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  1. Why would Charlotte be behind it? Am I missing something?
  2. A bit like the final ever time The Shield will wrestle was at Fastlane. The final time they will be in the same ring together as a team. Then look at last night...
  3. Anyone else slightly concerned at the low key placement of Daniel Bryan since his injury at Wrestlemania?
  4. So to carry on my previous post on page 32, thought I'd carry on. Coney Island turned out to be brilliant. I chose to go on the Saturday, and whilst vieiwng their Instagram on the way there, turned out the wristbands were reduced from $60 to $10 for the day only. Which was great. Queues weren't horrendous, and loved it. This was followed by a trip to Hooters, where the chicken was tasty, as was our beautiful ginger waitress Emily. She will become my wife one day. HOF was eventful, with the run in, and also scary, but the highlight was definitely DX's speech. The event seemed to flow alot better than previous years, and I think thats more about limiting the speech times for the lower card inductees, instead of the setup. I didn't hate the setup though, and think that regardless of whether it was on a stage, or a ring, the runin would still have happened. Wrestlemania was brilliant, the atmosphere was great - up until after the Kofi match. After, I think everyone was tired, or getting tired. A friend of mine actually fell asleep there, admittedly he was half cut from one of the tailgate parties attended. Stephanie McMahon gatecrashed one of the tailgate parties! Alot has been said about getting home, and it was indeed hell. I landed up back at the hotel at abour 2.30am. Monday I went to the MSG tour, where the guide was entertaining and knowledgable all at the same time. It was surrel walking around an arena that I have watched for so long and a great experience. Raw too was great, and I near lost my voice when Undertaker appeared. The beachballs, and shitty 'Raw-after-Mania' chants only started I feel, when the main event was fucked with. Up until then I feel the crowd were playing ball - no pun intended. Tuesday I did a bit of shopping, exploring New York, and went to Planet Hollywood, followed by Smackdown, where New Day were definitely a blast. As my final night in New York, I went out for a "sesh" and went to McMahons which is an Irish bar nearby to Barclays Center. In there, there were duelling chants throughout the years, all from the recent ones, Attitude era, entrance songs etc. A "Hoe-Train" chant ensued, to which I joined the 'train' of people basically doing a 'Conga' train. Somehow I tripped over my own shadow (that I can only attribute to too much vodka), and ended up really hurting my ankle, lower leg. Wednesday I continued shopping, and did a ferry on the Staten Island Ferry. Gives some great views, of both the island, and Statue of Liberty. And is free of charge. Overall highlights were Mania, Frozen, going out at 11am and getting back at 3am pretty much everyday, and the food. For anyone interested I've done a little montage of pictures/videos etc. that you're more than welcome to take a look at. Wrestlemania 35 video
  5. I agree Sasha is sloppy in the ring, but she also has a character, which is more than can be said for most of the women's division. When Sasha is given something to actually do, she gets stuck right in, look at the shockingly after-thought build to her match with Ronda. I feel she is sloppy, as has been said before, this could be down to her trying to do athletic moves, without the athletic ability. However she plays the arrogant heel better than any diva not named Charlotte. I also like that she isn't happy just plodding along, like her good friend Bayley, and that she's standing up for herself. I do feel this could have started rubbing off on Bayley though, I'm not sure if her reaction on Raw was scripted or not, but she looked mighty pissed off after her squash on Raw this week.
  6. So while in New York for a small wrestling event this week, I took a trip down to Coney Island. First off the area is beautiful and I really chose a beautiful day for it. Seeing and riding the iconic Cyclone wooden rollercoaster that has stood since 1927 was very good!
  7. He was awesome! Had him rolling on the floor (literally), and demonstrating the matches.
  8. His name wasn’t Brian was it? Sounded like Donald Trump?
  9. I too was there, and I thought that it was a crowd that did as they were told. They chanted relevant things, they cheered for the faces and booed the heels. It was only wild from when the fans were fucked over with that main event. It was only then that there were beachballs in sight.
  10. Yeah I’ve just this minute gotten back to my hotel. Got to stadium at about 3.30pm, it’s now 3.20am. I feel absolutely wrecked, but would happily pay £500 for a seat, with a pillar blocking 25% of the ring, and do it all over again.
  11. I’ve been here since Thursday. I’ll do a little blog about my stay so far. Thursday I went to see Frozen on Broadway which was sensationally good! Then went up Top of the Rock and got some great views over NYC. Finally after being awake for 22hrs it was time for bed. Yesterday morning I woke up to go to the 9/11 museum. You queue an hour to buy the ticket, then queue an hour to get in. It’s very surreal, standing in the spot directly underneath where one of the planes struck. Then made my way to the Cena signing, happened to stumble upon Samoa Joe, and he was nice enough to oblige and take a quick selfie with me. After waiting for 3hrs I met Cena, and also had enough time to get you Takeover, which as everybody knows was incredible! After this I headed back to Times Square to Dolph’s standup show which was good, apart from the surly service from our waiter. Today I’m currently on the way to Coney Island to Luna Park, which as a theme park geek I just had to do!
  12. That was 2001, as Haku went on to team with Rikishi and feud with Taker/Kane before wrestlemania. For me, and I may be being biased here as I was there, but WM33’s return of the Hardyz. The atmosphere when the first few beats hit of their music was just out of this world, to the point grown men were high 5ing regardless of if they knew each other, and shaking with excitement for what was happening.
  13. Anyone flying Norwegian from Gatwick to JFK this Thursday?
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