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  1. That's correct, but I'm not thinking from a sense of heat, I'm thinking that it wouldn't make sense for people to take Jericho as a viable threat to Okada if he's coming off two defeats in his last two singles matches. Omega needed the win more in a kayfabe sense at Wrestle Kingdom 12 and Jericho put him over, I can't see any reason as to why the reverse won't happen here. Whilst I'd then argue it doesn't make sense to have your biggest name in Kenny lose to the ex-WWE guy in Jericho for your very first show, unless NJPW want to bring Kenny in for the G1 or something I can't see them building Jericho for Okada without him having a big win under his belt.
  2. Jericho’s winning the main event though, right? He’s challenging Okada as part of the main event at Dominion merely weeks later, I really doubt New Japan are going to have him going into that coming off a defeat.
  3. Brock Lesnar might well be the greatest businessman in the history of wrestling. What a man. I'd genuinely love to see him batter Kofi for the belt, I can't think of many options less appealing than Rollins/Lesnar again.
  4. I mean, it makes sense from all parties, but isn't this the type of shit you organise and plan out before even booking the match? I don't know. It's shoddy all around. They'd better have a good replacement lined up, otherwise this isn't going to set them off on the right foot.
  5. It was just an example of points dropped. And you're right - having the ball not go in their net by about 14mm or whatever tiny amount it was is just one of those things that makes you shrug and think "just not our year, lads". Genuinely can't be too disheartened. I never expected us to win the league but to challenge City to the extent we have is a remarkable testament to how far we've come in the past 3/4 seasons. Onward and upwards.
  6. 97 points. Best ever points tally for our club. Third highest ever. One defeat all season. Champions League finalists for the second year on the bounce. I'd hate to have your expectations, fucking hellfire. We didn't win the league because City were far too good, and far too consistent. I'm not going to bother splitting hairs about dropping points at West Ham or conceding sloppy goals against Leicester because it's pointless. They dropped 3 points over the course of the second half of the season. 99 times out of 100 that's form which makes them simply unattainable to catch up with. Simple as.
  7. Oh well. Can't be anything but proud of the players after a season like that. No shame in "bottling it" to the best team this league has ever seen. 97 points without winning the league is beyond absurd. Only concern now is maintaining the foundation we've built up. I'm sure we'll be fine over the upcoming transfer window, but if the same happens next year, and we run City to the wire again only to come up short, do the likes of Salah and Van Dijk have their heads turned by the prospect of winning the league in Spain or France with 80 points? Looking forward to Madrid now.
  8. Remember when a few people were up in arms when the news came out the WWE wanted every show with one of their NXT guys to have a paramedic there? One of the instances where they were completely in the right. Obviously we won't know until more details emerge, but this could have been an entirely avoidable situation. Horrible for all involved. RIP.
  9. Who'll win: Liverpool Score prediction after 90 mins: Liverpool 2-0 Spurs Method of victory (90 mins, Extra Time or Pens): 90 minutes First goalscorer: Roberto Firmino Time of first goal: 31 minutes Goals inside the box: 2 Goals outside the box: 0 Penalties awarded: 0 Red cards: 0 Yellow cards: 6 Man of the Match: Fabinho
  10. Week 40 fixtures Premier League (3pm) Brighton & Hove Albion 0 v 3 Manchester City Burnley 2 v 1 Arsenal Leicester City 2 v 1 Chelsea Liverpool 1 v 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers Tottenham Hotspur 2 v 0 Everton Scottish Premiership Rangers 1 v 2 Celtic (Midday) Ligue Un Lille 2 v 1 Girondins de Bordeaux (4pm) Olympique de Marseille 1 v 3 Olympique Lyonnais (8pm) German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt 2 v 2 Mainz (5pm) La Liga Real Sociedad 2 v 3 Real Madrid (5:30pm) Serie A Sampdoria 2 v 1 Empoli (2pm) Roma 0 v 1 Juventus (7:30pm) Austrian Bundesliga Sturm Graz 1 v 2 Austria Vienna (1:30pm) Belgian First Division A  Royal Antwerp 1 v 3 Anderlecht (1:30pm) Eredivisie AZ Alkmaar 0 v 1 PSV Eindhoven (1:30pm) Russian Premier League Zenit St Petersburg 1 v 1 CSKA Moscow (5pm) Swiss Super League Young Boys Bern 0 v 1 FC Basel (3pm) Superliga Midtjylland 2 v 1 Copenhagen (7pm) Major League Soccer  Atlanta United 2 v 1 Orlando City (7:30pm) Série A Santos 1 v 0 Vasco da Gama (8pm)
  11. Very jealous of a few of you. As for me, myself and a friend from home are going travelling around Europe for 6 weeks from mid-June to the end of July. First time either of us have done anything like this, so a little apprehensive about being roped into the Estonian Freemasons or the Latvian Volleyball team, but incredibly excited. Our list of destinations are: Brussels, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Talinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin and Amsterdam. Never visited anywhere on that list apart from Amsterdam when I was about 12, so any suggestions of what to do or see would come appreciated.
  12. Austin vs Bret from Wrestlemania 13.
  13. AdamTH17

    NJPW World

    Love those BOSJ blocks. Two very different contrasts, they've done well to put the likes of Bandido/Ospreay/Phantasmo/Yoh together as is the choice to go with Gresham/Scurll/Taiji and the others. It's going to be a great tournament. I'll presume Ospreay puts Shingo over in the finals before he transitions into heavyweight by entering the G1 Climax. Jericho/Okada, Ibushi/Naito and Ishii/TAICHI all announced for Dominion. If my prediction is correct then you've got Shingo/Lee as well. Four very strong matches right from the off there.
  14. Absolutely unbelievable. There’s nothing else like this sport. So, so proud of this team and the performances they’ve put in this season.
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