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  1. On Saturday I got the chance to fly over the beaches of Normandy in a WWII DC-3 plane. It was one of the planes used to drop paratroopers over Ste-Mere-Eglise on 6 June 1944. These are some photos I took... I’ll upload more to my Flickr account when I get chance. Bayeaux Cathedral Arromanches (Gold Beach) through the cockpit windows Gold Beach, Arromanches and the Mulberry harbour Pegasus Bridge
  2. Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but maybe someone can help... I’m currently in France and have SkyGo set up on my laptop but obviously can’t watch any of the terrestrial channels. Can anyone link me to somewhere I can change the VPN on my laptop temporarily to watch BBC?
  3. I’ve been here before and love it too. Never been to Mont St-Michel though. I’m here for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. As part of the team organising Daks over Normandy - bringing together a fleet of WWII era C-47 Dakotas and flying from Duxford to Caen. Will have some epic photos from that as I’m flying back to the UK to then fly with the fleet.
  4. Went to Mont St-Michel today. What an incredible place!
  5. Niki Lauda was an absolute legend in more ways than one. I met him a few times over the years and he always had time for fans. To have come through what he went through is an inspiration and he will be very sorely missed. Between him and Charlie Whiting who died earlier this year, it worries me who’s next.
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