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  1. Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Aston Villa Norwich City 1-0 Bournemouth Southampton 2-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers West Ham United 1-2 Everton Newcastle United 1-2 Chelsea Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United Scottish Cup Round 4 Partick Thistle 0-3 Celtic Dundee United 1-1 Hibernian French Cup Round 10 Gonfreville 0-4 Lille (2pm) Athlético Marseille 1-3 Rennes
  2. One thing I can't stand from McGregor over the course of these Embedded episodes is this false sense of insincerity he's absolutely oozing with. The latest episode being a prime example. He just comes across as a very self-aware guy who knows his image has seen far better days, but everything he does just feels tarred with this brush of complete in-authenticity. Trying to crack wise with Holly Holm (who to her credit, was having fucking none of it), posing for photos with UFC fighters who just happen to be waiting outside the Performance Centre, the big over-exaggerated smiles and handshakes and waves, even down to the way he introduces himself to Holly's BJJ coach. Fuck it, I don't know if he means it or not, they could be sharing a pint as I type this out, but even from behind a camera lens I'm just finding it so difficult to take anything he says, or how he acts as genuine.
  3. I wonder where they go now from a booking perspective. It really demonstrates how little depth they've got going for them, because once you get past the top guys in the main event scene, they're so ridiculously thin on the ground. Let's say for the next Takeover they headline with WALTER/Dragunov, and I'll be generous and let them have Pete back so they can run BSS/Imperium - what else do you throw on with that? Devlin's lost his last 2/3 big matches, the women's division isn't going to improve any if they've got the PROGRESS lads running the show so you can't bank on anyone from that side being given the spotlight that women have been afforded in NXT, your workrate guys like A-Kid, Andrews, Ligero etc have absolutely no heat, so who do you push? Coffey hasn't worked as a main eventer, nobody is buying Ohno as a proper threat, Bate's an option but that would be the third big match him and WALTER have had fairly recently (if you count their PROGRESS efforts). Are we going to run back Eddie Dennis vs Dave Mastiff as a title eliminator? I don't even watch the weekly show and that's giving me the fear.
  4. I've no doubt that they've seen an Okada match before, but it's widely known that the six-man main event had a lot of time cut from it as a consequence of other stuff running over. It's also been frequently reported Okada/Marty went considerably over their time. I understand there's a stigma surrounding Okada singles matches having to go long, but in this instance I can buy it. Okada, the ace of New Japan against a Junior, not in a New Japan setting? I don't see that going 26 minutes anywhere else, or being allocated that time. Again, I'm not saying it's the likely option, but after seeing how the Elite chaps have dealt with things not going their way, it's not exactly an unbelievable story there could be a bit of friction which has contributed to this.
  5. First embedded is out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZZZtRvb8yQ&t=3s I suppose Khabib really did a job on McGregor, he's only gone and put the fear of Allah into him!
  6. I'll echo what Egg Shen mentioned there. Seeing Alvarez come back from the McGregor loss in such an emphatic and impressive manner really helped it to sink in how well Conor fought that night in MSG. His best octagon performance without a doubt for me as well. Mendes was looking dominant in the first round before Conor rallied in the second, the Aldo knockout was sensational of course, but in 13 seconds he was hardly about to provide much of a showcase for his full set of skills. Diaz had him in trouble in their second fight at times, though I did agree Conor deserved to get the nod from the judges. Alvarez looked like a proper shit fight for him on paper coming in. He had the ability to hurt you big time with his hands, as evidenced in his title win from RDA, but demonstrated against Pettis, had absolutely no issues grinding a fight out up against the cage to get the win. This was before Conor had really been tested by a smothering wrestler as well (Mendes aside, but he had 2 weeks notice coming in) which was another big reason a lot of people were selecting Eddie. But come fight night, it was a ridiculous story. Conor never gave Eddie a chance. Battered him everywhere, and dominated from the first punch until the last. Probably up there with one of the best individual performances of the last decade.
  7. The more I see Scurll and the Elite lads drifting apart, the more I'm convinced that the story of the Elite being pissed off at Marty because his match with Okada at All In ran over, meaning the Bucks didn't have as much time as they would've liked for their main event. If anything, the egos and echo chambers we've seen Omega et al living in the past few months would absolutely add credibility to this. Sounds like the exact type of pointless shit they'd be up in arms about. Fair fucks to Marty. If he's on good money, working very few ROH dates, can keep his NJPW relationship going and work other indies (presumably NWA due to the fact Aldis is still cropping up) on top of getting to Kevin Nash the whole company, he's had ROH over a bit of a barrel there hasn't he?
  8. I'll accept Jimmy Havoc. At least he's making some sort of effort though. The whole entrance get-up, his mask and what have you. Yeah, he looks like a dickhead, but he's giving it a crack. Even his name! If you've no idea what he looks like, but hear his name, at least the idea's in your head that he's somewhat menacing. Nobody in the world is doing that when they hear Dennis' music, and hear the ring announcer go "IT'S EDDIE!".
  9. Just wanted to say the person who made the call to give Eddie Dennis the haunting, sinister music befitting of a Jason Vorhees esque character needs putting in the bin. He's possibly the least intimidating man in the world. I couldn't take anything in that match seriously after seeing him amble out to that. Everything else ranged from shit to pretty decent. Nothing was particularly excellent in my eyes. Devlin/Bate was obviously the closest to reach that benchmark, but as impressive as their work was in terms of moves and athletic prowess, it was lacking big time in any sense of a story, or emotional investment, or interest. Not so much their fault as the fault of this creative team for being the shits. Speaking of creative, you can tell Jim Smallman's been brought in haven't you? Hope the female division gets used to that 2nd match on the card slot! Their triple threat was pretty dull barring the last five minutes, with a standard "heel steals the win" finish. I appreciate them keeping the belt on Kay Lee Ray though, she's easily my favourite out of the three involved. Everyone worked hard in the ladder match, but it was so...boring? I genuinely can't conjure anything else to sum up that match other than boring. Overly-complicated setups which went nowhere, some spots ranging from sloppy to completely blown, nobody giving a shit about the Gallus lads winning. Thought the main event was quite shit as well. Joe Coffey, whilst being a perfectly capable wrestler is certainly not capable of delivering in these main event slots. Fundamentally, there was nothing wrong with the match, but it never ever hit a high level that you'd associate with a Takeover main event. The booking here was awful as well, from both men getting a visual three, to the over-reliance once again of "heel needs help from stable to win" despite it being fucking WALTER, even the show-closing of having the Undisputed Era lads coming in and getting the biggest pop of the night by a large margin. That'll show them who you think the proper stars are, lads.
  10. Week 24 fixtures Premier League Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 3 Liverpool (5:30pm) Aston Villa 1 - 4 Manchester City (Sunday 4:30pm) FA Trophy Second Round Farsley Celtic 1 - 3 Barnet w/@TildeGuy~! FA Women's Super League Brighton & Hove Albion 0 - 4 Arsenal (Sunday 12:30pm) Reading 1 - 1 Birmingham Serie A Lazio 1 - 1 Napoli (5pm) Roma 2 - 2 Juventus (Sunday 7:45pm) Spanish Cup Round 2 Portugalete 1 - 4 Real Betis Sestao River 0 - 3 Athletic Bilbao (6pm) Escobedo 0 - 3 Sevilla (Sunday 11am)
  11. AdamTH17

    NJPW World

    Just finished Night Two, and thought it was...good, but not excellent. A step down from Night One, truth be told. Liger's match was fun. Spending the whole match building to a Sano hot tag wouldn't have been how I'd have structured a match, but fuck it, Liger's gonna Liger. He was always going to do the job on his way out. Fitting ending to pass the torch to the new ace of the Juniors in Hiromu. The Junior tag match was okay. ELP/Ishimori are fairly uninspiring, and Roppongi 3K just feel like they've been spinning their wheels for the past year. Not sure it's all their fault though, they've got fuck all to work with in that division 99% of the time. It was just okay. Sabre vs SANADA was one of their better matches, but again, SANADA is someone that really needs a productive year. He needs to keep the fuck away from Okada as well. Thought Moxley/Juice was shit, to be honest. A real comedown from the Archer/Moxley the night before. Really weird to have Juice in this position, and could be a head scratcher to keep the belt on Mox if he's still unable to work American dates, where you'd presume he'd be a big draw. Goto vs KENTA was kind of underwhelming, and in hindsight a weird booking choice. White vs Ibushi was a really poor usage of Ibushi. I get that you need something for them to both do, but the idea of a "losers" match just feels off to me. Something that WWE would cobble together to provide an excuse for something happening. Loved Tanahashi vs Jericho though, two fantastic workers. Okada/Naito was weird. It was a great match, with a satisfying ending, but I was nowhere near as into it as I was for the same match at Wrestle Kingdom 12. Maybe it's because Naito's had a really flat year, or maybe because Ibushi's performance on the first night was so good, but it just wasn't grabbing me the way I would've expected. The post-match stuff was bollocks, too. Sure, you need to set up a challenger, but closing your biggest show of the year with KENTA sending your newly crowned champion battered to the back? Fucking odd stuff. It would be like if Bryan won the belt at Wrestlemania 30 and his celebration ended with Kane coming out and beating him up. Absolutely no reason they couldn't have done that on NYD.
  12. Oh no, it's not something I'm arsed about at all, because it's not something that's ever going to impact me, but for instance I know that we're all going to be tuning in regardless because we're fans of the sport, and it's a big fight. I think on the other hand it would be interesting to see how his recent allegations/fight performances/interviews have influenced the more casual section of fans, and if they're still tempted to hand away their money on the basis of "it's McGregor" alone, which is pretty much all this card is, with no disrespect to Cerrone. The Khabib fight had the background and title implications, Alvarez was potentially history-making going in, Diaz was the huge rematch. This is the first time in a while that they're trying to sell us a fight based on Conor's name and that alone.
  13. Week 23 fixtures FA Challenge Cup Third Round proper Fulham 2-2 Aston Villa Preston North End 1-1 Norwich City Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Manchester United (5:31pm) Middlesbrough 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 2:01pm) Liverpool 2- 2 Everton (Sunday 4:01pm) Gillingham 1-2 West Ham United (Sunday 6:16pm) FA Cup Third Round (Sunday 1pm) Brighouse Town 0-4 Barnsley Loughborough Foxes 1-4 Huddersfield Town French Cup Round of 64 Le Portel 0-2 Strasbourg (2pm) Tours 1-0 Nîmes (2pm) St-Pryvé St-Hilaire 0-4 Toulouse (5pm) Bourg-en-Bresse 1-5 Olympique Lyonnais (7:55pm) Bastia Borgo 1-3 St Étienne (Sunday 1:15pm) Lorient 1-0 Brest (Sunday 1:15pm) Reims St-Anne 1-2 Montpellier (Sunday 1:15pm) Raon-L'Étape 0-4 Lille (Sunday 1:15pm) Trélissac 0-4 Olympique de Marseille (Sunday 1:15pm) Dieppe 2-3 Angers (Sunday 4:15pm) Fréjus Saint-Raphaël 0-5 Nice (Sunday 4:15pm) Valenciennes 1-1 Dijon (Sunday 4:15pm) Montlhéry 0-6 PSG (Sunday 7:55pm)
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