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  1. It's not. Continuing to do so following their justifiable refusal on the other hand, whilst not a crime perhaps, is weird and unsettling behaviour, which is rightfully being called out.
  2. Agh! Was only a goal off on about 5 of those Internationals! Week 7 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1-2 Burnley Manchester United 2-2 Leicester City Sheffield United 1-2 Southampton Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Crystal Palace Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-1 Chelsea w/@TildeGuy~! Norwich City 0-3 Manchester City (5:30pm) Bournemouth 2-1 Everton (Sunday 2pm) Watford 1-2 Arsenal (Sunday 4:30pm) Ligue Un Saint-Étienne 0-1 Toulouse (Sunday 4pm) Monaco 0-3 Olympique de Marseille (Sunday 8pm
  3. Fucking ridiculous excuse. If you're going to give somebody a scoop slam on the fly, without the knowledge of if they're capable, or willing to take a bump, then you're already throwing the entire aspect of "protection" out of the window. I couldn't give a flying fuck how protected the scoop slam was. It's a dreadful argument. "Look, lads - I forced this non-wrestler to take a forceful bump for which he wasn't prepared, or willing to take, but at least I didn't let him break his neck!" Twat.
  4. He is indeed. His most recent forays into the limelight include him managing to injure Jonathan Gresham at a RevPro show, and then get called out on Twitter for comments regarding men and women now being equal. I wasn't really watching BritWres when everyone seemed to think really highly of him, but I've always thought he was shit. I couldn't believe RevPro chose him for a singles match with Naito of all people.
  5. Wouldn't you? End of the day, you don't know his income. Nor do you know with absolute clarity the implications his injury is going to have on his ability to go out and earn a livelihood. If someone assaulted me at work, rendering me unable to carry out my job (which, as far as I'm aware, is the story here unless I've missed anything dramatic on Twitter) - I'd be doing my best to garner the money to tide me over as well.
  6. Absolutely zero clue how anyone is trying to argue that Bodom/Samuels are in the right, even by the tiniest of margins. Twat behaviour of the highest order by two people I've always associated with the word. Hope they get fucked off by the scene for a considerable while.
  7. Unless you were heavily rooting for Dustin, it's difficult to see which aspect of the fault people could be disappointed with. When you tune in for Khabib, you aren't tuning in for a Gaethje-esque slugfest, you know exactly what you're getting, and he delivered again tonight. He's got to be the best Lightweight ever at this point? I'd have thought alongside T-Ferg, Poirier was going to be his toughest challenge, and aside from one good punch, it was plain sailing. It must be fucking miserable to be in the cage with him. You can pinpoint the exact moment fighters realise how fucked they are, like when Dustin had a tight guillotine, and Khabib just pops his head out moments later. It was like watching Ralph Wiggum when Lisa dumps him. Hopefully they book Ferguson next because aside from him I don't see anybody giving Khabib any grief. Dipped in and out of the prelims. Moras/Jojua was shit. Despite Moras winning, I hope they both get the boot. Azaitar's KO was nasty. It speaks volumes about Packalen that all I'll now remember him for is getting knocked out brutally by Diakese and now Azaitar. Thought Lerone Murphy looked decent considering he was facing some stiff competition in Zubairia on short notice. Blaydes looked really good. Didn't realise he was only 28 - despite his losses to Ngannou, he's someone that really isn't that far away from title contention. I'd love to see him against JDS when he's finished with his dancing. All I could think of during Makhachev's fight is that he looks like the terrifying lovechild of Khabib and Cejudo. Enjoyed Felder/Barboza, and didn't disagree too harshly with Paul getting the nod, but on a scorecard of 30-27? Not a prayer. Wouldn't complain about seeing the trilogy play out over the course of five rounds, come to think of it.
  8. 1) A completely authentic, War and Peace sized autobiography, completely and solely written by Vince McMahon. Covering absolutely everything. 2) A wrestling specific time machine, with the ability to go and be in the crowd for any wrestling show from the past. Imagine being in the crowd for when Sammartino lost the belt? Or when Undertaker lost his streak? Or something like Punk in Chicago, or Naito in Osaka. 3) Probably just the funding, travel and accessibility to go and visit any show, in any country - purely to tick off loads of famous venues like the Tokyo Dome, Arena Mexico, Korakuen, MSG.
  9. Can we have William Regal in here? A really good worker throughout his entire career, but in the last five especially he was really able to showcase himself as being absolutely fantastic. Someone who's far more appreciated at the end of his career as opposed to being praised endlessly throughout it. You've got his stint as the General Manager, his King of the Ring gimmick (which should've lead to a world championship reign if not for his drug test failure), his series with Punk over the Intercontinental Championship, the matches he had with the "up and comers" of that time era (Kofi, Mr Kennedy, Bryan etc), his entire run on top of the ECW brand where him and Christian were the only saving graces of that show, before his eventual transition into working with, and putting over the new kids on the block with excellent matches against Cesaro and Ohno to round out his in-ring career. Then, obviously, he's segued into the NXT GM role, for which he's absolutely perfect. You can put any of the current New Japan Dad's in this thread as well. The likes of Nagata, Kojima, Tenzan, Nakanishi, Suzuki to name but a few. Japan and Mexico have far too many examples to name overall. And don't even get me started on Jushin Liger. You could write pages upon pages about his talent despite his immense longevity.
  10. Having a binge of the Star Wars films, and managed to blast through the prequels today. Phantom Menace is still utterly turgid on the basis of absolutely fuck all happening, combined with robust performances due to a script that nobody could've done well with and the complete insistence of forcing CGI bollocks into every fucking scene. The pod racing scene, Duel of the Fates and the bit where Qui-Gon says "that'll complicate things" are the only bright spots in this horrible two hour watch. Fucking trade federation blockades. Attack of the Clones isn't much better, but at least there's a central story line (despite being completely unbelievable and rushed) and the characters have something to them. It's during this film I begin to realise the Jedi are massive dickheads and the thought of them being wiped out in Revenge of the Sith isn't that disheartening. AOTC is absolutely all over the place though, in terms of plot, character motivation and personalities, the explanations and usage of the Force, it's absolutely bonkers. Some decent enjoyment though, with enough mindless fun to be entertained. Revenge of the Sith is always a guilty pleasure for me. I bloody love it. The performance of McDiarmid is great, his scenes would get this film a pass alone. The opening of rescuing Palpatine, Obi Wan vs Grevious, Mace Windu getting battered, Anakin turning into Vader. All great shit. The last 20 minutes are absolutely excellent. Not without it's problems, of course (Padme doing sweet fuck all, dedicating 10 minutes to Kashykk just to shove Chewbacca into the film, dialogue still jarring) but such an improvement over the first two. I fucking hate Mace Windu, mind. Belittling little goon. Moving on to the original trilogy next. I've always preferred Return of the Jedi to Empire. I'll see if my viewpoint has changed after an updated viewing.
  11. Week 6 fixtures UEFA Euro 2020 qualification (various groups) Wales 2-0 Azerbaijan (Friday 7:45pm) England 3-1 Bulgaria (Saturday 5pm) Switzerland 6-0 Gibraltar (5pm) Finland 1-3 Italy (7:45pm) Sweden 1-2 Norway (Sunday 7:45pm) Northern Ireland 0-3 Germany (Monday 7:45pm) Scotland 0-2 Belgium (Monday 7:45pm) CONCACAF Nations League 2019-20 League A, Group A Canada 2-1 Cuba (1am) FIFA World Cup 2022 — African qualifying first round, first leg Gambia 1-2 Angola (Friday 6pm) Botswana 1-1 Malawi (Saturday 3pm)
  12. AdamTH17

    NJPW World

    Glad everyone who was live had a great time - my viewing experience ended after I gave up with the FITE stream shortly after Naito/White. Massive cock-up by all parties involved. Cannot, cannot be allowing such shoddy production when you're trying to compete with WWE and AEW. An absolute mess.
  13. AdamTH17

    AEW All Out

    Go and watch it and then determine it yourself. I'm completely done humouring you in this thread - every post you've made has been boring as fuck.
  14. Undisputed highlight of the evening has to be the bloke representing Slavia Praha completely creasing himself upon seeing they were in a group with Barcelona, Inter and Dortmund. The kind of spirit you love witnessing.
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