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  1. I have had the most amazing (and surreal) day... Every year since Band of Brothers was filmed the US-based actors have an annual BBQ at Michael Cudlitz’s house in LA. Well, the UK-based actors have finally caught up and I got invited to go! Had an absolutely incredible day and I’m exhausted. Just thought I’d share these two pics though before I go to sleep.
  2. Just booked to go to Disneyland Paris in February staying at the Cheyenne. Not stayed in a Disney hotel before. Wanted to do the Eurostar too but it doesn’t coincide with the days we wanted to go so it looks like we’re driving instead. I’ve been before but I can’t wait for this trip already! Do they do Magic Bands there yet?
  3. The first major [mass killing/terrorism] event that happened on live rolling 24-hour news was Columbine. I was in my first year of uni in Liverpool and was glued to it. As I was studying journalism at the time, I used Columbine/Marilyn Manson as part of my dissertation into the mainstream media blaming alternative culture for deviant behaviour. Sky News sent me some of their footage when I was in my 3rd year so I could use it as a reference and I visited the Kerrang archives as well. I also used other case studies such as the West Memphis 3, the Judas Priest court case, and a few others thrown in, but this was the first to happen in the ‘internet’ age.
  4. When 9/11 happened I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to have jabs before going travelling for a year. I remember watching on the TV in the waiting room and staring in disbelief. When the 7/7 bombings happened in London I was late for work because I was trying to enter a Radio 1 competition to win tickets to the British Grand Prix. When I got to the station (Holloway Road on the Piccadilly Line) they were just closing it and people were evacuating. I managed to get a seat on the first bus that came along - I worked in Leicester Square at the time - and was sat near the driver. I could hear his radio say that there’d been a power surge at King’s Cross and signal failure. I had to phone signal so I just about managed to text my boss to tell him I was going to be late after several attempts. I got off the bus outside the Shaftesbury Theatre and was walking towards Seven Dials in Covent Garden when I heard a bang. As I’m from Wales I’m used to the noise of coal lorries driving past. They have a gate on the back that bangs with a metal sound when they go over a bump. That’s what the noise was like and I remember turning around and thinking how odd it was for a coal lorry-type vehicle to be in the centre of London. When I got into work my office phone was ringing. I picked it up and it was mum mum sounding frantic. She asked me where I’d been and I laughed saying I’d had to get the bus and then she told me there had been a bombing on the tube and that a bus had just exploded near Euston. That’s when I realised that was the noise I’d heard. Work got cancelled later and I had to walk home. This was before I had Google Maps and had no idea where I was going. It took me about 4 hours. It’s probably just one of those “what if” things but if I hadn’t have been late leaving then I might have been on that Piccadilly Line train at King’s Cross. And I still got horrible flashbacks when I heard that metal-on-metal sound like a coal lorry.
  5. Oh my god, I LOVED the fair in Salou! You brought back memories with this one. I used to love the ‘pull a string, get a prize’ stall. I think I probably won a few bottles on that too. And the woman who ran it was always chewing a massive ball of gum. My dad reckons it was the same piece of gum every time we went and we went there more than 10 times in the late 80s/early 90s. They also had that bouncy ride that was called the Kangaroo or something. Seen a few inappropriately dressed women come off that wishing they’d worn [better] bras.
  6. I’ve lost 6st and have excess skin - particularly around the tops of my arms (bingo wings) and I hate them. However, well done to you for your achievement, you should be amazingly proud of yourself as I’m sure others are. Firstly, if you can prove to your GP that this is psychologically damaging to you and how it affects you then they should do something about it. It’s not all in your head and won’t be fixed by therapy (although it might help) so they need to do something. Secondly - and this really might not be your thing - but the way I’ve dealt with a lot of my body issues is through tattoos. I would rather have someone look at my tattoos than at my body. Point at my thigh because I have Bumblebee from Transformers on it rather than because of the cellulite and size. My tattoos give me confidence to show off my body. Also, specifically to swimming and beach attire, my friend has BDD but is really fighting it and bought an amazing bikini last year to try and push herself. When it arrived she just didn’t think there was any point in keeping it because she wouldn’t be able to wear it. I asked her how many times in her life she’d been to a beach or a pool or a water park. She said too many to remember. Then I asked her was there anyone from any of those times that she could remember whether it was because of what they were wearing or how they looked. She said there wasn’t a single person she could remember. So if she doesn’t remember any one person from all those times then why would anyone remember you? Just go for it. Once you’re in the water no-one will see your body anyway. Be proud, be strong. You can do it ❤️
  7. It’s technically for ‘children’ up to the age of 18 who are supported by us so it’s for all ages, abilities and cognitive recognition. We just got to test it out first! We even have a fully-accessible outdoor playground featuring a swing, see-saw, roundabout and trampoline that can accommodate wheelchairs.
  8. I work for a children’s hospice. We have a soft play room that has slides, a ball pool and a trampoline as well as a multi-sensory room that has a vibrating water bed, musical walls, bubble machines and a bouncy cube that talks to you.
  9. We had a soft play room installed at work yesterday which includes a ball pool!
  10. I was at the RAF Museum today in Hendon and the LadBaby family were there. Really wanted to say hello but didn’t want to disturb them. Bit of a crap “Celeb” spot but I really like that family and have a bit of a girl crush on the mum.
  11. Vagisil and Vagisan are the same with naming. I’ve never heard of anything more horrific than Vagisan MoistCream. For fuck sake, Karen, if you were any more dry you’d be a fire hazard!
  12. Brilliant contribution to the thread there. Thanks for your in-depth input and analysis.
  13. I will definitely do it at some point but maybe not for a couple of years yet. I was originally planning on doing it next year if it was open earlier but (a) it’s not and (b) not sure I could sell a kidney that quickly.
  14. Jesus Christ, that’s expensive even for Disney prices! How the hell do they think families will be able to afford that?! It’s making my eyes water just thinking about it.
  15. I didn’t realise until this week that Ed Kemper is Hazel from The Umbrella Academy.
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