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  1. Can see Music Magpie have it on eBay for £4. Rather tempting!
  2. I’d love to see some of the post-raw stuff that’s happened. Especially during the Austin/Rock era. I was at Rebellion 2001 and remember the pair of them being insanely great together off air. I’m sure they recorded it all. They released a DVD of some bits a few years back didn’t they?
  3. Mat

    AEW All Out

    If any of you went to bed after the main show - and you’d be well within your right to do that at 5am, get hold of Jericho’s ad-libbed promo on the post show, definitely something special!
  4. Dynamite Kid has to be up there surely? That video of Nikolai Volkoff is ridiculous. And people paid money to see that?!
  5. Yeah that was hard. I know I don’t post much but you guys entertain the hell out of me during my down time. So to be without lead to a very boring week when at a loose end.
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