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  1. I'd love the companion shirt with a picture of Nirvana (ideally that one where they've all got messed up hair and bloody moses) captioned as Hanson.
  2. Failing some kind of abject collapse against what I imagine will be a second string Italian team and a Swiss miracle that's Wales as good as through, isn't it? They work hard hopefully they go further. I don't know whether this sounds like misplaced patriotism but I reckon if England can make it past whichever side from Group F they encounter in the knockouts there'd only really Italy and Belgium that anybody would be concerned about meeting? Although this is England we're talking about, so I'm not entirely ruling out that they'd end up coming unstuck against North Macedonia or Finland. The st
  3. Here's a nice video some of you folks will enjoy.
  4. Shame they didn't let him do that on the main roster.
  5. Gaspard's latest offering is called Captain. Very Audio Video Disco feel to it. Escapades is out next Friday.
  6. There's a new Wario Ware coming out? I lov that series. Hopefully it works in handheld mode.
  7. Remember the follow up series where they did Willy Fogg's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth and tried to use the same theme with different words. Also they had about a quarter of the budget so it was horrendously limited in animation? https://youtu.be/qoSh1oiyXqw
  8. Well, I think that's probably about enough Euros for me, as I can't imagine it'll get much better for Hungary now. France & Germany for a nice draw tonight knowing 4 points will probably see them through? How is that group fair? When's the UEFA Conference championships?
  9. Cheers, Keith. It was only the handle that snapped off. I've just been plodding on picking orders at work. HR asked for an update, presumably because my manager let them know. When (if?) I end up getting my diagnosis I have to let them know so we can do a legally mandated disability risk assessment.
  10. Me again. More emails from the Owl Centre. One to confirm my email address, then a questionnaire, but not like one of those AQ tests with the multiple choices. All the questions conceivably had yes/no answers, but text boxes as well so they ended up getting essay type answers. Presumably somebody will have a look and then contact me, my mum and/or Mrs Jazzy for further questioning. Properly threw my mind off, then the cat was misbehaving so I had a tiny little bit of a meltdown. Got on the bus to work, listened to some more of my audio book and felt alright until I dropped a mug and broke it i
  11. Every time the Euros roll around I find myself hankering to pick up a Hungary shirt or t-shirt but talk myself out of it because I don't want to be victim of a hate crime when I pop to the shops. Ah well, I guess we'll see how hard a tournament it's going to be today after that Portugal side have finished with them. France Vs Germany could be a tasty match, depending on how the German's are playing. I can only presume they're going to want to give Low a good send off. Spain was worrying yesterday. All that possession and no end product? Sweden were really missing Zlatan as well.
  12. You'd have to have Dark Order members involved or there'd be no point in having it. See whether Erick Redbeard and TAFKA Braun Strowman are available. Cody and his lads exclusively contesting it would be a slap in the face.
  13. That'd involve him having to interact with other members of the roster outside his nightmare family/factory buddies though.
  14. You'd think they were under some kind of Anglo-centric mandate to try and make the Scots out to be second rate or something. Did BBC Scotland have slightly more positive coverage?
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