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  1. I've been in exactly the same position as you with teaching jobs before. When I first finished my post-grad I applied for loads of jobs and failed at the interview stage 15+ times before eventually getting a job. You definitely will find something so just keep looking and try to keep your head up. I know how disheartening and awful it can feel at the time but you will get something. On a side note I think the system up here in Scotland for first time teaching jobs is much better. While still at Uni you pick 5 Council areas you'd like to work in and you get placed in one of them and have a guaranteed job for your NQT year without needing to interview. If you ever need any help or advice with interviews or anything teaching related just give me a shout buddy.
  2. Who gives a fuck about a company or it's reputation when there are actual, real life victims out there? If every single wrestling company in the world has to close due to this then so be it. The actual people who have been harmed during this whether it's abuse, gaslighting or someone being a dick like Quack are the most important thing here. Also if you're going to accuse someone of their bulb not shining brightly then maybe check that you're using the right 'your' first.
  3. I used to be a big fan of Quack about 8 or 9 years ago and listened to some of the podcasts he used to put out. From my recollections he didn't speak the same way in the podcasts as he does in his apology video there.
  4. I've been enjoying running recently more than I ever have in my life, been getting a proper buzz from it. Ran my first 10k at the weekend in 56:21 which I'm chuffed with. The improvements in time and pacing over the last few weeks have been huge which I'm not sure is due to running or down to how unfit I was so any improvement seems huge. Anyway the point if this post is to ask if anyone has good shoulder stretches or exercises? It was pissing down during the last 1.5km of my 10k and I was knackered so my form dipped and my shoulders have been agony ever since.
  5. Wifey and I are thinking of getting a travel system for when baby Divorced Dad arrives as she thinks it makes more sense to get one thing that does everything instead of individual pieces. Anyone had one before and got any thoughts?
  6. Mt apologies, I hadn't realised (and should have checked that). I just remembered seeing the username on here previously.
  7. Been looking through Reddit just now and the amount of accounts of abuse or inappropriateness are harrowing and disturbing. Britwtes fan Martin Bentley (who posts on here as @themib) has been implicated for taking inappropriate photos of female wrestlers and sharing them online.
  8. I do an end of year quiz at school each year and do an entire round that is my face poorly photoshopped onto movie stills/posters from that year.
  9. I've spent the last few hours arguing with people on Facebook who have posted statuses about 'all lives matter' and I've lost the will to live.
  10. I've been running recently and managed my first sub-30 minute 5k today. Did it in 28m 49s so I'm chuffed with that. Next goal is to work on my pacing as it's a bit inconsistent and then get that time down to 25 minutes.
  11. Wife and I have started watching X-Files. Both of us were kids when it first came out and (outside of seeing a few clips when my Dad was watching it and being freaked out) have never seen it before. Only about 7 episodes in but really enjoying it so far.
  12. Seen no end of magpies recently. One of the dogs was growling at the bottom of the garden the other night so I went to investigate, turned out one of the wood pigeon babies that was in the tree had fallen out and hit a few branches on the way down. Took it to the nearest rescue centre and phoned them the next day to see how it was. Fucker died in the night. Should have just let the dogs eat it.
  13. It's Instagram and not Twitter but this video that WWE have put out for tonight's NXT In Your House is fantastic.
  14. I'm re-reading Bret's book now and it's brilliant. Full of historical knowledge and anecdotes. The fact that he recorded his thoughts and feelings on a dictaphone throughout his career really helps with the legitimacy of the book. He also has a story where every single person he's ever met tells him he's the best ever.
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