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  1. I think there are more interesting storyline possibilities if Hardy beats Page. You can keep him strong by having Private Party and TH2 get involved in the finish. Penniless Page with nothing, realising that his drinking has led him to this situation and turning everything around could set him on the road to redemption. Could the Sami departure be a long game and he helps MJF & Jericho to the title? Or he finds a partner and goes after them.
  2. That Willie Rushton song is an absolute jam. I have a mate who'd love it. I thought that Cheggers would be him covering the Bacharach & David classic, but wasn't entirely disappointed. I agree that it's got that 70s Rod Stewart vibe to it. Fuck Tarby.
  3. Who in the Heatons has a day to spare trekking all that way and back? If you really felt like slumming it there's always that B&M on the way up to Portwood Tesco.
  4. Did anybody see that report the other day that WB are looking at getting JJ Abrams to make a trilogy of Superman films?
  5. Could it be another body from Japan to follow the KENTA appearance and with FinJuice appearing on Impact at the moment? Maybe we'll get that Minoru Suzuki/Orange Cassidy match we were supposed to have last year before Covid scuppered everything. Ive seen Carlito's name bandied around, but that feels more like it'd be something impact would do rather than AEW.
  6. X-Men is pretty early in the Konami beat em up timeline if memory serves, which is why it uses the older Dave Cockrum/John Byrne designs. Turtles, Simpsons, Vendetta, Wild West Cowboy Of Moo Mesa etc had refined the formula. Still worth a play though, especially on that double wide 6 player cabinet. The later Konami brawlers had brighter colours and louder noises as well. Imagine a sequel mid 90s with Jim Lee style characters and more hectic action? That could have been special. I know there were efforts on the consoles, but they didn't quite capture it the same way. I know Capcom
  7. I've had a bash at that as well. It's a bad port of a middling at best arcade game. Fire up MAME and play the Sega Spider-Man game if you fancy a change from the Konami X-Men or Capcom Punisher game for a little Marvel fix. I was wishing they put a model out with the power of the Series S but with a disc drive as I still have a fair few XBox One games on disk, but don't really have the cash for a series X.
  8. This thread feels like it needs an off topic edition as well.
  9. @boshealecta I got a couple, but not a clean sweep. @FelatioLips another nul points. If we are forming a team I don't think I'm going to be on it.
  10. @Glenryck PilchardsCouldn't get any groups, but got all the connections when the wallresolved. @scratchdj2 groups, 3 connections but kicking myself for missing the last one. @Hannibal Scorch Fiendish. Zilch for me @Chris B All the groups, but only 2 connections @TsurutagunI got one connection.
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