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The votes have been counted and verified, I can now reveal the winners (and losers).

MMA Awards

Best MMA Fight 2020
Joanna Jedrzejczyk v Weili Zhang - a landslide victory.

Best MMA Fighter 2020
Israel Adesayna - back to back victories for the kiwi.


MMA Rising Star 2020
Khamzat Chimaev


Best MMA Event 2020
UFC 256


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Worst in Wrestling
Biggest Letdown
Miro in AEW - UKFF favourite failed to make a splash


Worst Wrestler
Nia Jax - won this comfortably with sloppy work.

Worst Match
Edge v Randy Orton (WrestleMania) - some say this match is still going.

Worst Event
WrestleMania - not an easy show for WWE and the worst timing but it was deathly dull.

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Best in Wrestling

Best Wrestling Show
AEW Dynamite - Cody's show went from strength to strength in 2020, embracing the challenges of the pandemic.

Best Feud or Angle
Roman Reigns v Jey Uso - the family angle to this put this one over the edge.

Funniest Moment
Sammy Guevara gets run over by a golf cart

Best Women's Wrestler
Sasha Banks in a very tight race.

Best Tag Team
Adam Page and Kenny Omega - one of many highlights for AEW in 2020.

Best British Wrestler
Drew McIntyre - a Brit winning the big one has to be applauded.

Best Wrestler
Jon Moxley - the reincarnation of Stone Cold shows what WWE were missing.


Best Wrestling Event
Brodie Lee Tribute Show - this is how you do a send-off and look after the family.


Best Heel
Roman Reigns - finally WWE pull the trigger on this natural heel.


Moment of the Y ear
Edge returns - despite awful camerawork, Edge coming back was the moment of 2020.


Best Use of Social Media
#SpeakingOut - there's never been a more important movement in wrestling.

Best Podcast
@WrestleMe! with back to back victories.

Best Babyface
Adam Page - his work with Kenny Omega pushed him over the edge.

Match of the Year
Omega & Page v Young Bucks (Revolution) - Bucks in particular impress everyone with their storytelling.


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Worst of UKFF

Failed Comedian
@Ralphy - our biscuit-munching cow-botherer wasn't funny.

Flounce of the Year
@JakeRobertsParoleOfficer - there wasn't even a vote for this. He was the only nominated candidate, so take a bow.

Worst Thread
What two wrestlers would you have a threesome with. No thanks.

White Noise
@patiirc - what's that noise? It's pat.

Dolt of the Year
@Ralphy - too many biscuits, not enough listening

Best of UKFF

Best MMA Poster 2020
@Egg Shen - the Ebbguy gets it!

Funniest Poster
@Astro Hollywood - a great year for the forum favourite.

Thread of the Year
Chippy Tea - a hat trick for scraps.

Post of the Year
@King Coconut's Chippy Tea song. An unexpected gem.

Please Post More
@Scott Malbranque. One of the most distinctive posting styles we have.

Off Topic Poster of the Year
@JNLister - his contributions in politics are what got him the nod.

Good Au
@Monkee by a landslide. You might also not know that Monkee sent gifts to all the other nominees, just proving what a good Au she is.

On Topic Poster of the Year
@IANdrewDiceClay by a whisker, but his sarcastic style got him the win for a trophy he's won many times.


That's your awards for 2020 folks! A huge thanks for everyone that voted, and a special thank you to @HarmonicGenerator for some behind-the-scenes admin support :-)

Edited by Onyx2
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Thanks @Onyx2 and congrats to everyone.. well, if you're happy you won something I suppose.

A nice reminder that even in a shit year we managed to get some fantastic wrestling, and some really great analysis and discussion on here. Good to see a nice mix of companies in there too. They're all capable of delivering great moments.

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  • Paid Members

Well done, @Onyx2 - top job putting all this together.

And congrats to those who won the Best Of awards. All nominations were thoroughly deserved but I genuinely share this one with all the others in the Good Au category. It’s been a tough year on everyone and this goes to show that we’ve all been there for each other and some point. Here’s to the original Au, the present Aus and next year’s Au nominees - hopefully this year might make us all a bit stronger and kinder xx

@Frankie Crisp, @johnnyboy, @John Matrix, @FelatioLips, @jazzygeofferz, @Keith Houchen, @PowerButchi, @Nick James

Edited by Monkee
Shout out to the Aus
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