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  1. I've also started watching the shows from UFC 1 onwards, up to UFC 10 so far and enjoying these early shows a lot more than I thought I would. Just watched the Severn/Shamrock fight from UFC 9 which was an absolute chore to get through. Don Frye looks like an absolute superstar on the shows I've seen so far too.
  2. Anyone else been watching Riverdale? It's probably my favourite new show from the last few years.
  3. This has probably already been asked but is it possible to install and use the app on multiple devices? I usually watch on my tablet but the HDMI port doesn't work anymore so I want to use my fiancées table to to connect it to the TV and watch Wrestlemania. Just wondered if I could download the app on her tablet and log in with my account? Thanks.
  4. The age range is roughly 22 - early 50's. From what I could gather today, it wasn't that someone had gone to the boss to complain about it but rather that the boss had heard the actual swearing and wasn't happy about it.
  5. Work related question here; have any of you ever been disciplined at work for swearing? Everyone at my work place gets on well with each other and lunchtimes are generally quite jovial affairs with everyone having a laugh and taking the piss out of each other. The boss overheard me swearing at a colleague the other day (in a completely jokey manner) and i was called into their office today and given a talking to about use of appropriate language in the staffroom. Anyone ever experience something similar?
  6. Where can I get the discounted tickets from? The official ticket site still has them listed as £15
  7. 2, 10, 17, 24, 29
  8. Completely off topic here but are you an East Kilbride man Hugh?
  9. Tiger the Dark is ACH and Tiger Mask W is Kota Ibushi.
  10. Anyone else put a bet on for this card? I've just put a fiver on Lineker, Garbrandt and Nunes to finish their fights at any point. Returns just over £200.
  11. Thanks for the advice lads*. I think I'm just gonna keep quiet over it all, literally meant nothing and was just a drunken peck. Spoke to my colleague about it and we've agreed to ignore it and carry on as if nothing happened. *except FelatioLips, you can fuck off.
  12. We're good friends anyway so were dancing together quite a bit. Had a hug at the end of a dance which led to the kiss. Was literally just a peck on the lips, nothing more.
  13. Bit of a dilemma here lads. I'm getting married in May of next year and have been having some doubts recently. Most of the doubts are caused by my existing anxiety issues so it's stuff I can ignore or rationalise anyway. Went out for a Christmas night out on Saturday and some colleagues said some things that in my drunken state fueled my anxiety. Because of this I ended up kissing a colleague. I feel dead guilty about it and feel like I should tell my fiancé. Part of me doesn't want to tell her as I know her views on cheating and she'll probably chuck me for it. What should i do?
  14. Think I'm gonna have to bow out of this lads so if someone fancies taking over 2015 you're more than welcome to take it!