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  1. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Anyone got experience of living with their in-laws? The wife and I have been trying to save for a house deposit for a while now and have been getting nowhere so are moving in with her parents next weekend so that we can do some proper saving to get a deposit together. Now I get on with her parents but am already thinking that her mum is going to be quite annoying and overbearing (she's already started asking how much we plan to save each month and telling us how much she thinks we could/should save). So anyone else lived with their in laws before? If so, how was it? Did they give you your own time and space? Etc.
  2. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Really enjoyed the show overall. The Jr 4-way and Omega/Jericho were my two favourite matches. Found Naito/Okada difficult to get into at first bit enjoyed it in the end.
  3. The 2018 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery (And Thunderball!)

    Thankfully I've not even been divorced once! Merely the victim of a neil name change thread a few years back.
  4. The 2018 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery (And Thunderball!)

    3, 9, 13, 17, 26 The wife picked the numbers for me so if I do shit it's her fault!
  5. Shit we probably won't do next year (the resolution thread)

    Last year I set myself a goal to read more and ended up reading 53 books throughout the year which I'm quite pleased with. It's a goal I want to keep up with this year. Setting myself two additional goals this year; one is to make time to watch more wrestling and the other is to get fitter. I'm fast approaching 30 and am getting fatter and more unfit by the day so want to get in better shape throughout the year.
  6. It's mine and the wife's first year celebrating Christmas as a married couple so we're just spending it the two of us then seeing her parents on Boxing day and mine on the 27th. Watching Jingle All the Way and It's a Wonderful Life tonight. We'll wake up tomorrow and take the dog out then have some bacon rolls and crack open a bottle of Bollinger that we got as a wedding gift. Have Christmas dinner about 3 (cooked the turkey already so all organised for that) then watch some Christmas films and drink for the rest of the day. Have absolutely no idea what she's got me at all (I've asked for various toys and comics but probably won't get these). I've got her a few different things but we only spend about a hundred pounds on each other. Also got stockings to open in the morning. Our tradition for stockings (now in its fourth year) is to go to the pound shop with a tenner and buy the other person ten random things.
  7. The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    From what I remember it was punch & kick and there was metre that filled up and when it was full you could hit the leg drop.
  8. The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    I had this Hogan figure/game as a youngster
  9. How was your 2017?

    Pretty good overall. Got married in May this year and had a fantastic time at the wedding, went on honeymoon in the summer and spent two weeks chilling on the beach and drinking. Started a job in a new school in August which has resulted in some great new friendships but also an increase in anxiety medication due to aspects of the job. Adopted a border collie pup in August too which has taken up a lot of my time since but I love the wee bastard! Overall a good year really!