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  1. AdamTH17

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    That's the point though, it's absolutely panic booking 101. Instead of logically, slowly building Finn up through the ranks, they've hotshotted him into the main event scene based on one big victory against one of the only guys they still perceive to mean something in terms of wins and losses counting. Hence why I mentioned previously how much better this match would be looking if Balor hadn't spent the entirety of 2018 saddled down with shit.
  2. AdamTH17

    Did you have a go at the wrestling, then?

    I dabbled in wrestling training pretty extensively when I was about 15, ended up doing it for about a year or so. Started with Futureshock Wrestling through one of their taster sessions catered entirely to people who had never done any wrestling before and didn't injure myself or anyone else, so figured I'd keep on going with it. I knew of them because they were, and still continue to run shows about five minutes from my house, and though I'd never attended one of their shows, they seemed to be churning out some good products, most notably as of late Jack Gallagher and Zack Gibson, so what did I have to lose? They had my £15, so off I went. Already I was conscious of the fact that we had to walk up into a mill, through a gym full of roidhead maniacs who looked capable of pressing me five times over, so it was a fairly intimidating time for me to be tumbling through wearing my Kevin Owens t-shirt and shitty Lonsdale boxing boots. This was in my indywank stage of my fandom, so my entire perception of myself throughout my first few months was that I was the next big thing because I had a good flip bump, and could do a box-jump from the floor to the apron. My first trainer was Dave Rayne, which was alright. A solid trainer but as I started, he was phasing himself out of wrestling, so the majority of my training was done under Xander Cooper, which was great. He was an excellent trainer who genuinely cared about the standard of trainees that he was producing, as well as making sure we knew what we were doing as opposed to rushing us onto shows to fill out the numbers. He seems to have disappeared from Futureshock as of late which is a shame. As with many young trainees who presumed they knew everything about the business after watching a few PWG highlight compilations on Youtube, I too was susceptible to many a fuck up. This includes, but isn't limited to... -Being in the ring practising stalling suplexes with a mixture of trainees and those who had already wrestled a few times on the shows who came down to the fundamental sessions to brush up their knowledge / help the new guys / boost their ego. Amongst these was the Women's Champion at the time, who was always sound with me. It comes to my turn, and she posts off fine, and the lift up goes fine. She's in the air for a few seconds when I get the fucking brainwave to end my suplex with a jumping bump as opposed to me just slowly lowering myself down, because I saw Prince Devitt do it in Japan, innit? So I do the move and instantly hear gasps and "oh fuck!" and I turn around beaming, expecting Vince himself to walk through the door, and yet nobody looks happy and the woman taking the move is still down and the trainer taking the class is instantly next to her. Only when I watched it back on video did I see that instead of her taking the back bump, I'd literally spiked her head on the mat, essentially delivering a shoot brainbuster to the woman main-eventing the next show. Rightfully took a bollocking for that one. -Being almost knocked out in the first training match I ever had in one of the Advanced classes. It should've been dead simple. The guy who I was facing was making his comeback and included a jumping knee, similar to the one HHH does. All he tells me when I ask how to take it is "don't worry, just keep yourself open" - fair enough advice. The spot comes and he's good to his word, coming in without much speed and at a height where he's no danger to me, except I'm a fucking moron who sees a bigger guy flying toward me and instantly tuck my chin and form a standing brace position, obviously leading to him kneeing me right in the jaw and me dropping to the floor like a bag of shite. -It was the weekend of Wrestlemania 30, and on the Saturday night a handful of the younger crowd all congregated at the house of a mate who also trained, because we were dedicated to the art and he lived closest to the training school, damnit. Training was on the Sunday morning, so after pulling an all nighter we dragged ourselves outside and proceeded to perform in the two worst singles matches ever exhibited to this planet. The highlight of which being the match being thrown out after I couldn't stop laughing following my opponent whispering "I've forgot the next spot, take a reverse rana", me thinking "sack that" and ducking down, leading to him flying over my head and landing arse first. -Having to "retire" after injuring myself throwing a fucking lockup. A year or so into training and locking up caused an injury which I never really made the effort to get back into it from. It really is the simple things that can fuck you over. I managed to trap a nerve in my elbow which required physio and ultrasound, and I never really had the drive to go back. That, and I don't drive and it seemed unfair to expect my 75 year old Grandad ferry me up to Oldham three times a week so I could practice fake fighting. They were genuinely great times. I was lucky enough to work with a few guys currently tearing it up on the UK scene, and got to attend seminars held by the likes of Nigel McGuinness (shit), Jay Lethal (good, but not worth the money) and Spud (incredibly intelligent man). Some of my favourite memories of those times involved me wrestling, whether it came from me sat in the car on the way home buzzing about getting a move right, fantasy booking the entire company for a year with mates, pulling all-nighters watching Cage of Death matches on Youtube with guys I'd met through training. I regret not giving it another crack, but it is what it is. I'd love to get back into it. Probably still got time, but it's a ballache to get to/afford and there's nowhere really viable to train near Uni. Something I'd absolutely recommend if you even have the slightest desire to give it a whirl.
  3. AdamTH17

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I’m happy for Finn that he’s finally getting another crack in the main event, but imagine how much hotter this whole thing would feel if a) they had more than two weeks build for the match and b) if he hadn’t spent the last 8 years trying to drag Corbin to something resembling watchable! Proper WWE rehab attempt of having this midcarder for 80% of 2018 be sabotaged into a legitimate main event star against a Brock of all people by having him win all of two matches on RAW. Match should be good, but doesn’t feel anywhere near the big deal it should.
  4. AdamTH17

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Probably the right timing for him, he got to demonstrate how good he is by getting them into the top flight, and more importantly keeping them up, but he probably wasn't going to take them any further this year without serious investment because their squad is the pits. Now at least he gets the chance to walk away with his reputation still excellent for whenever he decides he wants to return to management.
  5. AdamTH17

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Yeah, they can look brutal at times. Same with these kendo shots you see guys being flogged with as well, must be an absolute bitch to take.
  6. AdamTH17

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Mixed bag I thought, now that I've watched the whole thing through. Tag team opener was great, of course. Bate and Gibson are absolute stars within this division and Seven/Drake both played their roles well too. Somewhat feels though the tag straps are a stepping stone for Gibson before he has another deserved crack at the belt. Perfect opener which built to its crescendo brilliantly. Having MM chase the heels for a few months (presumably) is the right move to take as well. Balor was a nice surprise, but Banks/Devlin was by far my most anticipated match, so I wasn't thrilled with the replacement. Obviously, any time you put someone with his pedigree in a small environment, in a country where his stock is far higher, he's going to come across as a star. I was surprised also at them giving Devlin a clean defeat on his Takeover debut, seeing as a rematch with Dunne seemed like a logical choice, but obviously he wasn't getting a win over Balor. I get that they wanted to give Devlin a moment through mere association just for the sake of...well, having a moment, but the complete lack of stakes and drama regarding the finish resulted in this being just fine. Cool moment for the live crowd, but nobody really benefited from this. Thought Mastiff and Dennis was just okay. It was every single no-disqualification match I've seen on WWE before and neither man is really interesting enough within the WWE environment to make this worth caring about. Ripley and Storm was a good match. Could easily see either of these women on the main roster, so Ripley losing the belt in her big first title defence wasn't as surprising to me as it seemingly was for others. She plays the bully so well despite her relative youth and inexperience, she could have an incredibly bright future. I'm not too high on Storm at the best of times but she put in a good performance here. The last Storm Zero she hit was a thing of beauty. Then the main event. Fucking hell. Talk about misreading your audience? It wasn't a bad match by any stretch of the imagination, but a clear example of them choosing to go long purely for the sake of going long. Really dull match, not helped at all by them killing the crowd off, and trying to compensate by going for finishers for ten minutes to try and elicit a reaction. That said, the WALTER debut was really well done and that's a genuine marquee match where Dunne's reign is under proper threat.
  7. AdamTH17

    Top Twitter

  8. AdamTH17

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    What a worker! A pipebomb that Punk would be proud of.
  9. AdamTH17

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Isn’t Ziggler on daft money with the WWE? That, added with the fact he gets to do his comedy stuff alongside his wrestling makes me incredibly doubtful that he jumps ship.
  10. AdamTH17

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    I’ve never made that type of claim and I can’t think of any fans I know who share that thought so I presume you’re looking in the wrong spot. Our squad is good, but for any team chasing a title, only having one available centre back in an important game is always going to be a limitation, hence why winning today was important compared to our home win against them for example.
  11. AdamTH17

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Fully on board with our “shithouse our way to the title” aspirations. Huge result given our last two games, and given the fact our defensive options are thinner than Victoria Beckham.
  12. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Doesn’t seem that way given it’s being solely branded as a NJPW show. And it’s hardly as though that was the case last time. We’ll probably get a Japan heavy card, with some RevPro regulars filling out the opening tag matches similarly to the first couple of USA shows.
  13. AdamTH17

    Remembering 2002

    Great post - would love to read more of this style! I watched Summerslam 2002 a few months back and was amazed by how well pretty much everything on the card still holds up today. Angle and Mysterio is still one of my favourite opening matches of all time. In regards to @Loki's post, the only roster I could think of from the top of my head would be 1998 WCW, when you had the insane mixture of huge names alongside the incredible work-rate wrestlers in the undercard.
  14. AdamTH17

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    The most over ROH star in Japan of course - Cheeseburger!
  15. AdamTH17

    Football Predictions League 2018-19

    Week 23 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1 - 3 Liverpool Burnley 2 - 1 Fulham Crystal Palace 1 - 1 Watford Leicester City 3 - 1 Southampton Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 1 Manchester United (Sunday 4:30pm) West Ham United 0 - 3 Arsenal (12:30pm) Italian Cup Round 5 Bologna 1 - 3 Juventus (7:45pm) Sampdoria 0 - 1 Milan w/@MVP RULZ (5pm) Torino 1 - 0 Fiorentina (Sunday 2pm) A Primeira Liga Sporting Lisbon 2 - 2 Porto (3:30pm)