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  1. 4 Fights that define your wrestling fandom

    Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio - I Quit Match - Smackdown 2007 The first wrestling match that I ever sat down and watched fully. I was flicking through the channels as an 8 year old and was instantly drawn to the incredible high flying ability of Mysterio, zooming around the ring like a masked superhero delivering all kinds of offence in ways I could barely comprehend, as well as taken aback by the complete dick attitude of Chavo and how vicious he was in his assault of Rey. Hearing the commentary talking about the relationship both men had with Eddie made it all seem hyper-realistic to me back then. I remember being certain that Rey would win, because with his speed and agility, how could he not? Then seeing Chavo wrap his leg around one of the set props and smacking the shit out of it with a chair until Mysterio had to give up was completely shocking to me. Rey's babyface performance in this match, and the big sell job around his leg injury made him one of my all-time favorites, and Summerslam 2007 was the first PPV I ever watched, mainly to see him get his revenge. Daniel Bryan vs Triple H - Wrestlemania 30 After losing my interest in wrestling during high school (keeping up with WWE results and not much else) my interest perked up again when I read that Summerslam 2013 would be headlined by John Cena against Daniel Bryan. From what I'd read, Bryan was only an upper-midcard gimmick at best, so the idea to have him main event the 2nd biggest show of the year seemed like a bold move to me. From there, I took it upon myself to try and find as much Bryan stuff I could, from his early tenure within WWE, to whatever I could get my hands on from his career on the indies. Seeing how invested the crowd was in Bryan, it was impossible not to get swept up in the momentum behind him, and after him and Cena delivered a MOTY candidate at Summerslam, I was a huge fan from there on out. I'm struggling to remember a time where I've been more invested in the storyline and character of a wrestler than I have with Bryan from Summerslam 2013 until Wrestlemania 30. It was the first time as a fan I'd get home from school on a Tuesday, download a shitty torrent of RAW and watch it fully just so I wouldn't miss anything that Bryan did. There was some tripe in this time period, such as Big Show vs Orton and the rushed Wyatt storyline, but moments such as Bryan turning on the Wyatt's in the cage, and Bryan flooding the ring with fans remain some of my favorite RAW moments of all time. I'll never forget the chills I got when Triple H agreed to face Bryan, and Bryan replied with "...that's not ALL that I want" - in that one moment you knew that the company was finally going to pull the trigger on him. Wrestlemania 30 is one of the few shows I could watch over and over again, and this match is the pick of the bunch. An incredible Wrestlemania opener, with Bryan playing the heroic babyface and Triple H doing everything in his power to stop Bryan from completely taking over, even busting out a tiger suplex at one point of the match. Though the result may have been obvious in hindsight, I completely bought into every near fall, and found myself going wild when Bryan finally put Triple H down for the three count. Travis Banks vs Tyler Bate - Super Strong Style 16 Day 3 2017 The conclusion to the best live weekend I've experienced within wrestling. The story was really simple, the resilient, adored by fans Travis Banks against arrogant WWE-endorsed Tyler Bate, flanked by his fellow British Strong Style goons in what felt like one of the biggest matches in PROGRESS history. What followed was an unbelievable atmosphere, with everyone on their feet before the two men had even locked up. What followed was a fantastic match, complete with the fantastic Camden debut of CCK to solve the BSS problem, and when Travis finally got Bate to tap out the place exploded. This holds a great deal of sentimental value with me, SSS:16 was some of my happiest times as a wrestling fan, being there live to experience every moment was something I'm so happy I was able to do. Not the greatest match I've ever seen but combined with my overall happiness with wrestling in general means that this match holds a lot of meaning for me. Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega - Dominion 2017 Without a shadow of a doubt the greatest wrestling match I've ever seen. I wasn't able to watch this live, so avoided spoilers all day and shut myself away to specifically go and watch this one match. Utter magic. If I ever see a professional wrestling contest even come close to eclipsing this masterpiece I'll be stunned. They took their first match, which was incredible in its own right and managed to completely blow it out of the water. Everything worked to perfection. The selling, the timing, the pacing, the moves, the storytelling building from their first encounter, the finish. There wasn't anything about this match that was less than incredible.
  2. Official ROH Discussion Thread

    Back row you've got: Shane Taylor, Punishment Martinez, Hangman Page, Bully Ray, The Kingdom (led by Matt Taven) At the front: Jay Lethal, Young Bucks, Cody and Kenny King. Such an underwhelming first announcement, fucking hell.
  3. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Liverpool, Roma, Bayern, Madrid. Lovely last four there. Things being shaken up a bit for the first time in what feels like an eternity. I really shouldn't be anywhere near as optimistic as I am, especially with the quality of the other teams but we've just twonked one of the best Premier League sides in recent memory. comprehensively over two legs. I really feel like we can go and have a proper crack no matter who we come up against. It's impossible not to feel just a little bit optimistic when we've got such a charismatic, talent-driven team.
  4. UFC Fight Night: Usman vs Ponzinibbio - May 19

    Great card on paper this. I think Usman is an absolute boss. Really underrated, even if his style of fighting isn't flashy and I'm expecting him to cut through Ponzi with relative ease. Nothing against Santiago, but Usman is up there with one of the guys I really rate in the company. Going to plump for an incredibly wishful Shogun win. I called Volkan going on a losing streak after losing to Cormier before that fight in the predictions thread, and I think I'll stick to that, even if it does seem a little ambitious given the circumstances.
  5. The Grapple Arcade

    Repeating what others have said but this looks like a massive amount of fun. If I didn't have work the next day I'd definitely be considering making a visit. Best of luck!
  6. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Elated beyond words. Was having palpitations when Jesus put them ahead, and then the entire first half I was on tenterhooks. What a performance. I absolutely love this team, and the squad of players we've put together. There isn't a single player that wasn't giving 110% over those two legs. Running out of superlatives for Salah. He's far beyond being the best player in the league and if he's not at least in contention for WPOTY something has gone terribly amiss.
  7. Wrestlemania 34

    Absolutely fucking bananas this company. Vince deciding that they need to travel all the way to the Middle East to get his favourite wrestler a one-time pop is hilarious. Unless they plan on packing up and relocating to Saudi Arabia, what do they genuinely expect to happen? This isn't even taking into account why Reigns is getting another shot at the belt the day after losing as cleanly a whistle without making it perfectly obvious they just want to coronate him in front of a moderately receptive audience.
  8. Wrestlemania 34

    Weird, bizarre and at times surreal show. I cannot be arsed with these 7-hour marathon shows though. After this weekend I'm feeling so ridiculously burnt out and this show was probably the final straw. There's no excuse, ever for needing 7 fucking hours to produce and televise your wrestling show no matter the circumstance. Trim some fat! I also thought the show fell off a fucking cliff towards the end. Rousey's match being the far and away stand out, with Bryan's comeback somewhat re-engaging the crowd, but after that there was no way back for the rest of the card. Poor pacing, and booking of the match order all round. Pre-show happened. I had Wyatt pegged down as being Braun's partner so was somewhat of a surprise to see him rock up. Bit weird how they had him taking bumps from Mojo moments after making his big comeback, but whatever. Hopefully, this leads to a Jeff singles run for a while whenever he's ready to come back. Alexander/Ali was about as good as it could have been given the circumstances, Naomi winning was alright. Rest of the match was just dull. IC title was a great opener. Lots of fast-paced moves, done in a short period of time which was all that it needed to be. I thought prior to this match the guy who wasn't pinned would move into a feud for the Universal title, but the main event sort of fucked that idea off. Served its purpose really well and made all three guys look good in the process - perfect opener. Asuka/Charlotte was another really good match. They managed to put a really sound opening together with the limb work, before culminating with some great high spots like the Spanish Fly. I've got no issue with Asuka's streak being finished, Wrestlemania is as good a place as any to do it and it hopefully propels Charlotte into a genuine main-event feud with Ronda. It's a testament to how far women's wrestling has come within WWE especially when two women seem headlining Wrestlemania seems perfectly viable. Didn't care about the U.S title match. Having someone as over as Rusev and having him rub shoulders with three of the most boring fuckers on your roster seems counter-productive, but it is what it is. What happened to the other Singh brother? My expectations for Rousey/Angle vs Steph/Haitch were completely exceeded. I thought it was booked perfectly considering the glaring limitations of 3/4 people involved within it. Rousey looked like a star compared to her shoddy appearances in the build up, her chatting shit to Steph and Trips throughout was great and I could absolutely buy her as the top heel in the female division if she carries on like that. I hope Kurt doesn't get the itch to wrestle again, this was a great moment for him to bow out on. Easily the most entertaining match on the show. Smackdown tag match was just there and served as an obvious cooling down match. Undertaker vs Cena just didn't do anything for me. It didn't make me feel anything. Didn't make me react. Wasn't anywhere near the epic spectacle WWE so badly wanted it to be. I said last year Undertaker could never rock up again and it wouldn't be a hindrance, and I still maintain that wholly. Bryan's return was my favourite moment of the show. I can see why they structured the match to prolong the hot tag to give Bryan the big reaction, but Shane bumping and selling for any extended period of time is always a mistake and it wasn't any different here. Any time Shane was in the ring, it sucked, but as soon as Bryan got in I was completely invested and enthusiastic about what was going on. Sami and Kevin served as a perfect foil and made themselves disctinctly unlikeable with their great heel work. Bryan is the most natural babyface they've ever had and they should have him rocket up the card after this. I can't remember anything about Nia and Alexa. This is where my interest in the show really began to dwindle. AJ/Nakamura was underwhelming. I think I'm just about ready to give up on Nakamura's main roster run. Underwhelming performance after underwhelming performance. It's past the point now where we can still attribute it to his shit booking, or the people he's in the ring with. He's been here for a year and has been almost completely forgettable the entire time. As for the match, yeah, disappointing. I think you can put a sizable chunk of the blame onto the fact the build fucking sucked. If you're going to use the "dream match" moniker then don't be surprised when your audience aren't receptive to a completely, bog-standard match. Everything was technically sound but there was nothing at all special about it apart from a minute of some nice counters toward the end. The Nakamura turn was well executed but surely you'd have it progress throughout the match to incorporate some actual storytelling, and to create even a hint of a face/heel dynamic. Wouldn't have minded the Braun stuff if it was earlier in the show, but sadly I had no patience for this after the slog of the rest of the night. Cool, whatever I suppose. Roman/Brock was just a mess. Total trainwreck stuff. It got to the point where I was taken totally out of the match after Roman kicked out of the 3rd/4th F5 because obviously, he's not going to lose now. There was no reason to think anything that Lesnar did was going to be able to beat Reigns, so my interest and investment died on the spot. And then he fucking lost anyway. My instant thought was that they called an audible after Roman started pissing blood and I still stick to that. Everything from the rushed finish, to Brock just walking off without any pomp makes me think they've changed that finish on the fly.
  9. MoreThanMania 2018 Guide

    I'd recommend giving Bloodsport a miss. All but two matches (WALTER/Lawlor and Riddle/Suzuki) were really repetitive and followed the same dull match structure of really loose, fake looking grappling. Severn vs Dickinson and MASADA vs Martin Stone stood out as being particularly crap, with shitty finishes being a noticeable feature of both. I know there might be an audience for this sort of stuff but there's no appeal for me in watching professional wrestlers pretend to do MMA when there's such a wealth of real MMA companies out there. I've got both EVOLVE shows and Joey Janela's Spring Break to watch later today before Supercard of Honour. Will hopefully check out some of the highly praised Wrestlecon matches as well time permitting.
  10. UFC 223 is McFucked

    Couldn't be in more agreement. I don't think he should be allowed to compete again but fucking hell I'd relent if it meant we got to see Khabib mauling him for 25 minutes. That's the only thing that could make me want to see him step into a cage again. I want to see Khabib twist his neck off. I did have to laugh at the transition in the embedded video from the sign about "spreading love" instantly moving to a shot of McGregor trying to hammerfist down a window. That as well as Artem completely realising he's well and truly in the shit when Conor throws the dollie at the bus.
  11. UFC 223 is McFucked

    Utterly disgusting. The deplorable cunt needs locking up for a while. This video does a good job in demonstrating the severity of the whole situation. He genuinely shouldn't ever be allowed to fight again.
  12. UFC 223 is McFucked

    They won't cancel the entire event will they? Worst case scenario they just turn it into a Fight Night card with Joanna/Rose II headlining you'd think.
  13. UFC 223 is McFucked

    Someone give Joe Soto a ring, see if he's got any plans for this evening!
  14. UFC 223 is McFucked

    Hence why I said in my original post that this will hopefully be a wake-up call for Dana to never allow someone to walk all over his company in the manner that Conor has done.