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  1. Mr Butternut Squash

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Good god yes the opener was fantastic. THAT’S how you can utilise the 205 guys not the ridiculous stuff raw is pulling every week. A fresh face in Ali is given just enough shine while the New Daniel Bryan gets to show his authority as champ and get his new shit over. It’s win win. It’s a shame the ad breaks gutted the match a bit. The rap battle was fun. The thing I love about these guys is they can do comedy, they can smash pumpkins on eachothers heads and any other goofy shit they like never lose their credibility. Their matches speak for themselves. I think the Bar has helped Cesaro tremendously with injecting him with character. It would be nice to have some other faces in the tag division soon though. As good as Smackdown is those same WWE quirks still bug me. AJ got destroyed last week, why the fuck is he not after Bryan’s blood? They didn’t even need to get physical, just have him run Bryan off instead of letting him give Ali the same post match beating he gave him last week. Why the hell has The Man not been on colour commentary? I think they could have done more to roll with Becky since her return, maybe it's the fanboy in me . Credit to Charlotte though, she’s outshined her three weeks running. It’s great how they’ve built Charlotte and Asuka back up to be fair. Cool image of Asuka standing tall to go home on and Lynch dangling over the table was pretty funny. Las Vegas crowd were poor all night.
  2. Mr Butternut Squash

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Got to love how Vince brushes everything off. Its shit for fans but he must be laughing. Doesn’t matter if it’s another scandal or if he’s just pumping out shitty television, he’s practically untouchable. The last few weeks of tv have been universally shat on, one ended with a “we want refunds” chant. And yet the next time Vince appears on tv I guarantee he gets a bigger pop than anyone else on the roster.
  3. Mr Butternut Squash

    Dave Meltzer

    With the promos videos they were running at the time I was fairly convinced the third man was Glacier. ☹️
  4. Mr Butternut Squash

    Finding Their Sound: Early Forays in the Music Business

    Talk Talk always fascinated me. New wave synth poppers grow into moody ambient jazz rock musos, or whatever the fuck genre the Laughing Stock LP is.
  5. Mr Butternut Squash

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I’m sure there was some observer quote a couple of months back about Vince loving the Revival. These lucha rules matches, is this them trying to get the ‘vocal minority’ fans to get behind Revival? To pick out the few positives on the show, Drew’s promo was great again. Working the indie scene did him wonders, he’s the best talker on the male roster and like the other one (Joe) there’s a sense of real malice and violence in his words. Lio Rush took the most ridiculous/brilliant bump I’ve seen from a guitar shot. I tuned into 205 the other week just to see what Rush is about. He’s a fucking great worker. He got the apathetic 205 crowd hot and made him vs Cedric Alexander feel like a big match. Bayley/Banks as the first woman tag champs sounds cool to me even if it means Banks being the Boss (ie a singles heel) grows more distant. Corbins a good heel, I stick by that, but holy shit is he over exposed right now. That video package of him with the WWF 96 voiceover was gold. GOLD I tell ya. I never thought I’d say this but they need Owens back. The baby faces need a voice. Balor and Rollins can’t carry their end on the mic, put Owens in some face authority role. In the summer Owens ‘quit’, returned a week later and had Corbins permission to do what the fuck he wants. Do this! Tamina is fucking trash. Can’t sell an armbar. Once Rousey and Becky drop Nia Jax they should be phased out. Isn’t there any other large women on the scene right now?
  6. Mr Butternut Squash

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    The ‘bro’ thing is a bit Zack Ryder but I’m sure that’ll be phased back, otherwise Riddle looks fantastic. Riddle vs Joe, or vs Bryan already sound salivating. Why aren’t the other two horsewoman working matches yet? Who the hell are they supposed to be anyway? They’re spare parts out there, Baszler doesn’t need them. Ciampa was hilarious pulling strings at the end but I still don’t get Aleister Black. He looks and talks like a shitarse and has one of the worst names in the business. He’s a bit Corey Graves. Kick looked fucking sweet though.
  7. Mr Butternut Squash

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Bryan is spectacular. It’s so simple what he’s doing too. Love that he’s adding new stuff to his arsenal to put the turn an new character over the top. The beat down was savage and Styles selling was fantastic, even the commentary was good. Bryan jumping Styles again as they went off air instead of standing around posing made it feel wild. Great episode of Smackdown again.
  8. Mr Butternut Squash

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Corrie? Keep your shite in off topic boys!
  9. Mr Butternut Squash

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Looking forward to the home town reception for Liverpool’s #1 Zack Gibson. Hope the team with Drake whatshisname is brief, Gibson’s wasted in tags.
  10. Mr Butternut Squash

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    Good on Show for trashing the transition spot where guys post themselves in the corner. The one you see in Every Sodding Match. Hopefully see that a little less down the line.
  11. Mr Butternut Squash

    Random Thoughts III.

    Never! Nak looked lush in the blue jumpsuit with the U.S. belt on at starrcade. Looked like a star.
  12. Mr Butternut Squash

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    I enjoy the show but you're not wrong. Several of these guys are really bad. Maybe they will chop and change as it grows? I'd like to see Luke Menzies on the show, ex rugby lad built like a tank. Anyone know the job guy in Tyson T Bones first match? He looked nails, must be something for him to do.
  13. Mr Butternut Squash

    Random Thoughts III.

    The entire roster is lame compared to those guys right now. It feels like they've generated actual heat and got their characters over. A lot of the guys are over for just their entrance and spots. These three have it. Bryan too, he's great.
  14. Mr Butternut Squash

    Survivor Series

    Yeah that’s the feeling I got watching all this play out. They’re in a great situation with these three, the drama and the heat is there to play with and Rousey, Flair and Becky are the best players on roster. Charlotte just stepped the fuck up.
  15. Mr Butternut Squash

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Only seen Riddle twice on the indies. He won me over in that Ohno confrontation on NXT tv this week. Just look at the fucker’s face. Look at him trying not to corpse at Hero’s nonsense, the way his eyes light up when he calls him ‘dude’. He’s hilarious. Mind you, I tend to watch wrestling totally baked, man.