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  1. AdamTH17

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    MW3 is out on Xbox One as part of backward compatibility. It's by far my favorite COD game, in terms of multiplayer anyway so that's been my go to for the past few nights. So much fun! In terms of Fortnite, I've got about 12 solo wins in about 650 attempts. I'm alright at the mechanics, shooting and building, but my gameplan goes to pot whenever someone applies the slightest bit of pressure when building. I just end up building myself into a corner and end up getting headshotted by someone who's gotten high ground over me.
  2. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Day Four was great. Two fantastic matches to see out the show in Naito/Ishii and Goto/Kenny, both of which I had around the **** 1/2 area. Interested to see who they now have beat Kenny to give him a title defense on the way to Wrestle Kingdom, as I thought Goto would've suited that role perfectly. I'll say that Sabre beats him after reversing a One Winged Angel into some unreal pinning combination. Speaking of Sabre, his match with Yano was so fun. No time for people who think Yano doesn't have a role to play every year when the G1 rolls around, he's ace. Hated SANADA/Tonga. Predictions for Saturday: Yano over Ibushi, Sabre over SANADA, Juice over Naito, Kenny over Tonga and Ishii over Goto.
  3. AdamTH17

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    No, you're completely correct with that one, but I don't think he's ever had a squad capable of properly challenging as we do now. His record in finals is poor, but we lost to City on penalties, lost to Sevilla following the worst individual performance I've ever seen from a Liverpool player in Moreno, and were soundly beaten by a far better Madrid squad. I don't know, it just feels like the board is really getting behind him given how we've progressed underneath him and the funds he's been given reflects upon that. In response to Briefcase, I don't think we're going to be heading into the season with the mentality of no trophy = failure. Obviously, a trophy would be a massive bonus but from my perspective as long as we keep playing exciting football and are able to make progress in the league then I'm happy. We were massively punching by reaching the Champions League final last year, so I'm hopeful expectations surrounding us remain somewhat grounded.
  4. AdamTH17

    Random Thoughts III.

    No stupid finish will ever top the story of Big Show being so fat that when he stepped onto a table, he subsequently broke it and lost the tables match, leading to this corker piece of acting.
  5. AdamTH17

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Horrible news about Chamberlain. Was a huge player for us last year, but thankful we've managed to sort out two central midfielders before releasing the news regarding the length of his injury. Made up with our Summer so far. Keita, Fabinho, Shaqiri and now Alisson? Feels bizarre to be actually addressing issues underlying from last season. Can't recall an instance where I've been more hopeful heading into a season, and we could still be in with a shout of Fekir. On paper, that's a team capable of playing fantastic football and winning trophies, and we've got a manager who can absolutely deliver on that note. Not a single reason as to why we shouldn't be wanting to challenge for the league.
  6. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Night 3 was probably the most disappointing so far from an in-ring standpoint. Far too much shenanigans. Enjoyed Elgin vs Page, felt like something we'd see in the upper midcard of ROH, but condensed by about 10 minutes. Decent intensity throughout, all around good action. EVIL vs HASHI followed the same issue I have with many YOSHI matches, in that I just can't stand the fucker. Nothing he does looks good. His selling is weird, his fighting spirit isn't convincing, his control segments have no heat behind them, and his moveset is downright lazy. Weird structure to the match as well, with EVIL working from underneath a lot more than I presumed he would do. Makabe/Suzuki was MOTN. Another surprisingly good performance from Makabe, though he had the perfect foil to work off in Suzuki. Didn't mind the crowd brawling in this one, as it was the only match where it felt appropriate in the sense of it being a fight as opposed to a traditional wrestling contest. Suzuki getting caught out again after spending too much time trying to wear his opponent down is a nice little story they've got going on. My man Fale! Okada's gimmick stuff is brilliant. Even the minute aspects of it are really noticable. He's doing a great job of presenting that he never cared about the belt, because look at how much FUN he's having now. Yet it's not that he's completely shifted characters completely, it's more like seeing a cheap imitation of his gimmick. It's great, he's managing to get even the smallest of details to appear meaningful. Okay match, which is the best you're going to get out of Fale. Interference didn't do anything for me. Didn't make me want to see Tonga get his comeuppance. Don't care about him enough. Tana/White was a proper mixed bag. The heel stuff was basic yet effective, in terms of going after the leg, but then you throw in bullshit like White trying to whack Tana with the chair directly in front of Red Shoes? You've got a story to tell with the limb work, why bother developing that all match if you're then going to throw that weird angle into the mix? The low blows and chair stuff took me out of the match after seeing so much of it already on this show. The story of White being able to avoid being dragged into these long finishing sequences in favor of taking the easy win is logical, yet it's probably not helping to endorse him in the eyes of the Japanese fans at least. He still doesn't suit the big push he's been getting this year. Elgin/Page - *** 1/2, EVIL/YOSHI - ** 1/2, Suzuki/Makabe - ****, Okada/Fale - *** 1/2, White/Tanahashi - *** 1/2.
  7. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Just finished watching Day 2. Today's show is the last until Monday, so got a good while to get caught up there. Ishii/Yano was great. Yano's serious side worked really well, and Ishii winning with a La Magistral played into the story of both wrestlers showing different sides to their arsenal to counter one another. Low-key fantastic story work. Tonga/Juice was lacking. Juice needs an opponent who can elevate him to bring the best out of his babyface fire, and Tonga really isn't that guy. He's really not a good wrestler. Dull as dishwater. Very boring match, which is surprising considering Juice was in it. Goto/SANADA was boss. I thought the match was really well paced, did a good job of showing off SANADA's athletic prowess and Goto's heart and mental strength, which put both guys over and made them both look like credible winners. SANADA beats Naito I think, hopefully setting the wheels in motion for an eventual face turn. The finishing stretch was great as well, lots of fun. I enjoyed ZSJ/Ibushi, but didn't think it was as excellent as their previous encounters. The story dynamic between these two is always fun, and the way in which their styles blend together is always fascinating, but they were hampered by more than one sloppy section which took me out of the match a little. Still a match which definitely finds itself in the **** ballpark mind. Loved the submission where Sabre had both of Kota's arms pinned so he couldn't hook the ropes. Renaming the Michinoku Driver the "Zack Driver" is a bit of a downgrade. Omega/Naito pleasantly surprised me. Out of all outcomes, Kenny winning clean wasn't one I envisioned. Again, a step down from their previous encounters, but then you have to take into account both those matches had much higher stakes, on a much higher platform, whereas this is the first night of a grueling schedule. These two worked so smoothly together, and have such a contrast of characters that their matches are always great. The Destino counter into the Steiner Screwdriver was brutal, winced for that. Excellent, intense match, whilst still not giving us everything they have to bring to the table. Some star ratings which I'm going to keep trying to note down: Ishii/Yano - *** 1/4, Tonga/Juice - ** 3/4, Goto/SANADA - ****, Ibushi/Sabre - **** 1/4, Naito/Omega - **** 3/4.
  8. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Good start to the tournament. Tag matches were all solid enough. Ishii beating up YOH was great, Sabre inheriting the Michinoku Driver is nice and I'm still certain that WK13 is headlined by Naito and Kenny. All their interactions are golden. I went into Makabe vs YOSHI thinking I'd hate it, but they did alright. Makabe did a great job as the pissed off veteran and YOSHI showed decent babyface fire. Makabe's Spider German is always great. Solid match that didn't overstay its welcome. Page/Fale was alright too. Fale is my guilty pleasure of New Japan, the big daft idiot, and whilst I still couldn't pinpoint what Hangman's gimmick actually is, at least he's showing something resembling a personality nowadays. Solid action in this one, Page is clearly doing his best to get over with his athletic moveset. Thought the finish was wank, even though it makes sense in terms of developing storyline. Elgin/EVIL was my MOTN. Just two big fuckers smashing lumps out of one another. Elgin might be a shitty person but he's capable of some great matches. I'm excited for his rematch with Okada, which is one I could see him picking up a win in. I hope they pull the trigger on EVIL soon, I know he held the NEVER belt for about 15 minutes a few years back but he's really polished now, and his character is great. Unlike Switchblade, he's entirely convincing within his role. Tanahashi/Suzuki was great, lovely continuation from their match earlier this year. It felt short without feeling rushed at the same time. These two are so great at drawing emotional investment from the audience, and it contributes so much to their matches. Suzuki is the best sadistic prick, and Tanahashi sells body parts like nobody else. Felt like they'd condensed their previous match into half the time. Excellent, hard working match. Main event was okay, but something just wasn't clicking for me. Okada's character since his title loss has been great. His complete loss of identity since losing the belt has been a successful change, but it left this match lacking a bit. Unlike the Sabre match in Manchester, White just wasn't able to elicit any sort of emotional response or investment from the crowd. He's clearly a good wrestler, and a wonderful athlete, but he's just not clicking. He still doesn't seem comfortable in the gimmick, and he still doesn't seem to be able to deliver at the level he's being pushed as. The potential is there, but the character work still lacks something for me.
  9. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Can't wait for Tanahashi vs Suzuki tomorrow. Their match earlier this year is still one of my matches of the year for the storytelling element alone. Predictions for the weekend: Makabe over YOSHI, Fale over Page, Elgin over EVIL, Tanahashi over Suzuki and White over Okada. Makabe because YOSHI is shit, Fale is always a safe 8/10 points, Elgin because it seems the likelier option, Tana so he can get his win back from earlier this year and White to continue Okada's downward spiral. Then I'll pluck for Tonga over Juice, Yano over Ishii, Goto over SANADA, Sabre over Ibushi and Naito drawing with Naito. Tonga needs momentum after San Francisco and this can set a US Championship match at a later date, Yano because Yano, Goto because I see is the guy that starts strongly as the front-runner this year, Sabre vs Ibushi could go either way but I'm going to predict Sabre beats both Ibushi and Kenny, and a draw in the main event because I still maintain Naito/Omega main events this year, and the story going into that will be that they're 1-1-1 over the last few years (IIRC).
  10. AdamTH17

    The Great UKFF Survey

    All-time favourite wrestler? Kazuchika Okada. Disgustingly good in-ring ability, matched with a genuine superstar aura. Responsible for some of my all-time favorite matches and he's still only 30. All-time favourite match? Okada vs Omega IV from Dominion. I never thought they'd be able to top their previous hour long draw from the following year, but they somehow managed to exceed it. Wrestling achieved with perfection. The immense blend of story telling, athleticism, selling, emotion and crowd investment. One of those incredibly rare occasions where wrestling is genuinely phenomenal. Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Okada/Omega IV takes this for me, but because I don't much fancy repeating answers, I'll go and say Kobashi vs Joe from the aptly named "Kobashi vs Joe" ROH show in 2005. So good. Favourite Tag Team? El Generico and Kevin Steen, Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, Time Splitters, Golden Lovers. Was too tricky to narrow it down to just the one. Favourite Promo? Best show ever attended live? SSS:16 Day Three in 2017. Banks/ZSJ, Bate/Riddle and then the incredible culmination of Bate/Banks to top off my favorite ever weekend of live wrestling. Moment you loved wrestling the most? Daniel Bryan winning the title at Wrestlemania 30. Probably one of the only times I've ever been completely immersed in WWE. His match against Triple H was fantastic, the underlying story of him still fighting as the underdog and the chaotic main event. Easily the happiest I've been at a result. Moment you hated wrestling the most? The Reigns/Cena psuedo-shoot promo bollocks. Utterly horrific. The best WrestleMania is... 30, followed closely by 17. Most hated wrestling personality? Dynamite Kid. Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? Less over-exposure. It's difficult for a wrestler to feel special when they're wrestling the same crazy match style against the same indie "dream matches" 3/4 times a week. (In one word) Wrestling is... Cracking.
  11. AdamTH17

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    New long-term contract for Salah, joining Firmino who signed one in April. Runs until at least 2023. Get Mane tied down and I'll be elated. Foundations are being built for sure. Van Dijk, Fabinho and Keita are all going to be on four year deals at least. Trent, Roberston and Ox all signing contracts last year. Can't recall an occasion where I've been more optimistic for a season, genuinely.
  12. AdamTH17

    UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier

    I can't make my mind up on the top two fights at all. I want a Cormier win, I love the guy and if another Jones fight does ever go down, I'd have him as having more of a chance at Heavyweight. After seeing all the shit he's had to put up with relating to Jonny Bones, beating Stipe would be a proper redeeming moment for him. On the other hand, I really fucking rate Stipe. As in, if he beats Cormier he's got to be a properly strong contender for the best Heavyweight of all time, no? His resume is outstanding. Head is saying Stipe at the moment, heart fancies DC.
  13. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    SSE Manchester was a fantastic show. I left with the genuine feeling it had been one of the best shows I'd ever attended live. The venue was slick, production values were great, it all came off really big time. I think they nailed the setup of the place. Oka's new gimmick is fucking hilarious. Exactly the stupid bollocks that wrestling needs every now and again. And he won with a flying Mongolian Chop. *****. Seeing Nagata live for the first time was great. There wasn't a single person inside the building who didn't respect the bloke. Umino showed good babyface fire as per but yeah, this was all about Yuji. He gave Shota quite a lot of offense considering their respective hierarchy standings. Wish I'd had grabbed a picture with Nagata now, but he had crowds of people just lining up to shake his hand. CHAOS/Suzuki-Gun 6 man was the weakest match of the night but everyone loved Yano so it wasn't unbearable by any means. YOSHI-HASHI is so shit. Iizuka fucking stormed down my aisle, guy is jacked. WALTER vs Yujiro was what it was. Not exactly the most inspiring opponent for WALTER but he got his chops and lariat in so people were happy enough. Wouldn't shock me at all to see Ringkampf enter the World Tag League later this year. LOVED Taichi/Ospreay. A brilliant blend of crowd work, athleticism, crowd brawling, a little bit of everything. Might have just been my crowd section but I was surprised to hear that was pretty much a 50/50 even split. Taichi looked like he was having the time of his left everytime someone popped for something he did, bless him. People willingly paying Ospreay a tenner to get a chop off him is amongst the funniest things I've seen this year. I've never seen anyone do the high flying stuff as smoothly as Ospreay does in person. El Phantasmo had a really strong showing last night. He's looked great on Rev Pro's cockpit shows for a while now, so I wouldn't have been surprised in the slightest to see him get the win. Was expecting perhaps a little more from Ishimori, but perhaps that's just wishful thinking after everything he did came off great. Tiger Mask was getting really great reactions, didn't do much but can't blame him when he's getting a bigger reaction from standing and waving than the other three did almost killing themselves. Switchblade wasn't very good. I genuinely want to like him, but he hasn't got the gimmick nailed down at all. Taichi? Convincing. Yujiro? Yep, can buy that. I'm just not buying White as this dark, broody assassin character when the only personality traits he displayed last night was a bit of head jiggling and "oooft" after delivering a couple of chops. His ending sequences are always decent, but he really struggles at keeping an audience hooked in his control stages because there's fuck all for them to work with. It's just him doing moves and doing a bit of selling. There wasn't any connection with the crowd. Fletcher looked good, I think he had a better match than Brookes would have managed. Probably the best singles showing I've seen from him. Okada/ZSJ was filth. Neither man held back, neither man made it feel like a house show match, both men were outstanding. Okada has such a star aura, he looked just as immense in front of 2500 people as he does in front of 40,000. Just a tremendous match. Seeing Okada work a singles match 20 minutes from my house felt like a massive privilege. Seeing Sabre pin him clean as a whistle was stunning. Doesn't matter if it's a smaller scale show, clean wins over Okada are once every blue moon. Feels special to have witnessed one. Ishii/Suzuki was everything I wanted and more. Similarly to Okada and Zack, they really didn't tone anything down, which they could have easily gotten away with given how hot the crowd was for them. The elbow/forearm sequences were brutal. The sound these lads make simply by whacking the fuck out of one another is ridiculous, really. Really excellent main event to cap off an excellent show. Paid £40 for my seats and feel though I absolutely got my moneys worth.
  14. AdamTH17

    Official ROH Discussion Thread

    Only caught the main so far, but yeah, that match hasn't done Castle any favors as a babyface champion has it? Spends the majority of the match sitting on the outside letting Cody/Marty beat one another up, throws his mate over the top rope as opposed to going to sort Aldis out himself, tries to steal a pin following a finisher. Doesn't help that he's by far the most irrelevant person in that match. Like I said before, the ROH curse of somebody cooling off drastically once they win the belt has struck again. Having your champion overshadowed by somebody who doesn't even work for your company really isn't a telling sign. Speaking of which, what the fuck was that with Aldis? He's the least interesting man in wrestling, and should, therefore, have zero right cropping up in your main event of a PPV. Doesn't he want Cody to lose as well? So why, if this is the case is he fucking Dalton out of the win? Confusing. Thought in whole it was quite rushed and clunky. Nothing memorable about it at all. Wouldn't go any higher than ** 1/2.
  15. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    When I asked similarly on Twitter, they responded that they'd have a range of merch not limited to just the guys working the shows. Did mention there would be a £3 increase on the price due to something to do with the venue, mind.