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  1. Is there anybody that doesn't like Big E? What a lovely gem of a bloke he is. It'd be great if this was a serious commitment rather than a hotshot that fizzles out. In the ideal world he's the babyface that finally dethrones Roman Reigns. He's so blatantly the guy. Still, it's pretty cool to see him, Bobby Lashley and Bianca Belair all being framed as legitimate centrepiece stars.
  2. Incredible show. And that was even before Bryan Danielson walked out and he's the reason I got the PPV in the first place. Debuting Adam Cole in the disappointment spot used as a swerve before introducing the REAL SUPRISE is the greatest carny shit TK ever pulled. Cannot wait for Dynamite.
  3. I know it's wishful thinking but Jericho's emphasis on it being his "final AEW match" has me hoping he's winding down his contract and will leave for a final WWE run. I'd love it if MJF beat him again. MJF as the white hot heel that retired Chris Jericho moving into a feud with CM Punk would be great. His promo this week might have been his best ever. Proper nasty prick.
  4. Of all the recent signings, 2.0 and Daniel Garcia excite me more than anything else. Fucking love them. The Sting and Darby match was a classic and I can't wait for Garcia to face Danielson.
  5. LOL at Dave acting like this was a planned 'worked shoot' match-up. As if the WWE has it's own mini UWFI shoot-style division. Playing dumb like the last time Charlotte started sandbagging and shooting on Lacey Evans a couple of years ago. God forbid admitting Ric's daughter might be an unprofessional shithead. This was Nia just an hour before dropping Charlotte like a sack of shit. It's gonna take something tragic to get her the sack isn't it.
  6. Awesome! They should make these two shitheads fight each other every week so they're nobody else's problem. Charlotte probably nixing the feud with the doll is the best thing she's ever done.
  7. A massive own goal of an episode. After a run of the most electric weekly wrestling I'd ever seen they laid an egg. I wonder if this card suffered because they were showing off their older guys to new viewers (Hardy, Big Show, Gunn, Arn) or if it's a worrying sign the addition of Rampage is already watering things down. Whole show felt off, with bad timing of the entrance music, cold matches, sloppy wrestling and the Codyverse running fucking wild. Did they really think Lee Johnson running out was a satisfying finish? Thankfully there were two hot angles. The tag team eliminator post-match was a riot with The Young Bucks being the best pricks on the planet. CM Punk was a comedown from Friday but he still felt like a God. The slipped in Danielson tease was awesome. Not much else. All Out is a strange looking card. Punk vs Darby is heatless 'dream match' stuff. World Champion is in another B-level match. Moxley's being wasted. MJF/Jericho I never want to watch again. Bleurgh.
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