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  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ is the game everybody wanted Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite to be. It can get a little hectic.i picked up Under Night In Birth.exe Late(st) in the PSN sale for a tenner, because I don't own enough fighting games. On another note the Switch Lite D-pad is terrible for dragon punches/diagonals in general, and the analogue stick seems a little oversensitive. It's going to take some practice to get fighting games down.
  2. You can almost always rely on Nintendo to zag when Sony & Microsoft zig etc. It's how they've made it this far.
  3. That'spreciselywhere they went wrong. Some of the ideas using the gamepad for asynchronus multiplayer etc were quite innovative Friday the 13th would have been good on Wii U with "couch multiplayer"
  4. Anybody watched Rick Beato on YouTube? His "what makes this song great" series is good. He also has some good videos on music theory as well.
  5. Most consoles are sold at a loss these days and Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft look to recoup that money through game sales and their subscription services. Which is probably why first party physical Switch games are so expensive. I like the points thing they do with their store. I've got enough for a new game now. There's a wealth of indie and budget titles on the Switch digital store as well. Nintendo have played to their strength with the Switch, especially with the handheld variation. I reckon had the Wii U been released under a different name it would have done better as it's a decent machine. Its failure also killed quite a bit of third party support for Nintendo as well, which is probably why there are so many indie/budget games one there. I was a Sega kid growing up, but have somehow managed to end up with most of Nintendo's consoles by now. There was some great stuff on them. I'm looking forward to not playing any of them when Animal Crossing comes out in March.
  6. It can really be as deep or shallow as you want it to be, I think since Bandai Namco have been involved it's done a decent job of being all things to all people, especially as the cast has become more diverse. Are we at 75 characters now? Plus another 6 to come with the next season? There's pretty much a character for every playstyle, and even a game mode for most preferences as well. Want a frantic 8 way free for all with your mates, go for it. Want some high tension 1 on 1 where it's down to player skill, and not the stage and/or pickups then you can set that. The matchmaking online could probably do with some work, as you'll invariably end up getting matched with some tournament wannabe, but there's a lot of game there. As Fellatiolips said above, it may not be everybody's bag, but nothing really is. Plus it's as close to a new Capcom Vs SNK game as we look like we're going to get anytime soon.
  7. Oh no! Don't be dissing Melee. That's the pinnacle if the Smash community is to be believed. They even have a version called Project M that is based on that iteration and gets balance updates. Smash did the biggest viewing figures at EVO last year. Especially with it going out on ESPN. I'd imagine the only reason it's not replaced Street Fighter as the last event on is because it's best suited to the viewing slot it was in.
  8. I thought it was alright, but wouldn't say it was perfect.
  9. Toploader are conspicuous by their absence. Also White Ladder by David Gray.
  10. I've seen some tournaments where it gets pretty hectic. It's one of those "easy to pick up, difficult to master" affairs. If you're just playing on the omega stages in a stock match with no weapons it can get quite technical. Moves do less damage the more you use them to try and avoid move spam. It's an interesting beast. Some of the team that worked on the last couple of Tekken games were brought in to work on the last few iterations of Smash as well after Brawl wasn't that well received.
  11. Depends on the channel you link the video from, I think.
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