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  1. I honestly wouldn't be against that. I always imagine Hangman's reign to be a relatively short one for some reason. Give him his moment, milk it a bit, then put him back on the chase.
  2. HAHAHA! Fed Dead. Seriously, that's great for AEW and could have massive repercussions going forward for WWE. I didn't think they'd win a single demo. Shoulda have more faith in Tony. After loading that half hour with their biggest stars, anything but a clean sweep is a terrible look for WWE. Brock getting outdrawn by the Bunny! Seems like maybe people aren't really clamouring for Reigns vs Lesnar for the 1000th time? And that turning your most beloved babyface heel for no reason was a bit fucking stupid like?
  3. He was having a laugh at what an unsafe working environment it is and saying be wouldn't be back there. I utterly loathe AEW's backstage "interview" segments. Lazy, contrived, badly shot. Make everyone involved look like tits. Each to their own though.
  4. Loved Punk making digs at their ridiculous backstage segments. Hopefully TK takes note because the shitty, contrived, backstage interviews (seriously, how the hell are you supposed to care what anyone is saying when you know they're about to get interrupted/jumped?) are last major flaw in their presentation. The Adam Page promo was fucking awesome. Just a picture perfect babyface promo that added even more weight to his character and this classic rivalry. Beautiful stuff.
  5. WWE are playing a risky game at the moment. The men's roster has a shocking lack of depth compared to just a year ago. And the frustration just seems to be growing. How long before there's an exodus of women's wrestlers too? If Tony Kahn's up for it, with the way things are going in WWE, I can honestly see a big momentum swing with the women's rosters in the near future. If the Embers, Toni's, Livs and Shayna's don't fit into Johhny Ace world and are being pushed out the door, how long before the grass starts looking greener to the top names too?
  6. Hangman on top of the ladder taking a swig on his beer might be the image of the year. Pops me every time I watch it. Magical stuff. It just hits and resonates on another level when a character is on their journey to the top. You feel that emotional weight. That he's such a cool, relatable, handsome bastard makes him all the more special. Great to see The Hangman back. I'm not going to pretend I'm an Adam Cole fan but he's got the important stuff down. Good looks, presence, banging hot entrance, daft catchphrases, looks cool in a leather jacket. Sorted. I still die a little inside when Luchasaurus bumps for his kicks, but whatever. My favourite thing about the opener was the big dumb dinosaur getting a louder response than Bryan Danielson. He's like a cow on ice skates but he's so goddam lovable! JR's picked his game up post-pandemic and he's been far more of a positive than a negative. Still, I can't stand him bringing attention to the lack of tags and rule enforcement during the multi-man matches. Completely takes me out of it. I thought the Rick Knox and Young Bucks shenanigans were part of some kind of story, with him being their inside guy. But nah. Just let them break all the rules in the universe. Never knew that about Darby's face paint. Nice layer to his character that. One of the most refreshing things about AEW is their trust and belief in their youth. No walking on eggshells. No "humbling" or "testing" period bullshit. No gimmick from the toybox you have to stick with. No "I'm happy to be here"! bollocks. 20 year old Dante Martin looking straight down the camera and asking for a fight was like a jolt of lightning. If the TBS title wasn't invented for Serena Deeb to have different matches every week then I don't know what we're doing. Deeb nixing Shida's soppy chair spot is why she's the best. Fuck me though, Arn Anderson! Honestly, god bless AEW for rehabbing The Enforcer's career. Arn sadly falling on his arse the other week has been completely forgotten now that he's the coolest, baddest, maddest fucker in wrestling. I've never lived vicariously through a wrestler as much as when Arn slapped the shit of Cody. Go on!! Cody's current path is fascinating. Cody as the top villain world champion is absolute money. Cody digging his heels in as a babyface? Fuck off, mate.
  7. Send HOBBS!! Tazz was hilarious as ever in the main event. What a pick up he has been. Nails every role he's in and is the most fun surly prick on the planet. Just a shame Jericho is there sucking up oxygen. Thank God the Cage experiment is finally over and we can all move on in our lives. Powerhouse Hobbs is the man. Lio Rush doing Money Matt's gimmick isn't working. Just stick him with Jade Cargill already. Punk/Garcia was one of my favourite AEW matches during this hot run. Shockingly good. Punk looked sharper than he did during his last years in WWE. I've been cool on Punk so far, he's nice but nothing inspiring. This match was the first time I've really felt anything for him since his debut. Excellent selling, learned offence and perfectly timed comebacks. It sounds proper Cornette but this really hit the spot for me as a simple, traditionally built wrestling match. Love Daniel Garcia too. Man crush city. Unique look that perfectly suits his no-nonsense grapplefuck style. Handsome bit of rough that wouldn't hesitate smashing a bottle in your face.
  8. Anyone know what was up with the piped in crowd noise during Luchas vs Acclaimed? Was there a dodgy chant? Bit concerning.
  9. I'd almost forgotten about John Silver! He's been electric every time he's shown up in an AEW ring. On no planet should Matt Hardy be getting on TV every week while Silver pisses around backstage.
  10. WWE is very much "let the wrestlers wrestle" to me these days. The matches themselves are the only time their programming resembles anything functional. Everything else is as bad and as pointless as ever now they can disregard the audience entirely. Dunn being late on the 'boo!' button as the crowd erupted for Shayna Baszler destroying Eva Marie was hilariously inept. Gonna need to upgrade the equipment before the inevitable babyface Nia vs heel Becky feud.
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