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    I so wish this was a thing...
  2. I'm currently visible on the WWE Network homepage. To the left of Rhea Ripley is a devastatingly handsome bald chap with a big ginger beard. Thats me!
  3. Week 37A fixtures – Good Friday and Holy Saturday Premier League Manchester City 2 v 0 Tottenham Hotspur (Saturday 12:30pm) West Ham United 1 v 1 Leicester City (Saturday) Championship Birmingham City 0 v 2 Derby County Bolton Wanderers 0 v 3 Aston Villa League Two Mansfield Town 3 v 0 Morecambe Newport County 1 v 1 Bury National League Dover Athletic 2 v 0 Aldershot Town Gateshead 1 v 1 Chesterfield Scottish Premiership Heart of Midlothian 2 v 0 Rangers (Saturday noon) Kilmarnock 0 v 2 Aberdeen (Saturday) Week 37B fixtures – Easter Day and Easter Monday Premier League Cardiff City 0 v 2 Liverpool (Sun 1600) Championship Ipswich Town 0 v 1 Swansea City Reading 1 v 1 West Bromwich Albion League One Peterborough United 2 v 0 Sunderland Wycombe Wanderers 1 v 1 Walsall League Two Forest Green Rovers 2 v 0 Cambridge United Yeovil Town 0 v 1 Colchester United National League Braintree Town 0 v 2 Dagenham & Redbridge Halifax Town 0 v 3 Wrexham Second Bundesliga Dynamo Dresden w/Fog Dude 0 v 2 FC Cologne (Sunday 12:30pm)
  4. This year's Mania was my first, I booked it all myself as I couldn't be there for the number of days to attend every show for the travel package. I booked the hotel and flight as soon as I could on Expedia. Probably the most expensive way of doing it, but I didn't want to risk not getting a decent hotel. I got my Mania ticket in the pre-sale using one of the hundreds of codes they announce, got lucky getting a VIP Axxess ticket to meet Daniel Bryan in the general sale after the pre-sale ones sold out in about a minute. I also went to the Hall of Fame as a last minute decision, got a decent ticket on StubHub for about half the price. If you're going to be there for the full week and want to go to everything, go for the travel package. If you're only going to be there for a couple of days or are happy to risk getting individual tickets, booking singly will probably end up much cheaper.
  5. Week 36 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 1 v 1 Bournemouth Crystal Palace 0 v 2 Manchester City (Sunday 2:05pm) Fulham 0 v 2 Everton Liverpool 2 v 0 Chelsea (Sunday 4:30pm) Southampton 1 v 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers Scottish Cup semi-finals (at Hampden Park) Aberdeen 0 v 2 Celtic (Sunday 2pm) Heart of Midlothian 2 v 0 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (12:15pm) German Bundesliga Fortuna Düsseldorf 0 v 3 Bayern Munich (Sunday 2:30pm) VfB Stuttgart 1 v 1 Bayer Leverkusen (2:30pm) Lebanese Premier League Tripoli SC 2 v 0 Salam Zgharta w/@RoryFice (Sunday 1:30pm)
  6. I did Axxess on Saturday afternoon. There was an NXT UK taping each session on the Saturday (the one I saw had a few matches, plus Q&A's with Drake Maverick and Ricochet, a Mania museum of sorts with various bits of Mania history (Nakamura's outfit from last year, Rollins' briefcase when he cashed in money in the bank, that kind of thing) the massive New Day cereal box from their Mania entrance. There was loads of fan stuff, you could do an entrance to any WWE superstar music, call a match with another fan... If you were prepared to queue, it was awesome.
  7. Yes! He did that for us too - favourite bit was him rolling over the foot of one of the bored looking girlfriends. She looked absolutely horrified, like he'd just killed a sackful of puppies.
  8. Yeah, that's the fella. Very enthusiastic!
  9. Ah, cool. I've not had a chance to watch it back yet, but the line about Vegas stuck in my mind.
  10. I loved my time in NYC. I would recommend that everyone does Mania once! To follow from @LWOLeN's post above, I'd add...: Transportation: I got the Port Authority bus back to Manhattan at the end of Mania. I gave it legs as soon as Becky won and didn't have that long a wait. That said, they could have done with more buses, there seemed to be thousands of people in the queue behind me. Mania was awesome and the Hall of Fame was fun too. The Bret incident didn't affect the show at all, once it was all over. My only disappointment was the lack of a 'set' at Mania, all we had was the big titantron and the circular frame around the ring. Given how incredible it looked for 29, I was disappointed by it. Luckily, I wasn't affected by the spotlights during the Orton / Styles match. Things I noticed: The number of wrestling fans all over NYC, and how cool and friendly everyone was. I travelled on my own and ended up chatting to a lot of people. One of my favourite moments was in Times Square on Monday, a guy in a suit walking over to me, chanting 'New Day!' at me and just walking off as if nothing had happened. I did the backstage tour of MSG, the tour guide quickly figured out that the group was a lot of wrestling fans (and two very bored looking girlfriends) and basically tailored the tour to squeeze in all the wrestling anecdotes and tales of Bruno Sammartino that he could. The amount of grown men who bought and wore world titles. Weed smoke - yeah, everywhere. I met Dave Mastiff at JFK on the way home. He looked shattered but was a really cool guy and let me grab a picture with him.
  11. Just a thought with Lesnar and the references to Vegas (and apologies if this has been covered elsewhere) - isn't the next AEW show in Vegas? Slowly getting back to normal after getting back to the UK early yesterday morning. Mania seemed to fly by, watching it live. Stand-out moments were Kofi winning, the opener and my favourite moment was the Iiconics. I always love seeing genuine emotion when people win titles and their reactions were so genuine and real, it warmed the very cockles of my heart.
  12. Some bits you won't have seen one the Network : Everyone had a teleprompter for their speech, aside from Cena, Harlem Heat and DX. Not everyone gave Hogan a standing ovation in the crowd. I didn't, and quite a few people around me didn't. There were a lot of empty seats. I think they only went with this set-up because they changed the order of the shows due to the Roh MSG would have clashed with NXT. If the Hall had been on Friday, I think it would have been the old stage set-up and the ring ready for Saturday night instead. The ring invader was scary as hell. He came from the right hand side of the stage and hit to the ring in seconds. I think he ran through from the concourse and was in the ring in five seconds. That Revival punch was a belter, and got a massive cheer. Biggest cheer of the night (apart from the wrestlers kicking the morons head in) was Waltmans line about the Women's battle Royal being named after Chyna, when Cena appeared and the Miz /Shane bit which was funny as hell. Sue Atchison - she sounded British at times in her speech. If so, is she the first British inductee? The continual mentions of Hogan began to jar. Apart from DX and the Hart Foundation, I think everyone thanked him or talked about his role in their career.
  13. I'm at the HoF ceremony. Twat on a rasta hat ran onto the stage and rugby tackled Bret. Virtually the entire roster hit the ring, Ronda Rouseys husband absolutely nailed him. Strowman also involved in escorting him out. Loud chants of 'asshole' saw him on his way.
  14. Finally here after leaving Bath at 3:30 this morning. Got goosebumps seeing the Mania sign at JFK.
  15. Week 35 fixtures FA Challenge Cup semi-finals (at Wembley Stadium) Brighton & Hove Albion 0 v 3 Manchester City (5:30pm) Watford 1 v 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sunday 4pm) Premier League Bournemouth 1 v 1 Burnley Everton 0 v 2 Arsenal (Sunday 2:05pm) Huddersfield Town 0 v 2 Leicester City Newcastle United 2 v 0 Crystal Palace La Liga Barcelona 2 v 0 Atlético Madrid (7:45pm) Rayo Vallecano 0 v 2 Valencia (5:30pm) Real Betis 1 v 1 Villarreal (Sunday 7:45pm) Veikkausliiga RoPS 0 v 2 Honka w/@Stinky Dad (Sunday noon)
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