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  1. Just sifting through the Evolve anniversary show on the Network, and good gravy, what a mess! I’m third match in, and, so far, two people have been kicked in the nose within the first few seconds of the match. I get that you want to impress with this new audience, but it’s scrappy as all hell, and not in a good way.
  2. Io looked the business. Good entrance, great new theme. Boa, the opposite, sadly. Priest was fine, but nothing mouth watering as yet. The tag was a whole ball of fun! NXT is keeping me interested, even without Ciampa, who I pine after.
  3. I’m not there, but if I were, it’d all be about Elvana, who’re performing four shows I believe. Looks like a really good/hot year to be there.
  4. I’ll take me a gallon of Garza, if you please!
  5. I just watched The Guilty. I went in blind, aside from knowing it’d done well at Sundance. Fuck me, what a ride. Highly recommended!
  6. I love me some Iconics, and especially BK, as I’m sure we all do. And as it’s her birthday, what are some of your favourite BK/Iconic moments? The list is endless...
  7. When the barriers are down, and creativity can flow, some truly engaging stuff is being allowed to surface. I’ve loved the 24/7 stuff so far. Much like the Mixed Tag Challenge.
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