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  1. The Iiconics at Mania winning the tag titles was one of my favourite moments of the night. Seeing how much it meant to them was awesome, Sasha Banks and her tantrum be damned.
  2. Who the hell are Doncaster United? Aren't Doncaster Rovers the professional side? Turns out he might not be the youngster you might believe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doncaster_United_F.C.
  3. 'I'm not her biological father? Nice!'
  4. Just finished A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, which I'd highly recommend - I loved it. Now about to start Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis as it's something I've always wanted to read but not quite got round to.
  5. Just done mine. I got 6 straight off, the last four took a great deal of thought and one I've had to chuck in simply so I had something from the current generation. I've only just started RDR2, so had to exclude that as I'm only on Chapter 2!
  6. If you don't count the TNA World Title and are talking WWE only, I'd add Drew Mcintyre. I thought he was nailed on to win MITB at Mania 26 that went to Swagger then he just dropped down the card until he was released. Since returning, he looks like a beast, works at the top end of the card but I can't remember him having many one-on-one world title matches. Before Kofi-Mania started, I wanted Rollins to go for Bryan at Mania after winning the Rumble, Drew vs Brock on the Raw side would have been a new match, two massive guys clobbering each other, and I'd buy Drew beating him too.
  7. You've played fork-y spoon-y before...
  8. That sucks mate. Have you had any constructive feedback?
  9. Eddie Guerrero nearly did after his crazy blade job vs JBL in 2004 - he didn't pass out during the match (I guess adrenaline got him through that one) but he went into shock backstage, apparently.
  10. Chris Martin for Exeter, Tim Curry is apparently from Bath. Who knew?
  11. Sadly, it'll be a Dolph Ziggler Colonel Sanders first, I suspect.
  12. Is Garett Bischoff still wrestling?
  13. There's also the bullying stuff in Justin Roberts' book. JBL is named, which will probably be a shocking revelation to all.
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