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  1. Kyle O'Reilly is always great to watch, Murphy when he's allowed to do his in-ring thing. I still love watching Daniel Bryan and the New Day.
  2. With apologies for even naming the series but the episode of The Big Bang Theory with James Earl Jones taking Sheldon on a night out is one I've always liked. Feel free to bring back down votes.
  3. The main difference between the two ideas that I can see is that Cena and Bray had history together, their whole run up to Mania 30, what Bray winning would have done for his career, the 'Cena buries everyone!' accusations... as it was, he lost and that started being when Bray started becoming known for losing all the big matches. I think I'm right in saying that's when the creepy cult leader started doing all the supernatural stuff, with the kid singing to Cena and all that and it's easy to point at this particular run as the moment Bray jumped the shark, and within three years, we've got maggots on the ring canvas. I still thank various deities that match between Balor's Demon and 'Sister Abigail' never actually happened. Whereas with Strowman, he just appeared as a member of the Family and then left in the Draft when he got put on Raw and Bray was on Smackdown. There was no big split - teased or actual - so for the Swamp match, they tried to create all this tension and history between the two that simply wasn't there. I've been thinking about this for a couple of days and this may be the wrong thread, but it occurs to me that Bray is the wrestling version of Stephen King. They both come up with some pretty cool concepts, when Bray introduces a new character, it's awesome (see: Fiend, cult leader, Firefly Funhouse) but then he's got no idea how to carry them on. I've read a lot of Stephen King books and quite a few times there's a sense he has no idea how to finish the story so he shrugs and writes in aliens or a supernatural entity. It's like that with Bray, the Fiend was amazing when he faced Finn Balor, then jumped off a cliff vs Rollins; the cult leader was amazing in his rocking chair then went to pieces vs Cena... the best, most intriguing character he has for me is the kids TV host, purely because he's hardly ever seen actually wrestling.
  4. What happens when Vince kicks the bucket? I know WWE have a few VP's of various areas, but does he have a designated number 2? Or is it just accepted that Steph and Trips take over and run the show? Would shareholder's have to approve whomever takes over?
  5. Week 38 fixtures Premier League Arsenal 2 v 0 Watford Chelsea 1 v 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Crystal Palace 0 v 3 Tottenham Hotspur Everton 2 v 0 Bournemouth Leicester City 2 v 1 Manchester United West Ham United 1 v 1 Aston Villa Serie A Hellas Verona 0 v 2 Lazio (18:30) Juventus 3 v 0 Sampdoria (20:45) A Primeira Liga (Saturday 21:15) Ah, too late for these.
  6. Week 37 fixtures FA Challenge Cup Semi-finals (at Wembley Stadium) Arsenal 0 v 2 Manchester City (19:45) Manchester United 1 v 2 Chelsea (Sunday 18:00) Premier League Norwich City 0 v 3 Burnley (17:30) Bournemouth 1 v 0 Southampton (Sunday 14:00) Tottenham Hotspur 1 v 1 Leicester City (Sunday 16:00) Championship Fulham 2 v 0 Sheffield Wednesday Hull City 1 v 2 Luton Town Middlesbrough 1 v 1 Cardiff City Serie A Genoa 2 v 0 Lecce (Sunday 18:30) Roma 1 v 1 Internazionale (Sunday 20:45)
  7. I'm working through Detroit: Become Human. I loved Heavy Rain and this is absolutely up there with it.
  8. Week 36 fixtures Premier League Liverpool 3 v 0 Burnley Sheffield United 0 v 2 Chelsea (17:30) Brighton & Hove Albion 0 v 2 Manchester City (20:00) Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 v 1 Everton (Sunday 12:00) Aston Villa 0 v 0 Crystal Palace (Sunday 14:15) Tottenham Hotspur 1 v 2 Arsenal (Sunday 16:30) Bournemouth 0 v 2 Leicester City (Sunday 19:00) La Liga Real Valladolid 0 v 2 Barcelona (18:30) 'MLS is Back' Tournament (Group E) Atlanta United 3 v 0 New York Red Bulls (Sunday 01:00) FC Cincinnati w/Grecian 0 v 2 Columbus Crew (Sunday 03:30)
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