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  1. 2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    double post
  2. 2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    I work for one of the charities that was supporting them and I’ve been manic since he posted his statement with social media, emails and donations. It’s awful but the donations that have been coming through in Henry’s name is unbelievable. I can’t name names obviously but a couple that have come in have given me the sweats! If anyone would like to donate please visit https://www.noahsarkhospice.org.uk/in-henrys-name/
  3. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I went to my second ever premiership game today - Spurs v Arsenal at Wembley. I feel a bit guilty that experiences like this are a bit lost on me though. I’m now way more knowledgable about Spurs since I asked for tips a few months ago but still feel like a bit of a fraud. I was working before the match (I work for a charity) so I was going around some of the lounges with a collection bucket and Micky Hazard. He was lost on me even though I looked him up. In one of the lounges I saw some bloke with a few people buzzing around him asking for photos so I thought it’s be a good PR thing for the charity if I had a photo. Again, he was completely lost on me until I got to the pub later and was told the blood was Pat Jennings. Apparently, this is like standing next to Michael Schumacher and not knowing who is was or something... I loved the game even if I was busy working through most of it and even missed the goal as I was on the phone doing crisis management. I wish I could go to more games and learn more though. I just find it easier to get enthusiastic about it when i’m actually rather than watching on TV.
  4. UKFF Photography Thread

    How do you choose your subjects? These are fantastic portraits. I don’t like photos of me but would love to have someone like this that captures character as well as image.
  5. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    Totally read that as “10% put merkins in their coffee”. I was going to say I’m done with this thread. And I’m definitely going to try a strong latte over Crunchy Nut Cornflakes!
  6. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    Funnily enough my mate reckons I just drink tea/coffee flavour milkshake. I just don’t like drinks the temperature of the surface of the Sun. And I don’t want to have to wait for my drink to cool down before I can drink it. When I decide I want a drink I want it now not in 3 hours time!
  7. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    Definitely voting for this as Thread of The Year. You’re all fucking nuts.
  8. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    Alright, I’ll join in with this madness. Chocolate side up. Toast #8 with butter (and sometimes lemon curd). 2 tea bags per cup. Water first then 1/3 milk. Renegade/Northerner.
  9. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    8 pages. EIGHT PAGES! You’re all lunatics.
  10. UKFF Photography Thread

    I wish I’d been able to get that without the leaf in front. I was there for a while trying to get it right. It was a brilliant weekend all in all.
  11. UKFF Photography Thread

    I just got back from a weekend near Skegness staying in a converted RAF Tower. And I actually remembered my ‘proper’ camera (i.e. not my phone) for a change!