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  1. Saw a video on Facebook of an interview with Rishi Sunak where a self employed man was talking about how he and a lot of other people don't want a hand out etc, they just want parity. When the presenter threw over to Sunak he paused for a few seconds looking like a rabbit in the headlights, said there's a problem on the line which meant he didn't hear what the other guy had to say, and then spouted rhetoric about all the "great stuff they've done during furlough". He's got future PM written all over him.
  2. As a result of this I found out that Lost Prophets renamed themselves and disavowed all their back catalogue before starting out again after their singer's noncery.
  3. This turned up on my little Google feed. It's not the home version of Revenge Of Death=Adder people were expecting, and the unit looks like that SNK mini thing that I hear was pretty bad, but it's a very clever move by Sega. https://www-theverge-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/7/7/21315726/sega-astro-city-mini-arcade-cabinet-retro-price-japan?amp_js_v=a3&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theverge.com%2F2020%2F7%2F7%2F21315726%2Fsega-astro-city-mini-arcade-cabinet-retro-price-japan
  4. A racist homophobe? He'd fit right in with the Tories. They'll get him a peerage.
  5. Presumably the government getting involved means they're looking to see whether anybody involved in wrestling is or wants to be a Tory backer, and what they can do to make a quick buck off the back of it.
  6. So Johnson has blamed Care home bosses for the 20-odd thousand care home deaths from Covid. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-coronavirus-care-home-death-toll-uk-update-a9604426.html
  7. Been doing the "25 press ups over 25 days" thing on Facebook after a friend tagged me. Today was day 23 and I managed to do them all without needing to put my knees down. She also messaged me last night to tell me what an inspiration I was for managing to do them, and the progress I made with my diabetes, I think also because I share some stuff on there which is wholesome memes from other pages, or me talking about my own mental health. Ironically she's now behind me in the press ups because she found out she's pregnant and so has slowed them down, but it was nice. EDIT. I also got my blood results back from the doctor's on Friday. My HbA1c is down to 37, which is non-Diabetic, my cholesterol is 3.9 and my liver function is normal. She's said I can start reducing my Metformin dosage from 4 tablets a day to 3, which I think I'll start doing when my next prescription comes in in a couple of weeks. Next round of bloods in 3 months again, so start of October. I'll have been back in work for a couple of months by then as well. So let's see how we are. As a treat I had a pizza from the supermarket on Saturday night. If I get good news next time around I'll probably treat myself to a pizza again.
  8. Killer instinct is very good. Power Rangers is better than it has any right to be given the budget it was made on. It's a lot of fun.
  9. Love me some TFTM. Soundtrack from Amazon is permanently downloaded in my phone. Great movie. Went to see the first one at the cinema. I'd heard Bay was working on it as some generic Sci fi movie, then had the Transformers licence dropped in his lap and decided to just shoehorn them into what he already had. I wanted to leave after the voice-over at the beginning, because I knew I wouldn't enjoy it. The bit where they're tiptoeing around the Witwicky's garden while I'm trying not to shout "transform already" at them was most frustrating. Haven't bothered since. I think I happened across the second one in Film4 once, but it was just a load of brown and I had no idea which robot was which. Might give Bumblebee a watch though, and I should see whether I can remember where I was up to with that subtitled version of Headmasters when I was watching it on whatever site it was uploaded to when I was last watching it. EDIT: The closing theme is a cracker as well, but I couldn't find it with subtitles.
  10. It's not bad. It wants you to buy the season pass, but there's still plenty to do without it, plus the create a character mode and Libra Of Souls mode campaign is nice. If you enjoy the SoulCalibur games it's well worth a look. It's better than 5, but not as good as 2. Mind you that can probably be said about all of the ones that aren't 5 and 2. Tekken 7 is good, but a lot of fighters have started doing the seasons stuff since it worked for Street Fighter 5. I can see the (non moneymaking) logic behind it as a way to keep the game fresh by introducing new characters over time, and not overwhelming new players early on with too much choice, but it's not long since all you used to have to do to unlock extra characters in a fighting game was finish the arcade ladder with a different character. I don't know whether Dragon Ball FighterZ is on there, but that's got a nice big story mode where you play through what I assume is truncated versions of the sagas from the show and unlock characters to play and buffs etc in the way through. Certainly one of the most RPG like story modes I've seen in a fighting game. I've not watched anywhere near as much Dragon Ball Z as I should have. If you're a fan of the Marvel Vs Capcom games it's well worth a look.
  11. It just would have needed more time. Orton gets ousted from Evolution, but there's a rematch with Benoit on the horizon as well, so he has to think about that so he presses on the only way he knows how some squashes on Raw, a couple of "I don't need you because I'm the champion" promos, staying out of their way because of the numbers disasvantage, meanwhile Tripper has established that to teach Orton a lesson he's going to take the title from him. The rematch happens, but Evolution are involved, either Orton manages to win a close match, gets some kind of gesture of respect from Benoit after the match then they both get attacked, or Evolution manage to put him in a position to get an easy win (Flair gets involved ringside etc), and Orton doesn't take it, but still overcomes a now angry, confused Benoit who wonders why they're still helping him in spite of the difficulties. A match of Orton & Benoit Vs Tripper & Batista is booked, but Evolution are still playing games to try and make it hard for Benoit to know whether he can trust Orton, who is becoming less heelish in his demeanour (I know this is a stretch for Orton), and the show before the tag match Orton saves Benoit from an Evolution beatdown, hopefully cementing the face turn. It takes time, any wrestler that turns should have to go through a period of having to earn the trust of the crowd/their peers. Especially in the days of the heel/baby face locker room. Show segments of them having to change in the corridor or toilets because nobody trusts them, arriving and/or leaving alone. Maybe one babyface will take some pity on them and start getting changed with them, so the others see he's alright
  12. Just watching the highlights on Paramount now, are all the Taker Highlights just the Phenom, or is there going to be some ginger hair, snakeskin pants "you're gonna pay" Taker as well?
  13. Echo me for the Orton one the night after he won the belt from Benoit at Summerslam. Turning a heel face by having his buddies turn on him like that should have worked, but Orton is just such a natural heel, and carried on being Randy Orton, but opposing heels. For a turn to work I've always felt like there should be a change in character. The Tatanka turn in 94 was a nice bait and Switch, but like has been mentioned here he was just Tatanka as managed by Ted DiBiase. If he'd started coming out looking like a stereotypical casino owner and flashing the cash then it could have gotten over better.
  14. It's your typical Platinum spectacle brawler, a la Beyonetta etc. The guy they got in to do Starscream's voice sounds very similar to Chris Latta
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