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  1. It's a good selection of games so far. I don't need one, but it's looking really inviting.
  2. Keep seeing a poster on the side of buses for a film starring Seth Rogan called Longshot. Should I be in the superhero thread for that, or is it just a coincidental title?
  3. I liked the idea that following the events of First Contact technology had accidentally been advanced further than it should have been by the presence of the Borg in the 22nd Century and everything from Enterprise onwards was taking place in the new timeline. Apparently the reason we got that slow episode last week was because they were supposed to only have 13 episodes, but felt they'd have too much going on in the finale unless they got more time, so were given an extra episode which meant they had to do some padding. I also hear we don't get new Discovery until after they've done the first season of the Picard show.
  4. I thought it was great. The resolution of it was a bit out of left field, but it worked. I can't imagine they'd do another series, although it'd be possible, I guess.
  5. Well, that's series 2 out of the way. I have a numbing feeling of inevitability about what series 3 has in store, although it could go in a completely different direction entirely. I'd love more Captain Pike, because there are some really interesting things that can be done with his character given what happened in this series of Discovery and he was probably one of the best things about this series.. A pre TOS mini series about Pike on the Enterprise could be fun and shouldn't have to mess with continuity, or something involving him and some cadets. Just his inexorable path towards what he and the viewers know is coming, Knowing he's going to survive everything may not create dramatic tension in that regard, but it'd be how he can use his knowledge to help those he and his crew/class encounter on their travels. A few episodes here and there where he realises that he can't save everybody to keep things from getting boring. There are options. Like Rogue One. We all kind of knew how it would end, but it was still a good story with lots of tension, and wasn't too clever or in your face with its "Look at us, we're a prequel" fan-service stuff. Darth Vader's cock aside, although I don;t know what fans that was particularly designed to service.
  6. I'm a Roger Moore man myself, but Dalton's Bond movies are really good. A proper pallet cleanser from all the Hollywood excess of the previous 16 years. Imagine how differently things could have been if he hadn't turned down On Her Majesty's Secret Service when it was offered to him.
  7. She reminds me a bit of Kirsty Gallagher and Jet from Gladiators.
  8. 10 more games have just been announced for the Megadrive. Couple of surprises. They appear to have a licence with Disney, and whoever own therights to Earthworm Jim. If Aladdin turns out to be on there I'll be quite tempted. http://genesismini.sega.com/?fbclid=IwAR0-eWHqlEWIg3P5JG-HiINQAqzr-ROexmpF2GPEXvrX_s3bAX0B2mhoXyE
  9. That's probably not the best picture of her. I think they've deliberately made her look a bit doudy there as she looks nicer when she's doing the ice skating at the end. Thoughts on Nina Conti?
  10. I think a few teams play too conservatively in the first leg, which is why I presume they have the away goals rule to try and get a bit more attacking going on.
  11. Exciting match. I think I heard some crowd noise from mine while I was trying to get to sleep.
  12. It's a really interesting show. I missed the first episode, but the people I wanted to win didn't. Great idea, and looks like they all had a heck of an adventure.
  13. I totally agree with you on squash matches. Have a big match at the top of each hour such as two sets of opponents in a tag match or just two of your "name guys" in a match for a title shot or suchlike, but stick the enhancement guys in for the rest, and do some video packages, punditry, interviews etc to fill the rest of the time.
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