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    Sky TV

    So I’m currently with Sky. However I can’t spending the amount I do, when all I watch are the free to air channels. My contract is up for renewal next month, and I want to cancel. However I want to have access to the HD channels, and it seems that you have to pay for either Sky, Virgin, or BT in order have this? ITV2, 3, 4 all in HD. Fox in HD etc. Any ideas?
  2. Even thinking about that end scene gives me a lump in my throat.
  3. Just got back from Toy Story 4. So many great new characters. Forky is clearly the highlight. I laughed out loud many times, and cried in equal measure. I’m not afraid to admit the latter. Just another outstanding masterpiece by Pixar.
  4. Someone might want to take the phone out of Dustin’s hand, maybe a bit drunk?
  5. Heyman mentioned it in a promo last Monday about how Seth had to wait for his girlfriend to win the main event at Mania or something...
  6. I thought on a night where I knew barely any superstars, any of the wrestlers, I’d be hard fought to get my £15 worth. How wrong was I! By far the best PPV I’ve seen in a long time (bar wrestlemania but I was there so I’m biased). All involves deserve a pat on the back. The reveal at the end was done perfectly too! Dustin’s blade job I think was a little too gruesome but their match definitely something special! The after match promo gave me goosebumps and anybody without at least a lump in their throat is dead inside. Count me in as a new AEW fan. It is offering a viable alternative that is something I want to see in my wrestling product!
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