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  1. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Oh, why is this and what's correct? According to the branding document they're (a) never to be referred to officially as Tottenham or Spurs, it always has to be Tottenham Hotspur or THFC, and (b) refer to themselves as Spurs only in relation to fans. It's a bit confusing sometimes. And there are SO many rules about how you can and can't use their logo. And yeah, @tiger_rick that's always confused me too. Edit: Do you mean don't call them HotspurS? Already got that one down from the dos and don'ts in the branding document.
  2. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I knew there would be some suggestions like this when I was asking... "Hey Monkee, Sanderson scored an amazing goal against Kent Town earlier, you should tweet about it!" "Actually, they prefer to be called 'Spurz' so you should always use #cumonuspurz in every tweet." etc.
  3. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Cheers @SuperBacon, you're a star! Will DM you now with specifics.
  4. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Never thought I'd be posting in a football thread but here goes... I need someone to teach me about Spurs - looking at you @SpursRiot2012 I work for a charity that's supported by Spurs and so I need to know about them, the players, the matches, etc. I embarrassed myself a bit after going to meet the bigwigs at White Hart Lane the first time. They do these media sessions once a month where they get a few of the players together and they'll record videos for supporters, sign stuff and that sort of thing. The PR guy was saying which players were available that month so I was trying to write down their names. When I got back to the office someone asked who the media players were for that month so I said Davis, [insert surnames of two players I can't remember] and Delealli. Then there was a laugh from someone reading my notes... I thought Delealli was his surname. I don't want to be embarrassed like that again! So, I need to do some social media before and after matches. What do I write about last night?! I see it as a draw but is that a good thing? Their site says it was a "brilliant performance" but their goal was a home goal from Madrid so what do I say? Should I be using #COYS and #THFC in all my tweets or are there match specific ones? Help me Obi-Riot, you're my only hope! (Unless there are some other Spurs fans who can show me the way.) Why can't we be partnered with an F1 team? I'd bloody know what I was doing with that one!
  5. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Coming up to Christmas you might see more pop-up shops for online retailers too. A couple of years ago Etsy had a shop near Leicester Square. This is the opposite of the main trend these days with retailers opting for online rather than physical. You should also keep an eye out for augmented reality or even mixed media like Shazaming ads to get more info or download a product. There’s always loads of stuff this time of year mixing physical and digital. Especially look out for retailers’ Christmas windows and how they use different media.
  6. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    A friend of mine is a graffiti artist who’s a regular on Leake Street. If you want to speak to him about anything related to this just let me know. It’s an interesting concept and open to different interpretations. I also like the idea of looking at how media is consumed these days. You could include things like QR codes on physical adverts, augmented reality and location-based marketing, silent discos, reading newspapers on phones/tablets, digital billboards, etc. out of interest, what exactly is the brief for the assignment?
  7. Shows You Abandoned

    There are lots of shows I gave up on because not enough happened each episode to keep me wanting to watch the next week. This is why I tend to binge watch boxsets more these days. Ones I gave up on include: Game of Thrones - too many characters for someone who can’t remember people’s names. As soon as I figured out who one person was they’d be killed off and replaced with another two. It’s like a weird hydra creature made into a drama series. Supernatural - I liked the demon killing storyline for an hour with a very thin series-based plot in the background. I couldn’t be arsed with the whole Angels vs Demons Castiel/Lilleth bollocks. I wanted more of a Quantum Leap vibe - different story every week but with the “he has to get home” / “they need to find out where the bad things are coming from” in the background. Dexter / American Horror Story / Sons of Anarchy / Fargo / Heroes / Lost / The Flash / Supergirl / Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD / Prison Break, etc. etc. etc. - just got bored. I made it though all of Tin Star recently but only because I binged the boxset. Not sure I would have lasted if I was watching week to week. However, having said that, I’m still keeping up with The Walking Dead and my favourite character was blungeoned ages ago so there’s always a flaw in the plan somewhere. Oh, and I still watch Neighbours. That one keeps me wanting more every day!
  8. The Fallon ride was tremendously disappointing. I can’t believe it’s been hyped so much. The holding rooms before the ride were better than the ride itself. My mate and I thought it was unbelievably shit and definitely won’t bother with it in the future. It didn’t even feel like you were ‘riding with Jimmy’ and felt like you were just being jiggled around a bit while watching TV. At least with Despicable Me you do get the feeling you’re in the Minions’ World and can suspend your belief of where you really are. Didn’t remotely get that feeling with Fallon.
  9. I would genuinely have a heart attack if I ever had to do something like HHN at Universal. I was there one October and made sure I left the park before it got dark. However, I watched the launch on Orlando Informer’s page and this year’s houses sound great and the reviews have been very positive this year (I remember quite a few complaints about one of the houses last year). I don’t like being scared though. I went on The Mummy ‘ride’ in Universal LA a few years ago. It is (was? Not sure it’s still the same) a haunted house rather than a coaster like Orlando but I didn’t realise this or I’d NEVER have gone on it. It was room after dark room with things hanging from the ceiling or bumping you or shooting compressed air at you and it was never ending. Every time I thought this had to be the last room there’d just be more of the same. Eventually I made it out and had to sit down. I think a few people must have been surprised at what the ride actually was as there was about a dozen other people sitting on the ground at the exit trying to compose themselves.
  10. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Pet hate. It's "10 items or fewer". "Less" is grammatically incorrect. As you were.
  11. Post yer sneakers.

    I'm rather partial to a pair of Adidas and those posted above are making me sweat. I want them all! These babies, however, arrived today. I've had them before and lasted me ages but finally fell apart (literally been glueing the fronts on) recently. Can't wait to start wearing these tomorrow!
  12. After an amazingly shit week I really didn't want to go out tonight but I'm SO glad I did. Just saw Indoor Garden Party - made up of Russell Crowe, Scott Grimes, Alan Doyle, Carl Falk and Kevin Durand. They were outstanding. I had their album beforehand but didn't expect them to be so good. Their harmonies and timings were spot on and, as it was at the Union Chapel, the acoustics and atmosphere were brilliant. If anyone's in Leeds tomorrow or Dublin on Sunday I highly recommend them.
  13. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Ok, so someone give me a lesson on Androids For Dummies. I get that you can have different OS but do some phones come with a standard? How do you install new ones? I'm not a technophobe, just what I'm used to. Same reason really that I use a PC rather than a Mac for graphic design (yes, shoot me) but it's just that I don't have the time (or patience) to learn the differences so I stick to what I know even if it's not great and looked down on.
  14. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    I'll only be using it for work so I'm not too worried about battery life. I need a decent camera for photos and video and I need to be able to hook up all the social media channels as well as Google Analytics and some other marketing apps. I just don't want to be faffing around trying to find stuff because I'm so used to an iPhone. I couldn't even turn on my mum's Huwawei and it took my about 2 hours to set up her email! Oh, and the phone's not arrived yet so I don't know when generation or memory it has.
  15. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    I'm just so used to an iPhone that I find most other handsets baffling. I should log into my email just to see what version it is because I don't even know if it's an old rubbish one that was laying around or a brand new release that I've been given. All other work phones are Samsungs so I was trying to wangle an iPhone but looks like I'll have to settle for a Sony. So it's a a Sony Xperia XA. Is that good?