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  1. Thanks for the replies! I didn't think I would need to but had googled it and didn't get a conclusive answer so thought I'd ask on here too.
  2. Potentially a stupid question but I'm wanting to make a goats cheese salad and I'm unsure if I need to cook the goats cheese first or if I can just use it straight out of the supermarket?
  3. Rugby is a sport I've never really been a fan of but I've loved watching the 7's at the Olympics. If one wanted to become a regular watcher or follower of Rugby 7's where would I be able to watch it/what is best to watch?
  4. Cheers for the recommendation Coconut! Borrowed an angle grinder from a friend and cut through the tyre in about 10 minutes.
  5. I'd not thought of an angle grinder but will look into one now. I made it through some of the metal weave with a hacksaw but it took fucking ages.
  6. Random question but has anyone on here ever attempted to saw through a tyre before? I'm wanting to saw some in half across the middle and then attach some wood to them to make them into balance boards/seats for the school I work at. I've had a go at it with a hacksaw and an hours hard sawing has given me a cut maybe two inches long. Would a jigsaw or circular saw be a better option?
  7. I'm absolutely gutted at the result of the game and disgusted by the way portions of the fanbase acted before, during and after the game. Hopefully they'll all be tracked down and banned from attending football matches for life. I've loved watching the team during this tournament, the sense of togetherness they brought to the country cannot be replaced. Its the most I've enjoyed watching England in years and they genuinely made me believe they could go all the way. I'd driven down from Scotland to Cambridgeshire yesterday so that I could watch the game with my family and the feeling of getting to watch my country in a final with my dad and daughter will never be replaced.
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