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    So I think initially the Dr would only sign me off for a two week period (spoke to them about the possibility of it a couple of years ago but ultimately spoke to my workplace instead who changed things for me to help with my mental health) and then see from there. Teacher notice period in Scotland is only 4 weeks and you can leave at any point just like in any other job. So if I were to get signed off I could still hand my notice in and I've done nothing wrong by doing it? Also with attending interviews I would be fine to do that while on sick leave? I'm not fit to attend work but can still do other things. All of the jobs I'm applying for are outside of teaching.
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    I've decided I've had enough of my job. I'm a teacher and feel like the stresses and pressure of the job is now having an adverse effect on my mental health. I wake up every morning dreading the thought of going in, hate every second that I'm there and then come home miserable so I'm actively looking for other jobs. Having talked it through with my wife she also thinks it could be beneficial to get signed off for a while by the doctor. I'm concerned though that this wouldn't look great when applying for other jobs. Would a potential employer find out about it or not think highly of it if I were applying to them while off sick from my current job? Also how would a notice period work if I were to get signed off but then hand in my notice at my current job?
  3. My work were being dodgy as fuck today. I'm a primary school teacher and regularly take lateral flow tests for my work. I've had a cold all week which I'm now sure has developed into a chest infection (I get a couple of chest infections every Autumn/Winter so generally know when I'm getting one) so phoned the Dr's at playtime to ask for some antibiotics. Dr asked if I've had a PCR test to rule out covid and that they won't give me antibiotics until I've had one so I'll need to get tested. Spoke to management at work explaining that Dr has said I need to get a PCR, management said that although I've been told to book one I should wait until after school finishes and book it then because "once you've booked it you need to isolate and we don't have anyone to cover your class if you book it now". Booked my test and and went and had it (enjoyable as always) and work have told me to come in tomorrow even if I've not got my results back because, again, I'm sure it s a chest infection. I'm not going to go in tomorrow anyway cos I just don't feel comfortable doing it without getting my test results. I've also looked online and various places say that symptoms for the double vaccinated can be very cold like which has put a worry in my mind that there's a chance it could be covid.
  4. I just put Under Siege on on ITV4 and about a minute later Erika Eleniak jumps out of the cake with her tits out! Perfect timing!
  5. My wee girl is now 9 months old and has just got her first cold. To say she's not coping well with it would be an understatement. She slept in our bed on Thursday night cos she wouldn't settle in her own, constant runny nose, coughing and sneezing, she's off her food too and will just randomly start crying. Complete opposite of how she usually is. Does it get any easier when they're ill?
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