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  1. Near classic Dog collar match. It will go along with Parking Lot brawl in the memory for how unique it was. Hobbs/Cage was solid fun too, loved the enthusiastic commentary for it, especially from Tazz."Two big meat sandwiches colliding . . . SPLAT!!" They got Hobbs over well, and as green as he looked, he had a better showing than many 'vets' on the card. It's funny watching how AEW's goodwill manifests itself with the fans. Was it me, or did the crowd just fucking groan when they showed the 'weenies' on the video screen? Then as soon as they realised Chuck and Trent were behind it, they
  2. Oh okay sweet. What about the status of Zack Gibson? I can't see him on any of taping results and was wondering if he's still contracted to the UK brand?
  3. Is WALTER still a regular on these shows? Feels like he's fallen of the face of Earth. I miss the guy.
  4. You could say the same about practically everyone in that time frame though. Just look at some of the names they've 'called up' in the last couple of years - Andrade w Zelina Vega, Ricochet, Aleister Black, EC3, Angel Garza, AOP, Shayna Baszler, Humberto Carillo, Street Prophets, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, the five poor sods from Retribution . . . I mean, fucking hell. How do fuck all that up? Sure none of them are the Rock, but they've all looked like stars in their own right at various points. Now they're either a complete joke, been released, or have been broken down and reduce
  5. Tribal Chief Roman continues to rock. So, so glad they seem to have pivoted from the Bray Wyatt feud. Nobody wants that. A year ago I thought they were wasting all of Sasha's heat by pairing her straight back with Bayley again. Now though? Bayley's gone on to grow and outshine her so much I think Sasha could be in trouble without her. Real bad babyface.
  6. More Jericho, Sammy and MJF interactions would be ace however they do it. The three of them bantering off each other this week had me on the edge of my seat. Great stuff. Britt Baker has started to lay it in with her strikes since she returned. Best she's looked yet. The tag matches have really upped in quality since FTR arrived. Surprised at the negativity they receive. They've given the division some much needed balance and energy, and as long as they don't overexpose the challenge gimmick they're onto a winner. They should let Tully do most of the talking for them though. Got
  7. I would get Rey and Dominik far away from Rollins and stick them on Smackdown along with The Hurt Business. Smackdown would be really good. Put The Fiend on Raw. Make sure Roman, Big E and Daniel Bryan all stay put so something cool might happen.
  8. Heel Roman is the best thing in donkeys years. Anyone with a brain knew that he's the best main event wrestler in the world. Now, finally, he's been given a chance to work to his strengths and shine like a star. It's bloody great to see it, and it takes him back to the heights of the early Shield days. It's unfortunate the rest of the roster feels nowhere near to what is was back then to match up to him. Melodramatic guff like Roman/Jey is death in most peoples hands but Roman's massive presence lets him get away with it. When Roman tells Jey he's not in his league, you buy every word of
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