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  1. UFC 220: Miocic vs Ngannou

    First episode of Embedded is up: What's the deal with Volkan working with Rockhold? Is Luke not training with AKA anymore?
  2. UFC 221: Rockhold vs Romero

    Immense write up Wand, fantastic stuff. Not as in love with this fight as I was with Rockhold vs Whittaker truth be told. Really thought that one had a bit more intrigue behind it as I'd definitely consider them the two most skilled middleweights in the world at the moment. At the moment I've got Rockhold edging it out, I'd consider him the more rounded fighter with more tools in his arsenal as well as having a fairly big size/range advantage. I can't see Romero being that keen on taking it to the ground either with Luke's BJJ game either, his best chance of winning is to land something mental like a 720 tornado kick.
  3. UFC 220: Miocic vs Ngannou

    Yeah, this one has come around stupidly fast. Feels like only yesterday we were watching Francis turn Overeem's brain into mush. I'm still torn between the two. I think Stipe is criminally underrated to be honest. Like Colin touched on, yeah Ngannou hits like a fucking truck, but Stipe has 5 finishes in his last 5 fights, with only one of those making it out of the first round. This is against the elite of the heavyweight division as well. Francis can only knock out whoever gets stuck in front of him, but the calibre of guys Stipe's been knocking out is far more noteworthy than Ngannou's. He's probably got the best boxing in the whole division, but then you have the whole "touch of death" element that comes when fighting a guy like Ngannou, who up until this point hasn't really shown any weaknesses. It's weird to think that this fucker has had 6 fights in the UFC and to me he still feels like a massive unknown quantity. There's still a fuck tonne of question marks hanging over his head! He looked capable enough in the clinch against Reem, but I can't make a prediction on a 25 minute fight based off of that. It's genuinely a coin toss for me at the moment. 50/50 with who I actually want to win as well. Ngannou is exciting as fuck and probably has a far higher ceiling in terms of promotional potential. but I'm a big Stipe fan as well, something about the big dope is endearing to me. Hope Cormier runs through Volkan though.
  4. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Depends on the outcome of RDA/Woodley I'd presume. If RDA wins I could see them throwing Wonderboy in with him, a fresh fight which on paper sounds as though it could be a barnburner. If Woodley wins though then maybe Covington in a title eliminator. Even then, I can't see any desire from the UFC to run Woodley/Wonderboy III after the dump that was their last fight. If they have no other options for the title shot, I couldn't see them sticking it on as a main event for any PPV. Maybe the headliner of a FOX show or as a co-main event, but there's fuck all chance anyone is going to be enthusiastically buying that as a PPV main.
  5. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I'd like to see Nelson vs Till but he'll do well to get that fight. He's coming off a first round defeat to someone I'd rank probably below Till at the moment whereas Till is coming off the biggest win of his career. The Wonderboy fight seems to have gone a bit quiet as of late which is a shame. Hopefully Covington gets the itch to hop inside the octagon soon so that he can get his shit kicked in.
  6. 2018 is bloody lovely

    Had a fairly marvellous week. Managed to get myself speaking and meeting with an ex-girlfriend who I couldn't have ever envisioned seeing again. We're off to Knowsley on Sunday and London in February. I'm fairly certain she's the best thing that's happened to me so that's ace. The little group of children I work with closely for Maths and English have been making fantastic progress recently with SATS not too far away and today I've sent off my UCAS application for September to hopefully go and do teacher training. Little things!
  7. Predictions for 2018 - Prospects, Champions etc.

    Prediction for the UFC Champions the 1st January 2019: Flyweight: DJ, Bantamweight: Dillashaw, Featherweight: Holloway (after defeating Edgar in a rematch), Lightweight: Khabib (after beating Tony to determine the champion), Welterweight: GSP, Middleweight: Weidman, LHW: Gusty, HW: Stipe. JJ, Nunes and Cyborg for their respective divisions. Nothing that outrageous there I don't think. Fighter Predictions: Machida, Arlovski, Silva and Shogun will all retire, Bisping will retire after losing his last fight, neither Diaz brother will return to the sport, Gastelum will main event a PPV, Cejudo will main event a PPV, Paulo Costa will main event a FN in Brazil, Hendricks will move up to Light Heavyweight, Aldo will move up to Lightweight. Others: GSP/McGregor will headline the MSG show for the Welterweight Chanpionship. At least 2 fighters in the UFC P4P rankings will sign for Bellator. Volkan will go on a losing streak after losing to DC. Joanna/Rose II headlines a PPV. Stipe calls out Brock Lesnar after beating Ngannou.
  8. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    My bad, I had initially posted that whilst knackered and intended on a longer post covering Naito/Okada because of its particularly noteworthy stature. I'm on my phone at the moment so will only be keeping things fairly brief. I thought it was a fantastic match that will find itself overrated due to the finish and the winner perhaps not being the most popular of choices. Though I wouldn't rank it above the main events of the 2/3 years beforehand, it was still a really good match as you'd expect between those two. They started the finishing stretch a little too early for me, to the point where it was just flat out unbelievable. The booking is something I can live with. NJPW love their redemption storylines and in ways this felt like the end and yet the beginning of one for Naito. I don't think he's going to lose his crowd support, especially given their reaction to him at NJD - transitioning him into a programme with Jericho also indicates that New Japan haven't lost any faith in his ability to draw, as a feud with Y2J is going to be a significant factor regarding them gaining a greater foothold in America. I know he's doing a tour of America mid-February with the likes of Glory Pro and AAW as well, which could well be an attempt to register his drawing level in the USA. If there's any company I trust to get this booking right, it's New Japan. I also loved Okada's pants.
  9. MMA Fight of the Year 2017

    The outcome was deflating, but I've plumped for Jones and Cormier as well. The first massive fight we had this year, felt like a huge deal, was a close fight and ended with a spectacular finish.
  10. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Wrestle Kingdom thoughts\: Junior Tag opener was alright. Pretty much matched my expectations. Young Bucks in NJPW are so much easier to watch than say any of their work in PWG, or ROH. Found it hilarious they were playing the injury angle after typically taking a stupid bump when a simple shitcan through the ropes would have done the exact same. Sho and Yoh are coming on a lot, and this was probably their first really notable match. Crowd were actually hotter than I thought they'd be which was a nice surprise. Good stuff. Maybe shave a couple of minutes off this and you've got a great opener. The tag gauntlet also pleasantly surprised. Didn't overstay its welcome and had some nice, tight sequences. ZSJ looked like a killer being able to choke out Rowe, and Yano countering Taguichi's flying arse attack with a pin was another nice spot. Still think that Ishii and Juice in particular deserved more than this but oh well. Cody continues to be a drag in Japan. One of the highlights of this show was seeing all the Elite lads (Cody, Scurll and Bucks) trying to get their "ELITE" shtick over to minimal response. Heartwarming stuff. Wasn't anything poor by any stretch of the imagination, but I could only hold my interest whenever Ibushi was doing his cool shit. Cody works hard and all, but the WWE style of wrestling he insists on utilising every match isn't doing him any favours in this company. I will admit the Cross Rhodes onto the floor really impressed me, though Ibushi's willingness to splatter his brains didn't. Solid enough undercard, but could have been so much more. Fell asleep during K.E.S and LIJ and wasn't interested enough to watch the end. Glad we've hopefully got some fresh tag matches coming up though. Goto/Suzuki was awesome. Really awesome. Two hard fuckers whaling the piss out of one another for almost 20 minutes. Really, really great. I was prepared to get really annoyed with the pointless Suzuki-Gun interference but at least it didn't really have much impact in the grand scheme of things. Goto getting another WK moment was nice, I wouldn't complain to see him be mixing it up with Tanahashi for the next few months on the back of this performance. More of this Suzuki please. Four-way was what it was. There were more good spots than shit spots, so it'll get a thumbs up from me. I still maintain through the exchanges they shared that Will vs Hiromu having a one on one match would have been a far better option, but I'm positive we'll see that sometime this year after it was Scurll who ate the pinfall. White vs Tanahashi to me can only be considered a failure. The match was fine, in a vacuum, but as one of your featured Wrestle Kingdom bouts it really didn't live up to expectation, and that's a slight on both men. White had nothing about him really. I was optimistic about him after some great matches of his I'd seen on the indies, but he was really lacking in conviction, impact and general charisma. His control segments were really bland and did nothing in the way of getting him any heat. They sort of booked themselves into a corner here. You don't really want White to lose in his debut, clean as a whistle, but then giving Tanahashi two losses at the Dome back to back would take away some of the value that comes from beating him. White can for sure come back from this, but it's set him off on the complete wrong foot. I liked Jericho/Omega lots! It was the best match that anyone was going to get out of Jericho at this stage of his career and they managed it really well. Omega was the perfect foil for Jericho and managed to pace the match excellently to make up for the athletic shortcomings of Y2J. The right guy won as well I think. A loss would have hurt Kenny far more than it has done Jericho.
  11. The 2017 UKFF50 - Results!

    Can only echo the appraisal for Soner. If his matches were performed on a bigger platform, he'd be getting booked everywhere. Seemingly over a matter of time before one of the bigger British wrestling companies decide to showcase his skills on a broader scale.
  12. UFC 220: Miocic vs Ngannou

    I know that we can give out about the ways that the UFC promote their own fighters, but when they want to, they can make something seem totally unmissable. Another fantastic video that they've published.
  13. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    So, annoyingly enough I'm back in work tomorrow so won't be able to watch live. I'll chuck my thoughts on the card, and predictions in here before hopefully getting to watch the show spoiler-free tomorrow evening. New Japan Rumble: I can't wait for this. Just going to be a complete mish-mash of every fucker imaginable. I hope Haku turns back up again and wins the whole thing. If not, let's have a bit of Bob Sapp, or Akebono, or someone equally mad. Actually no, I want Kitamura to come in and win from #1. Roppongi 3K vs The Young Bucks: It's a really nice surprise to see a standard 2v2 affair for the Junior Tag Championships for the second year running. Sure, the Dome crowd will probably be as dead for them as ever but at least it's going to have a heightened chance of having a bit of a storytelling as opposed to the usual multi-man flip around match. Roppongi 3K are starting to find their groove a bit more, and Young Bucks are always moderately entertaining when they're actually in the ring. I'll say Young Bucks win this one, and drop the belts a couple of months later. NEVER 6-Man Gauntlet: Going to be a bit of a mess, isn't it? Especially considering the drastic range of styles you've got in that match. Bit disappointed to see Ishii just lumped into here after the fantastic year he's had, he deserves more than this. He's not the only one actually. You could make good cases for Elgin and Juice being more deserving of a stand-out spot, but whatever. The Suzuki-Gun section of the match (Taichi, Iizuka and ZSJ) is going to be a real chore to get through. I can't see Team Elgin getting the win, with his future in NJPW looking more and more unsecure, so I'll say that Taguichi Japan grab the belts here. Cody vs Ibushi: I'm just really not arsed. Ibushi is amazing, but I cannot muster a single shred of interest for anything concerning Cody Rhodes within Japan. He can be as over as he likes in America, with his constant pandering to the smark fanbase alongside his never-ending stream of *** matches, but the Japan crowd don't give a shit and it's becoming more and more obvious. I don't think the Ibushi/Omega match was the right booking, yet, but neither is this. There's decent enough arguments for both men winning to be honest. A win against Ibushi makes Cody look strong ahead of his inevitable implosion with Omega, yet Kota winning gives Omega more of a reason to want to face him. Because of his sketchy commitment to the company, I'll lean towards a Cody win. I'm expecting no more than ***. K.E.S vs SANADA and EVIL: It's really somewhat of a minor miracle that we've got 2, standard 2v2 tag matches for the belts. The addition of EVIL/SANADA has been a welcome one to a tag division growing increasingly stagnant, and I expect them to pick up the win to sound out a dominant night for LIJ. Minoru Suzuki vs Hirooki Goto: The build to this one has actually been surprisingly underrated. On paper, this doesn't stand out much compared to the more marquee matches but the hair vs hair stipulation has really added something quite personal to this one. My enjoyment for this match will depend massively on the potential interference of the rest of Suzuki-Gun. On far too many occasions, they've actively hampered what should have been a far better match and hopefully NJPW will have the sense to see that at their biggest show, there really isn't a place for it. My head says that Suzuki finally gets his comeuppance here, and Goto manages to win the NEVER belt at Wrestle Kingdom once again. Scurll vs Takahashi vs Ospreay vs KUSHIDA: I really would have preferred a singles bout between Will and Hiromu, but oh well, the multi-man junior match has to be slotted into the grand scheme of things somewhere, so here we are. Ospreay only seems to become half-important when he's about to challenge for the title, so I don't think he's going to grab it, especially so soon after he finally gets to go over KUSHIDA. Hiromu's booking has really seen him fall off a cliff in the latter half of 2017, which is such a shame, and I can't imagine there's anyone fresh for KUSHIDA to face at the moment. So I'll say Scurll gets to keep the belt for now, purely for the sake of some matches we've not seen before on a big scale, despite him really not being very interesting. Tanahashi vs Jay White: They've done a good job at getting me excited here. It's a massive opportunity for Switchblade, and there's nobody better to establish him as a hot hell than Tana. The fact they've fleshed out his character a bit with the various promos and interviews has done him a lot of good as well, broadening him out a bit instead of the edgy bloke we initially saw at Power Struggle. With the story of Tanahashi's knee being hurt, you've got a good method of not only making him look valiant in defeat, but also getting White over by being smart enough to target that, and I think that's the story we'll see. White winning, and Hiroshi taking a couple of months off before returning for the rematch is the approach I think New Japan will go for. Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho: I'm still torn on who's going to win here. On one hand, it makes loads of sense for the veteran Jericho to put Kenny over, but I can't help the nagging feeling that the majority of the build for the big USA show is going to be formed around around a big rematch between these two lads. But then would WWE be happy with Jericho holding a NJPW title for that long? Probably not. The logical explanation here is a Kenny win, but neither result would shock me. The no-disqualification stipulation doesn't shock me, as Jericho trying to keep up with the manic workrate of Omega wasn't ever going to go down well. It allows them to incorporate a lot more plunder than they would without it. I'm not worried about Jericho looking out of place at all, he's more than capable of working a cracking match, and in Omega he's got a fantastic dance partner. It's a really nice mixture of Omega's immense workrate alongside Jericho's storytelling capabilities. Okada vs Naito: This is going to be so good. I can't wait to see how hotly contested this match is. The long-term booking arch of this match is really sublime when you go back and factor in all the build, the numerous twists and turns, and the callbacks to their original Wrestle Kingdom match. I can't see any way in which this one isn't anything less than brilliant. I'd go as far to say Okada is the best big-match wrestler in the last decade, and Naito has been peaking marvellously from a quality perspective. It would make sense for him to win to complete the whole redemption storyline that New Japan seem to love, but I can also see Omega being the one to take the belt from Okada, so again it's a bit of a coin toss. It speaks volumes for the quality of the booking that I'm completely indecisive in regards to a match based solely on how well each man has been made to look going into a match.
  14. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    If half of their roster didn't wrestle in the exact same fashion as their cruiserweight roster, maybe there would be a shred of interest with anything they're doing. There's fuck all point banging on to the audience about how different, and dynamic, and athletic these lads are when you've got guys like Samoa Joe capable of doing the exact same thing. There's been numerous occasions where the 205 guys have had the slowest match on the card, which completely kills their purpose! If there's one aspect that TNA trump WWE in, it's that they allow their cruiserweight division go out and actually have mental, 100mph matches. There's fuck all that differentiates them from anyone else on the entire roster.
  15. Theatre Thread

    I've got my first trip down to the West End in 39 days to go and watch Hamilton. I can't wait, I've seen nothing but positive reviews so far. I must have watched the bootleg of the original Broadway cast about 10 times now, and yet I'm more excited than ever.