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  1. Divorced Dad


    Anyone else the union rep at their workplace? I've recently taken over the role from someone who didn't want to do it anymore.
  2. I'm part of a few teachers groups on Facebook and someone this on one today: Load of shite.
  3. That looks absolutely incredible @Lion_of_the_Midlands. The colour of the mushy peas is outstanding.
  4. This was tonight's chippy tea. Large fish supper with mushy peas and a couple of pickled onions. Picture doesn't even do the size of it justice, it was huge.
  5. I've got a Labrador x German Shepherd myself. She's a 4 year old rescue who's just a big playful affectionate lump.
  6. Anytime I'm driving the speed limit and someone comes right up my arse I'll always slow down by a few miles to annoy them even more.
  7. Cheers for that. There was only 9 different books there when I ordered so had to order something twice to qualify for the deal but all that for £19.99 is great!
  8. I'm a primary school teacher and had a third of my class off today due to having symptoms (that are more than likely part of a cold and not covid). I've been wearing my mask for most of the school day as my wife is pregnant at the moment and I don't want to take any unnecessary risks.
  9. That looks absolutely mental. I'm gonna stick it on tonight while having a few beers.
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