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  1. I could be wrong but I think it's body hair coupled with fake tan.
  2. A nonce and an insult about my mother. Clearly I've met my intellectual superior.
  3. Someone wanting attention doesn't make it OK to abuse them you fucking nonce.
  4. I'd be interested in listening to that if you've got a link.
  5. They're such good guys too. I've known Joe since I was 5, used to go to his house to play Tekken. Met James and Mikey at secondary school and growing up saw all 3 play in some god awful local bands playing Green Day and Blink 182 covers at local pubs, leisure centres and talent nights. Really pleased for them and the success that they've enjoyed over the past decade. It'll be interesting what they all go on to do next.
  6. It was about Mallory Knox. I went to school with James, Joe and Mikey.
  7. I'm almost certain UKFF'er @Kfogg1991has popped up on my Facebook news feed this evening.
  8. Unfortunenately not. His mum has previously turned down specialist provision as she wants him educated in mainstream and refuses to change her mind even though he's not suitable for mainstream. As a school we can recommend that he is educated elsewhere but unless mum agrees to it then our hands are tied.
  9. Apologies for the double post but I am absolutely fucking scunnered today. Feeling completely stressed out. The child I've previously written about in here is now escalating his behaviour. Today he was unhappy about something that had happened so spent two hours walking round the school with a bucket filled with soggy toilet roll throwing it indiscriminately at staff and other children. At one point I had to stand at my classroom door holding it shut so that he couldn't get back in and throw it at anyone else. Children are now telling me that they feel that their education is being ruined because of this child and that he is causing them upset or stress. I feel like we're failing the other 23 children in the class and the situation is now completely unfair on myself, them and everyone else in the school. I'm going home from work every day completely stressed out, knackered and dejected.
  10. I was in a business studies lesson during 7/7. The teacher stopped the lesson halfway through to inform everyone. I was at my cousins house during 9/11. I'd pretended to be ill that morning to get the day off school so mum dragged me round to my cousins house as she had planned to go there that day anyway.
  11. I think that's fucking awful. And I'm a huge Green Day fan.
  12. Absolutely it can be done and as a school we do have a large number of autistic children who we are getting it right for. Even within my own class there are two other autistic children who we are getting it right for.
  13. The opinion of most of the staff in the school is that he's not suitable for mainstream. However mum won't agree to educating him elsewhere so as a school there's nothing we can do.
  14. He does have a full time member of support staff with him but this doesn't really help any. He has issues that are caused by his autism and then other (completely separate) behaviour issues. His mum however blames everything on his autism. Today for example in the space of an hour he threw water on someone else, cut up someone else's name tag, told another child to 'piss off' and then told me it wasn't swearing, was loud and disruptive and walked out of the class when he didn't want to do his work. This child knows that all of those things are wrong but makes clear choices to so them anyway. Mum then blames his behaviour choices on his autism. A member of management was in today for a previously planned observed lesson and commented themselves on how disruptive this boy is for everyone else and the effect it must be having on them. The headteacher then found me after school to say that she's going to look at putting other provisions into place so I'm feeling slightly more positive about the situation now but still stressed to fuck.
  15. I'm starting to feel like my mental health is quite bad at the moment. I already take citalopram for anxiety and depression but feel like work is making me stressed and feel worse at the moment. So I'm a Primary school teacher and have got quite a difficult class this year. They're lovely but there is lots of behaviour and learning needs in the class. One child in particular displays awful behaviour all day long but because he has a diagnosis of autism his mum refuses to accept or believe it. His mum has previously made a malicious allegation of assault against me regarding her child which resulted in various meetings etc. Management in the school are not particularly helpful when it comes to this child. I feel like his behaviour is starting to have a detrimental effect on the rest of the children in the class and it's unfair on them that their education is being disrupted or ruined. I find that the job is stressful enough as it is but this is making it a whole lot worse for me. I'm coming home miserable evety day and moaning to the wife about my day and then having a few beers to de-stress. I don't really know where I was going with this. Just wanted to vent really.
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