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  1. Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel - How creepy was one of those conspiracy guys? He came across as a lonely pathetic man who stalked a young [dead] girl. The footage of someone visiting her grave on his behalf was just weird. I can’t imagine what her family must have felt knowing that someone did that.
  2. Till Lindemann from Rammstein always fascinates me. He can look devilishly handsome one minute or a total mess the next.
  3. Not technically pets but I’ve become obsessed with the birds (and squirrels, foxes, badgers, etc.) in my garden since lockdown. I took a few photos yesterday in the snow.
  4. Aww guys, thank you so much. I’ve had an absolutely lovely day and I’ve been really spoiled. Thanks for thinking of me xx
  5. Ill Communication - Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique is meant to be the underrated standout album but it’s too disjointed for me. I love the flow of Ill Communication but there’s still enough experimental shit to keep you going, “Wow, what’s that?” whether it’s a sample from somewhere else or a guy playing a jar with damp fingers. One of my favourite albums.
  6. This is indeed glorious. Rex Manning spoiled it though. Grease 2 is very underrated in my opinion and I absolutely love ‘Girl For All Seasons’ and ‘Cool Rider’ - the latter being responsible for a memory I have of being a bit drunk in a backwater Australian town singing this very loud and dancing down the street with a Scottish girl I met.
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