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  1. I loved the first two thirds of Blood and Guts. Really captured that visceral energy of the classic wargames matches and hearing proper crowds again made the whole thing so electrifying. It was great to hear the star reactions to Sammy, Santana/Ortiz and MJF. They all got elevated. It's funny reading all the backlash to the crash mat spot. It barely registered with me. I was too busy being fucking MAD that they left the cage and climbed it in the first place. Fucks sake lads, it's the first one! Keep it inside. All that drawn out shit at the end didn't fit the tone of the match at all an
  2. Have to assume Joe wanted to wrestle and they wouldn't clear him. Thought he had lifer written all over him. Shocker. Mickie James surely still has a lot to offer too. I think they'd be great for AEW. With Billie Kay you'd think WWE is the ideal place for her. They're fucking broken.
  3. Love how they didn't mess about and was straight into it with the new heel Young Bucks. Great way to kick off the show. Finally they're just running with being utter pricks with the fake Dior's, frilly headbands and mid-90s HBK regalia and I love it. Good Brothers really need to go though. I'm actually quite partial to Gallows in-ring but Anderson is shite and their patter is fucking horrendous. "Good promo!" Legit cringeworthy stuff. She looks TREMENDOUS and could be moulded into something special. Now though? Kris Stantlander looks nowhere near ready to be doing the moves she's doing. I
  4. There was a time when I would have killed for a Kyle O' Reilly singles push. But him as a super serious babyface having phoney epics with Adam Cole just isn't it for me. Massive shame.
  5. I think Smackdown being better is mainly down to it being two hours and Heyman, Roman, Bryan and Edge having some agency in what they're doing. Is the rest of it any better? They certainly roped me in like a fool with the goodwill coming off the weekend. What a massive shit sandwich to eat that I can't wait to moan about . . - The new announcer had a mare. He was different from the other robots which is in his favour but addressing the "WWE audience" in his first segment? Woof. Never got the right emphasis on anything with his Kermit The Frog voice. - Kicking off the Raw after W
  6. Night two never really got off the ground. The sight of The Fiend rising from the music box to those chugging power chords took me back to summer 2019, when he felt like a cool, unique character, full of exciting potential. But of course, after the (lovely) Brodie Lee tribute, it was Same Old Bray Wyatt. The invincible, no-selling, super natural monster that loses to a distraction finish. Fucking hilarious. I love Owen's as a babyface star but I've never got on with his matches. Unlike night one's Seth/Cesaro, this was a workrate sprint that had no meat or story to it. Just two guys
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