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  1. They honestly are the best of pals. Scout (collie) gets on with all other dogs but Jem (black lab x German Shephard) can be a grumpy mare at times so it's a wonder they get on so well. This was their sleeping position earlier today.
  2. Took the dogs away with us a couple of weekends ago. They decided to chill out together on the bed.
  3. Has anyone on here ever taken out a loan to consolidate existing debts? Currently paying off a credit card, overdraft and making monthly car payments but I'm finding it unsustainable and like I'm not really making a dent in the overdraft or credit card. Thinking of taking out a loan to consolidate all of this into one payment (which would end up slightly less than what I'm currently paying now) but wondered if anyone on here had done it previously? Any recommendations? Horror stories? Advice? Anything would be much appreciated.
  4. I've just signed up for an account. Username is MarcL
  5. Watched 'The Dirt' on Netflix today with the wife. Thought it was really good, told the story of the band well and Machine Gun Kelly was great as Tommy Lee.
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