more like a unit than the Inner Circle ever did. Omega and Callis are clowning
  6. Three or four years ago, yeah. He might've got actual heat. Now though it's almost impossible to care. The guy's been a complete jobber since he got Shane O' Mac'd into oblivion.
  7. Yeah I'm not blaming the wrestlers, even if Edge is booking his own way to Wrestlemania. There's only one man that has the final say at the end of the day. They just don't care anymore. Now less than ever. It's just mindless content to fill time.
  8. Like someone said it's self fulfilling prophecy. It's why they treat Edge like a star, because he's tall and blonde, despite nobody giving a about Edge and him tanking interest in mania season. It's a depressing state. They should be chucking those billions Cena's way.
  9. Is that the match where The Steiner's completely brutalise the poor young boy? Probably my favourite guilty pleasure match.
  10. I've said it before and I stand by it that Cody punting himself from the main event picture is the most needless and stupid thing they've done. Once they blew off the MJF feud Cody and AEW just isn't the same. Part of that is obviously pandemic related and losing those white hot crowds, but also, the angles and main event storylines haven't been as strong. Those heated feuds and serious story arcs with the likes of Jericho and MJF are long gone. Compare this cold, unfocused, convoluted build to Revolution to the electricity of last year's and it's night and day. Eddie Kingston looked lik
  11. I expect to be in the minority on this but I genuinely thought Prince Devitt/Finn Balor was the most uninteresting, overhyped in-ring worker of his generation until last year. I don't know what clicked for him, but he's settled brilliantly into the working ace role. Far cry from the vanilla dude that would blandly run through spot to spot, dropkick to double stomp.
  12. Cody's such a genius that his entrance is through the middle. He's a tweener you see. Get it?
  13. Got to give them credit, I've really got a kick out of Adam Page and The Dark Order the last few weeks. I finally feels like they've found the right lane. I would've loved to have seen the big babyface response -1 would receive in front of thousands of fans, as he directed Dark Order traffic. Real fun baby group and Page's facials were great. First time I've really cared about him in a year. Serena Deeb and Riho was predictably cracking. I could have done without the forced knee injury stuff, but they've left it open for more down the line. Riho's something special and I'm miffed some peo
  14. Even as someone who went through their 'joshi phase' several years back, I couldn't get into the tournament. Good on AEW for spotlighting these workers and promotions though, it's pretty cool. Excalibur's voice is so grating! Why is Starks seemingly on Dark every week while the likes of Luther stink up Dynamite?
  15. Alexa has a ton of potential but they've never really found a fitting role for her. Whether it's this Fiend nonce-sense, or the run a few years ago where she was booked like Brock Lesnar - she always ends up as more of a hindrance than an asset. Taking of which, Riddle is the extreme embodiment of modern WWE booking. Where it's becoming harder and harder to distinguish between a push and a burial.
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