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  1. Seth’s promo and the Owens beatdown was real good stuff. I can’t imagine Seth cutting a more impactful promo than that. It felt near cathartic just watching it. AOP look awesome as his muscle, I was waiting for the Shield fist pump to really rub it in. Didn’t get the stuff with Sami Zayn and Mojo though. Just felt like they were killing time. Humberto/Almas and Black/Tozawa had great little matches. I really like Tozawa. He bumps and eats offence like a lunatic. I’m now all in on The Kabuki Warriors. Thank fuck they’ve ditched Paige, got cool new outfits and finally, some entrance music that doesn’t make me wanna jam a screwdriver into my ear. Hell, they even got Becky and Charlotte teaming in a way that didn’t drive me mad. I hope the Andrade/Vega thing was a minor slip up. Breaking them up is the last thing they should be doing. Poor Kevin Owens though. Do you think they’re still out there struggling to lift his fat arse into the ambulance?
  2. Any great matches from the tag league worth hunting down?
  3. He definitely has sadly. Seems like he’s working more of a traditional babyface style which has robbed him of his edge. Plus the clean cut look he had in 2017 made him stand apart. His vicious ring style was a neat contrast to his boyish looks. Now he just kinda looks like Killian Dane, The Forgotten Sons and every other hairy bloke. But smaller.
  4. Isn't Arn Anderson with them? They could really do with some experienced agents to iron shit out and introduce some heat and psychology to the matches. I love Jericho but he's skirting the line with the laughs at the minute. I wish there was more intensity there. The Inner Circle don't feel like the dangerous heel group that I hoped they would. Proud and Powerful lean into the comedy too much and the Bucks seem like the last team you want to work with to generate heat and emotion.
  5. I thought NXT did an impressive job in capitalising on the Survivor Series buzz this week. This felt like the most effective show of the wars yet in terms of getting people up and down the card over. I thought the format was something they should stick to, perfect mix of in ring promos, vignettes, short interviews etc. The Kushida and Swerve Scott vids are the kind of little things I wish AEW would do with their mid-card babyfaces, instead of thinking competitive matches is enough. Things have started to heat up too, with the spectacular Shayna/Ripley stuff, the Balor/Dakota heel turns and Keith Lee becoming the biggest rising star in wrestling. It taking main roster exposure for Keith Lee to break out is some bizaroo world shit and it's great to see them run with it. They've certainly got me invested. Where does Lee go from here? I don't think he needs the belt but he shouldn't be losing either. Call up? Whatever happens I hope we get more Lee/Balor out of it.
  6. They had it right at Summerslam. It died the moment Seth kicked out of the Sister Abigail at HITC. That's when it turned for the worse. From that moment on it was same old spooky, hacky, cartoon villain Bray Wyatt, in a mask, who has shit, miserable, tedious matches and feuds that do nothing but drag his opponents down. The red light and no-selling are the cherry on top of the Bray shit sundae. Daniel Bryan is salvaging it for now. He's where Becky Lynch was at waaay back in March, where it's clear that what hooked people onto the original character had been ruined by sheer tone-deafness, but there's still enough momentum and goodwill behind it to keep it going. He'll cool off even quicker if he's on TV every week.
  7. The Fiend’s dead. Roman putting him down with a single spear couldn’t happen soon enough.
  8. He isn’t a character. He’s a straight play by play guy. Gorilla didn’t have his bloody face covered up. It’s unprofessional and bush league as fuck.
  9. Absolutely love Samoa Joe on commentary. Such a relief to have a calm, credible, genuinely funny guy doing heel colour rather than some screaming ego. Might be my favourite WWE commentator in decades. Love Drew inheriting WALTER’S deadly chops. Him and Orton together has been gold. Looks like the two of them are having a right laugh. Drew could start feeling like a main eventer again if they carry on. Kabuki Warriors/Charlotte was really good, especially when Kairi wasn’t in there. Best Charlotte’s looked in ages. The last month of lazy, illogical booking has really fucked them over though. Eric Young as the scrappy undercard guy was a pleasant surprise and I like that they’re adding wrinkles to AOP’s characters. Things seem to get worse by the week for Ricochet. Him coming out to save his best mate Randy Orton (who couldn’t give a shit about him) to zero pop, only to get beat down by the O.C without getting a single bit of offence in. . . it felt like a parody on modern WWE babyfaces. Then he loses again at the end of the night. Super heroes are, in fact, real.
  10. Why is he wearing it? Is he a luchadore or some white bloke from Detroit? Its completely bush league. Whenever he pops up as a serious talking head during the hype videos it looks even more ridiculous. Jarring as fuck.
  11. Excalibur should have removed the mask already. It’s embarrassing. Hopefully Moxley doesn’t struggle with Janela for fifteen plus minutes.
  12. Wow! Best pounce spot I’ve ever seen. Perfectly timed and for a moment it felt like a genuinely dangerous and chaotic scene with Cole pinballing into the crowd. Thing I love most about Keith Lee is his selling. He’s awesome as a sympathetic babyface for someone his size. Dusty Rhodes vibes. Props to Roddy Strong, some great work after they called an audible. Him and Kyle O’Reilly are such loveable goofs and the consistent highlights for Undisputed Era. Poor Bobby Fish can’t seem to catch a break. Don’t know what to make of Cameron Grimes. Good worker that has something about him and they’re clearly high on him. But this hipster hillbilly thing isn’t really coming together. He’s one of those guys that’d probably get over if you stripped things back instead of sticking loads of hats on him, so to speak.
  13. I didn't think the crowd were particularly bad, especially considering how fatigued they must have been. Although they didn't seem at all into the main event until the near falls. I thought they did a poor job of getting Scorpio over this week, an interview or video package telling his story would have been so much better than that goofy rushed attack. They killed Orange Cassidy's pop with that fucking turkey suit. First time he wasn't funny.
  14. First time Dynamite didn't leave me wanting more. Loved - Jericho's celebration. Predictably great. Sammy's a natural smarm and gets the perfect kind of heat, and he has fantastic chemistry with Chris Jericho. Santana and Ortiz are class as well. Pac/Omega was sparking, with an awesome, clever finish, and they might be turning it around with Kenny Omega. The goofy funny fuck. MJF is the most exciting kid in the business. Cody winning a squash match with a figure four is the kind of old school shit I'm here for. The Dark Order finally turned it around with some proper, well produced, compelling videos. And Moxley's been on fire the last couple of weeks. Hottest he's been since Double or Nothing. The Moxley/Omega feud was such a waste of potential, with two guys worst excess getting in the way. But all the stir from the unsanctioned match has only bolstered Moxley as a badass outlaw. I wasn't keen on him just standing in the rafters though. It felt like the 'invisible wall' had made its way to Dynamite. A lot of things didn't click for me this week. Aside from Pac/Omega, every segment ended with a deflated feeling. SCU ruined Le Champion's party. The Lucha Bro's got pinned by goobers. A really flat follow up to the Cody/ MJF feud. (You could hear the air leave the room when the mattress was cut open. You'd have thought Bray fucking Wyatt was about to pop out. Blade, Bunny and . . . who the fuck? Their biggest blunder since the Dark Order debut). The DDP/MJF/Wardlow confrontation was limp as fuck too, and it seemed more about getting DDP over than anything else. I don't get what's going on with the tag division. Feels like everyone's already been 50/50-ed and not even the Lucha Bros feel special right now. SCU are lame ducks as champions and their painfully crap gimmick is holding back Scorpio Sky. Emi Sakura is go away heat. In fact the women's matches are becoming a real channel changer with these cold, overlong, awkward matches for no reason. Flesh out their characters and tell a fucking story. Too regularly, the audio issues and the shit, distracting officiating makes the show feel low rent. And it feels too soon for Jericho/Moxley. Surely the biggest match they can do. I love Dynamite, it's a fun, refreshing show, and I'm probably just feeling grouchy after missing morning coffee. But when I look at that roster in the long term, I worry. It's thin up top and has too many Bucks and Omega's little indie mates in the middle. And what the fuck was up with that poor guest commentator? Seems like everybody freezes as a guest inside AEW's booth.
  15. It's all in the follow up, really. WWE did similar just recently with Buddy Murphy. After the Roman and Bryan matches he seemed destined to break out as a new hot babyface. Instead they had go-nowhere Ali pin him clean the next week, removed him from the Lets Kill Roman angle, and then took him off TV for months. And when he finally did return they brought him back cold . . . as a heel. But yeah, I've seen nothing yet to suggest that AEW will fumble it with Darby and the like.
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