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  1. Perhaps that's the plan. Get as many people as possible to cancel their Network subscription, then switch to ESPN+ and get Mania back on PPV for sixty bucks, safe in the knowledge that wrestling fans would never, ever complain about such a thing happening.
  2. I got the PS4 version for Christmas, it's been transferred to consoles really well. Still addictive and unleashing thermonuclear bombs is surprisingly relaxing. Particularly when another nation has snuck ahead of you in the space race and you can nuke their program into oblivion.
  3. So the headlining Mania matches in 2020 are likely to feature Goldberg, Lesnar, Cena, Edge and Undertaker. That's before Triple H has decided what's he's doing. In 2020. Jesus Christ.
  4. I remember the outrage at Miz being appointed Daniel Bryan's mentor, people actually thinking Miz would be training him in some way. We still the definitive end to that feud too, I'm not buying the match from a couple years ago when it looked like Bryan was leaving.
  5. I thought he won it at 2, but thinking about it, I think he retained it.
  6. There are a couple of others who come close - Yokozuna has done the world title and tag title combo, Randy Savage did the WWF and IC title, but admittedly it's unlikely either of them will manage to nab the third title at this point.
  7. Week 30 fixtures Premier League Burnley 2 v 0 Bournemouth Crystal Palace 1 v 1 Newcastle United Sheffield United 2 v 0 Brighton & Hove Albion Southampton 1 v 0 Aston Villa Leicester City 1 v 3 Manchester City (5:30pm) Women's Super League Birmingham City 2 v 0 Bristol City w/Fog Dude (Sunday 2pm) West Ham United 1 v 1 Liverpool (Sunday) Austrian Bundesliga Admira Wacker 0 v 1 Sturm Graz (4pm) Austria Vienna 0 v 2 Red Bull Salzburg (Sunday 4pm) Eredivisie Vitesse Arnhem 0 v 3 PSV (Sunday 1:30pm)
  8. Week 29 fixtures FA Cup Fifth Round (Sunday) Chelsea 1 v 2 Liverpool (12:30pm) Arsenal 3 v 0 Lewes (1pm) Crystal Palace 1 v 1 Brighton & Hove Albion (2pm) Leicester City 2 v 0 Reading (2pm) Manchester City 4 v 0 Ipswich Town (2pm) Sunderland 0 v 2 Birmingham City (2pm) Championship Charlton Athletic 1 v 1 Blackburn Rovers Preston North End 1 v 2 Millwall Queen's Park Rangers 2 v 0 Stoke City Macedonian First League Renova 0 v 2 Sileks w/@RoryFice (Sunday 1pm)
  9. The continuing and infuriating overuse of 'myself' and 'yourself', as in 'The advice provided by yourself to myself was appreciated'.
  10. Anger Management for me. Worth it for 'I had a girlfriend called katie... it didn't end so well.'
  11. Going further back, The Patriot vs Bret Hart for the WWE title at In Your House: Ground Zero, if the IYH PPVs are counted as a 'Big PPV'.
  12. One match, apparently. And I'd never heard about it!
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