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  1. jazzygeofferz

    Chippy Tea

    Nice can of dandelion & burdock, or fizzy Vimto as a back up.
  2. jazzygeofferz

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    My favourite ones of these are DoctorTeeth as ODB doing Shimmy Shimmy Yah, Swedish Chef,Animal and Beaker as the Beastie Boys doing Whatcha Want, and the Sesame Street Follow That Bird version of Sabotage. I stuck a playlist on Spotify a couple of days which was assembled by the lady that did this video. I'm currently listening to Milo, and thinking I should probably listen to more MF Doom. The Milo song on the playlist is called Sweet Chin Music (The Fisher King's Anthem), and has acouple of wrestling references in it. He's got a really laid back style and I like the way he articulates everything.
  3. jazzygeofferz

    That Star Trek thread somebody was talking about

    I think I read somewhere that the Picard show is based in the "Kelvin-verse", so may be quite different.I had a strange idea for a show featuring Picard,Janeway and other members of the admiralty justAdmiralling around. Anybody else interested to see Pike as the new captain on Discovery?
  4. jazzygeofferz

    Chippy Tea

    I'm usually a cheese & onion pie, chips, peas and gravy type guy, although sometimes I go for a jumbo sausage, chips and curry, or if it's the Chinese I'll go for half rice, half chips.
  5. jazzygeofferz

    McMahon Always Wins (Colt Cabana sues CM Punk)

    Judge Rinder? We'll have to get Judy on it.
  6. jazzygeofferz

    Underseen, Underappreciated, yet easily found!

    Is that Terry Taylor on commentary? Nice little cameo from Supply & Demand in the recap segment as well.
  7. jazzygeofferz

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    He's quite the talent.
  8. jazzygeofferz

    Arn Anderson

    Somebody mention "Uncle Arn"? I love him. My backyard gimmick was Ed Anderson, I was all about working body parts, to the point that I was called "The Human Armbar Machine". He is an incredible wrestler who can make his opponent look like a million dollars. His promos are very articulate, he never gets too shouty, but is usually very stern and makes sure to make his point. He also ensures that he gets his opponent over, or the match or whatever needs to be done. He strikes me as a consummate professional. If you want good examples of what he's capable of on the Network go through the NWA World Championship Wrestling stuff from the first half of 1986. He steals the NWA World TV title belt from Dusty at the end of '85 and defends it almost every week on the show. Some of them are straight up squashes. There's one he has against Sam Houston where it looks like he might lose the belt, but manages to pull out the win. He has a couple against Ron Garvin that tell great stories. One is him just holding on for a time limit draw because Garvin is supposed to be on a completely different level to him and being readied for a feud with Flair/teaming with Magnum in the Crockett Cup. He has one against Manny Fernandes which is pretty damned good for a 10 minute match as well. Apart from the squashes he manages to make it look as though he's going to lose the title to whoever he's in there with, then they feed him a ham & egger now and again to make him look strong. He's one of those wrestlers where if you haven't been "smartened up" you may not really appreciate him. He's like the wrestler's wrestler, if you will. He's a great heel, that guy who'll be able to make whoever he's in the ring with look great as well. Want to make your new guy look good in defeat? Stick him in there with Arn. Want to get your top babyface-in-waiting over before his main event run? Stick him in there with Arn. He's that reliable. If memory serves he was one of - if not actually the first of- Barry Windham's contenders when he won the NWA Title in 1993. It's at Slamboree and Windham is being groomed to drop the belt to Flair.
  9. jazzygeofferz

    Podcast Recommendations

    Happened across one called Saturday Mourning Cartoons on Youtube the other day. It's three American guys dissecting and/or ripping on classic cartoons from bygone eras. Episodes are about an hour. It's decent background noise for if you're playing Elite or No Man's Sky etc.
  10. jazzygeofferz

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Corny & Russo's history is a very coloured one. Cornette has threatened several times to find Russo and visit harm on him to the point that Russo took out a restraining order, copiesof which Cornette sells through his website to raise money for a local children's charity he supports.
  11. jazzygeofferz

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    I was thinking that when Kirby was teaming with Hendry that first week. Sabian & Rees on one side of the bracket and they meet Project Ego in the finals of the tag tourney. Heck even the Models. Looks like it's going to be BT Gunn & Stevie Boy taking them on instead.
  12. jazzygeofferz

    The UKFF's FAVOURITE Pay Per View

    It is a good show. I have it on a video t hat was bought for me one year as a birthday present.
  13. jazzygeofferz

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    ITV have been doing choppy edits the whole time so far, usually by cutting to the crowd or a replay.
  14. jazzygeofferz

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    This week it was just noise and moving pictures while I did something else. I really lost interest when Grado turned up then did the thing with the suit, especially when they started piping in the Grado chant over the footage of fans sitting on their hands. Cutting to a shot of fans booing Sha Samuels while they were wearing his t-shirt made no sense whatsoever. That tag team match was utterly forgettable. Showing the crowd suring Joe Hendry's entrance to try and disguise the fact that he's obviously miming defeats the object of having him sing his own entrance music (which is still a heel gimmick). I thought they were going to do a Dusty finish during the title match or the Kirby match. Is Cyanide called Crater because it's a more family friendly name? It just feels like the law of diminishing returns week on week, but I want to keep tuning in because it's wrestling on the telly. How does revenge or redemption work? Surely if you get your revenge you have redeemed yourself as well? Ospreay Vs Kirby next week could be good. I'm guessing Grado beats Crater at some point to earn his title show in the series finale.
  15. jazzygeofferz


    Roode's great as part of a team. His TNA title run felt very poundshop HHH in his mannerisms, but he was pretty damned over alongside James Storm in Beer Money and as one half of the Dirty Heels with Austin Aries. He just lacks that "something" to take him to the next level. Or at least needs to try and prove that he can be his own man, rather than trying to be an imitation of somebody else. Or just stick him in tag teams with somebody who can do the charisma bit and let him be a solid mechanic in the ring.