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  1. Get Kojima on board and do whatever Silent Hills was supposed to be under a different name?
  2. Rene Auberjonois who was, amongst others, Constable Odo in DS9 has passed away at 79.
  3. Up at Arcade Club in Bury for an early birthday outing. Played Wrestlefest and it's Boss Man's year.
  4. Tully Blanchard is there as well, but their tag division is a mess. I was watching an episode a few weeks back where there was once again a tag match where both teams managed to get all their moves in, and then eventually there was a mad scramble and a roll-up for the win. My thought on the situation was that they're so worried about parts of their roster looking weak nobody ends up looking strong. They need a couple of squashes, a match between names at the top of each hour. It's all well and good your teams getting all their stuff in, but if it's not leading to them winning the match it looks like crap. Plus wins and losses mattering when your roster is so thin you have to open the 50-50 club is going to have a detrimental effect in the long run.
  5. I used to have the full 30 minute Hulk Hogan's Ultimate Grill infomercial recorded manually on my old freeview box with the hard disc recorder. Unfortunately the hard dive failed. The advert for the Mr T grill is even better, because T's delivery is exactly as you'd expect it to be.
  6. This month marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Final Fight.
  7. I picked it up for £15 in the Christmas sale.
  8. I hear it's good. Anthopants played some on stream. There are some decent beat 'em ups out at the moment. Streets Of Rage 4 is looking good. Streets Of Red is interesting because it has RPG and roguelike elements to it. If you haven't played them then I'd recommend checking out the Sengokus series as well. It's old Neo Geo arcadey stuff but Hamster have released them as part of their ACA Neo Geo range. The third one is best, but the other 2 have interesting mechanics.
  9. TNA has been running longer than WCW did.
  10. How good is Fire Pro World? The story/career mode is heaps of fun. Found my other PS4 controller as well. No more analogue drift.
  11. Wasn't the Havoc Excalibur thing to do with a tweet of Excalibur without his mask on or pictures of Excalibur sans mask?
  12. Maybe they're looking out for somebody to work on WWE 2K21.
  13. I was wondering whether we'd end up seeing Johnny Powerrr turning up to feud with James Storm after Melina turned up in the NWA, or maybe Johnny Dynamite in AEW, but will take JoMo back in WWE.
  14. Well Alex Shane must be thrilled at Bennett getting the NWA job. Cornette strikes me as contrarian with hs politics. He's deliberately antagonistic for the listens. I hated his "sorry if you were offended by my comments" non-apology on his podcast, but totally smelt it coming as soon as this all kicked off. All it would have taken was for him to sincerely apologise for saying it and it might have been slightly better receoved than his doubling down. This week's show was interesting. The tag title change was a nice moment, which would have been nicer had Robert Gibson not been crowing about it all over social media the day after the tapings.and ruined it for me. I can't be arsed paying for the PPV. Hopefully I'll find it on Dailymotion that Sunday. Let's see what season 2 has in store.
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