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  1. Since I've been watching, the worst build has to be Wrestlemania 31. A show that exceeded expectations merely because everyone thought it was going to horrible going into it. You've got... Brock vs Roman - Roman wins the Rumble in the biggest "ROMAN WINS HAHA" moment of all time, complete with the hilarious moment of The Rock trying to figure out why he's getting booed after helping him win. They spend the first month after his win ensuring Roman gets booed at Wrestlemania by having him cleanly beat Daniel Bryan, who is still beloved by fans everywhere, and the month leading into Wrestlemania is carried solely by Paul Heyman, with Lesnar only showing up twice and Reigns being made to stutter his way through corny promos which did nothing to engage fans. The build for this should've been so simple! It was the two biggest, baddest and toughest men squaring off at Wrestlemania! But they stuttered through the entire thing, hammering the final nail in the coffin by having their very last interaction before Wrestlemania be these two grown men play a game of tug o' war whilst making their best snarling faces. Thankfully, the match was great. Sting vs HHH - Another build which should've been simple! Sting makes his debut as a huge babyface, helps get rid of the Authority, great! Then it becomes clear Sting/HHH is the direction for Wrestlemania, which isn't Undertaker but still, sure thing, go for it. We get months of cryptic promos, Heath Slater dressing up in a sting mask, countless references to WCW because Vince cannot let that aspect slide including HHH mentioning he was going to kill WCW, which is funny considering they'd have been closed for almost 15 years by this point. They didn't understand any aspect of what made Sting so cool, or so popular in WCW, and had to try and add their own gloss and production onto his character, which was never going to work. It was a really horrible build, for a match nobody really wanted to see anyway. Cena vs Rusev - Fucking hellfire, this was awful. First of all, it was based upon and centred solely around the tired trope of USA vs *insert country here* with the added bonus of "hot new heel jobs to Cena" that was so prevalent through his run on top. They had Rusev beat Cena at Fast Lane through interference, which is fine I suppose, because it sets up the obvious rematch at Wrestlemania where Cena comes out on top. But again, things couldn't just be this simple. First, Cena decides to obtain his rematch via the means of borderline torture, choking Rusev unconscious, reviving him with water and then choking him out again, this time in front of his hysterical girlfriend in order for her to give him another match. This is fine though, naturally, because Rusev is from Russia. Then they bring in that fucking horrendous actor as a lawyer to attempt and argue the legalities of Cena obtaining a match in this manner, which went down like a dumpster fire. They made it clear throughout the entire thing Rusev had no chance of winning, and then backed this up further by having Cena beat him in three successive PPV's. Wyatt vs Undertaker - A stone cold build where Undertaker didn't show up once. This was the match that completely killed Bray off for me. He wasn't even deemed enough of a threat to have Undertaker bother showing up, for crying out loud! This was just 6 weeks of Bray cutting rambling promos with no reply or consequence. The last time we'd seen Undertaker, he was walking out of New Orleans looking every bit 50 years old, so there was no mystery or suspense towards his return. He wasn't the special attraction he'd been beforehand, and didn't even have the draw of the streak to help him out at this point. Bray came out in a coffin, moaned for a few weeks, we saw some shoddy looking lightning, and that was it. All Wyatt did was lose, so there was absolutely no reason to take him seriously, and by carrying the feud by himself, hampered any tension or anticipation people may have had toward this. IC Ladder Match - This was just an excuse to get as many people Wrestlemania paydays, allow Ambrose to take a sick bump, and to give Bryan a feelgood moment. There were just no ideas to make this exciting other than "here's 8 lads flying around for 15 minutes". The height of WWE creative reared its ugly head in the build for this, as they, for unknown reasons ended Smackdown with Ziggler and Ambrose both calling Bryan a turd before walking away. People were getting added every week for no good reason, and there was only going to be one winner. The only match with a good build was Rollins vs Orton, and even that still ran the risk of going sideways.
  2. That's a very, very weird statement. The article Helwani linked makes it very clear as to why the story hadn't been reported beforehand (Irish law regarding naming suspects without conviction). Decides instead to talk about the prospect of Conor fighting again as opposed to providing any sort of denial toward the allegation. Very strange. Horrible incident. I hope for the sake of his wife and two children there isn't any truth to the accusation, though with the spiral his life has been on in the past few years, it wouldn't surprise me to see this be proven true. Sounds like there could be a case building on him though, the article details that police have gathered evidence from his room and also possess camera footage.
  3. Yawn. All just a marketing ploy, one that we've witnessed before, only this time it means even less because he's been essentially retired since the Alvarez fight in MSG. He'll hopefully be remembered as one of the more notable examples of how power and money can change someone for the far, far worse.
  4. AdamTH17

    NJPW World

    Where have you seen this? Can't find anything on the NJPW website to suggest it. Skipped out a few of the NJC matches (most things with Cabana or YOSHI-HASHI) and had a right slog through to get up to speed. Thought Okada and SANADA had their best match together so far, with a surprisingly great SANADA performance given how he can sometimes be lacking in babyface fire, and that extra gear needed to take the quality of a match into the "great" territory. MSG card looks really good. I'm sure Okada/White and Ibushi/Naito will go over excellently, with two title changes setting us up for the rest of the year. I don't think a short title reign is going to hurt Switchblade one bit, he's already been hugely established to the audience.
  5. Two films watched today with the other half. First off was Captain Marvel at the cinema. I found it to be a better-than-average MCU film, with some really enjoyable performances from Jackson and Larsen, who I thought grew into her character well in a way which coincided with the story of the film. The film doesn't try and be subtle with the themes demonstrated throughout, but it feels more genuine than in Wonder Woman, for example. It still lacked some identity though, with the battle sequences feeling formulaic and not wholly satisfying, and the usual Marvel tropes of humour were littered throughout, but still a very enjoyable film. Following that, for the first time was Fellowship of the Ring. I went into this one completely blind, with absolutely no knowledge of the world or environment surrounding the plot. That said, I thought it was excellent. The settings demonstrated were all completely varied and immersive, the acting performances from the majority were entirely convincing, and the plot never felt too laboured despite the massive run-time. That said, the passages of time throughout the film were all over the show, and fucking Frodo, whether as a character or an actor was insufferable. Impossible to root for. Onto the Two Towers next.
  6. UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying (various groups) Gibraltar 0-3 Ireland (Saturday 5pm) Montenegro 1-3 England (Monday 7:45pm) Netherlands 2-0 Germany (7:45pm) Northern Ireland 2-1 Belarus (7:45pm) San Marino 1-3 Scotland (5pm) Wales 1-1 Slovakia (2pm) Africa Cup of Nations 2019 qualification (Groups E & F) Ghana 2-0 Kenya (Saturday 6pm) Libya 0-2 South Africa (5pm) CONCACAF Nations League El Salvador 1-2 Jamaica (2am) Haiti 1-0 Cuba (11:30pm)
  7. I don't tend to read or watch many MMA interviews or reports, but yeah, Okamoto is someone who I've been noticing a lot more in terms of output whenever I'm browsing through social media. He was cropping up a lot at UFC 235 as well with the whole presentation side and I thought he did a great job with that.
  8. Dillashaw being popped by USADA is bullshit. They stopped the test too early! He was just about to piss clean before they cut him off! Chuffed for the big winner here, which is Moraes. He was looking likely to be unfairly shafted in favour of another Cejudo/Dillashaw fight for the Bantamweight title, but now he's got absolutely no reason to be denied a crack.
  9. Yeah, mentioned this in the other thread. Shitty deal for UFC fans that don't get access to BT like we do over here. If you fancy purchasing a UFC PPV in America, you need to have an ESPN+ account ($4.99) a month in order to buy a show (still $59.99) - rightly getting criticism, because it's just more money in the pocket of Dana and co without any benefit to the fans.
  10. Bit of a fuss on Twitter for the fans in the USA with the latest UFC PPV announcement. Essentially, all PPV's now can only be bought through ESPN+ as opposed to a normal cable company, meaning if you live in America, and want to purchase a PPV, then you're going to have to fork out $4.99 for an ESPN+ subscription on top of the $59.99 price of the PPV (which hasn't been changed or reduced). I can see PPV buys nosediving even further on the back of this news. Justifies further how lucky we are to have everything on BT.
  11. We scraped past a team in 19th place because of a penalty. Wind it in. Will agree that Mane has been fantastic though. Single-handedly keeping us in with a shout since Salah has apparently forgotten he's allowed to pass the ball to the players on his team.
  12. Yeah, that reads like a very upsetting and harrowing situation. Hope he gets the help he clearly needs before he considers resuming his career.
  13. Incredibly generous of you to suggest the mud and twigs that collaborate to hold Kurt's neck together could last for even half that time! I think a few of the marquee matches could go short. Rollins/Brock, HHH/Batista, Angle/???, Reigns/??? I could all feasibly see going less than 10 minutes in an attempt to create a watchable show. Who am I kidding? It's going 9 hours isn't it?
  14. Completely on board with that idea. Nothing worse than a forced, 25 minute "classic" when you can have a match that goes on for less than 5 minutes. Brock vs Goldberg was the perfect example of this. I can't explain enough how grateful I was when Undertaker and Cena took about 4 seconds to hit their finishing sequence. If they'd had gone and swapped finishers for 20 minutes I'd have been out like a light.
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