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  1. I guess they still have to be shooting it like a wrestling show, though. It certainly felt odd. Some of the finishes were dreadful. Eddie Graham would be spinning is his grave.
  2. I'm getting my 80% as a furlough payment at the moment, we're down to a skeleton staff, but if things pick up they'll try and pay us the remaining 20%.
  3. So this morning I "finished" Animal Crossing, ie reached the bit where you get to see the credits. Still plenty to do in the game, though. If anybody is getting annoyed by all the bunny day eggs they can be sold for 200 bells each. Easy money for infrastructure, mortgage payments etc. I heard somewhere you only need 62 of each egg to build everything and get a reward. I've also been playing through Final Fantasy 7. Still in Midgar at the moment. Just rescued Aerith and Red XIII.
  4. That's the theory. They're holding it over for the PS5.
  5. You can see him saying "you twat" when Noel unmasks himself.
  6. The band I was in at college covered I Want An Alien For Christmas at our first performance assessment and students on other courses thought I wrote it.
  7. I wouldn't mind a try at Mario Sunshine. It was quite underrated at the time if I remember?
  8. Anybody watch the thing with the empty arena match they uploaded last night? That spill Tim Storm took from the top to the floor looked really nasty.
  9. I've not heard anything, unless it's gone into my junk mail. Picked up Final Fantasy 7 half price on Switch. It's keeping me occupied when I'm not spending far too much time on Animal Crossing. Never played it before. Well, I think I borrowed it from somebody once.
  10. At least we're not in Hungary. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/29/the-guardian-view-on-hungarys-coronavirus-law-orbans-power-grab
  11. The whole Resident Representative gimmick is just an evolution from the Mayor gimmick in New Leaf. My other half had New Leaf and was mayor in the town we shared, so she got to decide everything unless I went on as her. The crafting etc is something that I think has been brought over from Pocket Camp, and fortunately for us isn't hidden behind a Paywall. Other than that it's the same Animal Crossing experience as usual. The first week or so has felt a bit grindy with things being drip fed to me, but now that I have the Resident Service building instead of the tent it feels a lot more like the usual Animal Crossing experience. I like the crafting elements. The durability of tools can be a pain in the arse when you need to craft 4 axes while you're doing your daily woodcutting, but it's keeping me plenty occupied. Nintendo have said the one island per switch limitation is because of how the game is saved. I think it was similar on the Wii version. The code thing for people visiting your island is for if you want to invite people over who aren't on your friends list. So you can open the gate and allow three different sets of people in, either anybody on your Switch friends list, anybody you've added as a "best friend" in Animal Crossing, or anybody with the Dodo code which is generated every trip. If you came over as just a friend or through a dodo code you'd be able to use my shop, fish, craft, talk to my islanders and catch bugs If somebody is a best friend I think it means you and they can also dig things up, move things around etc on your respective islands. You can also fire texts and gifts at them in the game. This morning I visited a best friend's island and started to organise their trees and flowers ahead of the "project K" part of the day. We've also been sending random furniture and clothing at each other. I think I'm still a little ways behind some people, but that's probably because it was evening on launch day when I started playing, so I lost a couple of hours. It's actually making me want to dig out my copy of Let's Go To The City and give that a play, as for some reason I never played that much. I think we went on a holiday and we're scared to go back on.likewise our copy of New Leaf hasn't been touched in years. We're both scared our favourites would have moved away.
  12. The surgical masks are to stop you spreading your germs, rather than anybody else's getting, aren't they?
  13. If they had they wouldn't be resorting to asking fetish websites if they can buy their uniforms.
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