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  1. Monkee

    Misheard Lyrics

    Always love the Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ version of that Whitney Hoston classic: ”Cos I’m shaving off my muff for you...” Although it was only this week I realised Foo Fighters sang “I’m looking to the sky to save me” in Learn To Fly as I always thought it was “I’m looking at the scar of David”. Didn’t even matter that it was nonsense.
  2. Monkee

    The Post A Pic Of Yourself Thread V2

    He does his own Twitter. He's just been in London for 2/3 weeks but he's now gone to Germany. He's such a nice guy. We have mutual friends via Band of Brothers too so we were talking about that when I met him at HVFF.
  3. Monkee

    The Post A Pic Of Yourself Thread V2

    Forgot about this... This was me a couple of weeks ago with Kirk Acevedo. I know some of you are fans of Oz so here’s me with Alvarez. He was also Joe Toye in Band of Brothers (my reason for meeting him) and currently Diaz in Arrow.
  4. Monkee

    UKFF Photography Thread

    I’m so excited. It got confirmed today that next Thursday I’ll be spending the day with Rankin. He’s probably my all-time favourite photographer alongside David Bailey. I’ve no idea what to wear...
  5. Monkee

    The Post A Pic Of Yourself Thread V2

    Are you on a desktop or smartphone? There should be an option to attach a file either way. Me and some mates at the Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mere-Eglise, Normandy, last weekend.
  6. Monkee

    UKFF Photography Thread

    I was in Normandy over the weekend for the 74th anniversary of D-Day. I took a tonne of photos but I think these two are my favourites: Charles Shay & Alan King at the Utah Beach Museum Utah Beach sunset I uploaded more here - http://bit.ly/normandy2018 - but I took an entire flicker book of the Band of Brothers actors so boredom is likely. All personal one (i.e. photos with me/my friends in them) have been removed.
  7. Monkee

    Motor Racing Nirvana

    I’ve done Melbourne, Barcelona, Istanbul, Monza, Spa, Turkey (x4), Monaco and Silverstone (x3). Doing Silverstone again this year and Monaco again next year. Silverstone is probably the poorest circuit out of all of them for general entertainment, facilities, atmosphere, excitement and pricing. I’ve only ever paid to go there once (won tickets, had free tickets) and the only reason I’m doing it this year is because I don’t have enough holidays to go abroad so can only take the Friday off work. Abroad works out cheaper at most European races (incl Monaco!) and you can combine with a holiday for the price of a long weekend in Silverstone. Turkey was my favourite - hence going 4 times - and cost less than Silverstone for flight, accommodation, grandstand tickets at the last chicane, and all over about 5 days. The facilities were great (except it being miles outside Isatsnbul), great circuit, great events, good food and weather, and fans from all over. It was something like £103 for 3-day grandstand ticket.