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  1. My theory is that they'll try to do something resembling a lockdown in November when venues can traditionally be quieter, but then start easing things towards Christmas, tand see how things are looking before deciding whether to do the same again when it goes quiet in the new year.
  2. There's a really good Goodies original podcast. John Culshaw and Joanna Lumley turn up in it as well.
  3. Fortunately she got that grant at the start which helped her through being closed. It wouldn't surprise me if they restricted everything further during November when places can be a little quieter, and then started easing things towards Christmas as they know what a money spinner it can be.
  4. My mum's wondering how it's going to be. She's got a pub, it's the last one in her area. They had to introduce the new restrictions from yesterday because of where she is.
  5. I love the Waterhouse. It's got that really interesting layout.
  6. As if the Wannadies hadn't made enough money from You & Me Song featuring in almost every rom-com and compilation album around the turn of the century, somebody's done a twee cover of it for the latest O2 advert.
  7. Yeah, it's like Yowk. He mentions it a couple of times in some of their songs. @johnnyboyI saw Brian Blessed touring that book in Clitheroe. I sat near the middle, and he pretty much spent the whole night stood close enough that he kept putting his hand on my shoulder, and it was almost like he was only talking to me. He's a heck of an orator. His commentary on the 25th anniversary Flash Gordon DVD is incredible as well. It's like he's never seen the move, even though he's in it.
  8. Unless they force him out and his replacement decides to have a general election. I think it's going to depend on who ends the year as US president.
  9. Dreamcast was powered by a version of Windows as well.
  10. The rumour has started now that Microsoft have got their eye on Sega next...
  11. The Star is almost impartial. They just try to figure out which way the wind is blowing and report that way. I'm on my way home from work at the moment, and in Manchester city centre people have decided they've got two nights to go on the lash properly before curfew starts. Carnage.
  12. Im on Brian Blessed's biography "Absolute Pandemonium". It's a good yarn. I can see it not being if you're not a fan of him, but it's still a fascinating story. I've also got Stephen Fry reading the complete Sherlock Holmes, some philosophy lectures, and an HG Wells anthology to be cracking on with at some point.
  13. I've finished Ted Schwartz Spider-Man, and decided to press on with Amazing Friends. The first takeaway is that it's definitely for a younger audience than the other 81 Spider-Man series. They've got a comic relief dog that gets into "amusing" scrapes, and there's a LOT of expository dialogue. The solo Spidey series had more "show, don't tell" going on.
  14. A quick Google and apparently there are more than I thought. My main is "Georgeous" George (Wagner) Vs Mr Wrestling (George Woodin) George Wells Vs The Great Wojo Pitbull Gary Wolfe Vs Gary Williams.
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