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  1. Motor Racing Nirvana

    I didn’t think they were being petty or petulant. I thought it was quite funny actually when they were talking about Kimi and he was just staring off into the distance. Both Vettel and Hamilton can be like children at times but I didn’t see that today. I saw great racing and an ‘as usual’ press conference and media paddock after the race. The only person who pissed me off today was Hulkenburg who needs to get back in his fucking box. He apparently has a column in Bild and today he said that “F1 without grid girls is like Tom without Jerry”. Twice today my mate and I applauded because we saw two women (two whole women!) mechanics in the pits. Two women in a sea of [predominantly white] men. And he has the audacity to want to bring back grid girls?! When I see more of a variety of women on the track, in the garages, in the commentary boxes, in the pits and on the podium then you can talk to me about bringing the grid girls back.
  2. Motor Racing Nirvana

    In what way we’re either of them behaving like 5-year-olds? Please elaborate.
  3. Motor Racing Nirvana

    Thought it was a great race today. One of the more entertaining in quite some time. There were lots of battles going on and I thought it was great. I feel sorry for both Haas drivers, obviously something going on with the pit team, but the timing of the safety car was brilliant. I loved the fact that Vettel came out of his pit stop in front of Hamilton leaving him bewildered as to how he dropped to 2nd! Oh how we laughed... Looking forward to Bahrain already!