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  1. Might as well...
  2. Yes, I think that's exactly why they ask. I got a call today about the interview I went for on Wednesday. Didn't get the job as they think I'm over-qualified. For fuck sake.
  3. And that's exactly what I've been saying too. This job I went for last week was in Luton - a similar travel time to Central London but whereas I'd spent £10 a day on transport there I can put £10 of petrol in my car and it would last me 3 weeks! Also, I'd work similar hours to you in my last job and I wanted something with less responsibility and quieter (as in not London) but it's just fallen on deaf ears. It sucks. As I said, I can see their concern but it's still not fair.
  4. Jenson Button is a lovely guy and I've never heard a bad thing about him. He's well respected by the other drivers and team members, always comes across as a right laugh when being interviewed and he's great with fans. He was one of the first tweeting yesterday about Billy Monger (17-year-old F4 driver who had a massive accident at the weekend and has had to have both legs amputated) and then someone spotted that he'd donated £15,000 on Billy's JustGiving page. I really hope he goes into commentary (Martin Brundle stylee) when he's done with being in the paddock/doing triathlons.
  5. It's been rumoured that Disney are going to do on-site themed hotels for Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Frozen. The SW one sounds amazing (and amazingly expensive) but I so want to stay there!
  6. I've read a few articles recently about companies asking for previous salary information and how you don't have to provide them with details. I thought it was very interesting. Then, yesterday, I had a call about an interview I went for last week to be told I didn't get the job. The main reason being they were concerned because the salary was a lot lower than I'd previously been on. So they didn't think I'd stick at the job if I found something else paying a higher wage. This is bullshit. I wouldn't have applied for the job if the salary wasn't what I was after. I had another interview today too where there was concern raised again about the salary. As much as I'm arguing my case that it's fine I can see the issue from the company perspective too. They don't want to go through this process if the candidate is going to leave in a month or two because of a better offer. But I think from now on I might not tell them anything about previous salaries or packages. If they're offering something that I want then I'll apply for the job regardless of what my previous circumstances were.
  7. I just finished watching The Kettering Incident. Anyone seen it? It's a great mix of is-it-aliens-or-isn't-it-aliens, police corruption, and very strange goings on. It's set in Tasmania and has been described as a cross between Twin Peaks and one of those Scandinavian crime dramas. The ending was a bit "What? Oh." and leaves it open for a second series but I read that there might not be one. What I really loved though was that they included real life unsolved mysteries including the Valentich disappearance (Cessna pilot reports being followed by a metal object with flashing lights then he disappears never to be seen again) and the Dyatlov incident (a group of Russian hikers are all found dead on a mountain under very strange circumstances). I literally just last week listened to two Thinking Sideways podcasts about these stories so it was very weird that they both came up in The Kettering Incident.
  8. Saving Private Ryan and Cast Away added to that list too. Plus he does a lot of voice-over, producing and directing work as well that you can definitely count to the non-"mostly" great stuff he's done. And I absolutely loved Saving Mr Banks. Edit: on the subject of Tom Hanks. I'd really like to see him play a psychopath - Robin Williams in One Hour Photo style.
  9. I got the results of my biopsy today and everything's benign. Hooray for not having skin cancer! Such a relief.
  10. I stop haven't watched S2 of Fear The Walking Dead but I liked the first series. I liked the city shots in the first series of TWD too. It'a always running around a forest these days. I'm going to see the building they used as the exterior of the CDC when I go to Atlanta as well as the bridge over the highway leading into the city.
  11. Random question... has anyone heard of a guy named "David Wiggy Wiggins" across social media (Facebook in particular)? I got fed up with seeing his name pop up as a 'new' follower on one of my pages so I did a search for his names and found 56 (!!) profiles with this name or slight variation thereof. I Googled him and found he also has multiple LinkedIn accounts and is mentioned on a few forums. Is he like an online cult figure I'm not aware of or just a weird spammer using his name and details?
  12. I am absolutely over the moon. Been worrying about the holiday as I still don't have a job (I did when it was booked). It's 95% paid but I was concerned about spending money and not having to second-guess buying stuff because of my budget. But I got a cheque through today for a PPI reclaim and I don't have to worry any more! I have more than enough for a great holiday and some left over. Hooray!
  13. I didn't really know where to put this but the last guy in this video - Michael Nevin - anyone know him? This is so cool and genuinely brought a tear to my eye.
  14. Both Avatar and Volcano Bay open when we're there so I'm looking forward to the both of them. Trying to see if I can borrow a Go-Pro (or similar) to maybe take some videos too.