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  1. AdamTH17

    Survivor Series

    Pre-show match was terrifying. Proper trainwreck stuff for the first half. That'll give Maffew enough material for his entire next episode. Did a great job demonstrating how paper thin RAW's tag division is at the moment though. Thankfully they managed to get some good stuff going once all the fat had been trimmed, with Gable especially looking fantastic. Shame they'll never do anything with him, mind. Weird, but entirely predictable that injuring the most over star in your company lands you a big win on a major PPV. They need to go all out with it if they properly want it to work. Should've given her the KO Punch as a finisher and have her swinging like Tyson. Makes sense that you'd have her go over, because she was easily the biggest star of that match, but eh. She's still crap. How dead in the water is Asuka at the minute? Another match that was far improved once they got rid of the shit (kudos for taking Tamina out of the equation within 30 seconds) Corbin is so shit. That backstage stuff with himself, Steph, Paige and Shane was coma-inducing. He's the absolute pits. Never heard anyone cut a promo in such a monotone manner. Seth's shirt is very, very bad. Getting Californias to chant about stuff burning down is...topical. Great match though, easily the best Nakamura has looked in a good while. Pleasantly surprised to see that Seth went over clean. Felt like a New Japan style of match at times, especially with the strike exchanges and the missed Frog Splash into the Kinshasa. Liked this a lot. Thumbs up. Enzo is a bad cunt. An incredibly embarrassing human being. Don't want to dedicate any more characters to him, so I'll begin and end it there. Vince McMahon is a fucking enigma. Ending a match between your two top teams with a pissing angle. You just know he's sat in Gorilla keeling over watching that play out. Typical. Match was pretty cold anyway, so I don't think I'll complain too much. Least it somewhat avoids having one of your champions taking a completely clean fall. Decent whilst it lasted. Interesting seeing the Cruiserweight lads getting a slot in the middle of the card, makes a nice change from being shunted onto the pre-show. Enjoyed the video package before Murphy/Ali as well - did a good job of getting Ali over nicely, I really liked the outdoors style of promos as opposed to the typical polished WWE production. Just the little things. Ali attempting to kill himself to get 205 Live from about three people isn't fun though, especially that massive bump from the top rope into the barricade. Really, really good match. A rare occasion of WWE's insistence of guys wrestling in a 50/50 working well, and making both wrestlers look equally good. Thumbs up. Who had the idea of taking Joe out within the first minute? Dropped a bollock there, fucking hell. Didn't help either that it was the exact same booking format as the earlier women's match. Balor looked great, his hot tag was really enjoyable. I think you could throw him in with anyone from that Smackdown team and it would be worth a watch. Rey put in a good shift as well. Punished Shane was fucking hilarious. Comfortably better than the bollocks we got last year, that's for sure. Didn't envision another clean win, maybe a scenario where Drew costs Braun, stopping him from getting his title shot in the process, but nope. We have to get across RAW is the A show, damnit. They don't half make it clear who the stars are. Every other fucker ambling out wearing their brand's shirt, and then you've got Rousey and Shane parading in their own gear, looking levels above everyone else merely by presentation. Was good to see Ronda still working with Edmund with the state of her punches. Charlotte's face pisses me off tenfold, even moreso when she insists on bursting into tears whenever she has to sell. I liked the match, thought it was solid. Felt sloppy and rough around the edges but I think that it fit the narrative of a Rousey match. Another fucking heel turn though? Do they have any pure babyfaces left? Or is everyone just meandering around in this shade of grey? Fair fucks to Ronda, she was taking some fucking lumps with that kendo stick, and she did a really good sell job post-match. Bryan looked like a boss coming out with that belt. Loved the touch of Heyman listing Lesnar as the exact cutoff for the UFC Heavyweight division. That fucking knee! Whopper of a sell job from Brock, he can properly go when he fancies it. When he puts a shift in, he's absolutely great. Loved this match, great storytelling, and they almost got me biting on the Yes Lock finish before I stopped being a fucking moron and realised of course Brock isn't tapping out in a fake fight before he goes back to the UFC. Think I preferred that to the AJ match. All in all, a fun show. Enjoyed that. The positives definetely outweighed the negatives.
  2. AdamTH17

    Survivor Series

    Tuning in tonight solely for Bryan vs Brock. Despite the fact it has literally 0 build, it's one of the only matches left in WWE that you can attach a genuine "dream match" moniker to, and the result is in a bit more of a question given Bryan's recent heel turn. Gutted that we aren't getting Becky vs Ronda, but unless they're even stupider than I thought, they'll use this to make Becky even hotter than she already is, and use it to propel her towards the Wrestlemania main event. Skimming through the card, and nothing else is really standing out. Rollins/Nakamura should be great, but won't live up to expectation. Neither of the Survivor Series matches look like anything noteworthy. AOP vs BAR could be a good knock though. How the fuck has Bobby Roode fallen so hard, so quickly? I know he's got a limited shelf life with his age, and he was never going to be a sustained main eventer, but he's everything Vince likes in a upper-midcarder. In the span of a year he's gone from sharing the ring with Triple H and Cena to Lince Dorado and Epico. That's some fall.
  3. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Trust me, you won't enjoy Tag League.
  4. AdamTH17

    AJ Styles

    Anything to back this up? I've not seen anything to really suggest he was a nightmare for ratings.
  5. AdamTH17

    The deals/offers thread

    XBOX Game Pass is currently running a 14-day free trial, alongside an option for your first month to cost a quid. Some good games on offer, such as Sea of Thieves, Injustice, Elder Scrolls Online and Metal Gear Solid. Well worth a look.
  6. AdamTH17

    Deathmatch Intrest Thead No. 2 (NSFW)

    David Arquette shooting on Nick Gage in a deathmatch in 2018 deserves to be in the "When it's great, it's fucking great" thread. What a time to be alive,
  7. AdamTH17

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    People who whine whenever something big happens politically about all those on social media "coming out of the woodwork" to give their two cents, as though people getting involved and having an opinion on policies and procedures that impact their own lives are somehow in the wrong and should keep schtum.
  8. AdamTH17

    When it’s Good it’s Fucking Great.

    To continue from the Bryan point made in the opening post, my lasting memory from that whole build from January until winning the title was the incredible moment, and subsequent line of... "That's not all I want..." A line so simple yet so effective. Sure, Bryan's got his Wrestlemania match against Triple H, and that's great and all, but fans didn't want to see that. Unless it involved the show ending with Bryan holding up the championship, nobody was arsed. It all just felt bittersweet, and an attempt to appease the fans ahead of the Batista/Orton main event that nobody really wanted. That line changed it all though. The first indication that "hang on, they might actually be going with this" - it felt huge. A proper penny dropping moment that the grand plan was actually going to change based on the feedback and reaction from the fans alone. Everyone knew it as well, just listen to the pop as soon as he said it. The first proper confirmation that the guy, who was never going to be the guy, was going to be the guy, even if it was only for one night. Rollins' Cash In Good as the Wrestlemania 31 main event was, it was beginning to fit into a formulaic groove. Roman was their guy, and he was going to win. This was the match he'd been groomed for since making his debut, and this was the culmination of the journey of trying to get him over - and it was all going to plan. He'd taken his arse kicking, looked legit in being able to hang with Lesnar, and was now making a Cena-esque comeback toward the end of the match. I remember just thinking "get it over with" - in relation to Roman winning. It seemed like it was an inevitability that he was going to flatten Brock with another spear, and have his coronation at the end of a genuinely great match. But then an F5! And then... Absolutely huge mark-out moment. The concept of cashing in during a match had never been done before, so from my perspective, it was completely out of the blue. The surprise was made even more so given that it seemed a certainty Roman was walking out with the belt. Even if it was just stalling the inevitable, it was a genuinely historic way to close Wrestlemania and a really brilliantly done moment. Made even more brilliant by Roman's dad shoot getting pissed off because he had no idea of the change and had front row tickets to see his son win the strap. Owens vs Cena One of my main gripes with WWE these days is their reluctance to ever let their regular stars appear on even a similar wavelength to their big, part-time names. It's a big reason why they're so starved of genuine stars at the moment because it's an incredibly rare occasion that they're even presented on par with the top guys, let alone stronger than. Yet on the rare exceptions, they pull the trigger with it (think Becky Lynch leading an attack on RAW and making Rousey look like her bitch) - it can be a career-defining moment. I think this was one of the most notable examples of this. Boy, that sure was a great way to introduce Owens to the main roster, huh? He came off great. Levelling Cena, holding his own on the mic, laying him out and then presenting the NXT Championship on equal footing with Cena's U.S title, which was going through a proper resurgence with the introduction of the open challenge shtick. Oh okay, nice. That should be a great match, hopefully they make Owens look good in defeat, or even better, avoid giving him a clean loss. It would probably hamper his momentum a bit if they had their NXT Champion go out flat on his back in his PPV debut, right? Oh shit! This was mega. This was before Cena was showing arse to every fucker. And this wasn't a Vince pet project coming up and looking this strong either, this was indie darling, former ROH Champion Kevin Steen laying out WWE's top guy in his debut match. As someone who used to watch him in ROH, being able to witness this guy, who was the complete opposite of everything a traditional top guy in WWE would typically be, go over Cena clean as a whistle in his debut was amazing to watch. Neville vs Zayn The peak of NXT storytelling. Incredible match, probably my favorite in NXT history. You've got progressive knobhead Neville defending against the purest babyface at the time in Zayn, in what is Zayn's last crack at winning the belt which had evaded him through progressively nefarious measures. The match they proceeded to have was an amazing contest, with consistent, continuative storytelling, a molten hot crowd and brilliantly worked. This was before NXT transformed into "the place for the lads we don't have New Japan or ROH to have" and had the feeling of the two very top guys squaring off for the biggest prize possible. They did a fantastic job of making the title feel meaningful and it paid dividends with the emotional investment many had in this match. Add on top of that the cracking post-match stuff with Owens, providing a smooth transition from one main event feud to another in the blink of an eye and this was a huge winner. Zack Sabre vs Okada Fuck it, I'm chucking this on here because I saw it live and it's my favorite live match I've seen, I think. If someone ever asks the benefits of having wins and losses matter, show them this match. You've got Okada, the recently defeated champion with about three clean losses in the previous two years facing off against the best wrestler within the UK, taking place in front of 2500 rabid English fans on Sabre Jr's turf. The story of Okada being lost without his belt, trying to out-wrestle a motivated Sabre is a great story, as is the finish. They hook you into thinking they're going to repeat the finish from their original match months prior, but Sabre simply out-smarts Okada and traps him in a pinning combination to send everyone mad. That's the impact of making people look as good as the best, and the impact of making someone look so strong, that when he is beaten, it results in a reaction like this.
  9. AdamTH17

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    It's all so lazy. Lazy and uninspired. Floundering babyface? Lacking momentum? Going nowhere? Sorted - just turn heel! Proper backs to the wall stuff. It's shit that they've had to resort to turning their most beloved babyface in the last 10 years to try and whip up a bit of interest in him. I'm sure he'll make it work, he's far too talented for it to go pear-shaped, but yeah. Bryan vs Brock has been a long-time dream match of mine, and I'm a little disappointed it's getting all of five days for a build.
  10. AdamTH17

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    They've got to send Nia down to development, even if it's just for a few months at this point. That's another superstar she's managed to twat. Full on clobbers her in the face. All WWE have got to do now is hold out on Becky returning, even if it's just until the Rumble, and have her win at #30. Returning Becky, who never lost her belt against heel Rousey could genuinely be a Wrestlemania main event if they don't have Brock/Roman/HHH/Undertaker as an option. Fuck it, you could even have Rousey claim to have ordered a hit on Becky, and something something title shot something something Nia. I don't know, they've come up with far shittier ideas.
  11. AdamTH17

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    In all honesty, I don't mind his new look so much. He's always had this weird, doughy, skinny-fat body which never suited somebody who's pushing 7ft tall. At least he's got the "midget bullier" look down.
  12. AdamTH17

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Albania 1 - 2 Scotland (Saturday) Czech Republic 2 - 0 Slovakia (Monday) England 2 - 1 Croatia (Sunday 1pm) Italy 2 - 2 Portugal (Saturday) Northern Ireland 1 - 0 Austria (Sunday 5pm) Wales 2 - 2 Denmark (Friday) Africa Cup of Nations qualification (various groups) Guinea 1 - 3 Ivory Coast (Sunday 5pm) Morocco 2 - 1 Cameroon (Friday 7pm) South Africa 0 - 2 Nigeria (Saturday 1pm) Togo 1 - 2 Algeria (Sunday 4pm)
  13. AdamTH17

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    All credit to Becky for somehow managing to turn this from another sluggish WWE PPV into something I'd consider must-see on the basis of one match. Can't remember the last time that's been a thing for me. Can't remember the last time someone's come off as much as a star either. If you'd have shown me this Becky and Ronda feud and told me one of these women is a high-level MMA fighter, who proclaims herself the baddest woman on the planet, I know who I'd be guessing it to be. She's absolutely killing it at the moment, and she's showing just how easy it is to make someone look good when you elevate them to the level of one of your "stars". That said, even though I know she isn't going to win - they have to make her look strong in defeat. Whilst I'm not usually a fan of re-hashing finishes, the Bret/Austin finish makes so much sense for this rivalry. Ronda isn't going to get cheered on Sunday, so they need to accentuate her heelish tendencies to 11, and have Becky come out of this match looking valiant, and most importantly, not beaten by her own accord. Having Ronda win on Sunday through referee stoppage, have Becky take some time off and then return to conquer a now full-blown heel Rousey at Wrestlemania, utilizing the argument that she was never pinned or submitted is so simple, and yet would print money.
  14. AdamTH17

    25 Years Deep: Favourite Moments

    McGregor winning the strap from Alvarez at UFC 205 was probably the moment my fandom peaked, to be honest. Had all my mates round staying up to watch it, and even though the cracks were beginning to show in the McGregor facade, we were all still firmly on the bandwagon after he beat Diaz at 202, and were rooting for him to beat Eddie. Of course, 205 ended up being a cracking show in itself, so we were all buzzing by the time the main event rolled around. Then Conor went out and delivered his best ever performance to go and win the belt. It just felt like a perfect culmination. The biggest star the sport had ever seen, making history in the most famous arena in the world. It felt like a proper pinnacle of MMA. If they'd have cancelled MMA after that show, I don't think I would've had many complaints. Obviously, in hindsight it's nowhere near as glamorous, but it felt like a huge, huge deal at the time - which it of course was. Special nominations to Nunes knocking out Ronda, Lawler's reign as Welterweight champion, Cormier beating Stipe and Khabib twisting Conor's jaw off. Cunt.
  15. AdamTH17

    Wrestling out of context

    Louis Theroux presents: Dark States - Heroin Town