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  1. So, the ending of Top Boy (with thanks to @Hannibal Scorch and @PunkStep for tolerating my computing ineptitude):
  2. I'd add the character development is spot-on too - by the end of Series 3, you end up really caring about guys who are nasty as hell, but you kind of want them to be okay. I found myself massively rooting for Atz and his mum in particular, and Sully, of all people. if I had any idea how to post hidden contents on here, I'd go into more detail about the ending too.
  3. Week 8 fixtures Premier League Burnley 1 v 1 Norwich City Everton 2 v 0 Sheffield United Newcastle United 0 v 1 Brighton & Hove Albion (5:30pm) Crystal Palace 2 v 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sunday 2pm) West Ham United 1 v 2 Manchester United w/@ultimo the great (Sunday 2pm) Arsenal 3 v 0 Aston Villa (Sunday 4:30pm) Chelsea 2 v 1 Liverpool (Sunday 4:30pm) German Bundesliga Werder Bremen 0 v 2 RB Leipzig (5:30pm) Eintracht Frankfurt 0 v 2 Borussia Dortmund (Sunday 5pm) Eredivisie PSV 1 v 3 Ajax (Sunday 3:45pm)
  4. I really don't watch much TV, but I watched series 1 and 2 and got hooked and was always gutted there was never a series 3, until now. I've managed to go through the whole lot in three days - without ruining anything, the ending sets up Series 4 brilliantly. The guy playing Jamie is excellent, as is Jaq.
  5. The new series of Top Boy is really good, highly recommended.
  6. It was okay, nothing special. Probably not worth the full price, if its on sale or part of the complete version, worth getting.
  7. Randy Orton should have beaten Hogan in 2006.
  8. Week 7 fixtures Premier League Brighton & Hove Albion 2 v 0 Burnley Manchester United 1 v 1 Leicester City Sheffield United 1 v 1 Southampton Tottenham Hotspur 2 v 0 Crystal Palace Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 v 0 Chelsea w/@TildeGuy~! Norwich City 0 v 4 Manchester City (5:30pm) Bournemouth 1 v 2 Everton (Sunday 2pm) Watford 0 v 2 Arsenal (Sunday 4:30pm) Ligue Un Saint-Étienne 1 v 1 Toulouse (Sunday 4pm) Monaco 2 v 0 Olympique de Marseille (Sunday 8pm)
  9. 35 was pretty good too.
  10. Diana - I was 17 and had no idea what happened until about 2 the following afternoon. I'd happily stay in bed for hours and hours, my parents generally left me alone to do so. Didn't even turn the radio on, I only found out when I went downstairs for some toast and my dad just said 'Diana's dead'. I didn't even know who he meant until he told me the princess and called me a dozy twat. 9/11 - I was 21, just finished uni and working in a shop. We had local radio on who interrupted the live music with continual news bulletins and sad music. Didn't see the footage until I got home at around half six, then watched the news for the rest of the night. 7-7 - I was having a job interview to join the civil service. When it was over and I got home, it was all over the news. My wife was distraught, she's from north London and knew one of the victims. The first big news story I remember really affecting me was Hillsborough. Mainly because a load of my mates were Liverpool fans (you know, being the local team for all Devonians) and seeing the live footage, the pictures in the papers the following days of all these people being crushed was horrific.
  11. I always assumed it was Pat Patterson, he's been with Vince for years.
  12. Week 6 fixtures UEFA Euro 2020 qualification (various groups) Wales 2 v 0 Azerbaijan (Friday 7:45pm) England 4 v 0 Bulgaria (Saturday 5pm) Switzerland 5 v 0 Gibraltar (5pm) Finland 0 v 2 Italy (7:45pm) Sweden 2 v 0 Norway (Sunday 7:45pm) Northern Ireland 1 v 3 Germany (Monday 7:45pm) Scotland 0 v 3 Belgium (Monday 7:45pm) CONCACAF Nations League 2019-20 League A, Group A Canada 3 v 0 Cuba (1am) FIFA World Cup 2022 — African qualifying first round, first leg Gambia 1 v 1 Angola (Friday 6pm) Botswana 1 v 0 Malawi (Saturday 3pm)
  13. And another one, walking behind two students on campus. All I heard was one shouting at the other one: 'I WOULDN'T MIND, BUT IT WAS MY FUCKING CUCUMBER!'
  14. In a restaurant in Oxford, I was having lunch after a job interview on my own. On the next table over, four teenage girls, I'd guess 17 years old. This one has stuck with me because I had to text my wife to find out if it was appropriate for a guy in his late 30's to give teenage girls advice on their lovelife, or if it'd end up with me in a cell. One was talking about her boyfriend, saying how she'd really wanted them to go on their first holiday together. She'd got her parents to agree, found a place in Italy for them to go. Then when she broached it with the chap, he'd refused, saying he was skint and couldn't get time off work. Three days later, she found out he'd taken out a loan, booked a fortnight in Ibiza with the lads and bought himself a new TV. It was quite the challenge, not explaining to her that she'd be dumped soon and if they were still together after his holiday, she might want to get checked for any infections.
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