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  1. Perhaps it's the professional wrestling fan in me, but having Jones fall at this hurdle would only boost the whole comeback they're promoting. A narrow victory with DC, with Cormier hopefully fully embracing his recent, don't give a fuck attitude, and Jones desperately looking to come full circle by winning the trilogy would be pure money. Of course, that means Jones would have to stop being a complete wankstain of a human being which is never likely to happen, but to me that would be a lovely option. I think the company has more to gain with a Cormier win. If he does, they've got a huge trilogy main event set (with more than enough time to headline MSG), they can keep pushing the Jones redemption story, and it ensures the division stays in the limelight with another huge fight. If Jones wins, Cormier is probably going to fuck off, the division will be pretty wiped out and we'll probably get UFC 218: Jones vs Ozdemir or something similar.
  2. Because then they have the obvious trilogy fight option, which would still have major intrigue and a massive hook when you think about the questions that could be asked with a potential DC win. It would play up beautifully into the whole redemption angle they're going for with Jon, suffering a loss against his biggest career rival on the biggest stage, and then having to overcome that adversity to try and win the trilogy? If the fight goes through on Saturday (touch wood) and Cormier wins, that's your New York supershow main event set up right there. Cormier vs Jones III at MSG would be massive money. How better for Jones to cement his redemption arch, and solidify himself as one of the all time greats than beating his biggest career rival, in a huge trilogy fight, in the biggest PPV of the year?
  3. Tuned out of that after about 20 seconds with the line of: "This isn't scripted! Nobody is telling us what to say!" That's an instant turn off for me. Whenever you hear that line, or anything similar, you know it's going to be bollocks.
  4. Hopefully that's something he'll have under check. In the video posted above with him and Jones side by side, he certainly looks like he's already in the process of cutting. His face is looking a lot thinner than it usually is. I can't remember him having any real issues with making 205 before UFC 210, so hopefully that will have just served as a wake up call for him and nothing more. Maybe I'm just relying on nothing more than optimism. Maybe Jones didn't look amazing against OSP because he never had reason to step it up a gear. Maybe he'll come back and maul DC within a couple of rounds. I'm just holding out hope Cormier gets the win. He'll have been training like an utter demon for this fight and I hope he manages to beat Jones. It would be fantastic from both a company standpoint, and a personal one.
  5. I think Cormier is far too good to just be toyed around with, even if that's what Jones fancies doing. Far, far too good. Their first fight was competitive enough until the championship rounds, and we've witnessed DC going from strength to strength since their meeting. He's convincingly knocked off the two biggest threats in the division barring Jones and during that period of time we've no idea how Jones has come on. He didn't look too sharp when he made his first return against OSP, and he's coming in with wild pressure on his shoulders to properly vanquish his biggest rival. Add that on to the fact it's not been long since his mother's death, bearing the brunt of the promotional and media promotion, coming back from a hefty and highly-publicised drugs ban, and I'd argue he's got more on his shoulders than Cormier coming into this fight. In fact, fuck it. Cormier to win via Submission.
  6. Watching WWE programming becomes so much more enjoyable when you lose all interest in their way of booking. Jinder and Khali pissing about as the top Smackdown heels? Sign me right up for that mess. A real dud of a show. Owens and Styles only seem to be working at about 50% in their feud, as evidenced by another fairly mediocre match with a tepid finish. Nakamura being battered down into a such a dullard is a real achievement, Cena reverting back into his unashamed America pandering gimmick won't do anything to hold my attention, and I've seen the same combination of women work that they could be pulling out ***** matches and I wouldn't bat an eyelid. Dud of a show that.
  7. What comes included with the Meet and Greet?
  8. Excited to see how he manages to incorporate that into his next hardcore match at Wrestlemania.
  9. Chuck Lesnar in with Ngannou, provided he can beat JDS. Bit of a win-win either way. Either Ngannou smacks Lesnar around and you've got yourself a star made in an instant, or Lesnar wins and Ngannou is still young enough that he could be rebuilt with a couple of wins. EDIT: You've got to think also that Overeem is the most likely pick for the next title shot? Is he going to fancy losing that with a potentially risky fight with Brock? He's always banging on about how he's never won the UFC belt, it's clearly still a huge goal for him. I don't even think beating Lesnar would be a huge exclamation point as well. If he beats Lesnar, then great, he's already twatted him inside a round years back. It's a low-reward, high-risk fight that I think Overeem could do without at the moment, given how he's got to be the most probable option You can't even rely on Cain to get through camp, and even though he just lost to Stipe he's rebounded by consecutive wins over top 5 guys in Hunt and Werdum. After how entertaining their first fight was I certainly wouldn't be opposed to Miocic/Reem II.
  10. The pre-match ceremony performed to Vinny Mac is nothing short of art. The match itself is hilarious as well. It never ceases to amaze me how much work must go into the editing of these videos.
  11. Only managing to catch up on the G1 Special shows, but crikey, Juice vs Sabre on the first day is a bit decent isn't it?
  12. How come it's Khabib's name being thrown around as his next UFC fight? Surely Ferguson gets the shot purely on the basis of being able to make weight, no?
  13. As of this moment I can't look past anything other than Mayweather dancing round for the majority of the fight before finishing in the closing rounds. I'll be the first to admit that my boxing knowledge is sketchy at best but the ability gap between the two is apparent even to someone who holds a just a vague interest in the sport like me. That said, I can't wait to hop onto the McGregor bandwagon come fight night. I'm so excited for him to convince me he's knocking Floyd out in the first. It feels like it's been ages. What an utterly incredible story. There's going to be films made in the future about Conor's life. 28 years of age and stands to make $100 million from one fight. Even if he does get spanked he's going to be laughing so hard on the way to the bank I doubt he'll give a fuck.
  14. The implosion of the Bullet Club seems to be imminent. A lot of signs pointing to an Omega face turn in the not too distant future. He was getting cheered as it was but having him manage to survive for a full hour against Okada will only help strengthen his image in the eyes of those Japanese fans. They love their fighting spirit stuff, and Omega was the living embodiment of that at Dominion. The only issue I have with Cody vs Kenny is that without Omega and the Bucks, who I'd presume follow Kenny out of the faction as they seem to have enough sense to realise that a six-man career with Omega is a lot more lucrative and financially rewarding than anyone else in the Club, you don't really have anyone that could viably replace them. Omega is the top dog of the Bullet Club, with Cody in second, closely followed the the Bucks, but then who else can feasibly fill in the gap? GoD are a million times better off on their own ever since they managed to improve their work by a million times, Fale is only pushed when they need him to lose in a title match and Scurll is still being introduced to the crowd. What are you left with there? Yujiro, Page, Chase Owens. All three completely and equally unimportant.
  15. Reigns teasing Cena but being taken out by Braun would be a nice way to set up their Summerslam match where Roman gets his win back. Plant some seeds for the eventual showdown with Cena. I'm thinking Brock ends up defending against Balor in the Summerslam main in the lead for his inevitable rematch with Reigns at Wrestlemania 34. Maybe you can have Cena vs Reigns at next years Summerslam, or even Wrestlemania. It's certainly a big enough match to headline either occasion.