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  1. I finally managed to escape the underworld in Hades. Took me almost a hundred attempts and switching God Mode on so I take less and less damage every time I fail. Now I guess I have to do it all again a few more times with the different weapons and see what the rest of the story is. I managed it with a base 62% damage resistance, using the gloves and a LOT of help from Athena's boons for extra damage resistance and deflect damage. Didn't even need a death defiance. I'll see how I get on with other weapons now.
  2. He's totally going to be our next Prime Minister isn't he? https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/brexit-news/westminster-news/guardian-probe-finds-chancellor-failed-to-declare-interests-6543042?fbclid=IwAR2ukIu94d9AJyv_GAFQJEkV8ny15GcO6ySaXLlMWhNNH617rBlXfHl0syQ
  3. I don't think she is because it's "her show" , but I won't pretend I don't like the idea of her leaving to allow the show to be based more around the crew more than it currently is.
  4. It's such an easy watch as well. I got through series 6 in a day when it arrived on Netflix. Presumably unless it ends up getting hidden away on Peacock by NBC series 7 will be on Netflix in February? That's when I seem to remember series 6 turning up.
  5. Beat em up folks, The Takeover is reduced in the sales on Switch at the moment. It's well worth a look. Uses pre-rendered graphics so the characters look a little bit like plasticine models, but it plays well. It's an odd one. The first couple of goes I really struggled, but once you figure it out you can go pretty far on a single life. Worth having a look if you like those kinds of things. I think it's on PC as well, and maybe on PS4.
  6. What about the McDonald's advert with the breathy piano cover of Forever Young?
  7. Some interesting plot points on Discovery this week. A nice cameo, asked a couple more questions going forward as well. The new spore jump sequence was nice.
  8. There's some chocolate bar ones somebody did on there as well, but I won't even try to embed it because I'm awful at that.
  9. That's a nice "Jimmy Hart" version of The Chase by Giorgio Moroder.
  10. We can't afford to relax as we don't really want a third lockdown, but between December 23rd & 27th we'll relax everything. Yeah, makes perfect sense...
  11. Didn't it come out around the time of that Pacman board game? I think I've seen something about it in YouTube.
  12. Funny how the R rate in London is higher than it is in Manchester, but they're only in tier 2 while Manchester is in tier 3...
  13. They need shops and places open at the busiest time of the year to keep the economy going. Johnson can't declare himself the Superman of Capitalism if all the shops are closed.
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