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  1. AdamTH17

    UKFF Fantasy Booking Classic 2018

    Well played @Supremo - a worthy winner! Really enjoyed writing mine up, wouldn't mind seeing this idea crop up again in the near future.
  2. AdamTH17

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Arsenal 2-0 Everton (Sunday 4pm) Brighton & Hove Albion 0-1 Tottenham Hotspur (5:30pm) Cardiff City 1-3 Manchester City West Ham United 0-2 Chelsea (Sunday 1:30pm) Scottish Championship Falkirk 0-2 Dundee United Ross County 1-0 Inverness Caledonian Thistle German Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt 2-2 RB Leipzig (Sunday 5pm) Schalke 1-3 Bayern Munich (5:30pm) Eredivisie PSV 2-1 Ajax (Sunday 3:45pm) Austrian Bundesliga Wacker Innsbruck w/@The Maestro 2-2 Admira Wacker (Sunday 1:30pm)
  3. AdamTH17

    UFC Russia: Hunt vs Oleynik - Sep 15

    Didn't watch live, but saw on Twitter an absolutely abysmal bit of refereeing from Herb Dean, somebody who I normally rate quite highly in terms of being a competent referee. This, however, is utterly inexcusable. Genuinely uncomfortable viewing. He needs to face disciplinary for this.
  4. AdamTH17

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    As far as I know, they're only available through laptop. I'm sure I got WMMA3 for free a couple of years back, but maybe that was an offer because I can only see paid versions now. There is a demo, however, as well as for the two more recent versions, which will have modern updates probably from last month. They have a few members of the forums who are insanely dedicated to uploading mods which are up to date, and there's a few good Youtube tutorials which explain in really simple terms how to download them. It's a really good game, I think. The only tedious side in WMMA3 for me is that offering / negotiating contracts can be a bit of a slog, especially when you have quite a lot of them to go through, but it's not difficult - just boring. I know however in WMMA4 and 5 there is an option to turn on auto-contract renewal. I'd definitely recommend the demo, though. I'm pretty sure you can download the real world mods to play with it. I like it because you can cater your "world" to suit however you want to book it, essentially. Like in my game, I'm not trying to turn a profit or anything, I just enjoy the matchmaking and seeing how the game world progresses, so I edit the database now and again to maximise my finances and turn on fantasy booking so you won't have fighters refusing fights etc, but then again on the contrast you can start with a grassroots organization and try to build your way up and turn a profit.
  5. AdamTH17

    The deals/offers thread

    New FM + Beta for £23. Don't play it myself but sounds like a tidy deal. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/football-manager-2019-steam-including-beta-access-2325-with-code-voidu-3041339
  6. AdamTH17

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Anyone played any of the WMMA games by Adam Ryland? Great fun. I'm still on WMMA 3 at the moment, though they've released 2 newer versions since. It's essentially like a Football Manager version of MMA, with real-world updates available to download. Because it's an outdated version, the latest modern update for 3 is November 2014, but because the game runs fairly quickly, I've reached February 2016 in the space of a couple of weeks. Some notable moments so far on my save include Rumble knocking out Jones at UFC 187 to win the Light Heavyweight strap, Michael McDonald knocked off Faber, who beat Dillashaw for the Bantamweight belt, Bisping beat Romero and Weidman to become Middleweight Champion until he lost to Rockhold, Anderson retired after beating Belfort but then failed a drugs test! GSP came back and submitted Hendricks in the first round to reclaim his Welterweight title, and has since defended it against Rory Mac. Pettis is a monster at Lightweight, submitting Khabib and then flattening RDA with a spinning back kick. He's facing Alvarez next. Aldo won rematches against both Mendes and Edgar and next defends against Conor, who's coming off a first round KO of Swanson. Rousey beat Zingano with a fifth round armbar and next defends against Nunes, who's coming off a KO win against Holm, and DJ is still bossing Flyweight, racking off two submission wins against Jussier Formiga and Brad Pickett. Trying to line up a fight between him and Barao if Barao can win his Flyweight debut.
  7. AdamTH17

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    I really don't think so, considering how good he's been so far this season. He's bossed every game we've played in. The reason we've conceded so few is that of the lack of chances we've offered up to any of the teams we've played. He's kept every striker we've come up against this season quiet, and that includes some really quality ones like Kane today. He brings a calmness and solidity to our defense that we've lacked for ages, and that's been evident ever since he signed and we stopped shipping goals every game. The easiest money-winner in terms of betting last season was BTTS in our games because as good our as front three were, our defense was constantly letting us down. We've still got a very young defense in comparison to other teams around us, but you wouldn't know it if you watched them and a big chunk of that falls on the shoulders of Van Dijk. He's so commanding.
  8. AdamTH17

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Last five minutes aside, that's comfortably the best we've looked since the West Ham game, especially in the midfield. Was worried about Milner's legs when Dembele was making runs from deep but he played really well. If Salah and Mane managed to remember they had 9 other players on the pitch, we'd have won that by 3/4. Salah trying to beat his man and cut in on his left is understandable because that's where so many of his goals came from last season, but Mane trying to belt one in front 30 yards when he's got so many options to his left is frustrating as fuck. Firmino showed how important he is when Sturridge came on and provided nothing. Odd change from Klopp that, bringing a midfielder off for a striker with ten minutes left defending a lead. VVD blinding again. He's far and away the best defender in the league for me. He's absolutely solid as anything, and you can see the effect it has on our other defenders having someone as commanding as him in the middle of everything. Didn't give Kane a sniff.
  9. AdamTH17

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    Are you talking about Alska? Lovely drink.
  10. AdamTH17

    Epic Fails

    Embarrassing. Never ended. The crowd died on its arse. Imagine what Karl Anderson must've been thinking? A couple of years back he's headlining NJPW shows against Tanahashi, and you fast forward and he's saddled with this. As MVP alludes to, the exact type of segment you can imagine Vince completely pissing himself at, banging his fists against his desk in gorilla. The whole "Camp WWE" show was a perfect insight into his warped, magical mind. It was just 95% jokes about poo, wee and farts.
  11. AdamTH17

    UKFF Fantasy Booking Classic 2018

    Shawn Michaels Comeback Story: The BAR stands in the ring lambasting their lack of success within recent months. They square the blame solely on the shoulders of COO Triple H. His blind eye to the tag team division has caused them to slip into irrelevance, and now they’re thrusting themselves back into center stage by refusing to leave until they receive competition whom they deem to be acceptable. When an attempt is made by security to remove them from the ring, the BAR lashes out, forcing a cavalcade of WWE superstars to hit the ring. Amongst them is Shawn Michaels, who had been brought in to promote an upcoming DVD. Shawn has knocked to the mat accidentally and when he rises to his feet is met by a Brogue Kick by Sheamus. The next week, Triple H demands the BAR face him at the upcoming PPV, looking for retribution following their assault on his friend, but his demands are laughed off. As they leave, HBK’s music blares out! He tells everybody his reasoning for sticking around so long was because the itch never left him, and now he has a reason to step back between the ropes. At the PPV, the whole shtick is back out. Both HBK and HHH are decked out in all the DX merchandise. They both pander heavily to the crowd, and the match begins. From the off, it’s evident Shawn is suffering from ring rust. He leaves much of the work for HHH. His ascent to the top rope to deliver an elbow is longer, tuning up the band requires more effort than it used to, and the bumps he takes hurt a lot more than they did back in 1998. DX win, but it isn’t all plain sailing. The following night, the whole band is back together! DX stand in the ring, celebrating their success until they’re interrupted by… Shawn jokes and jests with Rollins about missing his cue, but Rollins doesn’t respond with anything but a glare. He stands on the ramp and asks Shawn if his is how he envisioned his legacy looking. After so many years of anticipation and speculation, they get a broken-down man wheeled out for a nostalgia pop, happy to simply coast by on the reputation of his stablemates? Shawn seems sobered by Rollins’ comments and beckons him into the ring. When he stiffly thanks him for his honest opinion, he seems to have taken his words into account. Whatever impact Seth’s words have however is rendered meaningless, when Shawn turns and superkicks Rollins in the nose, breaking it. Shawn leaves to much bravado and self-celebration. Next Monday, Rollins sits in the ring, wearing a protective face mask. He talks about how he tried to help save the career of a man he had so often looked up to, and how will carry a reminder of his attempt of assistance on his face for the rest of his career. The challenge is thrown down for the next PPV, and Michaels is quick to accept the offer, remaining as arrogant and cocky around Seth as he did last week, filled with self-belief after what he considers a successful return to the ring. The day of the PPV comes around. Rollins is stoic and determined as he walks to the ring, Michaels is the total contrast, taking his time to soak in the adulation of the crowd and milking the reaction for all its worth. As the bell rings, Rollins is on HBK like a shot. Remembering the ring rust, Seth batters Shawn with a barrage of quick, aggressive moves that HBK can’t keep up with. The pace overwhelms him, and within 5 minutes Rollins nails a curb stomp to win the match. Rollins leaves without a shred of fanfare, whilst Michaels remains in the ring, unable to comprehend the nature of his defeat. The next 3-4 weeks, there is no sign of Shawn Michaels. Seth Rollins on the other hand is jubilant with his victory, thrilled he was able to record such a decisive victory over a Hall of Famer. Every week, more of HBK’s mannerisms creep into Seth’s arsenal, even winning one match with a Superkick. Post-match, as Seth tunes up the band, a man steps onto the entrance ramp, unannounced, dressed in street clothes. No pomp. No extravagance. Shawn Michaels. Michaels apologies for his defeat and issues a Wrestlemania challenge. Seth initially laughs off such a proposal. Why would he? How can he beat Shawn any more impressively than he just did? Shawn has no incentive to offer him. No belt, no title opportunity and no logic. As Seth is about to exit the ring, Shawn stops him, and makes Rollins a proposition. He knows Seth is fuelled by ego, so suggests if Seth should be able to beat him again, he will stand in the ring and proclaim Seth Rollins the better man. Wordlessly, Seth nods to accept. Wrestlemania arrives, and Shawn marches onto the ramp in fantastic shape, motivated and to prove himself once more. Straight away it’s Shawn trying to blitz Rollins, but Rollins’ plan has worked perfectly. Aware that the match suits him the longer it goes, Seth is happy to take his time. He stalls, and whenever it seems though Shawn is about to build momentum, he cuts him off with cunning intent. The match becomes a battle of Shawn fighting against his body, forcing it to compete, as Rollins begins to take control and launches into his finishing sequence. HBK however has one more weapon and smashes the newly-recovered nose of Rollins with a superkick. With Rollins in the middle of the ring, he then looks out to the crowd and decides to climb to the top rope. With his weariness overcoming him, he slips, and staggers, before Rollins nails him with a Falcon Arrow, followed by a curbstomp. Michaels loses. Post-match, Rollins helps Shawn up. Michaels raises the arm of Rollins before Rollins buckles Shawn and smashes him with another curbstomp, creating the newest villain Hopefully that reads alright, first time submitting anything like this, so hoping that the ideas get across well enough! Looking forward to reading what everyone else enters with.
  12. Pretty much. They knew coming over from MMA would mean he'd be a natural fit in terms of athleticism and conditioning, and they knew he had an abundance of talent but they wanted to send him elsewhere to get really good and get some buzz behind him before they signed him, hence why they shipped him off to EVOLVE where he became one of their top guys within six months.
  13. AdamTH17

    Golden Boy MMA - Chuck vs. Tito III

    Reminds me of the old TNA poster where they photoshopped Aldis' head onto some completely random body. TNA x Golden Boy needs to be a thing that happens.
  14. AdamTH17

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Naitch got married again and for reasons I can't quite begin to fathom nor explain, Dolph Ziggler walked his wife down the aisle. http://www.tmz.com/2018/09/12/ric-flair-married-wedding-wwe-wendy-barlow/