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  1. So is it going to be Seth & Becky against Corbin & Lacey or Hunter & Steph. Also when will this match be? The reality era, people. Oooooh, Vs Bryan & Brie brand Vs brand at Survivors. The gravy train riding opportunities are near endless.
  2. She did some of the presenting on the last series of Robot Wars.
  3. I stuck it at number 2 because for as much as I love it Okami is the best time I've ever had playing a videogame.
  4. I'd lose my shit if Streets Of 2 made it even on the list, let alone high up. There's so much love for that game nowadays, and it's not all nostalgia. It still plays really well even almost 30 years on. My other half's middle two nephews are in primary school and they like to play it.
  5. I could see a double elimination tournament being a tricky prospect to do outside of a one night situation with all the brackets to keep track of.
  6. Finally got round to watching Rush (the Lauda, Hunt movie by Ron Howard) yesterday. It must have taken then ages to recreate the crash. Yes, it takes a few liberties with the story for dramatic licence, but it's still a great watch. I spent most of the movie trying to figure out who it was doing the commentary, but that's my brain rather than any shortcoming of the movie.
  7. How the hell do they manage to sell that at those prices?
  8. I think The Independent was reporting earlier that Johnson was refusing to answer the police's questions when he was taken in yesterday?
  9. Radio Soulwax on GTA5 is awesome. The pop station is as well, but the people at Rockstar really know how to throw a country playlist together.
  10. Sounds like what's left of "The Independent Group" trying to come up with a new name and/or strapline.
  11. He was really entertaining as General Manager of PCW while he was recovering from the neck injury. "Part of my job as General Manager..." It could have been a terrible gimmick, but, as he always tended to, he put his all into it and could draw huge pops and massive heat from the crowd as required.
  12. Turned up in GTA3 as well. I liked Fubk FM and that country song where the chorus goes "menfolk find their women scary, because they are so big and hairy".
  13. Same. I could spend hours just wandering about, going for a drive, go on a date, get something to eat, head to the casino etc in San Andreas, and the radio stations were great. I never really did that inthe other games.Well, it wasn't usually outside the constraints of a mission. The old Top down GTAs are still fun, although the controls feel weird, and without a map a lot of the early game can take time getting used to where everything is.
  14. Martin Kirby has been sharing some great anecdotes on his Facebook page.
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