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  1. Weird week of WWE for me. For as much as Raw has improved under Heyman recently, Austin's appearance only served to highlight what a mess they've gotten into, especially when it comes to the bigger picture. For a start, imagine opening the show with the biggest star from back in the day, from when they made stars, and following that up with Seth Rollins - the biggest of dorks from this new era of making dorks. Rollins' lame pandering completely took the air out of the room and it sounded like the MSG crowd never recovered. Never has a segment made it more clear how much WWE have lost their way over the years. Austin, obviously, has always been a star a step above everyone else, but the gulf between him and the rest of the show has never been so massive. It just shined a light on how far standards have fallen and how stagnant and complacent they've been. Honestly, it was sad to watch and it made the rest of Raw a slog. I remember feeling disappointed they didn't have Steve interact with Becky or K.O. or even Roman Reigns on the reunion show, but I don't know what help that'd do long term. Austin - who doesn't look or sound much different from when he was in his prime - just makes everyone and everything today look lame as shit in comparison. He has self-agency and owns the character in a way that today's guys aren't capable and/or allowed. His character is so strong and defined. You can believe in him. He completely exposes how passive, toothless and utterly boring today's babyfaces are written to be. He's fucking awesome. Even Braun Strowman looked tiny next to him - his handshake left hanging, stood there limp like a total goon. It was telling that the only active roster guy MSG gave a shit about was Bray Wyatt. He's still in his own creative universe where his act can grow, insulated from the over-scripted, monotonous, sterile TV environment that will inevitably cool him to death. It's breathed new life into him. I'm dreading HITC, where it will all come crashing down, where he'll become just another guy. But yeah, the show peaked with Austin and Wyatt. The only other thing that really stood out was the Conner's cure segment. That Roman Reigns is a guy I could root for. He was lovely in that and he's the perfect guy for it as long as they don't hammer it over your head. So much more wholesome than Stephanie or whoever doing it. I was shocked to find out the PPV is on Sunday. The build has been weird and lacklustre to say the least. For a guy they're so desperate to get cheered, they sure have gotten themselves into massive pickle with Seth Rollins. Their lack of building credible heels coupled with Seth being a bit shit, has made the top of the card ice cold since Mania. Now they're stuck in a position where the only credible guy to put him with is the one guy more popular than he is. Rollins vs Braun should be a cracking match but nobody believes in Braun winning anything anymore, and the "can they co-exist!", tag champ gimmick has been boring as hell. They should stick AJ Styles in there and make it a threeway, pal. He's the sole shining light in the main event picture. On paper Becky vs Sasha sounded like a possible PPV headliner, but it's completely flat. The 4HW tag was solid fun but the Bayley and Charlotte 'turns' have diluted the build and took the edge off Sasha's return. Becky is just there. I've actually enjoyed this more nuanced(!) delusional direction for Bayley, but it's muddied the waters and I have zero faith in their ability to write it and pay it off properly. Their disinterest in building new female stars for Becky and Charlotte to work with (Bayley is just keeping that belt warm) remains a concern. Lacey has something but she clearly isn't there yet. The only match at Clash of Champions I'm really looking forward to is, hilariously, Roman vs Eric Rowan. After all that silliness, the GoPro shots, the falling shelves, the fake Rowans - all it took was two hosses having a good old fashioned pro-wrestling brawl to get me interested. It's almost as if the whodunnit nonsense was a bad way to kill time and completely unnecessary!
  2. Looking forward to this match. Feels like Metalik has been hidden away with the Lucha party gimmick, it'll be nice to see what he's about if they let him go. Rey's looked incredible with guys like Andrade being a base for him, going against somebody his own size will probably give a better idea of where he's really at fitness wise. I still don't quite get this Mysterio angle or where it's going but his promos have been cracking the last few weeks. I just want Rey to be treated like the legend that he is. If he comes out of this shining, I'd give him 10mins every week against a variety of opponents and let him be the TV babyface ace that he so easily could be. For such a GOAT and being one of the few guys left that has actually drawn money, his treatment over the years has been baffling to me. It's such a shame his kid is so shit.
  3. Cody vs Jericho sounds like a brilliant feud, can't wait to see what they conjure up for that one. Cody's been hitting it out the park so far. It also means the main event won't be in danger of being overshadowed by Moxley/Omega, which I'm sure will be hot too.
  4. Jericho's gold and for now he's the right guy to be on top, but after finally seeing the All Out main event I think he looks utterly terrible. Knackered, slow, struggling to get into position, he was dog rotten all match and it shows what a miracle worker Kenny Omega is to get a good main event out of him. The Hangman doesn't belong anywhere near the big one and for someone who's in their late twenties he still hasn't shown anything that makes me think he'll get close. He's a pretty boy that looks cool on a horse and that's about it. He showed practically zero spark or intensity when Jericho was bloody and on the ropes and he totally failed to engage the crowd. I thought the main event was a bore and the weakest match on the main show. I loved the finish though. The crowd ATE IT UP. The Judas Effect is the most brilliant and hilarious finisher in all of wrestling. Shawn Spears looked like a star under the spotlight, sitting in that chair. But as soon as he pulled back his hood to reveal those fuck awful contact lenses you knew Cody was right all along. Nothing more than a good hand. He was a nobody in this match, just a warm body while Cody and Tully Blanchard did all the important heavy lifting. Tully was awesome and absolutely belongs in a managerial role. I'd love for him to stick around and have his own group of bastard heels working for him. Talking of bastards, Pac/Omega was my match of the night. I loved the story of cocky Kenny looking past Pac and paying for it. The finish was bold, and it was shocking in just the right way and it cemented Pac immediately. I thought the promo from the other day did wonders for Omega, it's the first time in AEW that his act felt like it had any teeth to it. It's gonna be fun watching the TV and seeing how they put the juice back into him for the Moxley match. Big thumbs up on the Angilcio/Jack Evans heel turn on the pre-show. Always good to see more defined heels and who'd possibly want to cheer these shits anyway. The only real negative from the show was JR, who blatantly couldn't give a shit and is there only to collect his sweet paycheck. I'm with him on calling 'Jungle Boy' Jack Perry though. That kid's a fucking star. They need to do a promo piece on TNT ASAP because he's it and I wanna know more. Also, the women's division has looked weak so far, although the battle royal did them no favours. The only person to get any kind of spotlight was Nyla Rose and she's terrible. She's looked sloppy and outright dangerous in her matches and should be nowhere near the title. Hopefully they snap up Mercedes Martinez and Ivelisse.
  5. KOTR has been good fun so far. They've done a nice job of making it feel important and the matches make the show feel more coherent overall. The crowds seem well into it too. They've blown the doors open prediction wise, I've no idea who's winning. The rest of the show is a disaster unfortunately. Just a lot of moans coming. Who could possibly care about Roman Reigns anymore? There's always hunger for long term, week-to-week story telling in WWE, and every time they do it, it's such an awful illogical mess that you wish they'd get it over and done with, and get back to the only thing they consistently do well - matches. Everyone comes out of these angles as damaged goods. I should be chomping at the bit to see Bryan vs Roman but instead Bryan is a lower midcard clown out of Roman's league and Reigns is just . . . there. Looking bored and embarrassed by the entire thing. The women's angle is hot for now, but it's turned into a convoluted mess in record time. The whole division is a wishy-washy shambles, nobody knows who to boo or cheer. They can't seriously be turning Charlotte babyface again?! She's amazing, but come on. Charlotte and Becky teaming against the Boss n' Hug seems like the way they're going, but meh, donnu about it. I suppose they've wrecked Becky's character enough that going back to being Flair's chump mate is the natural path at this point. I take back my excitement for the Nakumara/Zayne pairing. Utter shit. The Lio Rush thing with the 'hype man' shouting into the mic is unbearable and doesn't get over. What a waste of these two. The pulling back of the McMahon's and The Authority the last few months has been a sweet relief. They're complete poison. I still can't quite believe what they did to Kevin Owens. From funny, smart talking, locker room leader and man of the people, to a pathetic, whimpering, fat loser in the space of a week. Christ. As great as the FFH was this week, The Wyatt thing bothers me as well. They're dying for top heels for sure but isn't it a bit early to be putting him in a championship match? Can't say I'm up for watching him in a cell where he'll have to sell and look like everyone else. The matches have been good though! Don't know if they're using different agents or what but they've felt tighter and more smartly booked. Baron Corbin, Elias and Lacey Evans having the best matches of their career the last couple of days.
  6. Man, you lot really wanted that piledriver! Poor Okada was getting booed out the building by the end for delaying it. This and the G1 show from Texas had such a great atmosphere. Makes me wish New Japan would sort out their international relations. Love seeing how the roster react to the 'gaijin' crowds too, KENTA and Suzuki in particular seemed to be having the times of their lives out there. Main event was pretty great and reminded me of how much I've missed Suzuki. KENTA/Ishii was cracking for the most part but fuck me it was hard to watch by the end. KENTA was so clearly out of it towards the finish, he's lucky if he didn't fuck himself proper. This angle with Shibata has been brilliant for him though, enjoying his work.
  7. Looking around I'm surprised at how little backlash Jim Ross has got. I thought he was completely rotten for the majority of the show. I get that his voice still carries a lot of weight but what good is that when he spends his time shitting all over the product. Wheel him out for the Cody matches only. Justin Roberts is utter death. He sounds like such a prick and doesn't suit these shows at all. Cracking show mind.
  8. What crap. I thought things were looking up a couple of weeks back but Smackdown went to pot. Any hope of them actually building a star with this shit Whodunnit angle or the KOTR tournament went out the window the last two shows. The treatment of Chad Gable, Buddy Murphy and Kevin Owens gives me little hope. It's like they desperately don't want anybody getting over. They actually have a storyline for Bryan and Roman, so round of applause for that. The whole angle is so shit I barely care about either guy at the moment. Bayley probably did better than anybody could have done with Lacey Evans for 15 mins.15 minutes! Fuck me. Maybe the non-vanilla girls that spend every week siting back in catering or playing video games should just have a massive sulk and lay on the floor, sit at home for four months and then they might get a shot of tv time. To my surprise I'm enjoying Randy Orton. He hasn't been this motivated in forever and the Revival connection would be awesome if their booking wasn't so bi-polar. Orton's been cutting the best promo's of his career this year. The limitations of the New Day have been exposed though. Kofi feels less like a World Champion by the week and Big E completely outshined him this week in showing main event level intensity. That was before he started licking his hand and and slapping Randy on the arse. But hey, Big E seems happy to be a goofy dancing black guy for the rest of his career, so good luck to him I guess. Zayn and Shinsuke are magic together.
  9. The last couple of years have been fairly mental haven't they? We're definitely in the middle of some kind of transitioning period. Can't wait till October, I love it!
  10. Finding out that Jim Breaks beat his girlfriend to death was a proper downer.
  11. Yeah they’ve done a great job with this, it’s easily the match I’m looking forward to most at All Out. I think Cody, Spears, Moxley, Dustin and Jericho will be the my favourite workers in AEW. For all it’s faults, everyone that goes through WWE ends up a better worker. Although Dustin was always fucking great. Northeast Wrestling just did Moxley vs Pentagon Jr which sounds absolutely mouth watering. Anybody seen it? Same show had Jerry Lawler opposite David Arquette in a tag match! Will have to track this one down.
  12. NXT is gonna go completely down the shitter isn’t it.☹️
  13. Becky had already lost a ton of momentum heading into Mania and that finish completely took the wind out of her sails. Pathetic win and a complete pussy job that barely achieved anything and made her look a right goof. Most begrudging ‘push’ and title run I can remember. They may as well have chucked it on Charlotte, at least they’d have fully got behind her. Bet Ronda comes backs and disputes it as well. Dusty finish for WrestleMania.
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