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  1. I'm feeling better than I was. My brain was foggy for a couple of days afterwards. I'm getting there. Thanks for asking @Ralphy. I hope your appointment goes well.
  2. Doesn't appear to have deterred BT from making a deal with them, though.
  3. It was such an easy read, and I always liked to play a game of "what opinion will they have of Triple H this issue" when I picked it up. I'd usually grab it on a Friday before I started work on a Friday and read it on the way to my Mum's on the train afterwards.
  4. I don't see what Sky could gain from a deal with AEW. I mean if wrestling was generating that much revenue for them they wouldn't have let WWE's programming go to BT, right?
  5. As demonstrated against what was ostensibly Norwich's second string the other weekend they can be beaten, though. The games against Liverpool will likely be the title deciders unless things start getting a little busy when the champions' league gets to the knockout stuff.
  6. I do like a good podcast game now and again. Spent most of Sunday playing King Of Fighters XIV. Trying to decide whether I can be arsed paying out £30 for the extra characters. Managed to perfect both the boss characters at one point by picking Goro Daimon and doing his ground pound move from full screen.
  7. There's too much expecting the belt to make the person holding it, rather than the person holding the belt making the belt feel special recently. The attitude for a while seems to have been: You want to get somebody over? Stick a belt on them. That'll get them some attention. Don't change the way you book them, but make them come to the ring with a belt. That'll do the trick.
  8. It's stunning to think Watford got off easy at 8-0. They let so many chances go begging they could probably have had almost double that.
  9. I hear we lost Raul Julia. We should go and see that new Street Fighter movie to commemorate his passing, as it was his final role. How bad could it be?
  10. Aron Eisenberg, the first Ferengi to join Starfleet (Nog from DS9) has passed away at the age of 50.
  11. Oh I completely get that, I was more spitballing ideas.
  12. It's so good to be able to do that. I've had to try and kill time on my PS4 for 2 days because whenever there's a new patch out for Street Fighter 5 at the moment it downloads a whole new copy of the game.
  13. Taking the belt off Hogan before the Starrcade match with Sting doesn't make sense. He doesn't have that same aura as its already been demonstrated that he can be beaten. Surely you want Hogan to hold the belt all the way until Starrcade, then for Sting to overcome him and that's how the first part of the nWo plays out. It was probably Hogan playing politics to undermine everything. Luger's only champion for a week, making the win look pointless and Sting's win at Starrcade is over a Hogan who we already know is fallible. Heck if the roles had been reversed we all know Hogan would have ploughed through the whole nWo by Halloween Havoc '96.
  14. It'll be Shane, Steph & Vince then. Unless they go totally meta and introduce Heyman and Bischoff as on screen characters as well as their actual roles, but in more of a Jack Tunney/Gorilla Monsoon "interim president" role than out on TV every week
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